Illustrations by Max Dalton

Part of the solo art show, “On a Mission from God” opening Saturday, April 4th, 2015 at Spoke Art / Tumblr

Featuring brand new works, as well as over 40 new limited edition mini prints from the “Greatest moments in Films” series. Custom collectables and toys will also be available including a Groundhog Day board game and Bill Murray magnet set. 

The first 50 in attendance on opening night will also receive a signed mini print. All remaining artwork will be online the following week HERE.


Had some fun arranging and taking photos of naturally-avian ‘s hoard! :D

Included in these photos-

Skulls: ram, magpie, sparrow, murray magpie, spotted dove, pigeon, noisy miner, rainbow lorikeet, seagull, rat, fox, shark jaws.

Gems: peacock ore, carnelian, adventurine, quartz, bismuth, flourite, jade, labradorite, gypsum, amethyst, rainbow hematite, malachite.

Other: pigeon feathers, incense stick, wasp nest, beetle wing.

but think about this,

  • alfred f jones and arthur kirkland snuggled on the couch with a quiet sense of security hanging over them
  • alfred watch arthur read with a small content smile on his lips, thinking, “holy crap, im so in love with this nerd”
  • arthur watching alfred yell at the game console and thinking the same thing
  • arthur carding his fingers through alfred’s hair, brushing his thumb across his cheek, cupping his jaw, kissing his forehead until alfred melts
  • the two of them stirring up a natural disaster in the kitchen, attempting to properly follow delia smith’s recipes
  • chasing around hero and iggy to put them in a carrier for road trips
  • arthur coming come exhausted and alfred welcoming him home by pulling him onto his lap and giving him a back rub from there
  • alfred coming home exhausted and arthur spooning him from behind till he’s a puddle of relaxation
  • domestic usuk
  • doMEStiC uSUk

“Alone lizard”
Late Cretaceous, 83-74 million years ago

Alectrosaurus was a small tyrannosaurid from prehistoric Mongolia. It only grew to about 16 feet long – less than half the size of Tyrannosaurus rex. It had the same general tyrannosaur proportions: a large skull, jaws filled with sharp, serrated teeth, and tiny, tiny arms. Its name means “alone lizard” (because when it was discovered, it was the only carnivore of its kind known in that part of the world), but can also be translated as “unmarried lizard,” if you want to sound like its mother.


“Can I?” you asked, gesturing to the man tied to the stiff chair.

Dean and Sam looked a little hesitant; you were still pretty new to hunting. But they decided to let you have a go at getting the intel they needed out of the bad guy.

“Yeah, alright,” Dean said. “We’ll just be over here…” He and Sam took seats in the two chairs on the edge of the room.

You paced a circle around the man, staring at him with narrowed eyes. “So. Where is he?”

“I don’t know,” he replied stubbornly.

You pulled back your fist and punched him hard across the jaw without warning. Sam and Dean both twitched and recoiled at the sudden action and the strength of the blow you landed squarely on his face.

“OW!” You grasped your fist with the other hand. “Son of a bitch!! Why didn’t you guys tell me that hurts so bad?” You looked back over at the man. His head was hanging limply to the side. He was unconscious. “Too much?” you asked, turning to look at Dean and Sam. Both of them were staring at you with wide eyes.

“Uhh, yeah. I’d say that was a little too much,” Sam said, still staring at you in disbelief.

"I think I broke my hand…"