• Clary:I've noticed the Fair Folk often say 'perhaps' when there is a truth they want to hide. It keeps you from having to give a straight answer.
  • Seelie Queen:Perhaps so.
  • Alec:'Mayhap' is a good word too.
  • Izzy:Also 'perchance'.
  • Simon:I see nothing wrong with 'maybe'. A little modern, but the gist of the idea comes across.


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Take Away


“D-Daniel.” Izzy’s voice seemed to crack as she pressed back against the wall, staring wide eyed out of the window. “Daniel..!” She sounded more panicked now as she turned and moved as fast as she could toward the back of the house, her fists clutching her skirts tightly. A knock came on the door and she froze, her blood running cold. She turned slowly and approached the door, opening it slowly.

“We received a report that there was an apostate mage living here. By order of the Chantry, we’ve come to deliver Isabella Lily to the nearest Circle.” The templar looked down at Izzy with cold eyes and she wanted to run screaming as fast as she could, but she was frozen in place.

Inescapable (malec ofc)

Prompt: we got involved in a fight at a bar and had to spend the night sharing a cell AU (dedicated to lovetoreadgoodmalec because you’re fucking incredible and your kind words always keep me motivated to write ty)

He hated clubs. He hated the pounding music and the sweaty mass of grinding teens and the perverted touches and lingering gazes. He hated it when his sister brought him to events like these, but he didn’t want to leave her alone and Jace had gone out with Clary. He wrapped his arms around himself and looked around defensively, where was she? He had lost Izzy in the crowd and was searching frantically. It was kind of pointless to come to this stupid club if he couldn’t even look over his sister, he thought disdainfully. He knew she could take care of herself but she’d recently broken up with some unknown guy and had been moping around. He was surprised she’d even invited him out considering her dampened demeanour, but Alec hastily agreed when she offered because she was finally starting to get back to her normal self. Just thinking about this guy made Alec’s blood boil. He didn’t know what he looked like, but based on Izzy’s quick description of him, he was flashy and bright and had a killer smile. It made Alec’s insides churn. He moved to go towards the bar to scan the area for his sister when he’d accidentally crashed into another warm body. He bumped into the person’s shoulder and it was so unexpected that he stumbled back, pressing his hands in the person’s chest trying to steady himself.

He could feel the man’s, most definitely a man, chuckle and instantly swooned at the warm sound. He looked up, through his lashes and his eyes widened. To say the man was flashy would be an understatement. He was covered in glitter from his raven locks to his bright and tight pants. He was wearing an open vest, displaying his creamy, tan chest that was dazzled in glitter. He hadn’t realized he’d been staring until the man spoke, his deep voice smooth and alluring.

“You know darling, you should probably introduce yourself first and then proceed to unabashedly check me out. We could get out of here.” He winked and Alec flushed a deep, dark red he’d hoped wouldn’t be noticeable under the flashing, neon lights.

“Um…” Alec stuttered, “No I’m sorry I-I didn’t-”

“What’s your name?” The man strained to be heard over the pounding music, he was borderline yelling.

“It’s um.. A-Alec.”

“What? I’m Magnus.”

“Alec. It’s Alec”

Magnus’ eyes widened. “Lightwood? You’re Isabelle’s brother?”

“You know my-” and suddenly it all clicked. This mysterious flashy guy who had broke his little sister’s heart. A flush of disappointment ran through him before it was replaced by a hot fury. He cursed himself for ever thinking that this guy, this guy who had hurt his sister, was attractive. This was why he sometimes hated all this outward beauty. Because it could be so wrong and it gave these beautiful people some sort of ticket that allowed them to hurt whoever they wanted. Remembering how his sister had sulked and had emerged from her room once, red-eyed and sniffling. He’d never felt so devastated. He narrowed his eyes dangerously and shoved Magnus back. Magnus, drew his eyebrows together in confusion as he stumbled back.

“Fuck you, you asshole.” And he swung his fist at Magnus’ face. Magnus, purely on instinct, turned his face to avoid the hit. Instead of hitting the eye, Alec had instead landed on Magnus’ cheek. Steam poured out of Alec’s ears and he advanced forward.

Magnus growled. “What the fuck Lightwood? What the hell is your problem?” He was screaming loudly now, catching the attention of some of the surrounding crowd. Alec was too furious to care about the unwanted attention and yelled right back.

“You think you can just go around and hurt my sister and think that there were no consequences? How about don’t go fucking around with people’s feelings!”

“What the hell are you talkin-”

Magnus shoved Alec back and Alec hissed. He balled his fists, ready to strike again before he was roughly pulled back. He was about to give the guy an ear full before he realized that it was security gripping him tightly. He struggled to pull away, but relented instantly when he saw that there were a lot of security guards surrounding them and that they’d produced quite a crowd. He could vaguely hear Magnus yelling in the background, but his anger was slowly dying out and being replaced with embarrassment. Oh god, did he just make a scene? See this is exactly why he didn’t do this sort of stuff… Usually he submitted to being in the background. Unnoticeable. Alone. But the opportunity to kick the guy’s ass who’d broken his sisters heart was too hard to resist and he’d always been protective over those he cared about.

He felt himself being dragged out of the club, Magnus behind him and it had all been a blur until both were being shoved into the back of separate vehicles. This was when Alec started struggling again.

“Wait, where are we going?” He huffed deep breaths and felt his breath hitched when he felt his hands being pulled behind his back and cuffs being tightened around his wrists. He was roughly shoved into the back seat, and he looked around frantically before realizing that he was sitting in the back of a cop car. Through the window he could see Magnus in the same position. He openly glared at the man before slumping back in his seat. Fuck.

Alec sat slouched on the floor against the grey walls, facing the metal, vertical bars. Magnus sat on the far end of the small cell, huffing every few minutes, making his distraught mood evident. His left cheek was tinted a dark purple with a small red outline and Alec glowered. He usually wasn’t so violent but he wasn’t afraid of sticking up for people he cared about.

