The Truth, in Shuffle form

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I was tagged by @lostlastsforever756 — thanks, girl!

New York State of Mind - Billy Joel
Fuck You — CeeLo Green
She Said She Said - Beatles
Baby You’re a Rich Man - Beatles
We’re #1 - The World Record
Yankee Rose - David Lee Roth
Tell That Girl to Shut Up - Transvision Vamp
Opera Singer - Cake
Hands Off … She’s Mine - English Beat
Isla de Encanta - Pixies

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anonymous asked:

If your OCs were in like a supernatural AU (think werewolves, vampires, whatever other creatures) what would they be?

onnie - robot/cyborg
spessartine - ghost
raech - hmm fairy ?
anubias - druid or mermaid
isla - ghost
sam - fairy
tendril - druid maybe
sherabiah - siren or demon


A virtual tour of an apartment in Versailles, the complex where Elliot Rodger lived with his mother and sister. The description of the video notes it is in Woodland Hills near the Calabasas Commons. Elliot made mention of this location in “My Twisted World.”

Parents: what do you want for your birthday?

Me: books

Parents: anything else?

Me: books

Parents: something other than books

Me: novels.