*is so tired herself*

just saying if you believe

• ppl can use the lesbian label as a joke
• ppl can use the lesbian label when they are willingly and happily in a relationship w men/can happily be in a relationship w men
• the lesbian label means anything other than the exclusive interest btwn women and women aligned ppl to other women and women aligned people

ur a lesbophobe and Stay The Fuck Away From Me

I know everyone is excited about the new Breath of the Wild trailer, and I am too, but…

Is it too much to ask that Zelda not be constantly hurt and crying? Is it too much to ask that we don’t walk in on her bathing? Is it too much to ask that she be able to save herself?

no offense but straight girls are fucking exhausting and i dont mean that in the “i keep getting crushes on them” way i mean it in the they keep fetishizing/romanticizing m/m relationships while finding every flaw imaginable in f/f relationships to call them toxic and manipulative while hiding behind their m/m ships to pretend they’re not homophobic and i’m so fucking tired i’m so so tired that men can get away with literal murder but if a woman makes one mistake she’s suddenly satan herself and i’m just so so so tired

I’m tired of “coming out” romances, can we just have a gay romance where both people are already out and it’s less about the gay and more about the people?
Also, I’d like to see some coming out stories that don’t involve love interests, just like, soul searching and better understanding oneself without necessarily having someone to be doing it /for/

Daddy Kink Series: Jung Hoseok

Park Jimin  Kim Namjoon  Kim Taehyung  Min Yoongi  Jeon Jungkook  Kim Seokjin

Hyun-ju scooted in closer to Hoseok as her finger swiped down rapidly on the story she was reading. Her heart thumped against her chest in hard, spaced out beats. She nibbled on her bottom lip as she rubbed her legs together. 

Hoseok had one arm around her and the other on his own phone. Normally they’d be giggling, play fighting or something fun. However he was exhausted from the concert they had a few hours earlier and just wanted a silent cuddle with his girlfriend. 

As Hyun-ju read progressively, she felt the warmth around her grow. She would never admit or address what she was reading, because she knew she’d never hear the end of it from Hoseok. Hyun-ju had a secret daddy kink, and thrived for any written material she found online. Pornography wasn’t really her thing, and she would never have an opportunity to watch it when she was in the mood. 

Since Hoseok was so tired, Hyun-ju decided to let herself get all worked up and excuse herself to use the bathroom and relieve herself. She tried her best to not be obvious that she was beyond horny, since Hoseok could always tell. Hyun-ju practically fought back tears because she was so ready to hurry up and cum.

As always, curiosity got to Hoseok. He felt Hyun-ju wiggling around and his eyes hovered over her screen. As he read, he slowly understood why she wasn’t initiating sex. The poor girl was barely comfortable enough to ask for blindfolds during sex. 

At that moment, Hoseok decided to play a game. He flipped over on his side and placed his arm around her waist, pulled her tight against him. “Can daddy take care of you?” Hoseok mumbled into her ear, rubbing her thigh. 

Hyun-ju’s whole body froze, her breath left her body. “What are you talking about?” From instinct, she instantly closed her phone and put it down.

“Baby, you’re a terrible liar and I can see your phone.” Hoseok’s lips nipped at her neck, his hands roaming further and further down. His fingers lightly grazed over her clothed center over her shorts, earning a small moan from her. “Call me daddy, baby.“ 

Closing her eyes, she tried her best to fixate her focus on his touch. Hyun-ju tried to grind against his fingers as best as she could, but the two layers were too thick to relieve herself. "Daddy..”

That simple, five lettered word make a big impact on Hoseok. He groaned and sucked down on her neck, pressing roughly against her clothed clit. He didn’t think he’d ever get off to being called daddy, but he could already feel his cock hardening against her ass. 

A sudden detachment made Hyun-ju look up. She saw Hoseok stripping vigorously, obviously ready to get down to business. Catching on, she started practically tearing off her clothes as she felt her excitement getting the best of her. 

Hoseok waited till her thong was thrown to the side before he pounced on her. His hands gripped her thighs, pushing them open as his tongue slicked over her lips, a low groan escaping his. As if it was instinct, his fingers pushed into her center as he rested his head in her neck. “Say it." 

Hyun-ju’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as Hoseok started finger fucking her. "D-daddy.” Her fingers laced into his hair, tugging at it as if it was her lifeline. That only made his fingers thrust into her faster, making her closer to cumming. “Daddy, I’m gonna cum." 

Hoseok immediately pulled back, looking at her. "I want to save that for me, baby girl.” He smirked as he sat back, taking a deep breath as he looked down at Hyun-ju. Gripping his cock, he pumped it a couple times as he readied himself. “What do you want daddy to do?" 

