okay so I’ve noticed from promos for the show that Izzy starts dressing like Maryse, and I think the whole Maryse plot line is going to be interesting. So far, it looks like she’s going to show up and just mess everything. she probably doesn’t seem to like the fact that Alec is still single or that Izzy is going around and partying and wearing certain things. so she’s going to try to fix that, and in the process she’s going to make her kids unhappy. and who knows what she’s going to do with Jace and everyone else in her institute.

Those people who say Shadow hunters sucks but that they’ll just continue watching because of certain characters really annoying me. Fans who actually enjoy the show don’t need none of that negativity and neither do the actors/writers/producers/directors that busted their ass to make this show happen. Don’t like the show? Don’t watch it and just stop spreading the negativity. It just ruins it for people who actually love the show and it ruins the potential for a second season. Something others and myself really want.