“You know,” Magnus started venomously. “This would have never happened if you hadn’t attacked me for no reason.”

“This would have never happened if you hadn’t broken my sister’s heart.”

Magnus’ anger receded somewhat before looking utterly baffled. “What the fuck are you talking about? I’ve only talked to your sister once or twice at some random parties. Though I am bisexual, I haven’t been with a girl in a while. Oh, and I prefer to date people within my age range, I’m not some fucking pedophile. I’m 19. It would be illegal.” He took a deep breath, his face turning an unhealthy shade of angry red. “And also it’s none of your fucking business who I’m fucking.”

Alec snarled, “When it involves my sister, I make it my business.”

Magnus threw his arms up exasperatedly, straining to stop himself from tackling the idiot Lightwood. “Have you not been listening to me? I didn’t touch your sister. I’m not attracted to your sister. I have no fucking relation of any sort with your sister. Unless the occasional drinking buddy counts.”

Alec scoffed, his hands clenched into fists and he looked down at the grimy floor. A flood of images rose through his mind of his sister: his sister crying, his sister pretending to be okay, his sister’s soft voice in the early hours of the morning. His inner turmoil ceased when he heard footsteps parading down the hall. The cell was parallel to the corner of the hall which resulted in Alec never knowing who was stomping towards them until said stranger rounded the corner. He found it nerve wracking when he wasn’t sure who was approaching them. He sat stiffly, his posture upright, ready to jump up if provoked. It was even worse that he was alone in here with Magnus of all people. He’d rather be alone in the dark cell than with this asshole. Magnus shot up from the floor and started obnoxiously banging on the bars.

“Hello? I believe I’m allowed a phone call!” He yelled indignantly. “It’s not my first time unjustly imprisoned. But to be fair, the lady gave no indication that she’d wanted to keep her goat. And it’s not my fault I didn’t know how fireworks worked.”

Alec ignored Magnus and looked straight ahead, silently fuming. His vision was blurry but he was too lazy to refocus his gaze and instead just continued looking onwards at nothing. He vaguely saw a figure approaching a cell. He was holding some sort of object, that looked like a fancy sort of phone. But bigger and more official.

“Alright. Quit yelling or you can stay in here for longer. You’re allowed one call and you ain’t getting out of here until mornin’ at the least. You wouldn’t believe how many stupid idiots fighting at bars we get in here.”

Magnus scowled, “I’m innocent. This guy just randomly threw a punch at me. Thought I fucked his sister, which I didn’t. I can get a friend to pick me up in like 20 minutes.”

“No can do, you’ve got to stay the night now. I’m not in the mood for more arguing so shut up.” He said testily. Magnus narrowed his eyes and yanked at the department phone through the spaces between the bars. He largely ignored Magnus’ conversation, save for grunting loudly when Magnus had mentioned a “deranged idiot who’d punched him” to the person on the other line. After Magnus had finished the call, he returned it to the guard after which Alec took the device. he clutched the phone in his palm contemplating who to call. His parents were out of the country on some business trip (they always were) and Jace was probably doing who knows what with Clary. He involuntarily shuddered at the possible activities they could be getting up to. He settled on his sister. She must’ve heard the news by now, they’d made a huge scene at the club. He prayed that she’d answer because really… who else did he have?

The phone ran only once before someone answered the phone.


“Iz, it’s me.”

“Alec, what the fuck? I leave you alone for 20 minutes and you manage to start a fight at the bar? Are you alright? Did you get hurt? Oh god did you kill the other guy? Why did you even think about punching someone? Seriously Alec I know you like your personal space but is it something to go to jail over?”

“Izzy…” He started. He realized that there wasn’t pounding music in the background of their call, there was actually an eerie silence. “Where are you?”

She snarled into the phone, “Shouldn’t I be asking you that? You know who I heard the news from? Some random guy that was freaking out about how ‘some sparkly guy and emo kid got arrested’. Ugh… I hate drunk people but apparently they’re reliable sources considering it’s true.”

He sighed. “I know, I’m sorry… I did-”

“And don’t you think you’re getting out of this so easily brother, you’re grounded.”

Alec spluttered, “You can’t ground me! I’m older than you!”

“Try me.”

“Listen I ran into that asshole who broke your heart. Don’t even deny it Izzy I know you’ve been upset because of that secret guy you’re seeing. Not so much a secret considering I can hear you come in early in the mornings. How much of a light sleeper do you think I am?”

“Wait… I thought you were there with Magnus Bane?”

Alec furrowed his eyebrows together, “Erm… I am? I punched him in the face.”

He heard her sharp intake of breath, “Alec please tell me you’re kidding. I wasn’t seeing Magnus Bane!” She was on the verge of shrieking. “By the angel, you didn’t actually hit him did you?”

“B-But you said the mystery guy was flashy and bright. A-And you went drinking with Magnus a couple of times…”

“No,” She yelled into the phone and Alec winced and pulled away from the earpiece slightly. “I’ve been seeing Simon okay?”

Alec cut her off. “Clary’s Simon? Simon Lewis?”

“Yes that Simon.” She sighed. “I said he was flashy and glittery so that I could push away from any suggestion that Simon and I had a thing, not so that you could punch the first guy that filled the description. It’s just been really complicated with him, what with his residual feelings for her and I know I don’t usually go for guys like him but I like him Alec. I really do.”

Alec seethed, “Isabelle. You know he has feelings for Clary.”

“That’s why I’ve been upset as of late. But they’re fading. Alec he likes me. I know he does and he knows he does. Remember when you liked Jace? It was overwhelming and you had the crush because he was safe and familiar. That’s what Simon is going through and he’s starting to realize that Clary is comfortable and safe and easy because they’d known each other for so long. We’re getting there. It’s just been a longer process.”

