Tam Bir Başyapıt Olan 72 Film Önerisi

1- The Shawshank Redemption - Esaretin Bedeli(1994)

2- The Intouchables - Can Dostum(2011)

3- Black(2005)


5- Mr. Nobody - Bay Hiçkimse(2009)

6- Forrest Gump(1994)

7-Saving Private Ryan - Saving Private Ryan(1998)

8-The Green Mile - Yeşil Yol(1999)

9- 3 idiots - 3 Aptal(2009)

10- Pi (1998)

11- Fight Club - Dövüş Kulübü(1999)

12- Leon: The Professional - Sevginin Gücü(1994)

13-Shutter Island - Zindan Adası (2010)

14- Life of Pi, Pi'nin Yaşamı(2012)

15- Catch Me If You Can - Sıkıysa Yakala(2002)

16-Barfi: Aşkın Dile İhtiyacı Yoktur(2012)

17-A Beautiful Mind - Akıl Oyunları(2001)

18 - My Name Is Khan - Benim Adım Khan(2010)

19-Taare Zameen Par - Her Çocuk Özeldir(2007)

20- Schindler’s List - Schindler'in Listesi(1993)

21- The Godfather - Baba (1972)

22- Pulp Fiction - Ucuz Roman(1994)

23- The Notebook - Not Defteri(2004)

24- Big Fish - Büyük Balık(2003)

25 - Stock And Two Smoking Barrels - Ateşten Kalbe, Akıldan DumanaLock(1998)

26- Trainspotting(1996)

27- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Sil Baştan(2004)

28 - Good Will Hunting - Can Dostum(1997)

29- Django Unchained - Zincirsiz(2012)

30- Inglourious Basterds - Soysuzlar Çetesi(2009)

31- Oldboy - İhtiyar Delikanlı(2009)

32- Se7en - Yedi(1995)

33- Pride & Prejudice - Aşk ve Gurur(2005)

34- Scent of a Woman - Kadın Kokusu(1992)

35-Requiem For A Dream - Bir Rüya İçin Ağıt(2000)

36- Kal Ho Naa Ho(2003)

37- Sin City - Günah Şehri(2005)

38- Snatch - Kapışma(2000)

39- 12 Angry Men - 12 Kızgın Adam(1957)

40- Silver Linings Playbook - Umut Işığım(2012)

41- Hannibal(2001)

42- The Pursuit of Happyness - Umudunu Kaybetme(2007)

43- Rang De Basanti- Onu Sarıya Boya(2006)

44- American History X - Geçmişin Gölgesinde(1998)

45- Das Boot(1982)

46- Do Your Thing - Dil Chahta Hai(2001)

47- Blue Is the Warmest Color - La vie d'Adèle - Mavi En Sıcak Renktir(2013)

48- Despicable Me - Çılgın Hırsız (2010)

49- The Butterfly Effect - Kelebek Etkisi(2004)

50- Donnie Darko - Karanlık Yolculuk(2001)

51- Rain Man - Yağmur Adam(1998)

52- Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi- Sende Rabbimi Gördüm(2008)

53- Incendies - İçimdeki Yangın(2010)

54- Truman Show(1998)

55- The Usual Suspects - Olağan Şüpheciler(1995)

56- Perfume: The Story of a Murderer - Koku: Bir Katilin Hikayesi(2007)

57- Ted - Ayı Teddy(2012)

58- Dead Poets Society - Ölü Ozanlar Derneği(1989)

59- Shame - Utanç(2011)

60- Downfall - Çöküş(2004)

61- The Man from Earth - Dünyalı(2007)

62- My Sassy Girl - Hırçın Sevgilim(2001)

63 - Warrior - Savaşcı(2011)

64- Green Street Hooligans - Yeşil Sokak Holiganları(2005)

65- Reservoir Dogs - Rezervuar Köpekleri(1992)

66- Life Is Beautiful - Hayat Güzeldir(1997)

67 - A Separation - Bir Ayrılık (2011)

68 - Up - Yukarı Bak(2009)

69- Apocalypto - Apokalipto(2007)

70- Edward Scissorhands - Edward Makaseller(1990)

71- Love Actually - Aşk Her Yerde(2003)

72- Cinderella Man(2005)

List of French Movies for you French Learners !