Sitting up to lean against the pillows better, Hyun-ju smirked to herself. "I think you know.” Keeping her legs together, she fought back the need to go ahead and pounce on him. 

Clicking his tongue, Hoseok shook his head. “Are you trying to be a bad girl? Daddy doesn’t like that.” In one second he had her legs spread wide open for him, the tip of his dick pressing against her clit. “I’m going to ask you again. What do you want daddy to do?” His teeth lightly pulled at her ear lobe, his hot breath sending chills down her spine. 

“I want daddy to fuck me.” Hyun-ju bit her lip and braced herself, closing her eyes as she waited. About ten seconds had passed before her eyes slowly opened to see Hoseok smirking at her.

“You’re really kinky aren’t you? Fine by me.” His hands grabbed onto her thighs as he slammed his dick into her, making her yelp in pleasure. Licking his lips, he shifted her down slightly before lifting one of her legs above his shoulder, helping him slip deeper into her. 

Hyun-ju’s eyes rolled in the back of her head as Hoseok fucked her deeper and deeper. Her slender fingers clutched onto the bedsheets above her, already a moaning mess. She couldn’t help but be so turned on, her secret fantasies becoming true.

Grunts above Hyun-ju suggested Hoseok was just as turned on as she was. His grip on her thighs tightened ever so slightly every time his dick was fully in her. “Say it again, baby.” His eyes lazily looked at her as he fucked her, watching her breasts bounce by the force. 

“Daddy.” She moaned out his new name, feeling her insides clench around him. The sudden hard flick of his hips told her he loved it just as much. Taking a shaky breath, she decided to push him a little further. “Y-you feel so good, daddy." 

Hoseok couldn’t take it anymore. He dropped her leg and leaned down, his hands grabbing her ass to lift her up as he fucked her the fastest he could. His lips left dark purple marks all over her neck as he felt himself pulsing with need to cum. 

"Daddy I’m-” Her dripping cunt already started cumming before she could finish her sentence. Hyun-ju screamed as her body completely arched in ecstasy, her legs wrapping around Hoseok. 

“Hyun-ju..” Hoseok moaned in her neck as her throbbing insides made him cum right after her. He stayed buried deep inside of her as they both caught their breath, a film of sweat chilling them. 

Hyun-ju moved Hoseok’s sweaty hair from his eyes as she kissed his forehead. “Thank you, daddy." 

Smiling meekly, Hoseok nodded. "Let’s do that again.”

((This took so long omfg late Hoseok birthday present af but Jimin is next 👍))

That ending was a lie. Here’s what really happened. (Penny Dreadful AU, post-finale, Vanessa x Ethan, ~2000 words.)

Vanessa is tired.

Darkness pulls at her; an ever-present caress, promising warmth, and safety, and love. It is a lie. She knows this now. She has always known it. But in those lonely nights, when she lay alone, forsaken, forgotten, the lie was her only companion. Her only friend. Her only love.

She is surrounded by candles, but still, the darkness perseveres. It is in her very bones, a heavy thing, and she is tired, so tired.

Giving herself into Dracula’s arms has brought a reprieve, a peace of sorts. But that, too, is a lie.

Ethan is a sudden storm in the calm, a splash of bright red in the dark, an angry gash in porcelain skin. His roughness is out of place here, in this place of soft light and candles and calm. It hurts to look at him. He is fierce, and desperate, and hopeless. He is honest, and she is surrounded by lies.

She can see it in his eyes when she asks him to pull the trigger, the echo of that night not too long ago, when he held a gun to her head and she prayed that he would end it.

“No,” he says, just like she knew he would.

Once, she would have been above begging. But she is tired, and she cannot hold back her tears, and she cannot look at him for much longer. “Please. Ethan. Let it end.”

She reaches for the gun, and she guides his hand around it, her eyes never leaving his.

His fingers curl around the handle. The metal presses against her stomach.

And then he tosses it aside.

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andwith-crooked-audacity  asked:

crooked, audacity, velvet, ocean, succumb I want this one done Terza Rima please, keep pushing yourself, wordsmiths are a dying breed.

Dreams of a velvet ocean deep within
As real life zig-zags and pulls her under.
Overbooked life she’s been spread much too thin.

Commitments are her own fault, life a blur.
Crooked time should return tangible gifts
In the type to satisfy love’s hunger.

She’ll punish herself again with what ifs.
So tired of running, heartache, and tears.
Whirling, she teeters on the edge of cliffs

When she realized she’d succumb to fears
She had the audacity of airspeed
Researching why do men stab her with spears.

Hell, why was it hard to let a man lead?
Well just a few times upon a dance floor
Those were friends she trusted and did concede.

