Greece: Chronicle of a leftist suicide

The following text was sent to us by the comrades from ContraMadriz, a web-portal for contra-information based in Madriz, Spain. The text is an English translation of a text written by Greek comrades reflecting on recent events in Athens and some of the current trends in Greek anarchist circles.

The Chronicle of a leftist suicide

Faced with the misery that exists in Greece in recent years, the leftist
coalition of SYRIZA seized the power in January 2015, waiving the flag
of patriotic hope and of the supposed European principles of democracy,
equality and solidarity.

The events of these last weeks lead us to the conclusion that it was
merely a smoke bomb or even a populist illusion. Either one or the
other, the bomb exploded.

Since the announcement of the referendum -that managed to mobilize
thousands of people with different orientations, desires and needs-,
there were several interpretations though the question was clear: yes or
no to the austerity deal proposed by the EU?

The result, well, who cares? It is obvious how much they care for their
beloved democracy! On July 15, austerity measures still pending since
the previous memorandum were voted by the Parliament, in order for their
European partners to approve a new rescue program, including not only
what the 62% of voters rejected in the referendum of July 5th, but more
and even harder, opening the way to house evictions and more misery for
the next three years.

We, still have unfinished business with this political abomination that
in recent years infiltrated various projects, collectives and spaces of
struggle, handing promises in exchange for votes of the anarchist /
anti-authoritarian movement. Ever since N. Romanos hunger
strike, his pre-election propaganda was filthy, but still several
anarchist tendencies voted for a leftist administration, although the
recent massive hunger strike of the -over 30 -imprisoned comrades made
clear the intentions of this government.

Undoubtedly, the repression of recent governments and a controversial
spectre of “revolutionary” subjects caused this rupture to the A/A
movement. The presence of  more “red and light red” tendencies swept
away several comrades and the movement´s radicalization was lost during
the last year and a half. This is yet to be discussed and analysed.

No matter this alliance, some of us did not believe at any time these
promises and a “better” leftist administration. Some of the most
important historical examples are good to show exactly what was to
happen once they had taken the power. We never thought that repression
was to cease or that they were to keep their promises to our comrades;
we did not get carried away nor sacrificed our anarchist discourse and
practice on behalf of a massive social awareness.

Instead, we decided to respond with our presence in Syntagma Square.
Without pacts, without concessions, the conflict returned to the street.
After more than a year of silence, the centre of Athens once again got
full of life and light. The fire that swept lit banks, television vans
and made the cops dancing once again.

But do not forget that every battle has its cost. Among the 13 arrested
that night, most were comrades. For them and for all who come next, our
solidarity and response is out again at the street.

Stay tuned!

“In England and the United States, the police were invented within the space of just a few decades—roughly from 1825 to 1855. 

The new institution was not a response to an increase in crime, and it really didn’t lead to new methods for dealing with crime. The most common way for authorities to solve a crime, before and since the invention of police, has been for someone to tell them who did it. Besides, crime has to do with the acts of individuals, and the ruling elites who invented the police were responding to challenges posed by collective action. To put it in a nutshell: The authorities created the police in response to large, defiant crowds. That’s 

— strikes in England,
— riots in the Northern US,
— and the threat of slave insurrections in the South. 

So the police are a response to crowds, not to crime.”

– Origins of the Police | David Whitehouse

esthxtique asked:

What if this is tumblr's way of telling us they're down with communism

But they reinstituted the notes.

If we are to apply parallels to history, this short-lived phenomenon is comparable to the short-lived Paris Commune. The glitch was like the insurrection that formed the Paris Commune. The users in support of the no notes situation are like the Communards. However, Tumblr (i.e. the Versailles government) crushed meme communism (i.e. the Paris Commune).


Gervais Raoul Lufbery was a French-American aviator during World War One. Lufbery left home in France at the age of 17 and traveled the world, winding up in the U.S. Army and serving in the South Pacific during the Philippine insurrection.  After his U.S. Army service was up, Lufbery moved back to France and became an aircraft mechanic.  When war broke out, Lufbery applied for and was accepted to pilot training in the Aéronautique Militaire.  

Lufbery is a classic aviation archetype, some of his traits and highlights are as follows:

- French air combat ace with 17 confirmed kills.  Many claim that his kill score was much higher, but many were not counted due to the strict rules of credit by the Aéronautique Militaire.

- Popularized a defensive maneuver which eventually became known as the “Lufbery Circle”.  U.S. Navy pilots witnessed Japanese fighter pilots still using the Lufbery Circle throughout WW2.

