“It was then when I ran into Isla fort he first time.”

“Isla?” The shrink went through his papers trying to remember the name and her relevance to the case.

“I doubt you’ll find her name back in there. She’s a friend, some sort of confidant. But we never talked in details about our issues. She’s just a good listener. That’s all. She doesn’t know about all the intrigues I was involved with.”

“I’ll have to give her name to my peers, just in case.”

Selene nodded. She didn’t wanna involve her friend in this. Even though Isla had nothing to fear as she didn’t know about any of this. It didn’t stop Selene from feeling a knot in her stomach.

“What happend next?”

“Nothing really important, Isla and her friend just asked for directions to the town hall.”



“it’s a fool’s errand they’re sending us on, and all of you accepted it like the fools you are. I’d love to lie and say that It’s been an honor serving with you, but I only lie to the people I’m trying to get in my bed, and I don’t like any of you even a fraction as much as I have to for that