A grammar point that expresses that the action or situation in the second part of the sentence comes about after the action in the first part occurs. Thus it differs from ~고 whose use is not indicative of sequential order. 

You typically can’t use movement verbs before this grammar point (e.g 가다, 일어나다, 내리다, 앉다 etc.), instead which such action verbs you should use 어/아/여서 instead. 

In addition you cannot use ~으세요, ~읍시다 or ~겠어요 and ~을 거예요 (if you want to talk about future events you can use ~을까 하다 or 기로 하다). 

손을 씻고서 밥을 먹었어요.

저녁을 먹고서 숙제를 할게요. 

그 약을 먹고서 감기가 다 나았다. 

세수를 하고서 학교 갈 준비를 해요. 

회원이 아니면 회원 가입을 하고서 로그인하세요. 

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If you do transcripts for a living do you use stenography in your work?

Not really. I use a transcribing software called Express Scribe, which allows you to have hotkeys (tab=play, for instance). When I’m typing the transcript Word, I can stop, play, and rewind with the hotkeys without having to switch between programs. 

I also use automatic corrections on Word so that I don’t have to type out long words every time (int = international, et.c). Other than that, I just type everything as I go along. I’m a pretty fast typist. The WTNV files are ideal, because the pace of Cecil’s reading is so calm, I don’t have to stop or rewind much. I can just type as he talks. 

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JP's newest int:"Organic ways to see familiar Faces. Hopefully by the end of the season,we will have visited a handful of them." "A thousand percent that some mystic falls favorites will show up in NOLA. My goal is to find really exciting and ORGANIC ways to combine the universes." "Final Episode will have some time shifting. So i'm not worried about being inhibited from seeing OGs again in TVD." "You can tear a couple violently" "you can bring a couple forever." okay hop on klaroline's endgame


Hur går man vidare från något som gör så ont? Den frågan ställer jag mig varje dag, jag kan älta samma sak i huvudet om och om igen. Jag får ont i magen och vaknar av panikattacker på nätterna. Jag visar mig stark utåt men jag är så sjukt jävla svag, det gör så ont i mig och jag trodde inte att jag skulle bli sviken. Inte av dig. Men nu står jag här och funderar på hur man ska ta sig igenom varje dag utan att rasa samman. Det är förjävligt och ännu mer förjävligt att du inte förstår de fel som du gjort, ännu en gång känner jag mig lurad och det ska aldrig mer få hända.