• Peggy Carter: I'm just saying that the plan was genuinely dumb, as many of our plans are, I now realize.
  • Edwin Jarvis: What about your whole speech about "I have the grace of a falcon and I'll be in and out like a demon's whisper"?
  • Daniel Sousa: Carter, you stood up on your chair in that automat and said that speech for everybody!
  • Peggy Carter: It was a damn good speech. It was very persuasive, but I regret it now.

I need a Person of Interest/Captain America crossover just so Bucky can sigh at Steve and be like: “you fell for ANOTHER badass lady named Carter? What did she do, punch out a nazi?”

“Um, yes, actually.”

season11-destiel  asked:

I just got Jarvis today I haven't had time to play a lot so I forget there is an event going on. Sadly I missed out on the AI Jarvis which I really wanted. Hoping they bring back outfits you missed out on. Also I just want Fury I don't want leader but whatever more people at this overcrowded area I have.

More people means you can do more missions at a time– well, theoretically. So it’s kind of a good thing. 

Just a reminder that Rhodey searched the desert unendingly for three months for Tony because he’s a goddamn hero who doesn’t give up. And in his free moments every day, he called the Malibu Mansion, the only call JARVIS actually picked up, because JARVIS and the bots are his and Tony’s children and deserve a full update as often as possible and as much reassurance as he can give them. And maybe he’s a little reassured by them too, because they’re practically the only other people who won’t give up on Tony.