Alec visibly gaped. “I don’t understand? What makes Lewis so special? You’ve never stuck with one guy for so long? And Lewis of all people?”

She sighed almost dreamingly, “I don’t know Alec. Don’t worry i’m not afraid to kick his ass, but I really like him. And I want it to work.” Suddenly she let out a breathy laugh. “But I can’t believe you punched Magnus Bane in the face and are now stuck with him in a small cell. Has he punched you back yet?”

Alec looked down, the guilt starting to claw it’s way into his mind. “No… But he probably should.”

She snorted, “You’re probably right. What’s up with you Alec? You never get violent like this. And you’re never one to cause a scene.”

“I just hate seeing you like that. Hurt and desolate. It kills me inside and then when I thought I saw the bastard who did it, I couldn’t stop myself.” He paused. “Clearly I need to work on my temper…”

“Alec I’m not some damsel in distress so knock it off. I love you but you don’t need to fight my battles for me. Now continue to suffer in a small cell with Magnus for the rest of the night. And you really need to work on that temper of yours. Jeez Alec you’re the most reserved guy I know but have the most spectacular temper.”

Alec sighed. “Don’t bother coming for me and yelling. I can’t get out of here till morning. You’ll come get me in the morning, right?” His sister sighed loudly but nonetheless agreed, not before muttering about how much of a protective idiot her brother was.

“You better apologize Alec, for the love of god you hit the poor guy in the face.” There was a confirmation of a click and Alec realized that she’d hung up. He looked at the wall forlorningly, dreading the upcoming conversation.

After he snapped the phone shut, the guard reached through the bars and snatched the device.

“I’m goin’ to be here all night. Don’t even think about doing something stupid and making this any worse for yourselves.” he reprimanded before stomping around the corner and down the hall.

The cell was silent. Magnus sat lazily looking over his brightly colored nails whilst Alec focused on just breathing properly. He was anxious. He knew he had to apologize but he was fretting the upcoming conversation. How do you apologize to a guy you wrongly punched? Hey sorry I punched you I just thought you fucked my sister and broke her heart because she said she was seeing a guy who had a killer smile and you fit the bill. He hadn’t even realized that he started chewing on on of the sleeves of his ratted sweater and promptly removed the fabric from his mouth. He closed his eyes and took a deep breathe.

“I’m sorry.”

Magnus jumped at the sudden sound but glared at Alec nonetheless, “Why on earth would you be sorry? I mean I did have sex with your sister. Oh I also quite enjoy kicking puppies and the occasional homicide.”

Alec ignored him and plowed on, “I erm… talked with my sister and I’ve been informed that you aren’t the guy who broke her heart.” He looked down utterly ashamed of himself. “Magnus I’m so sorry, i didn’t- I mean… Punch me back.”

“Contrary to popular belief, not everyone loves to hit other human beings.”

Alec dragged himself over to in front of where Magnus was sitting. “Punch me, by the angel I deserve it.” He grabbed Magnus’ hand to Magnus’ fingers to form a fist, and squeezed his eyes shut. “Okay. I’m ready.”

He heard a sigh, “Alec I’m not going to punch you.”

“I deserve it. I’m so sorry. It’s only right.” His eyes were still tightly scrunched.

“For the love of god open your eyes.”

His eyes slowly fluttered open and his gaze fell on his bruised cheek. His face fell when the rush of shame and guilt washed over. He could feel his stomach drop at the deep purple coloring and he shifted a little closer to Magnus, to peer at the bruise.

“By the angel, it’s getting purple.” He raised his finger like he was about to poke the bruise but instead swiped right underneath of it instead. He was so immersed in analyzing the discoloration that he hadn’t noticed that this wasn’t Izzy or Jace that had been hurt, this was a stranger that he was openly touching and being near and this is why he never went out. He quickly snatched his hand away in embarrassment and flushed at Magnus’ wide eyes, that were looking at him as if they’d never seen him before.

“I-I’m sorry, I just have sibling that- my siblings and I get hurt a lot, from sparring or training and I’m usually the one that looks them over. Um… if it means anything, it’s a very superficial wound?”

He must’ve sounded like a complete idiot because he managed to get a small smile from the other man, “I’d never thought that I’d be in a situation where the guy who punches me is wholeheartedly willing to nurse me back to health.” He teased. “Though I appreciate your assessment, I don’t need it. I’m a big boy.”

Alec winced at the underlying scathing tones and pushed himself back, moving to sit next to Magnus.

“Izzy says I need to work on my temper.” Magnus scoffed lightly beside him. “I’m working on it I swear, I just sometimes get a little overprotective. My sister just has guys fawning over her all the time. It’s no excuse but I’m not completely an asshole.”

“No offense but this bruising says otherwise.”

Alec slumped. “Yeah. I’m sorry.”

“You already said that.”

Alec shifted trying to change the conversation. “So… um.” He was god awful at keeping a conversation let alone starting one. “Vending machines are pretty killer huh?”

He frantically turned to look at Magnus when he heard a sharp intake of breath. He could subtlety see Magnus shaking and he automatically assumed the worst. Thinking he had struck a cord somehow, maybe his great great great grandfather had been hit by a vending machine… by the angel he was going to lock himself in his closet after this…

“Are you- erm are you okay?” Alec was about to reach for Magnus when he realized that he wasn’t crying, he was laughing.

“Really?” Magnus chuckled. “That’s your conversation starter? Oh my you’re new to all ‘this talking to people’ thing aren’t you?”

Alec blushed but Magnus spoke before he could start to defend himself. “It’s kind of cute. Tell me more about these murderous vending machines.”

“W-well I don’t know… I’ve just heard about how people can get stuck in them or they can tip over and like 13 deaths a year, or something like that, are because of vending machines.” He rambled. “And don’t even get me started on what they have inside of those things…”

Magnus’ eyes crinkled about Alec’s vehement rant on vending machines. “You’re so weird.” he said endearingly. “I like it.”

