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      When I was a little boy, I grow up watching movies starring James Dean and Marlon Brando, who were the icons of my generation. It was an image of a rebellious teenager and wearing denim clothing was the reflection of thier attitude and character. Later in my “teens years” they were still the cult stars and all girls in my school loved that rebellious look. I was everything, but not rebellious! I was shy and most of the time i was hiding in front of beautiful rebellious school girls. So, one day in order to be noticed i told to my mom that i would like to get one pair of jeans…. “and not any jeans” i would like to have; Levis 501. It was my dream to have Levis jeans! But, the problem was in that time (70-80 ties), I lived in Croatia (Former Yugoslavia)  and we didn’t have on our local market nowhere to buy Levis jeans. So, my mom promised me if i pass the school year with a very good grades, she will take me to shopping in Trieste, Italy to buy my Levis jeans. WOW Yesssss! Oh boy , be sure i was the best student that year and i brought my mom the best grades. So, my mom kept her word and we went to look for my Levis 501. 

It was 1979, the golden time of jeans shopping in Trieste ……. 


“Am I in love? Absolutely. I’m in love with ancient philosophers, foreign painters, classic authors, and musicians who have died long ago. I’m a passionate lover. I fawn over these people. I have given them my heart and my soul. The trouble is, I’m unable to love anyone tangible. I have sacrificed a physical bond, for a metaphysical relationship. I am the ultimate idealistic lover.” - James Dean

“Whether told in his own words or from a third person’s point of view, the life of James Dean is exhilarating, intriguing and tragic. From a small town in the Midwest to the Hollywood Hills of California, James Dean’s story is one that you will never forget.”
~ Source: jamesdean.com


James Byron Dean (February 8, 1931 – September 30, 1955) #JamesDean

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