A 5-year-old boy with an inoperable brain tumor has one wish for his birthday: a box full of birthday cards with his name on them.

Danny Nickerson, from Foxboro, Massachusetts, was diagnosed with an inoperable and chemotherapy-resistant tumor this past October. He has stopped going to kindergarten during therapy, and gets lonely, according to his family.

“He can recognize his name now,” the boy’s mother Carley Nickerson told ABC News. “When he saw his name on the package from magical fairies on Easter, he was so happy.”

Nickerson says personalized cards make Danny happy, and has opened a P.O. box to collect letters from well-wishers.

Doctors say less than 10% of children diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, like Danny, live beyond 18 months.

“I don’t really believe in that,” Nickerson says. “He is doing great. Every day is a blessing for us.”

Danny has received about 40 letters so far, and his birthday is on July 25th.

Letters can be sent to:

Danny Nickerson
P.O. Box 212
Foxboro, MA 02035


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“Colton Reznik is your standard cynical, twenty-something blogger. He hates politics, religion, furries, and just about anything else you can imagine. Things take a drastic turn in Colton’s life when he is diagnosed with cancer and is forced to face an inoperable brain tumor. Disinterested in making amends with those he’s wronged, Colton alienates himself from his friends and family and chooses to await death. 

However, when fate shines its light upon him and gives him a second chance at survival, Colton learns that there are macabre repercussions to defying the odds and keeping your life intact. In order to maintain his health, Colton must consume the flesh of the recently deceased - and on a frequent basis.”

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you see this little boy right here? his name is danny nickerson, and he’s turning 6 on july 25. he has an inoperable brain tumor and was diagnosed with cancer, and only 10% of kids with this type of cancer live past 18 months. you know what he wants for his birthday?

a bunch of cards.

that’s right folks, just write him a little card and send it in the mail, and you’re gonna make this kid’s day. he can recognize his name, and he loves super mario and lego.

so far he’s gotten about 40 letters, but with you, you can make it way more. you can mail your card to…

Danny Nickerson
P.O. Box 212
Foxboro, MA. 02035

here’s an article about him

My best friends 10 year old brother has been diagnosed with a brain stem tumour. It’s inoperable and he is currently under going radiotherapy. His family is trying to raise money to meet his favourite football player (Lionel Messi) in Barcelona. His funding website is http://www.gofundme.com/dpyu9k?pc=fb_cr .I think it would be wonderful for everyone to help raise the funds and awareness. Please reblog to help him make is dream come true.💫💫💫

I am so angry. 6-9 months

So after a year of fighting this stupid cancer, having 2/3 of my liver removed because of the tumors, 3 months of radiation five days a week and chemo every day for 4 months I’m told that the cancer is now inoperable and that the prognosis isn’t good. In fact my doctor said the situation is “grim”. He gave me a timeline. 6-9 months. 6-9 months with my family, with my 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter.
I’m a good person who’s lead a good life despite all the horrible crap I’ve been through, you’d think I’d for once just catch a break. Just one time, one time, I’d love to have something go right for me. I’m going to do everything in my power to prove those doctors wrong. It’s not enough time. I demand it of myself. I need to be here for my kids. I need to see them go to middle school, high school, college. I want to be here to see their dreams come true. And I can’t do that if I’m dead. So screw 6-9 months and screw the doctors “stage 4” Cancer prognosis. I don’t care that I’ve had 3 more tumors show up in two months. I need to fight for my babies

I am begging for all of your help now. Please. I need donations to my gofundme. I’ve had the same gofundme open since March of last year and only just hit the $900 mark. All of that money’s already gone so I could see my doctors. I’ve got bills piling up that I have no way of paying. I’m begging you, please donate as much as you can and share my gofundme with your friends and family on as many social media sites as you can. I haven’t had enough time with my babies. I need more time.

Watch on ladymisteria.tumblr.com

Doctor Who has sent a personal message to four-year-old Jack Robinson.

Matt Smith, who played the famous time lord for three years, has sent a video clip over a minute long to Jack.

In the video filmed in Texas, America, Matt slowly pans down the camera before singing part of the Doctor Who theme tune.

He then tells Jack he will send him some goodies and try to visit him when he gets back to England.

Jack, from Denmead, who has an inoperable brain tumour, is a massive Doctor Who fan.

Since his diagnosis last month, friends and family have rallied around to makes Jack’s wishes come true.

His dad Terry, 47, said: ‘Jack was over the moon.