And the conversation flourished from there. Alec started to get more uplifted and his qualms slowly dissolved until he was laughing alongside Magnus. He felt comfortable and excited and he could have been sitting in a pit of lava for all he cared, he was so intensely invested in their conversation that he wouldn’t have noticed anyways. They chatted about family and friends and school and funny things and serious things and Alec didn’t think he had so much to say but he did and he loved being heard. Similarly he loved hearing Magnus speak. Hearing his opinions and comments and his deep, velvety voice that was the window to what he was feeling. He may not have expressed his emotions explicitly but Alec knew everything from a simple tone or wording.

They’d been playing an absurd game of ‘would you rather’ before Alec had gotten sidetracked by the bruising on Magnus’ face. The lightning caught on Magnus’ bruise and Alec couldn’t help but think that it’d gotten worse. He stopped laughing as the guilt washed over his features. “Magnus.” Magnus quickly quieted at the solemnity of Alec’s voice and confusion flew into his eyes. “Magnus I know I’ve apologized but I can’t even express to you how sorry I am. And the fact that you’re talking to me and laughing with me as if I didn’t hit you like 7 hours ago, it’s baffling. I’m so sorry, I would never ever want to hurt someone that I cared about or anything and the fact that I hurt you, makes me want to light myself on fire.” He looked up at Magnus, his dark lashes casting shadows on his high cheekbones. He looked defeated and Magnus could help but move himself closer to the boy, smiling slightly.

“Alec. Honestly, it’s okay. Though if you do punch me again I will have to kick your ass.” His features softened with a final note of sincerity. “You’re forgiven.

Alec nodded and looked down, unsure and freaked out and a little out of his comfort zone.

“So…” Magnus drawled. “You care about me hmm?”

“Uhm… I mean… I didn’t-”

“I like you too.”

Alec couldn’t help the bubbling of utter happiness and he laughed. Alec laughed so loudly and obnoxiously  and he could vaguely hear a shushing noise coming from the around the corner. He didn’t care. His head was thrown back and he clasped his hands on his mouth to stifle the chuckling. Magnus was beaming beside him drinking in the sight of Alec Lightwood laughing. His eyes lit up and he looked so carefree and it took his breathe away. They didn’t end up sleeping that night and instead talking about anything and everything. The ground was dirty and uncomfortable but Alec completely dismissed it. He could have been laying on a mountain of spikes for all he cared. He’d never felt more comfortable than he did right now with Magnus by his side. He was locked up behind bars and it was the first time he’d ever felt so free.

“And I thought I was the one who was going to end up in jail first.” A loud, obnoxious voice reverberated around the corner. Jace appeared seconds after looking ordinarily smug and haughty when he looked over Alec, and the stranger beside him.

“So,” Jace started smugly. “Izzy tells me you’ve made a friend.”

Alec groaned and hung his head low, his arms wrapping tightly around it. Jace had this uncanny ability to give him the worst migraines at the worst times. Alec’s fingers were rubbing at his temples rhythmically, and he glared up at Jace’s oddly but unsurprisingly bright demeanor.

“Where’s Izzy? I called her.”

“Up at the front, we’re bailing you out of here,” he grinned. “Though I’m not sure why you would want to leave this place. The walls are a nice shade of grime. Plus you’ve always wanted a roommate.”

Alec growled, “Jace shut up.”

“You know as entertaining as the banter between two siblings is, you’re rather uncomical and the conversation I was having with Alec was far more compelling.”

Jace quickly assessed the sparkling man beside Alec before narrowing his eyes, “What? Did I interrupt your riveting conversation on glitter and high heels?”

“Jace.” Alec hissed.

“Don’t worry darling, sometimes when an ego as big as his gets threatened by other, more impressive people, the less fortunate,” he emphasized looking Jace over disdainfully, “tend to overcompensate for their inadequacy by getting particularly defensive and spitting out whatever insults that float around in their empty skull.” Magnus shrugged. “It’s all the testosterone levels. It’s science honey.”

“Magnus.” Alec started imploringly.

“Alec didn’t you punch this guy?” Jace scowled at Magnus haughtily. “Clearly he isn’t getting the memo.”

“Both of you shut up. God, you’ve been here for less than 5 minutes and already you two are fighting. Jace, simmer down. You came here to bail me out and at the rate you’re going, you’ll just end up sitting next to me behind bars. And Magnus,” he looked over exasperatedly and blew his shaggy hair out his eyes. “please calm down. Did you have to be so harsh? Both of you are acting like children.”

Magnus tightly pursed his lips in a thin line, not acknowledging Alec’s reprimand but obeying nonetheless. Jace just scowled and crossed his arms, his biceps bulging and Magnus had to begrudgingly admit, was flattering. He silently assessed Alec and Jace, both of whom were like night and day. He didn’t see what the big deal was over the stupid blonde, he was arrogant and downright obnoxious. Alec had to have had the patience of an angel to have been friends with Jace. Magnus would have dropped him the second he opened his cantankerous mouth. The silence was finally lifted from Alec’s reprimanding glare when Jace pouted.

“Children wouldn’t help get someone out of jail.”

Alec sighed, “Is there any sign of Izzy anyways?” He straightened his long legs out in front of him uncomfortably. He’d been sitting in the same position all night, mostly because he wanted to stay right beside Magnus. The thought was embarrassing in and of itself, and Alec couldn’t help the inevitable flush on his pale cheeks. “By the angel, it’s only been one night and I already miss my bed.”

“That bad of a night huh?”

Unconsciously Alec looked over at Magnus fondly, “I guess it could have been worse.” Realizing his blatant enamory towards the man, Alec quickly looked away. “I mean I could have been alone. Or with someone who eats scabs or something.”

