Sugakookie Things
  • Jungkook being a Little Shit™ and Yoongi letting him get away with it
  • Phone calls until five in the morning when one of them is on schedule in a different town/overseas (they don’t really talk much after a while, mostly Yoongi just plays whatever piece he had been working on that day for Jungkook until he hears the sound of the younger snoring coming over the line) (Jungkook protests that he doesn’t snore, but Yoongi has proof)
  • “HyunghyunghyunghyunghyyyuuuunnngggggghyunghyuuuunnnnnnghyunghyUNGhyungYoongihyunghyuuunggggggggggggggggggggggg.”
  • Jungkook dragging Yoongi all over the place for dates and Yoongi letting him, just because Jungkook’s childish smile and bright eyes are worth so much more than having sore feet the next morning.  
  • Yoongi helping Jungkook out with his composing and showering the younger with praise and affection.
  • Jungkook’s jaw going slack when he sees Yoongi in the low cut black shirt he wears for their Blood, Sweat, and Tears stages (Jungkook’s jaw going slack whenever he sees Yoongi dressed up in general)
  • Texts from Jungkook when Yoongi stays in the studio until ungodly hours where he pesters the elder until he’s forced to call it a night and return back to the dorms (“Hyung, I’m sleepy.” “It’s super cold.” “Namjoon hyung is playing his music too loudly and I can’t sleep.” “I just came out into the living room and Hoseokie hyung is sleepwalking??” “Nevermind, he was awake.” “Hyung, when are you coming back?” “We should go eat red bean buns tomorrow,” “I guess, technically today.” “:(” “HYUNG ANSWERRRR” “Hyunggggg, it’s like fuck o’clock. Where are you?” “Yah, Yoongbeans.” “I’m sorry, please don’t kill me.” “Your favorite dongsaeng is suffering.” “He needs a hug.” “Wow, I can’t believe you’re reading all of this and not responding.” “How could you do this to me? I thought we had something special.” “I miss you”).
  • Yoongi has a thing for playing with Jungkook’s hair, loves running his hands through the silky strands.  
  • Days where they just stay in bed all day long
  • Yoongi’s favorite article of clothing is this one sweatshirt that Jungkook has that’s two sizes too big on him.
  • Jungkook gets the tiniest bit jealous of Yoongi and Jin’s movie nights because he never does anything like that with Yoongi. When Yoongi hears about this through the grapevine (I’M GOING TO KILL KIM TAEFUCK I CAN’T BELIEVE HE TOLD YOU!) he goes out of his way to download all of the Iron Man movies and sets up a mountain of blankets and pillows on his bed, complete with snacks (which he might have raided Jin’s cabinet for but no one needs to know) so that he and Jungkook can have their own movie night (it becomes a Saturday night tradition whenever they can manage it)
  • Yoongi booping Jungkook’s nose because Jungkook has the cutest nose known to human kind
  • Jungkook lives for Yoongi’s gummy smiles and does the randomest things (like walking around while doing a handstand and breaking out into his jazz hands dance) just to be able to see it.
  • Yoongi’s name in Jungkook’s contact list is Cutest Human Being Ever™ but don’t tell Yoongi.
  • Yoongi won’t admit this to anyone (except to Namjoon but that’s only when he’s completely shit-faced) but he gets slightly irritated when Jungkook comes over to his house in Daegu and spends more time cooing over Holly than he spends with Yoongi
  • Jungkook’s abs offend Yoongi more than Taehyung referring to him as his small hyung
  • Back hugs that Yoongi secretly loves because nothing feels safer and warmer than the feeling of Jungkook’s broad torso pressing into his back and of Jungkook’s toned arms wrapping around his waist
  • Yoongi tracing Jungkook’s features with deft fingers, tracing the shell of his ear, the bridge of his nose, the outline of his lips, before leaning in slowly to barely graze his lips against the younger’s. (It drives Jungkook crazy and Yoongi loves the way the younger moans at his teasing, moves to close the gap himself with hands that are the right amounts of forceful and gentle pulling Yoongi impossibly closer).
