me: all the akatsuki are dead now. Why should I care about Naruto anymore?

Naruto season 21: Want to see Orochimaru being followed around by Yamato in a barrel? How about Gaara in a sunhat in a field of flowers? How about your boy Rock Lee getting super excited about gifting Naruto and Hinata dumbbells for their wedding?

Me: I dunno… that’s all fun and all but–



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I could not be more disappointed in the ending!! The whole series was Naruto trying to save his best friend and then Sasuke gets like 5 seconds of screen time in the VERY LAST EPISODE OF NARUTO??? How the fuck does that make sense? I'm so confused as to why Iruka and Hinata (the most boring and irrelevant characters) got the most screen time. Their was no interactions with team 7 even though this whole thing started with them! Forever pissed and let down for making this the hinata show smfh!

Iruka is important in Naruto’s life so it’s alright but just like you anon I am disappointed that Team Seven did not get the spotlight I was hoping for. It is a great injustice to the plot as well as the characters.

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LMAO, Iruka screamed at Naruto for neglecting Hinata a few days before their wedding in the last episode. That's couple goals right there, abandoning your soon to be wife to go visit your teacher.

Everyone knows he neglects her. He doesn’t love her lol. It says a lot that he spends time with her and the kids via shadow clones, but was willing to give up his family and his hokage duties to go and travel with Sasuke.

Idk if it’s just me but for the length of time Naruto has not seen Iruka, to see them with tension in the last episode when all Naruto wanted to do was talk about Iruka attending the ceremony as his father, felt off to me. It shouldve been more carefree and light hearted as opposed to the way Naruto ultimately let out his request. Maybe it’s just me but I wanted good vibes for that.