Magnus was smiling softly at Alec. He was so utterly endearing and awkward. It was cute. To a small extent, Magnus was completely revolted at himself for feeling so warmhearted towards someone who had bruised his face, no more than 10 hours the previous night. And yet this man had not only given him a lovely bruise because he looked like he was fucking his sister but had managed to keep him invigorated while sitting on the dirty floor. If sitting on dirty, dusty concrete meant spending more time with Alec, Magnus would have wholeheartedly laid out on the uncomfortable grounding.

The affectionate atmosphere had not gone unnoticed by Jace. By the angel, people called him oblivious but he wasn’t fucking stupid.

“Since when were you two so buddy buddy?” he looked at Alec with a look of mock seriousness. “One day in the slammer really changes a guy.”

“I’ve been in here for less than 24 hours.”

“And you’ve managed to befriend a real life fairy.”

Magnus scowled. Alec, sensing another jeering attack, jumped in. “Oh knock it off Jace. Go check on Izzy. Make sure she’s not getting distracted by some police officers. He shuddered. “Or worse. Some of the inmates.”

Jace huffed but spun around nonetheless, not before shooting Magnus another scathing glare, one which Magnus gleefully returned. Alec sighed heavily before turning to face Magnus completely. They’d been side to side, but Alec wanted to look the man in his green gold eyes.

“Magnus. I’m sorry. Not just for Jace. Though he was being an asshole and he’s usually less of an asshole, especially to guys he just meets. But I’m also sorry for the punching thing. I know I’ve already apologized but I just, I look at the bruise and I can’t help but feel guilty all over again.” The words just tumbled out of him. He’d never been good at expressing his feelings but he really wanted Magnus to know just how sorry he was and how it was tearing him up inside to see that he was hurt because of Alec.

Magnus waved his hand dismissively, “I’d forgiven you like 6 hours ago, let it go Alec. It’s a good thing make up has been invented and that you missed my eye. I think I’ll start some sort of trend. Purple blush or something.” Alec chewed on his lip forlornly and Magnus cupped his cheek. “Honest Alec it’s fine. It was all a giant misunderstanding, you protective asshole,” Magnus said endearingly. “Though if you’re that upset about it… I wouldn’t say no to an ‘I’m sorry Magnus you’re very handsome’ coffee date.”

Alec spluttered, “Are you… are you asking me to ask you out?

Magnus grinned gleefully, “I’m just giving you a little push darling.” He swiped at Alec’s high cheekbones before pulling his hand away. Alec missed the warmth of his palm already and internally frowned at the missing touch. He looked at Magnus through his dark lashes, abashedly.

“I-I think I’d l-,” He paused and took a deep breathe to calm his racing heart. He was shocked Magnus couldn’t hear it. It was so loud. “Would you erm… like to go get coffee with me? Um at some point or something?”

Magnus’ eyes lit up. “Well darling I thought you’d never ask. I-”

He was rudely interrupted by the jangling of keys and the clicking of high heels. His thoughts immediately flew to his sister and the wild belief that she’d stolen the keys and was now breaking him out. Almost as soon as he’d thought it, he reprimanded himself. He was always told he had a wild imagination but her cunning personality left Alec with no doubt that she’d be able to do it, no problem. He mentally sighed with relief when she rounded the corner, a plump security guard beside her, the keys attached to a chain on his hip, and Jace coming up right behind them. He knew he should’ve been happy to see them, to get out of this cage but he wished they’d come just a few seconds later… because now he’d never get to hear what Magnus had to say.

“Alright, Lightwood.” The guard had a deep, gruff voice. He pulled the key chain from his belt loop and unlocked the door with a resounding click. “You’re free to go. Don’t go starting anymore fights, understand.”

Alec quickly nodded and shot up, quickly dusting himself off before looking down at Magnus.

“You know darling I could get used to being down in front of you.” He whispered it so quietly that only Alec was able to hear and his cheeks flushed a deep red. He hastily turned around and trudged forward towards his siblings, ignoring the sort stream of chucking coming from behind him.

Isabelle teasingly flicked him on the nose, “Well brother dearest. How was the night in the slammer?”

Jace cut in, “Next thing we know he’s going to be coming home with dragon tattoos and motorcycle babes.”

Isabelle snorted, “Maybe don’t go starting fights next time.”

“Hey!” Alec started defensively. “I was trying to protect you. I thought Magnus was being a perverted jerk… erm…” he looked over at Magnus. “Well I know you’re not now.”

Magnus smirked, “charming.”

Isabelle peered over his shoulder, “Hey Magnus.” She chirped. He waved back enthusiastically and she looked back at her brother, an eyebrow raised. “And stop with the knight in shining armor card, I can handle my own. You know I can kick ass.”

The guard had relocked the cellar door, separating Magnus and Alec with a set of bars. Magnus was still sprawled on the floor, looking unfairly sexy whilst Alec probably looked like a rat dug up from the sewer. He felt a small pang in his chest when he saw Magnus alone in the dark, colorless cellar. He contrasted greatly with the different shades of grey and Alec wanted to pull him out.

“Anyways,” Jace drawled. “I have better things to be doing than standing around in-”

“And by doing things, you mean a certain fiery spirited red head?”

Jace grinned, his eyes lit up, “The very sort.”

Jace grabbed Alec’s wrist and yanked him, trying to pull him forward. Alec looked back at Magnus suddenly realizing that he didn’t even catch the man’s number. As if reading his mind, Magnus’ eyes twinkled back at him. “Don’t worry darling I’m in the book. And my friend Ragnor is on his way, I think I can manage for 5 minutes on my own. And don’t forget to call.” He blew him a soft kiss and Alec whirled around, his cheeks impossibly red.

Jace gaped at Alec as they strode down the corridor and out of the building, “Don’t forget to call?” He repeated in disbelief.

Isabelle squealed, “How did you manage to punch a guy and get a date out of it?”

Alec shrugged, embarrassed and anxious and a little sleep deprived. “Can we not talk about this right now? I have about 10 hours of sleep to be catching up on.”

