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What about a tender Jonsa moment with Sansa pregnant? Please?

angst –> fluff

They had tried to be careful. They had to, because they’d agreed. Children weren’t for the winter. Not for the Others. Nor the Dragon Queen descending upon them with her retinue, her advisors, the fearsome creatures she called her children.

When they would couple, Jon took care to not spill inside of her; or, in the few desperate times she’d begged him not to leave her, she would prepare moon tea the very next day. And it had always worked. She would endure the pain in her stomach. She would endure Jon’s concern. She would endure, because that was what she did best. Then winter came, as promised. The White Walkers, too, a war larger than themselves scratching at their gates with a jagged claw, and it had struck an underline in the words: a child had no place.

She touched her stomach; still flat, still unseen.

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What are each family members summer jams? And has Chad gotten Cabbage away from his bag yet??

Uncle Mark is listening to Work From Home by Fifth Harmony (he’s a BIG fan). Tyler likes that one too. Chad has been listening to Ariana Grande because she reminds him of himself. Spencer likes Kill Em With Kindness by Selena Gomez. Aunt Tanya really likes every Rihanna song right now.
And Cabbage is currently living in Chad’s suitcase

Ooc; My aesthetic is monsters who are protective over someone or a group. Monsters that are super cute, caring and kind. But also monsters who lose control and are violent, deceptive and dangerous. My faves are the ones that are super dangerous and could easily kill you but are very gentle and kind, despite that. .w.

I’ve gotten halfway through Pokemon Art Academy