  • Jungkook doodling over Yoongi’s arms 
  • Yoongi’s phone wall paper is a picture of Jungkook sleeping with Holly curled up next to him. (When Hoseok sees it he cracks up, “hyung, look it’s all your favorite things in one picture.”)
  • Jungkook is too pure for the world and Yoongi makes sure that the maknae never forgets it, always reminds him that it’s okay to breathe and that if he feels too burdened to just let one of his hyungs know because Jungkook doesn’t always need to take care of them.
  • Yoongi’s hands are Jungkook’s favorite thing in the world. He loves watching the older male play the piano, loves seeing the look of sheer bliss and concentration on his face as his lithe fingers fly across the black and white keys.
  • Jungkook is Yoongi’s biggest fan and he’ll fight anyone who claims otherwise 
  • Days spent apart are days Yoongi spends listening to all of Jungkook’s covers on repeat
  • Fighting over the blanket (Yoongi hogs the blanket and Jungkook’s just about had enough)
  • They always sit next to each other when all of the boys go out
  • Jungkook waking Yoongi up by peppering his face with kisses, laughing too loudly when Yoongi swats him away and mutters bleary curses into the pillow.
  • Yoongi reacts in .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds whenever Jungkook says hyung
  • Yoongi acting like a proud parent when other people praise Jungkook
  • Jungkook giving Yoongi space without the other having to ask for it when the older male gets into one of his moods and locks himself in his studio, retreating from the world. The maknae understands that sometimes the elder needs to deal with whatever’s weighing him down on his own but he’ll still drop by the studio at random intervals, bringing food with him at times and at others just sitting in the studio in silence, just so that Yoongi knows that he’s not alone.
  • Jungkook tears up every single time he listens to Yoongi’s entire mixtape and always has to find Yoongi immediately afterward just so that he can tightly embrace the other man
  • Yoongi pulling Jungkook back into bed when the younger tries to get up in the morning. (“Where do you think you’re going?”)
  • Jungkook gifts his hip hop monster to Yoongi (it’s on this one shelf in Yoongi’s studio, right next to his Kumamon stuffed toy)
  • Yoongi smiling at just the sight of Jungkook
  • The world thinks that Min Yoongi isn’t ticklish but Jungkook knows better (he swore on his life that he wouldn’t tell Taehyung or Hoseok, though).
  • Yoongi curling up into a ball in Jungkook’s arms at night
  • Jungkook making sure that Yoongi’s plate is never empty and that the older male eats properly and gets at least some sleep.
  • Jungkook getting scolded whenever he bottles up all of his emotions and works too hard in an attempt to relieve the stress
  • Yoongi never brushing off Jungkook’s achievements as “of course, it’s Jungkook, what else did you expect from the Golden Maknae,” but instead pointing out all of the hard work Jungkook put into his performances, all the hours he spends agonizing over getting it right.
  • Jungkook straddling Yoongi against the kitchen counter
  • Yoongi spoiling Jungkook by buying him whatever he asks for even if it’s a completely ridiculous request
  • Fantasizing about their lamb skewer restaurant and actually looking into real estate for it
  • Jungkook brewing coffee for Yoongi every morning
  • Jimin and Taehyung buy Yoonkook couple sweaters because they’re little shits but Yoonkook wear them anyways even if they both blushed furiously when they first saw the sweater
  • Jungkook thinks that the most comfortable place to sleep is with his head in Yoongi’s lap, Yoongi’s hands slowly combing through his hair
  • Dates where they go out in the middle of the night to eat lamb skewers/greasy food and drink soju

