I could hear KakaIru fans squealing thru this entire scene. :)

Especially when it paused on the next part for literally 4 full seconds:

Also, Kakashi is smooth AF

Kakashi: *notices Iruka is embarrassed about asking after Naruto*
Kakashi: *employs the good ol’ compliment-kabab*:
1. affirms it hasn’t been easy Naruto
2. connects struggle to good outcome
3. connects good outcome to Iruka’s prior influence

Iruka: *enjoys kakashi’s kabab*


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can you write a fluffy scenario about Kakashi and Iruka going on their first date? thanks, your blog gives me life!!<3

Iruka perched on the edge of his sofa, his hands clasped between his knees, and his feet tapping away nervously. For the third time that minute, he checked the clock that was ticking on the wall. Kakashi should have been here to pick him up around ten minutes ago, which meant he was probably going to show up soon.

Once again, Iruka looked down at his outfit; a neatly pressed white shirt matched with a deep red tie. He still didn’t know if he was overdressed or underdressed, but he hoped he had achieved a happy medium. Maybe he should lose the tie… No. He had deliberated over this outfit for hours already, and more worrying was not going to help.

Iruka felt Kakashi’s chakra signature before he heard the tap on the door, and leaped up from his seat. Anxiously, he paced back and forward for a few seconds.

“What am I doing?” he thought. “I have to answer the door!”

He rushed to the front door and swung it open to reveal his date. Kakashi was clothed in plain black trousers paired with a white shirt and black blazer. Iruka heaved a sigh of relief. He didn’t feel so insecure about his own outfit now.

“H-Hello,” Iruka smiled sweetly, and cursed himself mentally for stuttering. He wasn’t usually this nervous around the jonin – he was going to make a fool of himself, and Kakashi wouldn’t want another date with him. Iruka would have scolded him for being late if he wasn’t focusing so much on not passing out.

Iruka saw the taller man smile through his mask as he asked, “Shall we go?” and held his arm out. Iruka nodded and took his arm, trying not to squeak at how muscular it was. He would have guessed that Kakashi had some muscle, but not this much. He was rather taken aback.

The walk to the restaurant was filled with small talk that was polite but not awkward, and they reached their destination in no time.

When they entered the restaurant, Iruka took a minute to admire the place whilst Kakashi arranged the reservations. It wasn’t exactly an upper-class venue, but with Iruka’s chunin salary, he didn’t get to eat at places like this very often.

“Shit,” Kakashi muttered under his breath, bringing Iruka back to reality. He frowned; it was uncharacteristic for Kakashi to curse like this.

“Uh, Kakashi?” Iruka gained his attention. “Is everything alright?”

“No, not really,” Kakashi said, letting out a nervous laugh.

“What… What happened?” Iruka asked, unsettled and not really wanting to know.

“Well… you see, I… I forgot to make the reservations,” Kakashi said

“You… forgot to make the reservations,” Iruka repeated, dumbfounded.

“And they have no more room,” Kakashi stated.

“Ah. That would be a problem,” Iruka replied light-heartedly, trying not to let his disappointment slip into his voice. He had been looking forward to this date with Kakashi all week, and now that it was going to have to be rescheduled… well, that left Iruka feeling a little downhearted.

“We could go somewhere else,” Iruka suggested hopefully, hating for the night to end so early.

“Did you have somewhere in mind?” Kakashi asked, his voice hinting at curiosity.

“Well… It isn’t as fancy as this place,” Iruka said with an apologetic smile. “And we may be a little too dressed-up. But I don’t mind if you don’t.”

“Lead the way,” Kakashi returned the smile.

And so, Kakashi and Iruka spent their first date; eating ramen at Ichiraku ramen, donning formal outfits and not quite fitting in, but laughing and smiling together nonetheless.

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Can you do headcanons for Iruka taking his s/o's virginity?

Originally posted by swept

  • [If not marry] he will repeatedly ask “is it okay?” or “You know we can’t change the past right?” or “Are you sure? 100% positive?” He wants to guide you through the right path and make sure you don’t regret your decision.
  • [If marry] he’ll be very sympathetic/considerate. If you don’t want sex now, he can wait as long you want. He’s in no time to rush.
  • He’ll make sure to prep you. Occasionally, he’ll ask questions during any positions, “tell me if it hurts.” His number priority is to make sure you’ll live and nothing hurts.
  • He’ll assure you that any pain when he enter your body will disappear. You just need to get use to it. If it continues to hurt (assuming you’ll tell him), he’ll stop immediately and try again.
  • compliments every minute or so. 
  • He’ll do most of the action. So sit / lay back and enjoy as he worship your imperfect body.