shadowhunters 2x08: reactions

alec: how do you feel about throwing a party?

magnus: have you met me?

alec: well it is for max’s rune ceremony


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simon: i’m in love with you clary


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magnus: he told you

jace: he didn’t have to, we’re parabatai


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raphael: i can’t

izzy: *cuts herself so raphael will give her some of that sweet vampire venom*


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magnus: *reveals cat eyes*


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max: mom says you’re not even a part of this family!


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alec: *falls off the roof*


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magnus: *fighting iris*


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zac hug: Magnus’s rooftop is a fun set. Everyone really killed it this episode. Nice job, team! #ShadowhuntersChat


Holy fuck this episode was intense

I don’t even know where to begin… 

I loved the scene between Maryse and Jace, she finally realized that Jace is the same person he’s always been no matter what.

Alec letting Maryse know that he and Magnus is a package deal

Magnus being all cute and protective over Max’s party. And his eyes 


Still haven’t quite figured out this thing between Izzy and Raphael, but i kind of like it. You know, minus the fact that Izzy is hooked on vampire venom.

Magnus being all badass using his magic

So Climon happened

And we learned that Clary has pure Angel blood

A big shout out to Matthew’s acting, it was so on point tonight

Wishlist of Shadowhunters Spinoffs:
  • America’s Next High Warlock: the judge panel consists of Magnus Bane, Raphael Santiago and Ragnor Fell. Every time they disagree Magnus rolls his eyes and takes a sip of his cocktail
  • Sunny Side Up: kids show hosted by Clary Fray and a cohort of colorful puppets, who team up to teach children how to draw runes
  • C.S.I.: Downworlders: follows Luke’s day job
  • Izzy’s Home Cooking: cooking show. Unexplainably canceled after s1
  • The Santiagos: Raphael and Simon’s daily life when Simon’s band is not on tour. 99% of the show consists of them bickering
  • Keeping Up With the Lightwoods: loads of angst. Loads of drama. Endless eyerolling. Renamed Keeping Up With the Lightwood-Banes after s3

The Shadowhunters Cast Creates Their Own Runes

Alec Lightwood 2x09

I get Raphael is trying to help Izzy and she definitely manipulated him, and that needs to be acknowledged, but she’s Alec’s baby sister, the one he would go to the ends of the world to protect her, like we saw in season 1, especially with that trial, he did everything in his power to make sure she was ok. Although, he has no excuse to hit Raphael  he won’t be listening to reason or logic, he will not only be beating himself up for not seeing what was happening to Izzy but he’ll be lashing out.

I know Raphael is not to blame, NOT at all and Alec should know that, but he’s gonna make mistakes. He’s young and hot-headed and so so so scared for his little sister. 

And Alec will realize his mistake, he just has to process it first, he did fuck up for sure, for lashing out at Magnus and Raphael but he needs to learn. That’s the beauty of it, seeing a character learn and grow and understand.

Family is everything to Alec and the idea that one of them is hurt terrifies him, he’s gonna blame himself and he’s gonna try and compensate by doing everything he can to fix things and because he feels guilty he’s gonna sabotage so much going on around him, like when it comes to fighting with Magnus, logically he knows it isn’t his fault but he’ll fight anyway, unconsciously pushing him away, unconsciously thinking that he doesn’t deserve him that the relationship might not be good because he let himself get lost in it and he didn’t notice Izzy spiraling.

Alec Lightwood isn’t perfect, but he is a good person, he’s just doing his best.

Also: (I have siblings and I know for a fact that  they wouldn’t hesitate  to punch someone if they hurt me, No matter the circumstances and vice versa)