past idealist!grantaire

let me jsut talk abt this for a while

  • grantaire who led an insurrection years ago that went terribly and ended up w/ a lot of his friends dead/wounded
  • imagine past revolutionary!R having 2 leave a meeting a few days before an insurrection or s/t bc it;s all gettin 2 familiar
  • imagine enjolras following him out
  • imagine enj going thru old newspapers & articles & he sees a pic of young, bright-eyed grantaire giving a speech @ a rally or s/t and it takes reading the caption which names R for enj to recognise him bc he looks so different   like he;s young and clean shaven and so full of hope and shit bye
  • and enj reads on and there’s a photo of R after the thing went sour covered in blood bein taken into custody or s/t looking DEVASTATED and there;s like. a little list of names of members of that old group dead/wounded and enjolras is like oh god
  • past revolutionary grantaire offering surprisingly helpful advice while les amis are planning their insurrection bc he has experience lolmfao
  • past revolutionary grantaire who joined les amis bc he wanted to try and see if he could feel some semblance of that old hope again
  • past revolutionary grantaire who thinks he should’ve died at his own insurrection and can;t shake the survivors guilt bc he was their LEADER
  • enjolras who finds out who R used to be and remembers following the story so closely in the news and being so INSPIRED
  • enj who knew grantaire when he was still an idealist & is torn between sympathy and resentment bc he knows what grantaire can be
  • past idealist!grantaire who drowns out that part of himself that still believes in it all w/ wine 
  • enjolras telling grantaire that he’s “incapable of believing” and grantaire laughing harshly and saying “if only" 
  • "Grantaire was a man who took good care not to believe in anything.” let;s talk abt this brick quote
This Day In History: Nat Turner’s Rebellion

Photo:  19th Century woodcut depiction of the Southampton Insurrection.

On this day in 1831, Nat Turner, the notorious insurrectionist, began his rebellion.  Slave rebellions carried bloody consequences. Rebels were executed. Family, friends, and neighbors might be beaten and killed. In some cases, slaveholders placed the bloodied and dismembered bodies in public view to remind passersby of slavery’s awful power. Nevertheless, against terrible odds, enslaved people rebelled.

Turner was born into slavery on October 2nd, 1800 in Southampton County, Virginia. Even as a child, Turner was an intellectual who’d often describe events that happened before his birth. He was viewed as a prophet and grew up to be a religious man often taking to prayer and fasting rather than “mixing in society.” At the age of 21, he ran away but returned thirty days later after being told in a vision to return to the service of his earthly master. By May 12th, 1828, Turner had received other visions that told him that he was chosen by God to deliver his people from slavery. He was relocated multiple times as a result of his former masters’ deaths, until he came to the home of Joseph Travis in 1830. Travis was the new stepfather of his young master, Putnum Moore. After a year at Travis’s estate, Turner witnessed a solar eclipse which he took as a sign to begin planning his rebellion. He told four other men of his plans; Henry, Hark, Nelson, and Sam; they set the date for July 4th. However, Turner became ill and the rebellion was postponed.

Photo:  It is thought that Nat Turner was holding this Bible when he was captured two months after the rebellion. Turner worked both as an enslaved field hand and as a minister. A man of remarkable intellect, he was widely respected by black and white people in Southampton County, Virginia. He used his talents as a speaker and his mobility as a preacher to organize the slave revolt. This Bible was donated to the museum by descendants of Lavinia Francis, a slaveholder who survived the rebellion. Collection of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, gift of Maurice A. Person and Noah and Brooke Porter.

Their final sign showed itself on August 12th — an atmospheric disturbance that left the sun a bluish green color. They decided to strike at two in the morning on August 21st. The revolt began with the murder of Travis’s entire household. It ended with the deaths of about 55 white people slayed in their paths and the addition of 40 enslaved allies to their force. The next day, Turner and his allies were moving onward to the next town of Jerusalem. By this time, whites had gotten word of the rebellion and were ready to confront Turner. Out of fear, the rebels disbanded and soon Turner’s men were captured in their attempt to attack another house. Turner himself went into hiding for months but was apprehended on October 30th. He was executed on November 11th, 1931 and his corpse was brutalized.   

As a consequence of the rebellion, almost 200 enslaved people, many who were innocent, were killed at the hands of angry white mobsters. Others were tried and executed on accusations of participating in the revolt. Slaveholders were reimbursed for their dead property and slave codes were strengthened. Moreover, the rebellion solidified people’s views and positions on slavery from the blatant show of vexation towards it.

By Kyra, Social Media Intern, Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.


Young women form self-defense team in Cizre

As police attacks escalate in the Kurdish town of Cizre, Turkey, young women have founded an autonomous self-defense unit.

The town of Cizre, in Şırnak province of Northern Kurdistan (in Turkey), is no stranger to police violence. As the AKP continues pushing war on the region, police have launched raids and attacks in many province. The state’s attacks have especially targeted women’s bodies. Recently, police tortured the naked body of Kurdish guerrilla Kevser Eltürk (nom de guerre Ekin Wan). They then posed with her dead body and shared photographs on social media.

Now, the young women of Cizre have formed a self-defense team named for Ekin Wan. They have hung posters of Kurdish woman resistance fighters throughout the streets of Cizre. Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) founder Sakine Cansız’s face now hangs over the streets. Fallen YPJ fighters who traveled to Rojava to fight in the revolution also appear on the posters.

