it’s inky!!!!



incase you don’t know who they are, here’s a pic of them ingame:

they’re always either a bunny or a cat because i can’t decide which one i like more??? that’s why i made their ears very ambiguous because it could be tall cat ears or short bun ears!!

they are very nice but are almost always sad and just want a hug??? pls hug them,,,

they really like watching anime when alone because they feel like they can identify with most of the protags of certain shows… it makes them happy!! but maybe if they like you enough you can watch anime with them!

they are also pretty mischievous and love pranks and practical jokes! it’s one of their main hobbies aside from drawing and reading.

basically they are a prankster sad weaboo and i love them!!!

(also they’re mostly based off of myself, so think of them as sort of a toonsona!!!)

this djd shit post brought to you by!: Hillarious Realizations

•So Tarn in mtmte was like contextually, understandably devastated at hearing megatron defected and became an autobot. And while im sure few others reach his crazy face paragon levels of devotion

how many other decepticons out there
also felt lost and afraid once they found out





His hand trembles. “She’ll be safe? You promise she’ll be safe?”

“Yes, of course, Dearie,” Rumpelstiltskin croons, “Now, let go of her. Let go of your pain.”

Ink spreads in pools from his hesitant quill.

Robin of L–

He takes a steadying breath, watching as fractured lines spill onto the page, an inky-black rendering of his shattered nerves.

They can never be together.

Cora will kill her, will murder her own daughter, if they are. (If Regina believes any longer that she is loved–how sick, how twisted–)

He is powerless: poor, weak, young, an outlaw.

This is all he can do for her.

Let her go. He has already broken her heart. Already belied his own and told her she did not, had never possessed it. All that remains is to erase her from it, and so keep himself from divulging the truth. And from shattering as he thinks of her.

“That lovely last name of yours won’t write itself!” Rumple adds, flicking his fingers towards the page. “Sign it. Make her safe.”


“No buts, Dearie. We both know there’s nothing you can do. Cora Mills is a powerful woman with dark magic, and what are you? A poor, pitiful thief with nothing to his name but the cast-off title of the nobility his family once possessed? You are weak. You will be strong if you protect her. Just sign. Right here.”

Robin grits his teeth, blinking back tears and steadying his right hand with his left. He fills out the last letters of his name.

A chill spreads through him, icy cold, like falling into the waters of a wintry lake.

It takes hold of his limbs first. The quill falls out of his spasming grip, and then the cold spreads to his aching heart, but it does not soothe the pain. It is as though the pain has hardened, has been frozen out of him, it is searing through him; breath-stopping agony, and then–

Robin’s brow knits together, and he looks down at his hand, unclenching it slowly, reaching for the quill and returning it to its owner with careful control of every action.

Why are his muscles so tense? Why is his breath short? And–ouch–why are his teeth digging into his lip so hard they have almost drawn blood?

Ah. The girl. The girl he has forgotten. What was her name, again? He searches his memory curiously, but there is nothing there, nothing but the vague sense of dark hair, of a deep warm laugh. Did those things once make his stomach leap, his heart pound, his lips turn into an answering smile?

He cannot remember.

Certainly they don’t, now.

“Lovely doing business with you, Robin of Locksley,” Rumple concludes with a delighted chuckle, rolling the R. He disappears with a snap and a flurry of red.

Robin turns towards the village, dazed. Perhaps he’ll have a drink at the tavern, to stave off the odd chill that’s settled in his belly, and the loneliness that has always been the lot of Robin of Locksley.

As he pulls open the tavern door, he notices a smudge of ink on the side of his thumb. It bears the distorted shape of an R.

Something flares within him. R. Her name was–was it? It must have–

The thought slips away, too fleeting to catch, and even as he tries to cling to the memory, it flutters away, like a glint of light in rippling water.

Only the ink remains, stained onto his skin.

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about the post-azkaban sirius request, i'd really like an full imagine (if it doesn't bother you!) also sorry for replying a bit late !!!

Request: could you do a really fluffy post-azkaban sirius x reader blurb? your blog is fantastic btw💕! *I’m writing something with Sirius that I realize I’ve never done before!*


The inky darkness of the night engulfed the entire room as you slept soundly against Sirius. His arms were wound loosely around your waist and his head rested on your chest. He seemed comfortable, but the fluttering of his eyelids and the occasional catch of his breath told of unseen, upsetting memories playing inside his head.

The more he winced in his sleep, the more you stroked his hair and petted his face gently, hoping you could somehow ease his silent pain. Most night passed this way since meeting again.

