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Star VS The Forces of Evil TEASER TRAILER analysis


And it’s going to include as much the battle on the present as the past one (insert fangirl scream here).

First, this:

I think this belongs to the past battle, when Moon and her army were battling Toffee’s. We all know how great is Toffee in strategy, so is not a surprise that things got horrible for mewmans. 

Then this:

Looks like Toffee is not going to take care of Ludo’s body precisely…


Ludo is attacking a mewman town?! Toffee is letting Ludo act by himself? Ok let’s think. Maybe this is a new stage of Toffee using Ludo as his puppet where he drives him even more insane and create some chaos as his minion for the banal dirty work. And probably this is what Star is going to confront with the her “Alfa Team” instead of the actual Toffee. Toffee: I have no time and I’m not in mood of fighting a little girl and her A Team or whatever

And then: 

What the heck is this?! And the place… it looks like the ruins of something… Ludo’s wrecked castle, maybe? The one who is there… is Ludo or Toffee? Is he summoning something? Eclipsa, perhaps? 


I call the darkness unto me

From deepest depths of Earth and Sea

To blackest night I pledged my soul

and crush my heart

To summon forth a deathly power

To see my hated foe devored

Well, looks like we now know what Moon’s darkest spell was. But of course, this leave us with more questions: she sold her soul to the darkness to cast the spell?! The spell “devours”… but since Toffee regenerates, that is why Toffee has a would like the one he has? Is a spell from Eclipsa’s chapter? Sure it is.

And then we heard Toffee saying “Have you learn nothing?” What does that mean? Who is saying that to? To Moon? In the past or the present? What is she going to do or did again that is not going to work against Toffee?


OOC: My mum and I finally got the tickets to All Hell Breaks Loose!!! I’m so excited, Rob, Richard, Matt, Jensen Ackles and something called a Jared Padalecki are going to be there. *insert fangirl scream here* as well The Hillywood Show, Emily Swallow and Amy Gumenick

~Appreciation Post: Featuring TheGlitchedSystem VAs~

Disto/Anti VA: Disto was the first ever VA I met, and when I heard they’re Anti audios woo boy, it gave me feelings of paranoia and just straight up fear, like any moment Anti could just pop out of my pc and shank me, every single audio they had, nsfw-ish or not, it sent chills down my spine, they were so amazing, I had to follow them on tumblr and show my respect, and they actually followed me back *insert fangirl screams here* anyways after that, I was just listening to they’re audios for awhile, reblogging and praising them because I look up to them a lot more than really anyone I’ve ever looked up to before tbh. I still try to talk to them even to this day but woo boy they can be a lil shit, and love to tease and mess with you occasionally, but nonetheless they’re just a sadistic gore loving bby that kinda needs protection but at the same time you try and they’ll probably tell you to fuck off.

Elly/Dark VA: Elly, oh my god she is a PRECIOUS CINNAMON BUN-ROLL that NEEDS protection, every time, no matter what. Like protect this sweet innocent bby she is too pure for this world ahem, anyways I found her next! I saw a Dark audio pop up and I was like *gasp* ooh new VA? Who dis? So I checked it out and was absolutely astonished at what a great job she did, for a girl doing Dark’s voice she does a DAMN good job, and when she yells as him oh god it makes you wanna run in terror like nope, nah dude, I’m gone. but when she’s not being Dark she is an adorable cinnamon bun-roll who has cute giggles and laughs whether it be maniacal or just plain normal. We’ve talked a lot actually, she’s the one who kept reading aloud what I typed down one time, and woo boy I was like oh my god I’m being noticed apparently, and I’ve given her some virtual hugs too ;w;

Atom/Google VA: Atom, oh my god, they are adorable but at the same time you fuck with them and they will unleash HELL upon your ass, but all in all a really nice bab, they sometimes like to mess with people but not often, they have an adorable giggle as well, but when they laugh maniacally your scared but at the same time your like awww how cuttee. Her Google voice tho woo boy, I’ve taunted him before and got my ass handed to me, Google’s still scary and in they’re own way, because you know what he’s gonna do to you. But again, Atom is actually a bab, a cute bab, and they need hugs and paps, so cute bby. Cute bab. Give them, actually no, give every VA a hug. They deserve it haha.

Jamal/Virus Cry VA: Now Virus, I’ve heard few things from them, and I honestly dunno much bout them but they seem really cool, they can get they’re voice to go reaaallllyyyy deep, when they do the deep voice its like welp noooo naah dude fuck it, I’m gone again. Jamal though, when not in character are all in all a pretty nice person from what I have seen so far, they dun really talk all that much anymore but I’ve heard them a couple times, not really much to say bout them tho since we’ve BARELY gotten to know each other but I still think they’re a really cool VA!

