inanimate objects

i fell in love with a broken mirror
and i pressed my lips against cold, hard glass
the grains of the surface were clicking on teeth
and my steamy breath seeped through the cracks
With a singular shiver, my tongue touched a shard
with the tip on the edge pressing down
and the sticky-sweet iron-love taste of my blood
dripped from lips, leaving stains all around

you fell in love with a wrinkled canvas
as you wrung out all of the cinnamon stains
of ruby red paint in thick stroke stripes
and the deep colors seeped down your arms like the rain
as it stretched and was crumpled and washed and repeated
you tore with the help of your teeth
and the bitter-stiff inky-thin taste of the cloth
was spat out on the floor like a sigh of relief.

we fell in love with inanimate objects
something with some unseen need or use
and a simplistic purpose, a sense of self-being 
soon lost in the seas of the world of abuse
i was nothing but weak and corruptible
you were nothing but pain with a form
and together we were but inanimate objects
unsure of ourselves since the days we were born

chicken-fetus asked:

kurasawa and 22!! (sorry I just realized u were doing this thingy) (and I have a mighty need)

send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble

of course megan, please receive this gift. 

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

The way that the television cast light starkly against Kuramochi face, sharp lights and inky shadows, it cut the other’s profile perfectly and Sawamura couldn’t seem to pull his eyes from Kuramochi. He was drawn, captivated by the other’s visage. It wasn’t unusual for him to find his eyes stuck upon Kuramochi, it wasn’t only the other’s appearance had him awestruck, there were a lot of things about Kuramochi that inspired and caught him. Although it was simply that appearance that had captured him then. 

“You’re doing that thing again,” Kuramochi murmured, not taking his eyes off the screen. 

“W-what thing?” Sawamura said, sitting bolt upright suddenly, as though he had something to hide. 

“Where you stare at me like a lost puppy,” Kuramochi smiled and it changed so much about his face.

Staring at that smile did something to Sawamura, made his chest feel hot, made his stomach feel tight and fluttery. 

“I can’t help it,” Sawamura said slowly, unable to keep the smile off his face. 

“I don’t want you to,” Kuramochi said in return, setting the controller down and turning to the other, “don’t even try.”

“Ok senpai,” Sawamura nodded and he wondered what was better: to give love or receive it, he didn’t know but he wanted to try and find out. 

“Look at the three of us…Short, shorter and shortest”

Finished it. It took a lot longer then normal cause there were like…three characters to draw but I thought these three would be super interesting together. I know it’s already been mentioned that Error! and Inky would be and interesting encounter but after making my baby R00ts! I just had to draw all three of them together.. 

I’m gonna write I bit more about R00ts down below and leave a link to the first post I made. But other then that. Error belongs to @loverofpiggies and Inky belongs to @comyet and R00ts is my own.

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Ok I Just Had The Most Adorable Thought

I heard the head canon about where Inktale and ErrorTale Sans are mortal enemies because one creates and one destroys, and I thought of an AU where Inky and Error are just little kids and they are having a play date. Inky builds a cool block tower, and Error knocks it down. Inky gets a little flustered, but forgives him. So he builds another, and Error knocks it over again. OMG I’m sorry this is just too adorable/hilarious not to post. @askerrorsans @loverofpiggies @comyet


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