Sirius’ arms suddenly jerked away from you, a terrified gasp escaping his lips. His head rose from your chest and his arms went to rub his face. He sat up with a small groan, huddling into himself, back facing you.

You sat up with him, placing a hand on his back. He was ice cold.

“Nightmares again?” You whispered, shifting to light the gas lamps at your bedside. Sirius shuddered and cleared his throat.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, nightmares again…” He stammered. You pouted your lip and crawled on your knees the short distance between you, resting your chin on his shoulder and circling his abdomen from behind him. Without looking at you, Sirius raised one hand and rubbed a thumb over your cheek. You leaned into his hand, grabbing it with one of your own and pressing a kiss to it.


“Azkaban.” He confirmed, and shuddered again. You peppered kissed on his bare shoulders, stopping at his neck and simply hugging him tighter. You felt his sigh and sink into you. “Though sometimes you’re in them too.”


“It’s one of the things I always saw when the Dementors visited me. Every day I saw your face. The last time I saw you before… before they took me away from you.”

You gasped lightly and pushed away from him, situating yourself to see his face. It brought a wave of horrible sadness to you, seeing him this way.

“You’re with me now, Sirius. That’s what matters. Never again will we be apart, I promise you.” You gushed, placing both hands on either side of his face and turning his head to look at you. A tiny smile formed on Sirius’ lips.

“I know, Y/N.” He lowered your hands from his face, placing them on his shoulders. He then took his own hands and planted them on your hips. Sirius leaned in for a kiss, which you deepened by scooting close enough to be nearly in his lap.

“They can’t get you now, Sirius. You’re safe with me, and nothing will change that. I won’t let it change.” You mumbled against his lips, opening your eyes to meet his cloudy gray ones. Sirius let a real grin light up his drawn face, making him look younger. You couldn’t help but smile back. Sirius pulled you on top of him, leaning back to scan your face with loving eyes.

“I’ve missed this. The worst thing about Azkaban was that there were no women that looked like you do.”

“Other women?” You raised your eyebrows quizzically. Sirius rolled his eyes.

“Of course, none could compete with you.” He winked. Now it was your turn to roll your eyes.

“So if there was a woman that looked like me, you would have been fine?” You feigned annoyance. Sirius barked out a laugh and kissed you again. You were happy to dismiss his words and curl your fingers around his long, raven locks.

“I love you, and only you, Y/N. Promise.” Sirius finally told you, eyes glinting slyly. You jumped off him and back into the covers.

“Come here.” You patted the spot next to you. Sirius gave you a childish smile with his eyes closed and found his way back to you, his body fully on yours, head on your stomach and arms around your thighs. You giggled softly; he used to sleep like this back before everything went to hell.

“I love you, Y/N.” Sirius sighed, kissing your legs absently. You stroked his hair softly again, loving the intimacy you were able to share with the man again.

“And I love you, Sirius.” You flipped the light off, once more shrouded in darkness. This time, Sirius was still the rest of the night. And the rest of the nights after that.


Thanks for the request :)

He smelled like old books and a worn leather jacket. He had a smile that lit up the dark like headlights cutting through an inky black night. His idea of fun was midnight rendezvous in abandoned buildings. He had hands that were calloused from countless adventures. Tired eyes that have seen the sunrise and turn the sky burnt orange. The boy had a knack for hooking girls and boys a like with a wink, a word and a smile. They fell for his tortured soul getup and lazy beauty. I hate to say it, but I wasn’t immune either. His voice like rain, it surrounded every inch of me and washed away the tiny imperfections of my monochrome world. He told me I was his heartbeat. I told him he was my Northern Star.
—  Constants | Kayle Marie

“Look at the three of us…Short, shorter and shortest”

Finished it. It took a lot longer then normal cause there were like…three characters to draw but I thought these three would be super interesting together. I know it’s already been mentioned that Error! and Inky would be and interesting encounter but after making my baby R00ts! I just had to draw all three of them together.. 

I’m gonna write I bit more about R00ts down below and leave a link to the first post I made. But other then that. Error belongs to @loverofpiggies and Inky belongs to @comyet and R00ts is my own.

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Ok I Just Had The Most Adorable Thought

I heard the head canon about where Inktale and ErrorTale Sans are mortal enemies because one creates and one destroys, and I thought of an AU where Inky and Error are just little kids and they are having a play date. Inky builds a cool block tower, and Error knocks it down. Inky gets a little flustered, but forgives him. So he builds another, and Error knocks it over again. OMG I’m sorry this is just too adorable/hilarious not to post. @askerrorsans @loverofpiggies @comyet


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