Please be happy that Seb is in a new movie. Please be proud he got the role. Please understand his current predicament. Please acknowledge that he is trying.

I understand you are sad, and you have every right to be. But you need to accept the change of plans and love the angel regardless.

Do not make Seb feel bad for following his dreams.


I’m procrastinating again so let’s do an anon confession round!!

Send me any of these:
Your confessions (of any nature idc)
Your unpopular opinion
Your crush
Music recs + movie recs!!
Fic recs pls
Would you rather
Ask for advice!!!! I am wise
Mini mini oneshots
Your confessions again lmao

But do it in anon!! (Pls don’t let this flop I’ll cry) ily

"Sitä en siedä, että puolueemme kansanedustajia ryhdytään arvostelemaan. Minusta puolueen kansanedustajat ovat käyttäytyneet suhtkoht moitteettomasti ja olemme tehneet niska limassa hommia." - Ritva "Kike" Elomaa

Siinä sitten kuulitte, kansalaiset. Tapahtui mitä tahansa, niin perussuomalaisia kansanedustajia ei saa arvostella. Kaikki arvostelu on herkkähipiäisyyttä, sillä asioita pitää sietää. Tämä tarkoittaa sitä, että kaikkien muiden pitää sietää perussuomalaisten rasismia, mutta perussuomalaisten ei tarvitse sietää yhtään kritiikkiä. He pelaavat omilla säännöillään, jotka eivät aina ole yhteensopivia muihin sovellettavien sääntöjen kanssa, mutta asioista on saatava keskustella. Kunhan keskustellaan perussuomalaisten laatimien ja jatkuvasti muuttuvien sääntöjen mukaan.

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Get wet: #48 and #55

48.  What is one thing you want to confess?

I wanna tell my family I’m bi (80% gay, 20% straight so more gay than anything) but I won’t because they’re such strong Christians. I only ever want to make them proud. To tell them there’s an 80% I’ll never fulfil their dream of getting married and having a family in the eyes of God is too much to deal with, so nah

55. Have you ever had to recover after something?

I ended up in hospital once for some hella poor decisions and that took ages to recover from. Heck I almost diED. I still don’t know how I’m alive now tbh what a miracle I think

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Unpopular opinion: I REALLY hated the kiss between Steve and Sharon in civil war. Having them flirt with each other literally 15 minutes after Peggy's funeral was just so disrespectful and really makes me angry. I'm not against them as a couple period but just the way the movie forced them together and went about it was just awful.

BRUHHH DW I AGREE that it was way too soon. I got mad at that part where Sharon goes “That was…” and Steve says: “Late.”

I was like um what????? Late??????? Ur best girl just passed away????????????? UR TALKING ABOUT BEING LATE FOR A HOOKUP WHEN U WERE 70 YEARS LATE FOR A DANCE WITH PEGGY I’M