Abandoned at a young age on Christmas Day, Rumplestiltskin grew up despising Christmas and eventually excluding himself from society because of it.

After losing her mother around the holidays, Belle has always struggled with the true meaning of Christmas.  

Years later the two meet during a chance encounter.  They soon discover they may be able to help one another work through their issues, but they both get more than they had ever hoped for.



Belle wants nothing to do with any of the noble nights that constantly seek her hand in marriage and grows weary when her father gives her a deadline to choose one or one will be chosen for her.  She dreams of marrying for love and she finds it in the lowly spinner, Rumplestiltskin.  Just as she convinces her father to allow her to marry a commoner, the Dark One comes to the castle to assist with the Ogre Wars, naming Belle as his price. 

Devastated, Belle accepts realizing she will never see her spinner again, but knowing her kingdom and family’s safety is more important than her happiness. 

Yet, what she doesn’t know is the spinner and the Dark One are actually the same-Rumplestiltskin just doesn’t believe she could love him for who he truly is.  Can she come to love the dark side of him as much as she loved the light?


Purple Stage 2 

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Just a little thing I have been-no, wait-I AM working on.

And, yes, it does have to do with PJ’s Daycare AU, which belongs to @blogthegreatrouge.

Underswap, Swapfell, and Dream Sans-from the AU.

Underswap (Berry) and Dream are bow buddies, since they both had little bows. Swapfell also wear a bow by design. So I thought,‘Hey, why not put these three into one group?’

The idea was cute, but I am still working on it.

These characters and their designs do not belong to me.


Lilo and Stitch AU:  Rumplestiltskin is an alien created by the Mad Hatter.  After being sentenced to death by Regina, the leader of the Galactic Federation, he manages to escape and finds himself on a mysterious planet called Earth.  While trying his best not to get captured by the bounty hunter Emma, he meets a sad a lonely young woman, Belle, who has just lost her mother.  Planning to use her as means to learn the planet so he can escape, he never expects them to fall in love.

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Image Credit for Rumple on top of Belle:  http://rumbellefairytale.deviantart.com/art/ONLY-RUMBELLE-ONLY-HARDCORE-368872042


Three years after Rumple let Belle and Bae fall through the portal without him, Belle is still struggling to adjust to the lifestyle of modern day New York.  When she comes across an ad for a librarian in a small town called Storybrooke, she takes the job thinking it would be much better for her and her son.  After arriving, however, she’s shocked to find Rumplestiltskin…only he’s not Rumplestiltskin, but Mr. Gold, a ruthless, angry man who is intrigued by the town’s new inhabitant and her son who calls him Papa.

Sequel to Master of Our Fate


Older dude

Wise and honorable

Northerner accent

Blue-eyed brunette (This is like a severe weakness of mine)

Built like a brick outhouse

Why so perfect, Blackwall?

It’s not even close to finished, but I thought I might plug an in-progress shot for Blackwall Appreciation Day :D

Skaia.io - An in-progress thingamadoohicky

Okay I think it’s time to set the record straight here.
Skaia.io is in ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT. There are keys, there is additional content. I have big plans for this site, but it simply isn’t ready yet. Releasing the index early was my way of garnering a small (jesus not this big) following of potentially interested people. I didn’t expect people to go haxx0r on the page just yet.

With that out of the way, let me explain the keys a little bit more!
Keys are in a custom format, and are SINGLE-USE.

Here are a few valid keys.


The first ones to use these keys when the front page is configured to make use of them, will have the opportunity to register. This is a BETA, friends. A closed beta.