- Was one of the original members of the Lafayette Escadrille, a squadron of wealthy American aviators flying for the French during WW1.  One night out in Paris, Lufbery and squadron mates bought a pet lion to serve as the squadrons mascot.  The lion would follow Lufbery around the aerodrome wherever he went.  

- Standardized landing patterns to prevent mishaps with aircraft taking off and landing.  Prior to this, pilots would launch and land as they pleased, in any direction, in an open field.    

Towards the end of the war, Lufbery saw a German reconnaissance aircraft flying near his aerodrome, and hopped in his Nieuport 28 to give chase.  Lufbery was hit by the German recon planes defensive guns, and he was witnessed either jumping or falling from his inverted aircraft, dying on impact.  

Greece is such a great example of why we shouldn’t rely on political parties to liberate the marginalized, oppressed, and exploited.

Bernie Sanders would and has betrayed the people. Podemos and SNP have fallen into the same trap. Even the most radical political party would still betray us.

Electoral politics is a fool’s game and the framework of it will turn any radical parties into liberals at best and reactionaries at worst. Political forces hijacked within the electoral framework will prioritize the continuation of parties and become disconnected from any movements of resistance and liberation.

We shouldn’t pour our energy into political parties because they’ll fuck us over inevitably. Instead, we should organize non-hierarchical forms of resistance, not based in organizations, but the collective will of the margins themselves.

The collective force of our rage and desire for liberation, in constant insurrection pushing towards revolution, resisting any organization that attempts to deescalate political struggle, that is what will bring us the true freedom that has been denied us for millennia.

John Reed, Ten Days That Shook the World (1919)

Not by compromise with the propertied classes, or with the other political leaders; not by conciliating the old Government mechanism, did the Bolsheviki conquer the power. Nor by the organized violence of a small clique. If the masses all over Russia had not been ready for insurrection it must have failed.

The only reason for Bolshevik success lay in their accomplishing the vast and simple desires of the most profound strata of the people, calling them to the work of tearing down and destroying the old, and afterward, in the smoke of falling ruins, cooperating with them to erect the frame-work of the new….


Yet, even now, the day might not have been wholly lost (or perhaps its outcome might have been postponed) if the Paris sections had rallied in support of the Jacobin leaders, as in August 1792 and June 1793. Not only the Jacobin Club but the Commune continued to voice support for the arrested men; Hanriot, Robespierrist chief of the National Guard, escaped from the squad sent to arrest him; and the turnkey of the prison to which Robespierre and his group were directed refused to acknowledge their escort’s mandate, so that they were free to seek refuge among their friends at the City Hall. Moreover, the conspirators acted with caution, being still uncertain which way the wind would finally blow. But, though urged by his companions to issue a call for insurrection, Robespierre hesitated too long - either through legalistic scruple or because he lacked the will to act. More important, perhaps, was the simple fact that, when it came to the point, the sans-culottes, estranged by his recent [economic] policies, showed little inclination to take up arms for a cause they no longer believed in. It was certainly not for lack of time or opportunity to make up their minds. All through the afternoon and evening, the two contending parties, based respectively on the Commune and the Convention, sent mutually conflicting orders, threats, pleas, and declarations to the sections and battalions of the National Guard, appealing to their loyalties. At one time, in response to the Commune’s summons, 3,000 armed men, supported by the thirty-two pieces of artillery, were drawn up outside the City Hall. But they lacked both leadership and purpose and, as the tide of the debate in the sectional assemblies and ‘revolutionary’ committees turned against the Robespierrists, the whole of his force gradually melted away.

George Rude, Robespierre: Portrait of a Revolutionary Democrat

okay the tumblr left’s way of dealing with bernie is reaching yourfaveisproblematic levels of pointlessness. like yeah we know he is, by default, complicit in imperialism/capitalism/etc. continuing to witch hunt for specific examples of stuff he says to prove this isn’t going to make a radical possibility/chance for direction appear. furthermore, while i won’t be voting for him, he is marginally better on issues than other candidates and given it’s not looking like we’ll have mass insurrection in the next year and a half, voting for him is a reasonable action because, guess what???? you can both vote and participate in other forms of political action and the act of a vote does not make you immediately complicit in everything he has done.

Today in 1862, President Abraham Lincoln signed a law creating the U.S. Army​ Medal of Honor, awarded to “to such non-commissioned officers and privates as shall most distinguish themselves by their gallantry in action and other soldier-like qualities during the present insurrection” - the Civil War. The following year, Congress made the Medal of Honor a permanent military decoration available to all members of the US military.