Isabelle huffed and flipped her hair mischievously , “Fine. But I’m dressing you for your date. And no, this is non negotiable.”

Alec only stuffed his hands in his baggy pockets, his thoughts a flurry of emotions. He murmured something softly, too softly to be heard by his younger siblings, and followed them out along the sidewalk.

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  • someone:oh my god b1a4 sucks
  • me:we're no longer friends
Agents of Shield: Writing critiques

These are all my personal opinions from watching and comparing AOS to other TV shows.

1.) The Pilot pitched the story wrong.  The opening episode pitched AOS as a team show.  In fact it is an ensemble show with Skye and Coulson as the lead characters.  The show should have given these two way more narrative weight than the other characters in the pilot; however, all the characters were given a significant portion of screen time.  This caused problems later on when the audience’s favorite characters are rarely shown or are always pushed to the back of the story because the audience still expects them to continue to get equal screen time.

2.) AOS does a poor job of handling a large ensemble cast.  AOS tries to cram too many stories into the same episode and then leaves out other character’s stories for weeks at a time.  The writers introduced way too many characters at a time.  For example, they added Tripp to an already large cast.  Then they added Izzy, Hunter, Mack and Idaho.  They killed three of them but that still left two additional cast members. Later Bobbi was added.  So the show expanded from six to nine main characters. 

Another ensemble show, The 100, by contrast handles it’s large cast well.  It does so by chunking it’s characters together (The Arc, Camp Jaha, Grounders, The 100 (Teens), Group in the Mountain) ie. main characters are put together on screen.  By having multiple characters together in different plots it creates a sense of purpose and importance to all of the characters involved.  The narrative will leave a group of characters out for an episode or so, but will always make up that time in another episode.  Also it is quickly established who we should care about and why.  The narrative proceeds to work on building out the identified main characters and their relationships to each other and secondary characters.  Then by extension it expands on secondary characters without decreasing the importance of the main characters.  It all feels very organic and satisfying. 

3.) The team dynamic feels forced. Season 1 the team dynamic felt forced because they were a team forced together.  It’s an intriguing idea in theory but for me and I know some other critics it did not play out well.  It felt unnatural and it was hard to understand why these people cared about each other.  FitzSimmons rarely had deep interactions with May or Coulson.  Ward had limited scenes with Coulson and only had a brief sexual relationship with May.  Skye and May are the notable exception to have close ties with Coulson.  May and Skye did not have much of a relationship at all until Ward’s betrayal.   The younger agents by contrast seemed to have meaningful scenes together.  

How it could have been handled?

_Anime/manga style.  Where the protagonist builds their team each story arc.  See One Piece, Bleach, Psyren.  This would have given the characters time to build and establish interesting relationships before introducing more characters.  It would also establish the character’s motivation for joining the team (adventure).  

_Or Bring people into the fold.  Where secondary characters increase in importance and become main characters.  See Arrow, Stargate Atlantis and The Flash.  It provides plenty of time to establish the main protagonist and to have the audience grow attached to them.  This method gives the show an opportunity to organically build a team for example, in Arrow, Oliver started his journey alone, but then his team grew as friends and colleagues learned his secret. Characters that worked were brought to the forefront and characters that did not were pushed to the back. SG-A had a loose team until it eventually locked it down to the main four.    

_One person joins an established team or two established teams merge.   I think this is what AOS was trying to go for but did not execute it well.  Alias and Flash are good examples of this done well.  The Flash does a hybrid of this and utilizes bringing people into the fold.  It works well because Cisco, Caitlyn and Wells already have an interesting history and dynamic together.  While Barry and Joe have their own meaningful dynamic.  Alias brings Sydney and Vaughn’s teams together.  It works nicely because the characters are already established from two different story lines and don’t need to be re-established as they build out their relationships to the new characters that they are introduced to. 

4.) Characters overshadow other characters. Skye is a hacker, specialist and inhuman.  She has the special parents both biological and surrogate.  Everybody on the team loves her.  Calculating, cautious, and closed off Grant Ward falls in love/or obsessed with her.  Fitz had a crush on her (early S1) and defended her when she was different.  Even Jemma who was opposed to aliens and inhumans came around for Skye.  Calm, rationale and logical May refused to hand Skye over to her ally Lady Sif and proceeded to fight against her to protect Skye.  Bobbi defended Skye against her own people (Real SHIELD) and called her a rock star. Mack who sees alien tech and inhumans as dangerous even falls for Skye.  Now she is Trembles and his ally?  Wow that happened fast.  Oh wait, then she wooed over the inhumans too.  Cough, Cough, Lincoln anyone?  Raina died to show Skye the truth about her mother.. Jiyang is angered at Raina for convincing Skye to go on a dangerous mission.  Who can forget Skye’s dads either…  Cal killed people for Skye and could not let her go.  Her other dad, Coulson got two Shield TAHITI agents killed to save her, because apparently her life was worth more than theirs.  When SHIELD was taken from his control his number one priority was to find Skye… because that’s responsible for a director to do. 

Speaking of Coulson he gets a lot of narrative weight too.  He is the SHIELD director meaning he has connections to Hill and Fury and also has alien blood. He get’s to call all of the shots and the narrative portrays him as morally superior.  Everyone loves to talk about what a good man he is.  He manages to turn free birds Lance Hunter and Skye into Shield agents.  He also wins Bobbi over from team real Shield even though she knows why a dictatorship ahem excuse me directorship is a bad idea.

With these two special snowflakes why should I care about any of the other characters?

Fitz/Simmons role could easily be edited out.  For example, in Agent Carter “the boys in the lab” build the tech and examine new technology.   We never meet them and when we do it’s not for long. Fitz and Simmons are both scientist in denial about their feelings for each and that’s about it.  If they disappeared tomorrow the story could go on without them.  Maybe that’s why they have the black goo take Simmons?    

Ward, May, Lance and Bobbi are all specialist but what’s so great about them?  Skye can do what they can while hacking and setting off earthquakes.  