That flight of stairs, a tableful of broken glass,
the chandelier an animal huddled
beyond the open door, its death/dearth of spirit a cry.

That slant of his lips, of his arms
caught in a frivolous thresher,
amazing and sarcastic in the night.

That night we were calm, unweeping,
the opposite of children. His hands up,
his hands up, an immigrant in his own life.

Beauty and grace, her gutting fearlessness
staying every cop on that block,
guns hungry for his heart, the softness of skull.

Tell me to serve forgiveness rare,
the clenched teeth of it abandonment, the retreat of god,
loosening the jaws of a great beast that lowes and lowes.

Crystal Vega-Huerta, “Unweeping”

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How do you make good plot twists?

That’s difficult to explain. A plot twist could be anything from a character realizing their best friend is secretly their sister or that the narrator has been in a coma the whole time and is actually a being from another planet. 

The most important thing when writing a plot twist is that it will be believable and will hold up with the rest of the plot. You want something that will make the reader think “Whoa, I did not see that coming!” instead of “What? Where did that come from?” Make sense? If the reader can’t understand the logic of the twist or they feel it’s too contrived they’ll feel cheated. It has to have a place. For example, the example above about the being from another planet would be totally out of place in a story about a young woman struggling to find a job.

Also, make sure that the twist is actually needed. Not every story needs a jaw dropping plot twist and you can always tell when one was thrown in for the shock factor. Ask yourself why you think this is needed for the story and what it’s going to add. How has this twist been kept a secret for the duration of the story? In the example of the character and their sister is there any reason for throwing this in or is just cheap drama? Were they adopted at birth or did their parents lie? Why? Ask yourself as many questions as you can think of because you want to answer many as you can instead of having readers pick it up. It’s quite rare for a book/movie to have ZERO plot twists under scrutiny, but you want to do the best you can.


Well, not from me - but the kids are here to explain Jaws. Yes, with the killer shark. Help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWFMtq-6pK8&list=PLuau-_j-MhphQKP8wvdqp4J78uG8hZ4mo&index=1

Then Ask Me. (Sebastian Smythe Imagine)

Request: Hiiii! Could I please request a Sebastian Smythe x Reader where someone is flirting with y/n and Sebastian gets jealous?? Lots of fluff, please! Thanks!

I haven’t written a Sebastian Smythe imagine is so long… Please bare with me if this isn’t up to par with some of my older work. 


I hope you enjoy!

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Although he thought his jealousy was undetectable, Sebastian clenched his jaw, letting it be known to those who paid attention to detail. He watched as you laugh at something Kurt had said at the Glee Club party that Blaine invited him to, as a sign of good friendship. He remembered the first time he laid eyes on you. You were performing with the Glee Club and he was instantly taken, but he didn’t act on it for he was confused about his feelings. 

But seeing you again, after asking for a sign from the heavens above, he knew that he had this second chance. But before he could even swoop you into a conversation, Sam and Kurt decided to crowd you. Sebastian knew that Kurt posed no threat, whatsoever, but it was Sam that worried him. Blonde, tall, handsome, he was sure that you were taken with him already. 

Sebastian didn’t know that Sam didn’t catch your eye. You knew of Sebastian Smythe, notorious for attempting to ruin the Glee Club before you joined. You didn’t know that he was the most handsome fellow that you’ll ever put your eyes on. Your heart nearly jumped out of your chest when you saw, from the corner of your eye, that he was making his way over. But Kurt and Sam interrupted your fairytale moment. 

Then Artie wheeled in. “Hey, (Y/N).” Artie waved. “You did really great at rehearsals today. You should’ve tried out for the lead in the musical.” 

You blushed at the compliment and muttered a quiet thank you. Sebastian, who was out of earshot, quickly noticed your bashfulness and steam fumed from his ears. Artie, of all the guys in your club, was the one that you were interested in? He decided to situate himself closer so that he could listen into your conversation.

“No, seriously, (Y/N). Rachel’s voice is something we’ve heard time and time again. You have an amazing voice. You should fight Rachel for the role with a Diva Off.” Artie rambled on.

Sam and Kurt both agreed saying that you can definitely dethrone the Rachel Berry. You shrugged, “I mean, I’m not Rachel ready to perform. She’s always on-key and she’s a great dancer.” Kurt snorted at your compliment. 

“You, my friend, are too kind. That’s probably why you’ve never been slushied.” Kurt laughed. You offered a small smile. 