‘Gary Barlow tweeted he had a message from Matt Smith, but we didn’t expect this, thank you Gary.

‘And thank you to Darren Langford, a well-wisher, who said he had also been in contact with Matt.

‘Not sure which person he responded too, but we are grateful that he has.’

The video was sent yesterday evening.

Mr Robinson, of Bere Road, added: ‘Jack had gone to sleep, but we woke him up to show him the message.

‘His eyes just lit up and he was so delighted.

‘It has made his day.’


As suspected due to her brief appearance in the behind-the-scenes video at SDCC, R2-KT will be in The Force Awakens, per Albin Johnson.

The original R2-KT was a gift to and eventually memorialized Johnson’s daughter Katie, who passed away due to an inoperable brain tumor in 2005. A digital version of the pink astromech has previously appeared on The Clone Wars.

At any moment Panic! could drop a new track. Brendon could just be like “Hey guys! Here’s something cool my band did! Haha!” and Dallon, Kenny, Spencer, Zack, their girlfriends/fiances/wives, their dogs, and Satan all go “Haha!” and then I will be rendered inoperable for a day (or five) due to the freaking out over one song and the fact that they have that power scares me. 

Brave Billy Dances for Taylor Swift's Attention!


Here is 2 year old, Billy Biviano’s story:

Help get Billy Biviano’s message to Taylor Swift!

Billy Biviano has been a beneficiary of Steps Together since 2012 when he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at the age of 14 months. After his diagnosis, Billy underwent 15 months of chemotherapy (40 treatments) at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. 40 treatments was the allowable amount for someone his age at that time. MRIs indicated the tumor was no longer growing but that it was also no longer responding to the treatment or shrinking. Due to the secondary risks and treatment restrictions due to Billy’s young age, chemotherapy was stopped and his port was removed. The Biviano family began to live their life in 3 month segments, MRI to MRI, and on absolute prayer.

An MRI in January of 2015, showed more enhancement but also growth. The Biviano family is now at a crossroads with Billy’s condition. Billy’s tumor cannot be biopsied due to the location which makes knowing the best way to treat it difficult. In February, doctors diagnosed the tumor with 95% certainty as a PMA (pilomyxoid astrocytoma), a type of brain tumor only discovered 16 years ago. The number of cases where children have PMA are currently unknown.

Billy’s parents have many decisions to make and there is pressure to make the right decision. Billy’s parents are scared, anxious and frustrated. They are praying that God can help point them in the right direction, one that will help Billy more than hurt him.

Their path lead them to a chance encounter with a film producer who connected with Billy randomly on a hay ride. That producer help put together this video which the family hopes will bring awareness to pediatric brain tumors and the need for prayers for their son.

We could ramble off a bunch of horrifying statistics about the number of children diagnosed each day and the lack of funding but our message today is to ask for your help in getting this video in the hands of Taylor Swift! Please share it in all your social media outlets using #BraveBilly and tagging Taylor Swift. Billy can bring national attention to pediatric brain tumors with our help. We need to view, view, view and share, share, share!!!!


His name is Kiba and he means the world to me. Sadly we have to put him to sleep tomorrow. He has an inoperable cancer growth.
I got him as a pup nine years ago, because I suffered from cynophobia, and he has helped and taught me so much.
So I just wanted to share this wonderful, gentle doofus with the world. (submitted by snow-and-resin)

Silva’s medical records document the difficulties in communicating, court records say. During a November 2009 appointment, for example, a doctor at Baptist wrote that Silva “was unable to describe [her] symptoms,” or to “provide her medical history.” In January and May of 2011, records said the video conferencing device was inoperable. During a May 9, 2011, visit, when Silva was suffering from acute appendicitis, a medical chart said Silva was “deaf mute [with] very little lip reading.” For two hours before family members arrived, staff communicated by passing notes.

Deaf Miami mom-to-be sues to have sign language in delivery room

Cheylla Silva is Deaf. Her native language is American Sign Language - that’s a different language, with a different grammar, syntax, etc., than English. Baptist Hospital in Miami refuses to provide her with an interpreter. Instead, they pass her notes in English - again, not her first language - or ask her family members (whose first language is also not English, incidentally - they’re trying to translate from English to Spanish to ASL), or use broken video equipment. Her medical records document these difficulties, but the hospital refuses to provide her with the very basic necessity of an interpreter so she can communicate with her medical care providers. She is only “unable to describe her symptoms” because the hospital won’t provide an interpreter who speaks her language.