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Hearing Rebecca Sugar sing the credits song in Steven Universe makes me wish she would do a jazz soundtrack. Inspired by the music of Steven Universe(as well as the japanese cartoons that inspired Steven Universe). Including full versions of ‘Love Like You’ and ‘I’m So Special’. Honestly. Her singing reminds me of the jazz of Lupin the third.

ok but the fact that calum likes jazz and blues music honestly makes me so happy?? like can you imagine coming home and hearing it coming out of his home studio and he’d come down singing along to elvis’s ‘heartbreak hotel’ or bobby darin’s ‘beyond the sea’ in a deep voice and he’d see you and a huge grin would break out across his face before he takes your hand and starts slow dancing with you but it’s really exaggerated and not at all serious and you keep stepping on his feet and calum’s smiling down at you as he watches you laugh and in that moment, he’s convinced that all of those 1940′s love songs were written about you for that exact moment


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Lady Gaga, who is back in New York City to put the final touches on her highly-anticipated new album, stopped by Gramercy Park Hotel’s Rose Bar on Tuesday night for a surprise performance with her friend Brian Newman and his band. Dressed down in an all-black YSL outfit, Mother Monster took the stage to sing some of her favorite jazz standards, including “La Vie En Rose” and “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love”.    


(Alicorn Princess Anon Spell 5/17 5/30)

(Dusty Notes) Calm down Bluey that is not how a Princess should act or talk like and Twilight offered block any more anon spells while you are like this also why is there royal guards in our house
(True Blue) *sigh* yeah Princess Celestia found out that I was changed into an Alicorn Princess and sent them to guard me I don’t want guards but when a Princess gives orders
(Dusty Notes) ok Bluey I understand oh and by the way you owe me a bit for the sware jar Princess or not you pay (thinks) *I wonder if Princess Celestia will send some maids over as well*

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Tony can shove his bowtie all the way up his ass.

while that does sound, uh…..rather…..interesting, i just don’t have time for it! i don’t want to waste my time on such a raunchy and disgusting activity such as….that! so, sorry, friend, but i will NOT be doing that!


Dancing like a vir-ir-ir-ir-gin. 😇🙆🏻#LikeAVirgin @Daley @EdgePAC

One of my favorites 🤗💞 @1MelissaMiles #Choreography 👯 #DanceLife 💃🏻 #Madonna 👸🏼 #Training 💪🏽 #Splits 👵🏼 #EdgePAC #Hollywood #Jazz #Lynhthy (at EDGE Performing Arts Center)

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This is a HUGE duet with Benmo

Larry Young: Tale of the Unsung Trailblazer

If this Orlando Weekly review of the new Resonance Records release Larry Young in Paris: the ORTF Recordings is any indication, Larry Young is starting to win the recognition of his mastery and originality which largely eluded him during his lifetime. A release, and an artist, clearly deserving intent and repeated listening.

-Nick Moy

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