My journey being a Batboy fan!

Me then: I’m in loooove! :D
Fandom: “Because he’s BATMAN!”
Me now:  meh :/

Me then: I like this kid. :)
Fandom: “Kind and loving and has a great ass!”
Me now: I love this kid! :) Please don’t turn into Batman though.

Me then: Who is that guy? He looks like a hot bad-ass! :)
Fandom: “He’s the WOST ROBIN EVER! Just take my word for it.”
Me now: Jumping through the computer screen strangling whoever talks shit about him while screaming “Take it back, Bitch! Take it back!”

Me then: He seems like the perfect Robin. :)
Fandom: “He’s gay and Jason is his big spoon.”
Me now: He’s the most perfect gay son that I never had. :))

Me then: Maybe he’ll out grow it.  :]
Fandom: “DEMON SPAWN!”
Me now: I just don’t see him out growing it.