“It’s either you’re too nice or you’re too hot.” Sam said, bluntly. Sebastian rolled his eyes. “My vote is you’re too hot.” Your expression contorted itself to a uneasy look. You’ve gotten ‘pretty’ and ‘beautiful’ as compliments, and those were appropriate words… But the term ‘hot’ just made you roll your shoulders back to suggest for him to not say that. 

“If you want vocal lessons, I can totally help. Not that you need it, your hot and your voice is amazing.” You bit your lip, not finding the correct words to tell them to stop. “You can go to my house and-”

He squeezed himself into your small circle and blurted out. “She can’t. She has vocal lessons with me.” You gave Sebastian a strange look, making him wink- almost inaudibly encouraging you to play along. “Why do you think her voice is so beautiful? Like she is.” 

“Really, Sebastian, (Y/N)?” All three of them asked. 

You nodded. “Hey, (Y/N), can I talk to you about our scheduling. I have lacrosse practice on our usual days this week.” Sebastian said, cocking his head to the side, telling you to follow him that way. You got up and said your goodbyes. “I’m sorry I butted in like that. I saw how uncomfortable you looked when they were calling you hot….” 

“You didn’t have to save me. You aren’t the Flash or anything.” You laughed. 

“I was actually going to call you my girlfriend, but I thought that since we don’t know each other for that long, it wouldn’t be as convincing. So I thought that I’d say I was your tutor for singing, not that you need it. But um-” 

“You talk a mile a minute.” You laughed. A comfortable silence fell upon you two. “Was there something you wanted to ask me?”

“I was going to ask you out on a date… But I think I’ve already blew my chances. Good night, (Y/N).” Sebastian nodded, embarrassed at his rambling. 

He started to walk off but you grabbed his arm. “Then Ask Me.” You whispered. 

CLOSED || Maxxia

It was the absolute last thing Max needed. Her heart had fallen in her stomach as she sad there on the bathroom floor staring at the positive test. Of course, she should’ve probably bought more than one, but she wasn’t thinking about it at the time. She needed someone; Piper, Lilah, Lexia. Lexia was going to be the last person wanting to hear about it. However, she was positive she wouldn’t get out of the house without the girl taking note of the fear on Max’s face.

She let it go a few days, physically feeling progressively worse as they went on. She knew a drug store test wasn’t enough. After scheduling an appointment, Max prepared herself to sleep somewhere else that night before going down to Lexia, her jaw tight with nerves. “Hey. Can I talk to you for a second..?”

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Luke getting upset when he saw a boy eyeing you at the club. he'd kiss up and down your neck, bite your ear lobe, and the guy still tried to dance with you. luke would just huff and sit down as you sat down with him. "you're mine pretty baby." he whispered in your ear, kissing your jaw making you lightly smile. "you know he actually is pretty cute." you say about the man, making Luke lose it, he grabs the back of your neck and sloppily makes out with you before pulling back and sitting normally

akjsfggah mE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I read on your other blog that Flubber is part blaster What does that make blasters in his timeline, and does that make Sans & Papyrus blasters to?

Flubber’s their adoptive dad, so nah they’re just average skeletons

blasters in this verse are skeletal monsters known for explosive magic and have distinct features like their sharp teef and unhinging mandible-like jaws. The type of skeleton can range from quadrupedal mammalian to bipedal humanoid, and Flubber is a mix of a werehound blaster and average humanoid skeleton(obviously leaning more toward the latter).

average skeletons are just that with no ‘special’ magic, but blasters are drawn to them like imprinted ducklings and can be commanded by their magic. “purebreed” Blasters are rare to come by at this point, though.

Time on Campus

Felix had been at this Noxian Academy for some time. Mostly keeping to himself, he did partake in the usual fight, however. He had a few bruises from his most recent endeavors, most hidden by his uniform but one quite prominent on the left side of his chin, along his jaw.

Now he was sitting in class, waiting for the bell to begin. Leaning back in his chair, legs kicked up on his desk. Seemingly relaxed as he simply waited for the bell.