Drowning her pain with word requests once more
Both feet twisted and tangled in seaweed
She knows she wants better than those before

Sea of chaos causes her pen to bleed

(This needs work, first Terza Rima. It’s not lyrical enough for me….critiques/suggestions welcome)


Sebastian loved his niece, he really did, but she had spent the entire night crying and both he and Ari had been unable to soothe her. So as soon as she had tired herself out he slipped out of the apartment, strapped his board to the top of his jeep, bearded both dogs into the back seat, and headed towards the only coffee shop he knew would be open at six in the morning. 

He groaned when he saw there was a line, but shoved his hands in the pockets of his sweats and resolved to wait it out for the caffeine he so desperately needed. His mood was lifted, when he recognized that the body in front of him belonged to someone he knew. “Hey! What are you doing here this early in the morning?” 

pepper was glad that she was back in new york after a ten hours flight from a meeting in europe. she didn’t mind travelling and spend such a time in a plane but home is home. that’s where she wants to stay the most. looking around as she got inside, she chuckled to herself. “where are everyone? so tired or dead after the valentine party?”

catchphrases for signs
  • aries: shut the fuck up
  • taurus: shut the fuck up
  • gemini: shut the fuck up
  • cancer: shut the fuck up
  • leo: shut the fuck up
  • virgo: shut the fuck up
  • libra: shut the fuck up
  • scorpio: shut the fuck up
  • sagittarius: shut the fuck up
  • capricorn: shut the fuck up
  • aquarius: shut the fuck up
  • pisces: shut the fuck up
Back To Basics Pt.7 | Rucas Fanfic (AU)

Riley Matthews lived in NY for the majority of her childhood. That is up until 6th grade when her father was offered a job in sunny California, which he accepted. Riley was forced to leave behind everything she knew, her school, her teachers and her small group of best friends. Fast forward 5 years where Riley and her family decide it’s time to move back home. Now a junior in high-school Riley has to figure out where she belongs after being gone for so long.

Chapter 1 [X]
Chapter 2 [X]
Chapter 3 [X]
Chapter 4 [
Chapter 5 [X]
Chapter 6 [X]

Chapter 7 - “Redo”

After being confronted by a ghost from her past, Riley decided the best thing for her to do was confide in her best friend. She was tired of holding these secrets inside so she promised herself she would tell her everything. She ran straight to Maya’s house and caught her just as she was heading out the door. She grabbed hold of her best friend, trying to catch her breath. Her feet ached, her legs were wobbly, and she slipped outside on the icy ground a few times, so her pants were wet and her hands were scraped but she didn’t care. She felt like she was going to implode.

“Maya! Maya I need to talk to you. Bay window right now!” She charged inside her friend’s house, heading directly for her bedroom.

Maya was startled, “I don’t have a bay win– Riley? Riley!” She ran after her.

“What the hell is going on?” She asked, watching her pace back and forth.

“There’s so much I haven’t told you.” Riley breathed, her eyes filling with tears.

“Okay…” Maya sat down on her bed, “I’m listening.”

So Riley told her everything. She told her about Sam and how she fell hopelessly in love with him. She told her about how he would cheat on her and then switch the blame and say it was her fault for not being mature enough. She told her about how he had everyone fooled; that in public he would treat her like a princess but when no one else was around he was cold and acted like she was invisible. And then she told her about her anxiety, and how she’s been struggling with it for years.

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     ❝ Geez, I’m so tired right now She moaned, splaying herself over the baggy brown couch. Through the speakers of her laptop played a favorite song of hers,I should be organizing my shit right now, but I don’t wanna get up. I shouldn’t be so lazy, but damn.


CLOSED || Max & Isabelle


Despite how much Isabelle had been raving about how the love for her child giving her all the energy in the world, the girl needed to sleep, and Max was starting to physically see it. While her friend was elated, she could tell she was exhausted. It took over an hour to convince Isabelle to go to bed, but once she was finally sleeping, Max tiptoed into her bedroom to snatch her baby monitor so it wouldn’t wake her.

Max was starting to get tired herself. It was past midnight, and she sat in the other room with Netflix and a glass of wine. Just as she was thinking about going to bed, she heard the soft whine through the baby monitor, waiting for a few moments to get up. And sure enough, the whine turned into full-blown crying. But Max was happy to help. Isabelle wasn’t the only one high off of Colt’s arrival. 

“Someone’s being a crab,” she said softly as she walked into the room and approached the crib with a grin, carefully lifting Colt out of it and lying him against her shoulder. “What’s up, handsome? Bad dream?” Lightly bouncing her way to the rocking chair, Max sat down with the baby and slowly rocked as she started to softly sing ‘blackbird’ by The Beatles, trying to get him back to sleep before Isabelle’s mom instincts woke her up.