*is it still monday

Tuesday's child needs a nap...

—I was actually born on a Monday (which explains so much), but I still need a nap.

—I didn’t sleep well last night. Between the heat coming on continuously (someone set the thermostat to 71. Wt actual F?!?), bad dreams, and Daisy getting up with a full bladder at 3 am, it was a lost cause. I forgot what my dreams were about before I could tell anyone. I just know they were bad.

—I was born the day…the music…died. Just 5 years later. Some of you will get that reference, and you’re probably old, too.

—Husband has a start date for his new position. I thought he’d be happy about that, but he doesn’t seem to be. *shrugs* Guess I’ll be doing that happy dance for the both of us. Again.

—Daughter has a great field trip tomorrow–she’s off to NY to see the New York Pops. The downside is she has to be at school an hour early to catch the trip bus. Still don’t know who is driving her in–I offered to flip a coin with husband to see who would do it, but he grumbled something incomprehensible and walked away. That’s volunteering in my book. Am I right??

Hope you’ve had a lovely Tuesday, tumblrs!! Almost to the hump….;)))


@natvanlis: Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and tell the twelve-year-old girl that got shoved into lockers what her life is like now.

Paper Airplanes for Girl Meets World

Portuguese (summary only)

The Basics:

Make three paper airplanes, each one small enough to fit in an envelope.

Send one to Hulu and one to Netflix requesting that they acquire Girl Meets World and produce new episodes. Then send one more to Disney Channel asking them to please sell the rights if someone offers.

Decorate the outside of the airplane and write your message inside. Be as creative or as bare bones as you like, and remember: there is nothing wrong with a simple airplane made out of notebook paper.

Mail your airplanes on the Monday after the finale, January 23, or at any point that week. The aim is to have most of our planes “land” at Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Channel the Friday after the finale or around then. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t ready on Monday January 23rd, because you can still mail in your airplanes the next day, or even the day after that…but let’s all aim to mail them on the 23rd. To fans outside the U.S.A.: if your post takes a while to reach California, please feel free to put your airplanes in the mail early.

If you can only afford to send one or two airplanes, that’s okay too! Just choose between Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Channel. Please don’t feel like you can’t participate at all just because you can’t do all three.

Before we mail them in, share your airplanes and the messages inside on social media using #planes4gmw. If you’re on Instagram/Twitter, tag @planes4gmw in the photo! And don’t forget to follow this Tumblr for updates. Follow the campaign on Twitter and Instagram too! 

2500 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90404

100 Winchester Cir.
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Disney Channel
Attn: Gary Marsh, President
3800 W. Alameda Ave
Suite 2151
Burbank, CA 91505

Check out this sample from twitter user @astral_tali (and then keep scrolling for more info!):

The Why:

It’s relatively easy to tweet, sign an online petition, write a comment, send an email, or even just make a phone call. While those actions are key, deploying an old-school tactic like this one takes the #SaveGMW campaign to the next level. Adding a physical component demonstrates just how dedicated and serious we are about trying to save our show. Some of the most successful “save our show” campaigns have integrated a physical component, like when thousands of Friday Night Lights fans sent lightbulbs to NBC.

We chose the paper airplanes idea (submitted by a no longer anonymous fan) because it’s simple, cheap, representative of both shows, and most importantly: easy for even the youngest Girl Meets World fans to participate in, which is important because while GMW has a big grown-up fanbase, young fans are the heart of it all. All you’ll need is some paper, three envelopes, and postage. (You may also need markers and crayons and stickers, depending on how artistic you want to be).

What to Say:

To all three companies:

  1. A sincere personal reason for why you love Girl Meets World so much you’re willing to fight for it.
  2. Your age and location.

To Netflix and Hulu:

  1. If you or your parents are already subscribers, let them know. If you’re not, tell them you’ll subscribe (or beg your parents to do so) if they save our show. 
  2. Talk about how Girl Meets World fits in with their business models and goals. If your whole family watches together, mention that. If you’re an international fan who isn’t able to watch live, mention that (particularly to Netflix). If you’re a cord cutter who watches the show the day after on Amazon/iTunes but not live, mention that. 

