• Hopper, typing into the Google Search bar: "How... to... deal... with... a... telekinetic... teenager."

People (and Telltale) always talks about how family is important or you shouldn’t leave friends behind, but then treated characters like Nick, Sarah or anyone who isn’t Clem or AJ like shit. It’s like they automagically assume that just because a majority of people didn’t like characters like Nick and Sarah for being “liabilities”, that NO ONE else likes them neither. They didn’t even give them a chance or worked with their characters first before killing them off. Lol, they even called THEM babies, but treated an actual baby who was bound to die in a ZA without things like food, water, clothes (AND it was a newborn at the time!) like it was god’s gift to the world and it wouldn’t be hard to take care of at all (this is ironic since TWDG is supposed to be based off of real life). People even treated the biggest screw-ups and children of them all (Luke, Kenny, Jane) like they did NO wrong and was right all the time! If you hated them or leaved them to die though, then YOUR a bad and rotten person. Please…


This is almost like when I had to convince my grandmother that the rat I saw in her kitchen was, in fact, a rat and not a lizard. Almost…

Stranger Things ep6

Oh! One funny Telltale Walking Dead bit from season 2 that I found on my replay I suspect most missed:

If you go with Nick at the end of episode 1, you end up in a shack with a still and a bunch of moonshine, Nick gets drunk and eventually offers you a sip you can accept.

Later in episode 5, Jane offers you a sip of rum, and if you accept that too Clementine actually comments that it wasn’t as bad as the Moonshine with Nick, which I can only suspect left Jane a bit taken aback.

Legend has it that if you whisper “damn, I want a dad” to a baseball bat three times, Steve Harrington will appear and protect you


Rule #1-Always keep the curtains drawn.

Rule #2-Only open the door if you hear my secret knock.

Rule #3-Never ever go outside alone. Especially not in daylight.


the signs as stranger things characters in season 2

aries: eleven 
taurus: will 
gemini: nancy 
cancer: dustin
leo: steve
virgo: jonathan 
libra: lucas 
scorpio: billy 
sagittarius: hopper 
capricorn: mike 
aquarius: max
pisces: joyce