Hierarchy of Ube

Ah headache =[

We’ve just finished a good portion of the decorating - I’d say we’ve done half of doing what needs to be done with @gazasaurus-rex
in terms of upcoming decorating plans

We have now officially finished the living room =D 🎉 (minus flooring but we’re not counting that for now xD) as well as the hallway/entrance (all we need now are the canvas pictures that Ed wanted)

Upstairs we’ve sanded and painted the ceilings and boarders, as well as painted the radiators and now all we have to do is paint the walls and finish the boarders around the doors to the rooms

Then we need to get an electrician in to fix in Ed’s fancy lighting 👍🏻

After that we can finally - finally - get new carpeting in for the stairs which I know will make Ed very pleased indeed

Gaz and I have promised to finish the rest tomorrow after work and I can’t bloody wait - I think that’ll feel like a milestone to have the hallway, living room and landing completed

tag yoself i’m ‘you just got Albarned’