Rad/Bing VA: *deep inhale* R a d is amazing, like dear god I know I’ve said that for every VA basically but its true. Rad actually sent me a friend request and I didn’t ask it was just sudden and I was like oh god what did I do? But they came into my PMs as Bing and said they’d never harm me and lemme tell you they’re Bing audios mmghhhh good shit right there now, I normally just wanna hug the Bing and the Rad too, let’s face it I wanna hug ALL the VAs, not just the characters but the VAs themselves, they take a lot of time to sit down and make these audios and I love every single one that post, heck I reblog everything from there even if I don’t listen to it immediately because in my head I KNOW for a fact its gonna be good whether its Disto, Elly, Rad, Jamal, Total Paragon, or even the newest Schneeps one, I know it’ll be amazing before I even hear it.

Total Paragon/Wilford VA: Oh now this one, THIS ONE, is from what I can tell so far a good babby, they’re Wilford voice is amazing and the stuff I’ve heard from them so far, in character-wise its honestly really amazing and I absolutely love it! If I wasn’t so show I’d ask for an interview from good ol’ Warfstache but again, too shy to ACTUALLY speak. Out of character-wise they seem like a really nice and chill person. I like them, they also deserve hugs, expect this from me, when in doubt, hug the VAs haha.

Schneeps / Crank VA: Now, they’re a new VA to me, we haven’t talked at all tbh, but I’ve heard the introductions from them, and I gotta say the Schneeps voice is preeettty damn good, I love it so much, the giggle at the end of that audio made me squeal though and kinda jump. And as for the Crank introduction, or well Corroded Crank one I gotta say to that one as well, pretty. damn. good. I already wanna hug both of em, VA, Crank, and Schneeps all. I wanna hug them all, I love hugs a wee bit too much haha. I can already tell though, this VA will be a good one. They’re all amazing and I’ve loved the audios from day 1 of finding them and the way they portray the characters is really unique and cool! All in all I really like and respect all of them.

(( This is… Honestly the first time I’ve ever sat down and made detailed posts about every VA, I just felt like I should say all this, I wanna show my respect and support to all the VAs! And yesss…I STILL wanna hug them all, hug-shame me if y'all want but anyways that’s enough from me! Hope this isn’t TOO LONG to read! )) @theglitchedsystem I’ll just tag here so everyone will see it. 

(Please do not repost this artwork without giving credit to the artist or fanfic writer. Reblogs are totally fine!)

I just got my very first commission (and cover art) back from @ladytheirinsblog of Aric Jorgan and my Jedi Knight OC Jayla Meihel from my fic Blindsided. I cannot express how happy I am with this! And so very much worth the wait! It’s so beautiful and captures them perfectly! I just… <insert fangirl screaming here>

Thank you so much for this beautiful artwork. Seriously guys, if you can snag a spot on her commission list when they’re open, DO IT. She’s so lovely to work with and her work is amazing!

Chapter two is coming soon :)

On ABC.com they show this picture. But look closely. It’s not a scene from the sneak peek clip.

Jason is wearing his black leather jacket.
sam is holding a pool stick.
and there are more pool sticks behind sam.


Pretty sure Sam dumped it in a bucket of mop water in 2006. Maybe jason got her a new one when they reunited in 2009.

But this picture is proof we get more jasam scebes. At the floating rib. Playing pool.

*insert fangirl scream here*

A Pipsqueak and a Suit of Armor Save the World

A Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Review


Edward Elrich has committed the ultimate taboo, and he and his brother Alphonse have paid dearly. In their quest to undo the damage, they end up saving the world.

This 64 episode anime is a long-term investment with a huge payoff unless you ship Royai like me.

Things Grown Ups May Appreciate

  • This is not a story about first kisses or high school crushes. It respectfully deals with mature themes like war and genocide, yet manages to maintain humor, optimism and heart throughout
  • The characters are brilliant and varied. Unlike most anime, we see multiple races. We see folks with disabilities, strong powerful women and positive role models for the young and old.
  • The characters have to deal with the consequences of their actions. I’m a sucker for conflicted heroes and stories of redemption. FMA is full of them.

Adult Eye Candy

FMAB has an abundance of characters that will appeal to grown ups. Chief among them, I present to you, Colonel Roy Mustang (insert major fangirl screaming here).

Seriously, let’s just stop the review right here and stare at these photos.

Honorable Mention goes to Riza, Olivier, Miles, Itzumi, and Scar


I decided to watch Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood because it makes the top of just about every “must watch anime” list. Guess what? The lists aren’t wrong. While I wasn’t hooked on Episode 1,  as the series progressed I began to love these characters as though they were real. I cheered with them, cried with them, and ultimately mourned when the final closing credits ran and I will continue to appease myself with fanart and fanfiction until Hiromu Arakawa decides to revisit the series.

Favorite. Anime. Ever.