Food artist Tisha Cherry of #ArtintheEats creates miniature canvases out of Oreo Cookies, using colored cream centers from seasonal novelty Oreo packs as her palette and a single toothpick as her only tool. Recently Cherry has focused her Oreo artistry on recreating famous works of art by artists including Grant Wood, Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dalí, Frida Kahlo, Takashi Murakami, and Henri Matisse.

She’s also adept at using that same colored cookie cream to recreate iconic images from movies, cartoons, and lots of other pop culture phenomena, including this awesome homage to the infamous Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story:

And of course, any Internet artist would be remiss to not create their own version of Grumpy Cat:

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A face only a mother could love 

The wolf eel (Anarrhichthys ocellatus) is a memorable animal. Once you see its smushy mug, you won’t forget that face.

Here at the Aquarium you’ll find them in the Kelp Forest and Lingcod/Wolf Eel exhibits, as well under the Kelp Touch Pool. In the wild, wolf eels live in the rocky reefs of the subtidal zone down to 740 feet where they slither into and settle in rocky crevices.

Wolf eels are not true eels, but are very long, slender fish. They can grow to about 8 feet long and weigh over 80 pounds. Once they find the perfect home they will stay there for life – about 25 years – if not booted out by an octopus.

Wolf eels also mate for life, and a mated pair will live together inside a rocky den. The female can lay approximately 10,000 eggs, and the pair twill take turns protecting those and the hatchlings.

Thanks to strong jaws and formidable canines and molars, wolf eels crunch on invertebrates such as sea urchins, clams and mussels, as well as crustaceans and some fishes.

Wolf eels tend to wiggle out of their hiding places in the Kelp Forest exhibit during feeding shows. Adult wolf eels are curious and friendly creatures and rarely aggressive toward humans. But they are capable of  inflicting painful bites, either by accident or on purpose if removed from the water and fight to get away.

Find out more about this unforgettable fish.

You’re Going to Need a Smaller Boat: Meet the Pocket Shark

Via the New York Times:

“It’s a funny little shark,” said John Maisey, a shark curator at the American Museum of Natural History. “It has a round bulbous head, it tapers down to a funny little forked tail, and you can fit it in the palm of you hand.”

Using a CT scanner, Dr. Maisey and researchers from the museum imaged this beady-eyed oddity. Since only two pocket shark specimens have ever been collected, researchers resist investigating its insides with invasive tools like scalpels. Their next steps are to focus more powerful scanners on specific structures of the shark’s anatomy, such as its skull, jaws and soft tissue areas.

One reason the pocket shark is a rare find is that it lives in moderately deep water, too far down for divers but not deep enough to be spotted with tools that observe the ocean floor. “It affirms there are things we can still find that are unusual and odd,” said Dr. Maisey.

But what is most curious about the pocket shark, according to Dr. Maisey, are the narrow slits or “pockets” on its sides just above its fins. No other shark has these structures. Scientists are not sure exactly what the pockets are meant for, and some guess they might release glow-in-the-dark fluids for catching prey or a mate. Because so few of the sharks have been found, it may take scientists a while to solve the mystery.

But according to Dr. Maisey, one thing’s for certain: “It is not holding spare change in its pocket, we didn’t find any.”

Read more about the pint-sized pocket shark

dating jhope would include

yoongi’s | jimin’s | jungkook’s | taehyung’s | jin’s | namjoon’s | ♡

dating jhope be like…

▪ lots of smiling
▪ him carrying you around
▪ staying at the dance studio until he’s ready to go
▪ falling asleep and him covering you with his jacket
▪ wearing his bucket hats
▪ telling jimin to back up from yo man lool
▪ “jagiyaaaaa~”
▪ “my hopeeeee~”
▪ “i love you”
▪ happy hope
▪ holding in his emotions so you won’t worry
▪ being there for him when he breaks down
▪ kissing his jaw
▪ backing you into a wall to tackle you with kisses
▪ shrieking when he tickles you
▪ hoseok laughing at your cute reaction
▪ yoongi telling yall to shutup lmao
▪ really good sex bc his hips im cryin
▪ for real tho his stroke game gon be on point just sayin
▪ “i’m your hope, your angel, i’m jhope”
▪ corny but cute selfies
▪ old couples calling yall adorable
▪ being sad when he’s mad at you
▪ late skype calls
▪ him getting emotional bc he misses you
▪ “hoseok i really miss you, i miss you alot”
▪ “i know jagiya, i miss you more”
▪ scaring him then dying at his reaction
▪ leaving your lipstick stain on his jaw
▪ movies and cuddles
▪ trying his best to make you smile when you’re upset
▪ being besties with his sister
▪ him doing that dance he did on asc what a cutie he is
▪ mickey ruining yalls sexy time
▪ hoseok laughing really hard bc of it
▪ burying his head in your neck during sex
▪ gasping
▪ watching titanic together
▪ “he’s fine him and rose is going to fit”
▪ you having to hold him during the movie
▪ kissing his forehead


requested by diafance

You could feel your heart painfully beating against your ribcage as you stared at the approaching raptors. You had ended up in the cage and now, here they were, staring at you snapping their jaws.

You heard footsteps come slowly from behind you and then the click of that all too familiar clicker, “I see you, Delta.” Owen said, moving in front of your slowly, “Blue, don’t think I don’t notice you.”