The women announced that they have no ties with any organization. They said that they have autonomously founded the team “to stop the savagery waged on women’s bodies in the person of Ekin Wan.”

“The AKP government’s answer to the resolution process started by Abdullah Öcalan, the leader of the Kurdish people, has been killings and imprisonment,” said a young woman named Zelal. “And we understood that the state never approaches the Kurdish people with sincerity.” She noted that the Turkish state has taken no steps in resolving the Kurdish issue. Instead, police have begun attacking civilians across the region.

“In Ekin Wan, we saw the state’s rage against women,” said Zelal. “So we founded a young women’s team.” The women have armed themselves and plan to defend themselves and their neighborhoods.

“The refusal to demand allows for the abstraction of capital to reveal itself, no longer covered up in the mysticism of word-games, i.e., we are fighting for right x because of need y based on condition z. That structure will never challenge the basis of the needs and conditions themselves. The undemanding struggle is not for anything, it is a position, a stance, a risk to become a subject of one’s own activity; until then, we are nothing but objects of capital, things moved around to work, vote, and reproduce. Capital is personified in our actions (work, consume, repeat), and the state is personified in our words (rights, justice, freedom). To refuse both personifications means to destroy the form of Man which capital and state need for their reality, that form is the proletariat and the citizen, the worker and the activist, the entrepreneur and the poet.”

1:01:40 - We Demand Nothing - By Johann Kaspar - Text - PDF - Archive - 

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today’s reads

1) Dissecting the Modern Egyptian State

This is a really interesting read about the history of forensic science in Egypt, and its complicity in legally exonerating state-sanctioned violence.

2) ISIS’s compounded ignorance is criminal but not a theology

3) Bodies of Water

4) Where Are the Men? Here Are the Men and the Women! Surveillance, Gender, and Strikes in Egyptian Textile Factories

5) WATCH: Was Sandra Bland Already Dead When Her Mugshot Was Taken?

6) Towards a Fatter Insurrection: Introduction to a Revolutionary Body Liberation Movement

(Ok, I read this yesterday, but it was great so it makes it on today’s list.)

7)  Decolonizing Feminism: Challenging Connections between Settler Colonialism and Heteropatriarchy

8) Queer Theory and Middle East Studies: Roundtable Introduction: Curiosities of Middle East Studies in Queer Times

Bash Back! must be understood to be a concrete attempt to critique society from the perspective of queer experience, and then to find methods of attack that stem from that position. In this way, Bash Back! Is the queer answer to autonomist-feminism. The experiments can be categorized into two broad strategies. The first—to open up queer space within conflictual action. The second—to apply insurrectionary strategies to the daily struggle intrinsic to queer life. Examples of the first would be the queer blockade at the RNC, the riots at the G20, solidarity attacks with other struggles and insurrections, etc. The second is exemplified in attacks on queer bashers, arson at the houses of murderers, the dissemination of self defense information, distribution of pepper spray, squatted queer-youth centers and queer dance parties that ended in broken police cruisers. The synthesis of these categories is the beginning of a living-and-fighting practice that I call queer autonomy.
—  Bash Back! is Dead; Bash Back Forever! - Tegan Eanelli
Ok, but the Director...

Its the first thing in the morning. He’s washed, dressed, and ready to fuck up some Insurrection shit. He makes his way to the main deck, and checks in with Alpha, who’s running the numbers on an upcoming mission. Everything is going great, stats look good, the team is in excellent condition. The Director goes to sip his coffee and… someone has replaced his normal mug with one of those novelties that make chicken noises when you lift it.
Everyone on the deck freezes. No one says anything as the sound repeats twice in the Director’s stilled hand, and then goes quiet.
“FLISS,” his voice is calm and the crew dares to start moving slowly again.
“Yes, Director?”
“Put York on training duty, sole designated sparing partner.” He sips from the mug, ignoring the chicken sound. “And sent out a shipwide com, madatory PT, hand to had combat.”
“Yes, Director.”
And for the next 3 days the Freelancers snigger from the training room observation deck as York has to be the punching bag for every single crew member while they pass their combat PT.
And mid laugh North’s mug full of hot chocolate explodes, drenching him and staining his favorite sweatshirt. Because the Director always covers his bases, just in case.

Meanwhile, it was Alpha.

                                                            ( well that’s a shitty graphic )

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The derision of the fat body is imposed from the outside. That is to say, this social exclusion comes from feelings that others have towards the body, the ability to fit in clothes and spaces without ridicule, and the freedom to have access to institutions like fair healthcare, jobs, and secure relationships. In the rare instances that fat bodies are allowed into an acceptable light, they have to mimic the proportions of the skinny body to be one of the “good fat bodies.” This would mean, for women, to have fat bodies that accentuate sexualized features like breasts and backside. If a fat body has too much weight in areas like thighs or stomach, this is seen as a special affront, and treated with disdain.
Queer insurrection demands that each of us become a theoretician. More importantly, it demands that the anti-social turn, the turn against society, remains in the streets. Our revolt and our theory must be inseparable from our daily life.
—  Bash Back! is Dead; Bash Back Forever! - Tegan Eanelli