Okay so one of my tumblr friend asked me what french movie she could watch, so I wanted to make a list for her, there might be some missing, feel free to add some you like ! :) Here we go:

(French Name/American name)

Funny Comedies :

  • Intouchables / The Intouchables
  • L’Arnacoeur / Heartbreaker
  • Les Infidèles / Les Infidèles
  • Astérix et Obélix: mission Cléopâtre / Asterix and Obelix: MIssion Cleopatra
  • Le Prénom / What’s in a name?
  • Les Visiteurs / Les Visiteurs
  • Les Gendarmes à St. Tropez / The Troops of St.Tropez (and all the following movies)
  • Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au bon dieu? / Serial (Bad) Weddings
  • OSS 117: Le Caire, Nid D’espions / OSS 117: Cairo, Nest Of Spies
  • OSS 117: Rio ne répond plus / OSS 117: Lost in Rio
  • RRRrrrr!!! / RRRrrr!!!!
  • La Cité De La Peur / La Cité De La Peur
  • Didier / Didier
  • Le Dîner de Cons /  The Diner Game
  • Un Indien dans la ville / An Indian in the City
  • Les Gamins / Les Gamins
  • Lol (Laughing Out Loud) / Lol (Laughing Out Loud) (the original french version not the crappy remake with Miley Cyrus)
  • Hors de Prix / Priceless
  • Populaire /Populaire
  • Bienvenue chez les ch’tis / Welcome to the Sticks

Less Funny Comedies, Romantic Comedies and Tragedies :

  • La famille Bélier / The Béliers Family 
  • Le Premier Jour du Reste de Ta Vie / The First Day of the Rest of Your Life
  • La Vie d’Adèle / Blue is the Warmest Colour
  • La Môme / La Vie En Rose
  • Persepolis / Persepolis
  • La Pianiste / The Piano Teacher
  • Paris / Paris (2008 Film)
  • The Artist / The Artist
  • Le Péril Jeune / Le Péril Jeune
  • L’Auberge Espagnol / The Spanish Apartment
  • Les Poupées Russes / The Russian Dolls
  •  Chinese Puzzles / Casses-Têtes Chinois (those last three are following)
  • Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain / Amélie
  • Les Petits Mouchoirs / Les Petits Mouchoirs 
  • La Rafle / La Rafle
  • Les Choristes / The Chorus
  • L’Emprise 

Action Movies, Thriller and Horror Movies :

  • La French / The Connection
  • Wasabi / Wasabi
  • Taxi / Taxi (Taxi 1,2, 3 and 4)
  • Banlieu 13 / District 13
  • La Horde / The Horde
  • Möbius / Möbius
  • Mesrine Part 1 and 2 / Mesrine Part 1 and 2
  • À bouts portant / Point Blank
  • Les Lyonnais / Les Lyonnais
  • L’immortel /22 Bullets
  • Les Ripoux / My New Partner 
  • And of course all of Luc Besson’s who are not in french but are from a french director

That’s all that comes to my mind, again, feel free to add french movies that you love and spread the knowledge ;)


The foreign-language films best must see :

1 . Life is Beautiful ( 1998 )
2 . The Lives Of The Others ( 2006 )
3 . The Intouchables (2011)
4 .  Amélie (2001)
5 .  (1963) 
6 .  The Sea Inside (2004)
7 .  Raise the Red Lantern (1991)
8 .  To Live (1994)
9 .  La Dolce Vita (1960)
10 . Good Bye Lenin ( 2003 )
11 .  Everything Is Illuminated (2005


tfc characters as things my teachers have done

dan: making a kid who forgot to do his homework run a lap inside the school

kevin: pouring alcohol into a cup of coffee in front of the entire class

andrew: calling a student “little fucker”, attempting to banish him (didn’t work)

matt: handing out candy every single week for a year

aaron: allowing all students to skip class because we were being annoying

allison: having an outfit so color coordinated that even her name matches

nicky: watching les intouchables literally 5 times in one year. that’s about 20 lessons dedicated to watching the same movie.

renee: compulsory cake day once a week, where one student brings cake for the rest and everyone has cake

neil: turning up 10 minutes late for every lesson for 3 years straight

jeremy: making every ‘o’ a smiley

jean: speaking another language for 3 weeks without the students knowing that they also speak the students’ native language

riko: resembling a rat

anonymous asked:

Do you have a really good pic of jun, that I can show my friend bc she keeps asking about him because shes basically in love with his voice in highlight. So I want to show a picture of him but I cant find a good pic that really captures his beauty HAH

Here are some of our favourite pics, enjoy!

Alternatively watch the entirety of this video of Intouchable: Junhui cut with your friend.

himyhairisonfire  asked:

hEYY I'm trying to learn French. Could you recommend me some movies or TV shows in French? As long as is not too cheesy I don't mind the genre. Thank you in advance~

Oh god, i’m not the best person to call for movie, since I barely watch tv/show/series/movies, etc…


Le petit Nicolas
La valse d’Amélie Poulain
Bienvenue chez les Ch’tits
Les Choristes
La Famille Bélier (<- This one is about sign language. It’s tearful, but good.)
Astérix mission cléopâtre. (A classique)


Kirikou et la sorcière (A classique)
Ernest et Célestine (This one is adorable.)


Un Gars Une Fille
Bref. (You can find it on Youtube)

But yeah.. French side of Tumblr, can you add something and tag @himyhairisonfire ? It would be awesome for her! Keep in mind that she’s learning French :’D


Favourite French Movies/Songs

For French learners who want to immerse themselves in the language

This is a collection of what’s on my French music playlist and a few of my favourite French movies. There’s a wide variety so hopefully you’ll find something that you like too!


