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Welcome to the World of Liftshopping
Learn about the dumbass world of liftshopping.

The fact that there’s a shoplifting culture on this site says a lot about the users here.  You have idiots that are stupid enough to post photos of things they’ve stolen (including prices, and from what stores they stole it), not realizing how easily law enforcement could tie their accounts to their identities if they really wanted to.  They even create separate blogs solely dedicated to this, as if that’s something to be proud of.

I mean…I know our economy still isn’t that great right now, and that decent jobs are still hard to find, but come the fuck on.  How fucking lazy and entitled ARE these people?  We’re not talking about poor folks living on the skids here:  I’m not going to look down on someone just trying to survive.  No–we’re talking about highly-privileged suburban children that can afford not only a PC, but multiple mobile devices.  What kind of a loser brags about ripping people off when they’re already highly privileged?  Oh, right…the same people that forced a massive crackdown by the site admins against blogs glorifying eating disorders and self-harm.  It reminds me of the panhandler on the subway saying he couldn’t afford to eat getting called on his cellphone.

Bloody hell…this immature “I should be able to have this without earning/paying for it” mentality sums up a LOT of what is horribly, horribly wrong with tumblr.  It’s a bunch of spoiled kids demanding things they don’t actually deserve, and pretending to be “victims” to try and justify it. 

Frankly, I urge users to start reporting some of these “liftshopping” blogs (one could easily compile a list just by going in the tag).  These people aren’t “sticking it to the man”.  Large corporations could give a shit–they’re not taking a noticeable hit.  The people usually suffering for this are the underpaid clerks and sales associates in charge of each department (you know…the jobs these brats think are “beneath them” because they laughably seem to believe that blogging is a career).