Interrupting the queue for some AE town genetics goodness. I probably won’t follow them through every generation as the genes will really start to spread after gen 3 but at least this one I wanted to keep people posted on sims that are born in my town to their sims directly. Anyway, these are the first two kids in the save that have reached toddlerhood that weren’t born just to my sims. 

Andreas Grey @explosionofpixels​ (Peyton and Christian

Damen Bruce @msmidnightblonde​ (Tristan and Caitlin

The two on the bottom are the other two kiddies that were born in my game to my own pairings, Laurel Eagan (Estel and Andrew, so she’s Gen’s niece), and Xander Hansen, OxO’s son. 


anime: Dragonball Z

music: Xavier Wulf- Quick Jaw


You can’t hide a smirk as Negan and the Saviors come back to the Sanctuary. Lucille in Negan’s hand is bloody and that’s always a good sign.
Quickly you drop the knife out of your hand and kneel down.
“Stand up.” Negan says harshly and you frown for a moment.
‚He should be in a better mood.‘ You think and do what he commands.
“Everything is good?”
“Yes, your girls are fine and mine are too. And you, boss?” Even when you stand in front of him you have your eyes down out of respect.
“Alexandria belongs to us now, like Rick’s fucking ass.” His voice sounds proud and you understand him.
He would never admit it, but after they killed so many of the Saviors he was worried that they could destroy what he built.
“Good job, boss. Like always.” You say, seeing in the corner of your eyes how his jaw clenched.
Something is wrong and you’re afraid that you are the reason for it.
“I don’t want to be disturbed today!” Negan yells and you all nod. “(Y/N), you come with me.”
Your knees getting weak, but like a brave soldier you follow him to his room, ignoring the pitying looks of the others.
Carefully he puts Lucille in the corner, but this time you don’t smile about how he treats her.
“I don’t want you to fucking kneel in front of me.” Negan says while he turns around to you.
“What? Why?” Each of his words made your heart beats faster.
“We built that together, all of that. I lead the fuckers outside and you the girls.” A small smile appears on his face. “We are fucking equal.”
“We aren’t-.”
“Don’t fucking contradict me!” He interrupts you and you shut your mouth.
“Ok, boss.” You nod.
“You fucking call me again boss or kneel down in front of me and I fucking put Lucille in your mouth.”
Against your will a quiet laughter escapes your mouth and even Negan seems amused.
“Ok, Negan.”
It feels kind of weird to say his name in front of him, but you also feel honored.
“Good and now get the fuck out of here. I need some sleep.” Negan orders and you nod again.




being nice is hard