(Hip Hop/House/Electronic) Stromae  –  Alors on Danse  –  Ave Cesaria  – Papaoutai 

(Pop) Louane –  Avenir (Radio Edit)

(Pop) Maître Gims   – Est-ce que tu m’aimes

(Reggae/R&B)  Keen’v   – Rien qu’une fois

(R&B/Rap) La Fouine ft. Zaho –  Ma Meilleure

(Rap) Bigflo & Oli –  Aujourd’hui  

(Pop) Kids United –  On écrit sur les murs

(Pop) Magic System – Magic In The Air (There’s French lyrics despite the title)

Honorable Mentions:

(Rap) MZ– Les princes ft. Nekfeu 

(Dance-pop) Kendji Girac  – Andalouse 


Nous trois ou rien (2015)

If you only watch one of the films on this list, please watch this one. It’s the most recent one that I’ve seen but I can’t even describe how much I love this movie. Best French movie I’ve ever watched.

Le Premier Jour du reste de ta vie (2008)

Really nice movie about a French family.

Les Intouchables (2011)

This movie is so popular and well known but it’s great and definitely not overrated. Most French learners have probably seen it, but if you haven’t I would highly recommend it.

 La Haine (1995)

This is an older film compared to the others on this list but it’s a classic. It is a lot darker than the other movies, though, so if you’re into more light hearted/comedic films then then skip this one.

Sorry that this list is so short but here is a great masterpost with a lot more movie suggestions

Gif Credits: Louane - Stromae 

Elle était adorable tu sais. Elle était discrète, presque transparente, tout le monde parlait, et elle les écoutait, elle semblait rêver. Elle était à l'écoute, elle donnait quelques conseils, toujours des encouragements, pourtant ses conseils étaient banales, évidents, mais dans sa bouche ça semblait pouvoir tout surmonter. Et puis elle avait cette manière de faire des choses banales, des véritables exploits. C'est vrai, quand quelqu'un racontait une action dont il était fier, cette gamine allait en faire des tonnes, le rendre roi, le mettre sur un piédestal comme s'il avait réaliser un exploit. Elle etait émerveillée de tout cette nana. C'était une passionnée. Elle a compris qu'avant de parler il fallait écouter. Qu'il suffisait d'être attentif pour comprendre se que le monde peut nous apporter. Elle paraît joyeuse décrite comme ça n'est ce pas? Mais parfois, d'un coup, d'un seul, ses demons la rejoignaient. C'était imprévisible, il suffisait d'un coup de vent et son monde basculait. Elle devenait froide, insociable, intouchable. Une vraie poupée glacée. Et un jour, ses pensées noires ont tué la passionnée. Elle était morte de l'intérieur. Elle était tourmentée, comme flippée. Elle qui rêvais de faire les 400 coups, elle n'osais plus bouger. Jte dis, elle était complètement éteinte. Elle a essayé d'être heureuse tu sais. Mais c'était comme essayer d'allumer de la neige. Oui voilà, elle essayait de rallumer son coeur, et au lieu de se rallumer, il fondait, et un jour, il ne restait plus rien. Tout le monde l'avait senti , c'était la fin. Et elle est partit, ses tourments ont eu raison d'elle. Elle était adorable tu sais, mais la vie l'a achevée, éteinte, tuée.

anonymous asked:

Hello Marion, my first language is English but I am fluent/ nearly bilingual in French. As a French speaker, I'm curious to know if you could recommend any French podcasts, music, blogs or websites? I am looking to improve my grammar and would love to have access to interesting content en francais. Merci!

Hey !!
All I can recommend is music and movies to be honest !


  • Intouchables - funny and sad but mostly funny !
  • Je vais bien ne t’en fais pas - sad
  • Les Choristes
  • Les Misérables
  • Le premier jour du reste de ta vie - sad
  • Léon - beautiful and sad
  • Le cinquième élément - good movie
  • Ne le dis à personne - sad
  • Prête moi ta main (hihihihihi)
  • Le dîner de cons - funny
  • Les visiteurs - funny too
  • Tais-toi - hahahah
  • Les trois frères and “le pari” - love  hahaha
  • Le père Noël est une ordure - a classic hehe
  • Les bronzés font du ski - another classic hihihihi
  • Nos 18 ans - funny
  • Persepolis - Not technically a movie but really good
  • Astérix et Obélix Mission Cléopatre - il est bizarre ce sol il est pas palpable
  • Tellement proches -funny
  • Ma vie en l’air
  • La doublure
  • L’arnacoeur
  • TANGUY - super fun I need to watch it again

TV Shows  :

  • My favorite french tv show : Fais pas ci fais pas ça
  • Bref -super good
  • Very bad blagues / Le Palmashow <33
  • Clara Sheller
  • Kaamelott
  • Un gars, une fille
  • Avez-vous déjà vu…?
  • Scènes de ménages