American recipes are like
  • 2 tablespoons of spice you have never heard of
  • 1 can of a food that does not come in a can in your country, wtf America why is everything in cans??
  • 1 stalk pf something that has a totally different name where you are from and you have to google what it is
  • 2 ounces of this liquid … what the fuck is an ounce??
  • Preheat oven to some temperature that sounds like it is as hot as the sun
  • Turn on a broiler. Find out what a broiler is. 
  • 2 pounds, dammit where is my calculator, of this product that seems to be plentiful in America but non existence in your country. Google how to get it on some shady black market.
  • Give up and wonder what the hell America even is. 
call out post for the carry on fandom

a few things that ive noticed have really started to piss me off and thats that

1) indian =/= black. penny bunce is indian. please stop erasing south asian representation when its scarce enough as is

2) egyptian = black. yes, i get that rainbow rowell wrote baz as being pale but shes a white woman. of course shes going to be ignorant of the fact that despite baz being a vampire and not having blood to give him color, skin color is determined by melanin. which means baz should be darker.

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