I’m not trying to say that every character but Skye and Coulson sucks, however; as of right now they have little impact on the plot. Let’s break it down:

Skye: Daughter of Inhuman leader, Inhuman, Specialist, Hacker, Daughter of villain, Director’s favorite (as mentioned in finale 2A)

Coulson: Has Kree blood, SHIELD Director, field ranked agent

May: Specialist,  

Ward: Specialist

Jemma: Biochemical, Inhuman?

Fitz: Engineer

Mack: Mechanic, Field Agent/Specialist?

Bobbi: Specialist

Hunter: field agent/mercenary

See the huge gap in importance level?

 The show needs to re-balance these characters out, because they all seem to pale in comparison to Skye.  It also makes her seem a bit too perfect.

5.) Villains are killed off too fast

I’m going to take a line from Sherlock’s Moriarty “Every good story needs a good old fashioned villain.” Shield lacks in great villains.  It’s plain and simple.

Enigmatic villains are killed off way too fast. Garrett for example was intriguing to watch especially in regards to his relationship with Ward.  The actors did a great job at portraying the history between them and creating a fun/disturbing dynamic.  Of course just when that was getting interesting Garrett was killed.  They could have played out Ward and Garrett’s relationship a little bit longer.  Heck, they could have even given us more flashbacks with him.  

Then we had Bakashi who seemed liked he had a story to tell, but he was brainwashed and killed before that could play out.  Bobbi gave us bits of his life story during his interrogation but that was it.  It was like a tease.

Whitehall our main villain was killed off before he felt like he posed a threat to the team. 

Jiyang flipped a switch and was a villain but then was killed before we the audience could absorb the ramifications of that.

Note: not including Raina or Kara because they are more antagonistic.

Good shows will have villains who get inside the hero’s head and messes with them. Like Moriarty who screws with Sherlock’s confidence and life, because he “owes him a fall”. Or Arrow’s Slade Wilson who meticulously plans Oliver’s downfall.  Or Nikita’s Amanda who feels betrayed by Nikita and resolves to take her down piece by piece.  

I’m talking about these sort of villains.  The ones who believe in what they are doing.  Who know the main character or characters and makes us feel scared for our heroes. 

6.) Lack of a central Villain

That brings me to my second concern.  It takes forever for us to meet the main villain of the story.  Without a main villain it doesn’t feel like the story is building toward something bigger.  Rather the story feels disjointed and chaotic.  For example, we did not know that Garrett was pulling the strings until the season finale.  We didn’t know his motivation until the second to last episode.  

In Season 2, we had a main villain, Whitehall, but the team rarely interacted with him.  Even Jemma who was a mole at hydra only saw him once.  Of course Whitehall was killed off before he could even begin to feel like a threat to the team.  Then season 2b devolved into multiple villains/antagonist ie. Cal, Jiyang, the reader, Raina, Real Shield, Ward.  There were so many villains/antagonist and yet none of them felt like an actual threat.  Why?  Because none of these character was built up to feel like one.  Cal doesn’t have resources or power to be a real threat to SHIELD.  Jiyang and the inhumans only became a threat in the season finale and Skye negates a majority of that blow.  Also Jiyang was killed before she could develop as a villain in the narrative.  Real Shield was supposed to be an antagonist but they never seemed that way because they actually had a lot of valid points.  They were never the villains.  Yet Gonzales was killed before we got the chance to know him and what his existence meant for Coulson.  Ward has been chaotic and all over the place this season and has had little screen time to develop as an antagonist or villain.  Given his character history of being screwed over (ie. nail hydra and tortured Bobbi fairing well against him) i’m afraid he’s not going to pose a threat to the team.  The show is probably going to make him lose horribly because that’s the history of the show folks.  

7.)The Writing shows rather than tells the story

I will admit that AOS makes some decent allusions such as when they compared Skye’s powers to that of the hulk.  The way in which they use those allusions is not effective, because they are primarily used for informational purposes and simple name dropping.  Allusions for example, have really made Supernatural’s dialog pop.  Supernatural uses them to create imagery as well as convey ideas in an amusing way.  It’s also part of the reason that the fandom has a gif for everything.  It you want to see what I mean search the Gifs they speak for themselves.

In addition the AOS dialog tends to be rather blunt.  Take Coulson’s grand speech in “Providence”, it came off rather forced and uninspiring as an inspirational speech.  Compare it to Steve’s speech in CATWS where he rallied the SHIELD agents against Hydra.  It was simple to the point and spoke of true courage and bravery.  I could analyze the differences all day but then this post would never end. 

Another example of the crappy dialog is in Ward and Kara’s diner scene where they are discussing what they’ve been up to.  Their conversation was a simple rehash of what has already happened.  It feels unnatural.  Take Ward’s line referring to Kara “you saved me in Puerto Rico and nursed me back to health.”  No duh…  She already knows all of that.  He could have said something like “I don’t know how I am ever going to repay you for saving my life” to which she could reply “You already are.” or he could have made a joke “You know next time i’m in Puerto Rico I would rather be laying in a hammock than on a mattress in an abandoned factory” and she could retort “Well personally as far as vacations go I would rather go to Disney.”  Grant describing his past was bland too “I used to be a meat and potatoes kind of guy.”  Yeah we already know that and i’m pretty sure after weeks spent together he would have told Kara that too.  Also it was kind of an awkward line for Grant’s character to have.  He is usually more walled up and uses less proverbs and more snark.     

Dialog should not tell us what is going on rather it should hint at what is going on.  It helps give the audience a better understanding of our characters. 

For example, I want to convey the idea that I need to go to the store but I don’t want to go.

Bad dialog A: I have to go to the store but I don’t want to go.

Good dialog B: Sigh, I’m heading down to Kroger’s (insert grocery store) again.  I forgot mom’s avocado.  Yuck, I don’t even like avocado.

