“I don’t need anyone to protect me. I like him and I don’t need your permission to see him” you stated confidently. 

“Look” Isabelle tried to calm you, “we just worry about you.” “And we don’t want you to get hurt.” Alec added.

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Zarry "If you keep looking at me like that, we wont make it to a bed"

(yes this is based off a Blake Shelton song no I have no shame)

The house looks the same as it did the last time Harry had seen it. A small house–the most he’d been able to afford, though he’d told Harry about his dreams of bigger things. But neat and pretty, with a big yard and an honest-to-god picket fence, which had freaked Harry out when he’d first seen it. That fence had been the last thing he’d seen when he’d driven away, that symbol of everything Harry couldn’t deal with. “I’m not made for a picket fence,” he’d said, and Zayn had nodded, his face set and drawn. He hadn’t asked Harry to stay, hadn’t begged, not Harry’s proud Zayn; Harry’s still not sure if he’s glad of that.

The curtains aren’t drawn over the big glass windows. It’s so Zayn Harry could laugh–how many times had he yelled at him for that? That at night, anyone could see in like that? Zayn had shrugged. “What are they going to see?” he’d asked, and Harry had had to show him, pressing him into the couch and kissing him until they couldn’t breathe and if anyone was watching from outside, they’d have gotten quite a show.

But now it’s quiet inside. Now, it’s dark, and Harry thinks he might be able to make out the shape of a dog, but no Zayn. He’d still know Zayn. It’s only been a year, that’s not long enough to forget the shape of him, the shape Harry had memorized with hands and lips and laughter. He’d know if Zayn was in there. Knowing what he’d do if Zayn was there is harder. What is he supposed to say, after a year? After Harry’d ran, seeking adventure and fleeing the forever Zayn had in his eyes and his smile, the way Harry knew if he didn’t leave he never would. I’m back? How’ve you been? How’s your mum? Have you forgotten the first night I came over, when you made me an amazing dinner and I couldn’t keep my eyes off you as you cooked, couldn’t stop imagining those hands on me? How you turned and smiled and me and told me, “If you keep looking at me that way, we won’t make it to a bed,” and we didn’t? How you smiled at me after, like I was the most important thing in the world? How would you look at me now?

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The poll is open and it’s time to vote for Malec again, people!!!

We’re against Clexa for the title of Top TV couple 2016, so let’s vote our asses off to make sure our boys win!!!

Remember that you can power-vote for Malec opening as many tabs as you want and just doing the following: vote, refresh, jump to the next tab. By the time you go back to the first tab the page will be ready for you to vote again. Vote as many times as you can!!! We need many, many votes.


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oh my god i love your headcanons so much. would you mind doing magnus x izzy (brotp ofc)?

yess Bi best bros™

  • Magnus and Izzy going shopping together and literally being gone for 7 hours and everyone is left at the institute like ????? “where are they?” and they’ll arrive in the door giggling and chatting with 10 begs in each arm
  • Izzy doing Magnus’ makeup
  • Magnus doing Izzy’s makeup
  • Alec complimenting izzy’s makeup like “wow your makeup looks different today you look so nice” “yeah your boyfriend did it” “oh. wow. you should take notes” and he high fives magnus
  • Izzy coming over to keep magnus company when Alec isnt there
  • They order takeout and watch movies and sit on the window sill and read and talk and drink about how cute they are
  • Okay but the two of them going to crazy downworld parties and they spend all night dancing together covered head to toe in glitter
  • Izzy usually stays the night when they go out together and they’ll stumble in drunk at about 4am giggling and trying to be quiet and whispering but like super loud drunk whispering and inevitably end up waking Alec up
  • They end up sitting on the couch together for another few hours talking about nothing and everything, sometimes Alec will join them
  • In the morning when theyre both dying Alec will get up at 8am and start yelling good morning at them and being as loud as possible 
  • They’ll get up then and sit in the kitchen dying with their heads in their hands and their makeup from last night still on while Alec makes them breakfast
  • They’ll all hang out in the loft then for the rest of the day, Izzy showers there and borrows one of Alecs sweaters and a pair of sweatpants and she just hangs around their appartment all day as if she lives there 

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I couldn’t have said it better tbh! Sorry for the Clexa shippers, but i know that at least partially you agree with me. i know how much you hated it when Lexa died and i must admit that i was filled with rage too when i heard about it, even though i didn’t watch the show (yet ;)) . I just hope that Malec is a chance to win this, because trust me, they deserve it! Book fans and show fans can confirm! <3 They are special, and not just because they are a gay interracial couple, but because they are amazing together, they share a true love and come on, they are handsome af! Not to mention funny <3 :))

So please, let’s win this poll for them, for the sake of 2 of the most amazing characters ever written and for the best 2 actors we could have ever asked for to play them! <3 We can do this! <3 Malec all the way <3