I currently have a private source that can get me both of these dolls, and they’re looking for anyone interested. I myself have gotten a SUGA doll from them, and they’re trustworthy. People that have been using my service have left positive feedback and emails and I can show you! Please PM BY EMAIL.

My email is lucksdeath@gmail.com

reasonable offers only! Silly ones will be ignored and deleted. These are RARE and OUT-OF-PRODUCTION! Offers in USD please, and paypal only if an agreement is settled :)

Also, selling various BTS photocards like NMD, ITMFL, SLA etc! Please just PM and I’ll see if my source can buy it! Thanks! ^^

137. Woke up, Josh’s friends/family were here to help him move out, I had cereal, left to print and then ADR session with Krys and engineer Lily (really helpful) for about an hour, then Lily helped me transfer some audio, so I met Nich a little late in the lobby. We went to Semsom (almost Orgave, which was the the original plan), I wanted to try the pumpkin patty but that wasn’t ready, I waited, I got it, they gave me free hummus because of the wait. Good talk with Nich during lunch, she just watched ITMFL last night. Stopped at Walgreens for Nich to develop photos, I didn’t go to Whole Foods, went home.

At home I watched Contempt, which I liked. I headed out to Tisch, showed my cousin and his gf and family around, headed to Congee Bowery via Uber for a fairly good dinner. They wanted dessert, I looked it up and found Morgenstern’s which Nicholle has mentioned several times. It was delicious. There was no A.C. and the ice-cream was melting.

I wanted to walk home, but they prevented me from doing that (a long walk) and I went on their Uber. I drank peppermint tea while FaceTiming my mom.