Dr. Mary Edwards Walker was the first female doctor to serve with the Union Army Medical Corps, and she was the only woman to be awarded the Medal of Honor for her contribution during the the war. She treated wounded soldiers at the first Battle of Bull Run, at Chickamauga, and during the Battle of Atlanta. She was captured by Confederate troops in April 1864, and held until an exchange of prisoners was organized in August 1864. President Johnson awarded her the Medal of Honor in 1865, citing her “valuable service to the Government, and her efforts have been earnest and untiring in a variety of ways.”

In 1917, Walker and 910 other recipients were stripped of their medal when the criteria for receiving the medal was changed to include only “actual combat with an enemy.” Walker refused to give up her medal and wore it everyday until she died in 1919. A campaign for reinstatement of her medal began and in 1977, President Jimmy Carter officially reinstated Walker’s medal. To this day, she is the only woman recipient of the Medal of Honor.

Image: Dr. Mary Walker, wearing her Medal of Honor, undated (cropped from original)

“Anyone who wastes their breath on telling lies doesn’t deserve to continue breathing.”

Nav was once a devoted follower of the Earthshaker, and had all intents to be exalted to his service when she reached adulthood. She knew all the prayers by heart and she could always lead her clanmates in song, outstripping her peers both in reverence and unquestioning loyalty to their deity. When her clan was set upon by a serthis beastclan, she barely escaped the slaughter. 

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So I thought of a new AU.

So in the Skype group, I came up with a new AU.

Basically, during the Sarcophagus heist, the Innies, rather than fighting the Freelancers, convince them to join their cause. So now you have a super-team combining the Soldiers of Project Freelancer and those of the Insurrection. 

Eventual things in this AU would be SharkWash(because that could totally happen in this verse), the Director answering for his crimes, the eventual meeting of Project Insurrection(clever, I know.) and the Blood Gulch Crew, and the final destruction of Charon Industries from the inside out.

I was scrolling through wyomingsmustache‘s Innie Tag and I thought of this.

One thing that annoys me about the gender nihilism is its so academic, I think that one of the co-founders is literally going into academia for philosophy. “Smash patriarchy! Abolish gender!” okay, how? “(Queer) Insurrection!” are queer people just supposed to throw themselves at the military? Like, when was insurrection ever successful? And don’t say 1917 Russia, that was communist lead and lots changed since then, such as having a military corps. Like, these ideas are doomed to remain academic and petty bourgeois, as is the case with most of post modernism and a lot of anarchism. Blgh.


    Directing    S T A R   T R E K    for The   B    I    G   Screen

Robert  Wise ,  STAR TREK  -  The Motion Picture  (1979 )

Nicholas  Meyer ,  STAR  TREK  I I :  The  Wrath  of  Khan  ( 1982 )

Leonard  Nimoy ,  STAR  TREK  I I I :  The  Search  for  Spock  (1984 ) 

Leonard  Nimoy ,  STAR  TREK  I V :  The  Voyage  Home  ( 1986 )

William  Shatner ,  STAR  TREK  V :  The Final Frontier  ( 1989 )

Nicholas  Meyer ,  STAR  TREK  V I :  The Undiscovered Country  ( 1991 ) 

David  Carson ,  STAR  TREK :  Generations  (  1994 )

Jonathan  Frakes ,  STAR  TREK :  First  Contact  ( 1996 )

Jonathan  Frakes ,  STAR  TREK :  Insurrection  ( 1998 )

Stuart  Baird ,  STAR  TREK :  Nemesis  ( 2002 )

J. J.  Abrams ,  STAR  TREK  ( 2009 )

J. J.  Abrams ,  STAR  TREK   Into Darkness  (2013)

Lunchitus Interruptus

The body is not a body,
It’s a dozen demons,
Chained to my bones,
Hidden beneath the skin,
Desires and needs warring,
But sometimes, oh lord sometimes,
They work as one unholy engine,
Coming together with unified purpose,
Unbreakable truces declared,
So that all become thrall to one,
The Lord of the Loins,
Overriding hunger and fatigue,
Sadness and confusion and thought,
Rising up to command over all,
Refusing to be ignored,
Unwilling to back down,
So that I can find myself,
Victim of this insurrection,
Taken by surprise at a midday meal,
Held hostage so to speak,
As he wakes in response,
To distant missives,
Making me a meek,
If not wholly obedient,
Minion to his demands,
But at least,
I can say after surviving this round,
The dessert was really quite good

For the “last word” prompt.
It’s no Insurrection, true, but I still wouldn’t wanna be staring at this from the other side of the EDH table.

Agreed. Fun design, I like it. You have to put in at least 7 mana before it becomes truly devastating, so I think it’s a good design. I might consider removing the trample clause, but only after playtesting….it might be just fine as is.

-Mod A