Dialog A tells us nothing about the character.  Dialog B tells us that our character has a mom and is probably annoyed with her.  The sigh indicates that they are frustrated and don’t want to be going to the store yet again.  By naming the store we are able to associate the character with a physical environment.  

8.) Flat Tone: Sets, Camera, wardrobe.

Minus Skye’s awesome fight scene when she went to save Lincoln most of AOS filmography has felt 2d and uninspiring.  It does little to further the story. Good Camera work combined with a good set can evolve a story to the next level.

For example, Sherlock does an excellent job with camera work and setting the scene.  Sherlock has a distinct feel to it.  You know it’s shot in GB and not some random fictional city.  You can tell by the way people dress, the accents and the character’s attitude.  The opening title sequence is beautiful and let’s you know the genre of show you are watching.  On a smaller scale the show plays on portraying the inside of Sherlock’s mind.  For example, words pop up on screen to illustrate his thought process.  His mind palace (S3) acts as a court room eliminating women that are not relevant to the case.  On the outside though he is simply sifting through multiple tabs on multiple computers and determining who is relevant to his case.

Another example, Supernatural (S9-S10) has done an excellent job at mirroring one of its’ characters internal strife.  As the character starts to lose himself, whenever he looks into a mirror it is either dusty or fogged up.  After he loses himself and then comes back to a semi-normal place he is still obscured in the mirror either by traumatic memories or by physical objects.  At the finale he smashes his own reflection showing that he has finally broke.  As a whole the show has done some interesting things with filters and lighting. From season 8-10 the colors in the film have dulled and less light filters through their home base. Lighting behind characters will change according to whether they are acting from a good or an evil place etc. 

Now consider SHIELD, what does its’ camera work and sets bring to the show?  Stop think about the characters wardrobe for a minute… Now think about  what the characters on Sherlock wear, now do that with Supernatural, and now try a show/movie of your pick. Get my drift?  Sure the agents have “Outfits”, but it’s not quite iconic is it? They look like general SHIELD uniforms but slightly altered.  They are not quite individualized but neither are they uniformed.  

So I say Harry Potter and you think….. ah yes the school uniform.  I say Stargate Atlantis and you get their military outfits, or Flashpoint and you get the SRU uniform.  I bet you can think of May’s, Bobbi’s and Skye’s outfits but what about the other characters? Fitzs, Simmons, Ward, and Coulson don’t have their own unique combat attire. In SG-A even the scientist wear the same uniform as the soldiers.  On the Helicarrier in the first Avenger’s movie all of the SHIELD agents are in uniform including the comms people.  

Now thinking about May, Skye and Bobbi’s outfits are they really all that iconic?

Compare them to Dare Devil’s final outfit.  Or Arrow’s Black Canary (Sara/Laurel), Arsenal/Speedy (Roy Harper/Thea), Arrow (Oliver Queen).  

If they were going to go for the outfit go big or go home. Otherwise a uniform would serve as a good identity for the show.

In any case, see what I am saying about tone or lack thereof?  Without an identity AOS is only a knock off of any other spy show.  There are plenty of superhero shows out there see. Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Dare Devil.  And plenty of spy shows both past and present ie. Peggy Carter, Alias, Nikita, Burn Notice.  AOS needs to define what makes it different and it’s not going to do so by being disjointed chaos.       

9.) Terrible Pacing and Payoffs. 

Skye’s first betrayal was almost forgiven immediately by everyone except Ward.  She then redeems herself in his eyes by the next episode.  From a narrative standpoint there was little impact on the story as a result of her actions. 

The revelation that May pieced the team together and not Coulson had low impact.  We the audience already knew what happened to Coulson in TAHITI and that May was a spy for Fury it made little difference whether she assembled the team or not.  The selection process was still impersonal and when it comes down to it Coulson picked the actual people.  So that took the wind out those sails.

Ward’s family is a fascinating mystery and we just glossed them over and killed them.  Christian was devious and manipulative and could have posed an interesting challenge for the team.   

Supposedly he is dead now along with Ward’s parents.  I’m afraid that we will never get the story on them with the way the writers treat Ward.  

Why did Ward burn down the family home the first time?  Who is his sister? Is Thomas still alive? 

Then there’s Ward’s past in the woods with Garrett.  Was Ward really in the woods for five years with no other human contact? What did Garrett do to Ward in the woods?  

Ward and Kara’s relationship developed off screen. It would have been nice to see them falling in love on screen. It would have made a bigger impact when she was killed onscreen.

The same can be said for Izzy and Idaho.  We barely knew them before they were killed.  

Bobbi and Jemma in hydra was such a rush.  It would have been nice to watch Bobbi be undercover as is her specialty.  

There’s more I or you could probably name but there’s the ones I can name off the top of my head.    

10.) Not paying attention to onscreen chemistry

*I’m only exploring platonic relationships.

Fitz and Simmons had excellent chemistry in season 1 and then season 2 rolls around and they barely shared any scenes together.  Ward and Fitz were also fun to watch together but then of course you know the betrayal happened. 

So instead Leo got paired with Hunter and Mack in scenes.  Leo has good chemistry with both of them but one again his chemistry is strongest with Jemma.  I would then argue that Mack and Ward are second with Hunter being third. After Mack’s “betrayal” he ended up being buddies with Hunter and I liked him better in scenes with Mack. 

Hunter is at his most interesting when he is around Bobbi or Coulson.  I didn’t really feel anything between him and Skye, May or Mack.

May I would argue only pops out when she is with Coulson.  

Then I think we got shorted on Bobbi and Jemma having more scenes together because of yet another betrayal….. They had good chemistry too which is sad.  

That’s why I argued that AOS should have slowly built up it’s team rather than starting off with six different character.


Anyhow I’m not sure whether I’ll be watching next season or not.  I’m not quite bored with the show but I am teetering on it. I’ve done a lot of fast forwarding through the show as of late and that’s never a good sign.