To Disney Channel:

  1. I know we’re all angry at them right now and a lot of us have probably made that known already, but be polite. If you don’t feel like you can be polite, maybe skip this one. 
  2. If you (or your parents) plan on unsubscribing from premium cable packages which include Disney Channel (or have already) due to the show’s cancellation, say so. If your family plans to stop watching the network due to GMW’s cancellation, say so, especially if you have family members in their primary demographic. 
  3. Appeal to their bottom line, aka their pocketbooks. Say that you understand Disney Channel has their reasons for the decision they made, but suggest that perhaps they can make some money they otherwise wouldn’t have off of selling the rights. Mention also that selling the rights so the show can continue elsewhere would garner goodwill towards their company.

How to Help Spread the Word:

  1. Use the hashtag #planes4gmw on social media. Reblog this post! Share the link to this post as well as the Twitter and Instagram: @planes4gmw. We will also attempt to get this campaign trending on social media during the finale as well as the day after. 
  2. If you can make graphics/digital fliers to promote the #planes4gmw campaign, please do so. If you can make printable decorated airplanes for others to print out, write on, and mail, do that! (And please send them in to be shared here). Any talent you can contribute is appreciated. 
  3. Share your planes and (if you choose) the messages inside on social media before mailing day! Use #planes4gmw, as well as the other campaign hashtags, and if you’re sharing on Instagram/Twitter tag @planes4gmw in the photo. 
  4. Tell your friends! Maybe even get together to make your airplanes. If you watch the show with your family, ask them to join you too. 
  5. If you are bilingual in English and something else, please translate this post or at least the most important parts of it, then send in the link so we can add it here.

Managing Expectations:

While we’re all hoping our combined efforts result in the rescue of Girl Meets World, there are no guarantees. However, we definitely have a shot here. More and more cancelled shows these days are getting second lives elsewhere. If Disney Channel is willing to play ball, we may have a real chance at seeing Girl Meets World grow up. It’s worth a try. 

It’s a long shot, but it’s still a shot. So don’t throw it away. Know that it’s good to fight for something you truly believe in, even if you might fail. Hope. Dream. Try. Do Good.

Let’s fly thousands of airplanes through this window of opportunity while it’s still open.

(For other actions you can take to save Girl Meets World, go to savegirlmeetsworld.com/act-now.)

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1.12.16 // How is it possible that it is the first day of the last month of this year??! (That was a mouthful.) I can’t even begin to wrap my head around how it’s possible 335 days have passed. 😮 Now that I’ve finished the semester, things have settled down, but only by a bit. I received my assessment marks back and I’m very happy with my performance (I got HDs in 2 of my 3 courses!), but I’m nervously awaiting the release of Exam results which come out on the 15th. 😬

I’m still babysitting on Mondays and Tuesdays, but I’m also doing some volunteer work before Christmas so I’m keeping busy! It feels kinda nice, but I’m also pretty worn out. 😴 In other news, I really need to find some time to fit in some more reading. I’ve only read 44 books this year, which is nothing compared to my 70 last year, and I’m really hoping I can kick this slump soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to reach my (already reduced) goal of 60 books! 📚💕

  • Mashima: Yoo-hoo who wants to become canon
  • Gruvia: man fuck you
  • Gajevy: -_-
  • Zervis: no don't say anything
  • Zeref: Natsu I know I want you dead but not in this way
  • Natsu: gee thanks I feel so loved by Ed Elric 2.0
  • Natsu: but ya know I-
  • Mashima: cmon Natsu!!! Say it!
  • Natsu: can-
  • Jellal: I'm keeping my damn mouth shut foh
  • Erza: I was trained to slay. Not to be slain because Blueberry the Sinner wants to confess his love
  • Natsu: I would like-
  • Lucy: *bitch slaps him* SHUT UP
  • Mashima: why you gotta ruin the fun Lucy ;)

is this the first time isak has called even his boyfriend? or did he use that when he responded to the flurry of texts from the gc after his insta post, just fire off a quick “yah we’re boyfriends, i’m happy, he’s still here, leave me alone until monday”? did he and even talk about it? which of them asked the “so does this mean we’re boyfriends now” question? which of them caught his breath and said, “do you want to be?” which of them smiled and laughed, a lot exhilarated, a little shy, and said, “yeah. i’d like that”? how many times since have they called each other “boyfriend” or “man in my life” just casually, playfully, just bc they can?


Ah… Sunday…

It's only Monday and Friday still 4 days away…

Yeah, it’s barely Tuesday, so lemme back to sleep…

Wed: Why Friday ain’t coming yet?

And why today still Thursday???!!!!!!!

Hang in there, my heart… 

It’s FINALLY tonight!!! TGIF = Thank Goblin It’s Friday! 

  My Saturday morning:

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