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It is ridiculous how "acknowledging Naruto" has become some sort of currency in the series. Characters are rated by how "first" they were to see Naruto as someone special. It is so very important how close they stand to him in the picture when he recalls all his bonds. If a person noticed him earlier, then he is better\more influential\more important. If a character has to be elevated, he is given a scene of how he was there even earlier in Naruto’s past. (1\3)

It all started with Iruka being first and only. When it was time to introduce K11, Kishi showed how Shikamaru and Kiba pranked and skipped classes with Naruto. When time for SNS drama came we started seeing scenes with little Naruto and Sasuke competing and noticing each other. Kishi made a big emphasis on how Jiraya was actually there for Naruto before he was born, something like a grandpa, though the dude just vanished afterwards. And well now that NH has to bullshit its way into the manga(2\3

they did it by creating a childhood scene. I understand that Naruto is mc, but this is ridiculous. His past can’t stretch wide enough to include all those characters who have to be elevated without losing “I was so lonely” vibe. And the list of “first bonds” just changes according to current drama needs and causes arguments in the fandom of who was the ACTUAL first and important one. But the whole “first=better” is generally wrong. (3\3)

Also, NS used to write big meta about Sakura acknowledging Naruto was a monumental character for her. I’m just like it’s bound to happen at some point, this series is about naruto collecting acknowledgement for himself. 

You’re right, the fandom have turned this into a competition about who gave naruto acknowledgment first. Why’re you folks so desperate to see your fav become a naruto stan? 

I agree being first doesn’t equate to being better or more important. It’s equally likely people you meet later in life can provide more fulfilling relationship. Who cares who’s there first??

I’d also like to add Kishimoto has turned “acknowledgment” into sorta a equivalent of love in this series. But admiration isn’t love. I can understand why Kishimoto would confuse the two, his hunger for validation from others is far more intense than other kinda emotional attachment he has with people, so he thinks this is “bond” and love.

This fandom have written some really long and often bogus meta about ships and “healthy” relationship, but I’ve yet to seen a serious meta about how problematic is the idea that you have to acknowledge a person in order to be precious to them. You can literally shut down NH’s argument by saying admiration isn’t love, but most of the shippers can’t do that cos Kishimoto’s stupid idea about acknowledgement and love is found in every ship involving naruto. 

Can we have a round of applause for Old Man Teuchi from Ichiraku? The ramen chef not only fed Naruto when he was starving as a child but has overheard numerous top-secret conversations without being a snitch


Top 10 Naruto Most Popular Characters: 1. Kakahi Hatake; 2. Naruto Uzumaki; 3. Sasuke Uchiha; 4. Iruka Umino; 5. Shikamaru Nara; 6. Gaara; 7. Sakura Haruno; 8. Itachi Uchiha; 9. Neji Hyuuga; 10. Rock Lee

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