Without taking his eyes off of the raptors, he mumbled, “Move to the gate, slowly. I’ve got this.”

faerychess submitted:

I first heard of asexuality when I was 17 and watching a documentary about it on Netflix (of all the things in the world…) and I stared at the screen slack-jawed like ‘fucking hell there are MORE out there?!’ I haven’t come out to many people because a lot of them think my sexuality doesn’t exist. People are a lot more accepting of lesbians and gays than they are of aces. We’re severely under represented in the LGBT+ community. Hell some LGBT+ members doubt we exist and that’s tough for young aces. I remember it took me ages to accept my sexuality because I kept thinking ‘but wait! Does asexuality exist? Am I making this up?’ And it was incredibly confusing for me.

Also from a religious aspect it was doubly confusing because as a Muslim getting married is half your faith and if I’m not attracted to someone, how am I going to uphold that religious duty? I still haven’t figured out how to deal with that but I don’t have to yet (thank god).

When people tell me 'oh you just haven’t met the right person!’ I get annoyed because by saying that, you’re effectively nullifying my sexuality. However on the other hand, I recognise that I’m only 18 and so there is still a chance I might find someone at some point and experience what everyone talks about.

Another thing that annoys me is when people tell me I’m “too young” to know my sexuality because, again, it feels like erasure. Why is it that no one questions when a 16 yr old comes out as gay but when someone comes out as ace we’re “confused” and “too young to know what we really want”? Stop erasing my sexuality. It took me ages to be comfortable with myself and to accept that I wasn’t broken, I was just wired differently and comments like that do not help me or other young people trying to come to terms with it.

I just need to have some Dag appreciation here.

When Max comes after them in the salt plains, she’s already showing so many signs of the person she will become. She has braided and wrapped her hair (reminiscent of the head wrap she has when we first see it, but so different), and in the strands hang a metal disc (looks like copper) and a small jaw bone. Already stylish, a little morbid, and entirely in tune with the Vuvalini aesthetic.

She just takes 10 hours with the old badass ladies to transform into a complete wasteland shaman, and I adore her so much. It’s as if with these people, she finds the person she has been waiting to become, all these years. 

Max found his better self in Furiosa, but I think The Dag’s better self was just always there, waiting for the time when she could become it.

Drabble #14

For readmypress: Scully-initiated sex at the unremarkable house somewhere other than the bedroom :) Anything that would require an adult content warning on AO3.


They watch from the porch settee, trees whipping as the rain slashes down. Scully feels alive in the electricity, galvanized. She kisses him in a flash of lightning, jaw rough beneath her palm. His hands slip under her shirt, spanning her back, and she climbs onto his lap.

“Aren’t you friendly this evening?”

“Remember that storm in Pittsfield?” she breathes. “First time on a case.”

“Mmmm…” he says, fingers on her left nipple. “Blame that on the environmental wash of teenaged hormones.”

“I was a Betty.” She wriggles out of her pajama bottoms.

“Still are,” he mumbles into her hair, helping her tug his pants off.

He still looks damned good at fifty she thinks, biting her cheek as he eases inside of her. His hands are warm on her breasts, her waist.

She rolls her hips, hearing him sigh between the thunderclaps. Scully tongues the salty skin at the base of his neck. He grips her thighs, thrusting harder when she nips his throat. The wind shifts, pelting them with rain.

Their bodies are slick, her world narrowed to the solid weight of him beneath and inside of her. She tugs at his hair, thumbs brushing his earlobes. Mulder has his mouth at her breast. She can’t remember all the excuses they made, the tension between them a palpable ache for so long. She recalls the exhilarated awkwardness of their first night in his apartment.

They’ve made careful study in the years since. Mulder’s pace has become insistent, his thumb on her clitoris lighting a fuse at the base of her spine. She holds his biceps for leverage as her head falls back.

Scully thinks he calls her name, but it is swallowed up by the storm.

Quarantine: Chapter 6

Rated T:  

Summary: Natsu and Lucy end up in Saturday detention along with some of their friends, and are forced to clean up a research lab. Through an accidental fight, a tank that contains a deadly bacteria breaks open, causing the school to be on lock down. NaLu. AU.

Read Chapter: One | Two | Three | Four | Five |

“Oh my…” Lucy’s jaw smacked the floor. “What did they…?”

“It’s godlyyy,” drool dribbled out of Natsu’s mouth as he eyed a mountain of rice balls that sat on top of one the lunch tables.

“Oh hey, Lucy and Natsu,” Levy waved after she took a bite of a rice ball that was bigger than her own two hands.

“’Bout time you two showed up,” Gajeel seethed, jumping out of his seat. He made his way over to Natsu and Lucy. “We worked hard cooking this dinner,” each step he took with his steel boats, were louder and harsher than the last, “and yet you guys have the audacity to show up late?”

“Eep!” Lucy scampered behind Natsu, clutching the back of his shirt. “Sorry!”

Natsu let out an audible gulp, but not from the fear of angry Gajeel, but from Lucy’s warm breath ghosting the exposed skin of his neck.

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Haha, what are some of your fav blogs then?

I seem to do a few of these, but there’s always new blogs! I get carried away so most might be mutuals, oops. No offence to those I love who aren’t here! xx No particular order!

You have to promise to follow all of these cuties, okay? :)

jaw-drops (change of url for now)

I’ll stop here. Or I will seriously keep going and I’ll be here for days! xx ENJOY FOLLOWING! 

hii, im grace im 14 and from new york. i live for bands such as 5sos, modern baseball, tigers jaw etc. i also draw and watch way to much netflix. space and nature are my favoritest things. im extremely passionate about the things i love. im looking for a friend or maybe more, whatever happens is cool. im a lil shy but once you get to know me i can be extremely outgoing. 

anyways if you want to be friends or hold my hand you can message me the-tigersjaw.tumblr.com

or kik me @giraffesweg_ ( dont mind the name i made it in like 3rd grade)