A soldier threatened me for a joke on Pokémon Go

So this evening I was sitting on the stairs in front of the church of my city, like many other evenings. Tons of young people chatting and playing Pokémon Go like every other evening, nothing new. I was there with a couple of friends, too.

A soldier with a rifle walks by, patrolling the area with his partner like every other evening. He stops right behind some of us. He looks at the crowd sitting there and comments: “This is just sad. I will take a picture and post it on facebook”.
At this comment, I turn arund and jokingly say: “Please, at least censor the faces before you do”.

The man turns towards me and asks me what I mean with that. I hint at the privacy deal and he starts saying: “You know nothing about this. This is a public place, and I can take pictures of whoever I want. I know the law, so shut up”.
I ask him: “But, what if someone doesn’t want to show up on facebook in a picture taken by someone else?”.
“They can’t do anything about it” he answers, now sounding really irritated. “I know the law, I know what I’m talking about”.
I comment that then I probably knew it wrong and go back to my game. The soldier walks away, grumbling to himself.

A minute after, he is back. He stands in front of me and clasps his hands around the gun. I look at him, he looks down at me. “Say, do you have a problem?” he asks.
“What?” I say.
“Do you have a problem, here?” he insists, not even hiding the threat in his voice, his hold still tensed on the gun.
“I was just kidding…” I try to explain, but he ignores me.
“Do you have a problem maybe? If you do, I’d like to know” he keeps going on, still not relaxing the grip on the gun.

My friends repeat along with me that it was just a joke. Some other people turn to see what’s happening. After repeating his “do you have a problem” a few more times, the soldier finally leaves.
A couple of guys comes asks me what happened. I tell them, they comment: “as if they have nothing more serious to worry about”. They ask me if I’m okay, to which I answer that yes, thank you, I am fine.

But I was not. I was shaking. A soldier, someone who is SUPPOSED TO PROTECT ME, threatened me with a gun for a joke about Pokémon Go.

I get back home and tell my parents about it. Their comment?
“He was just very tensed, they have to be careful in these times. Moreover he was right about the privacy thing and this Pokémon game is really getting too popular”.

You see the point, here?

He was allowed to “joke”. To criticize me, and all those like me who were just quietly enjoying a game on a very damp summer night. Poor guy, he was tensed.
But I wasn’t allowed to joke back. I wasn’t allowed to say anything about something that was about me too, because when I tried, I got threatened instead. By someone who clearly abused of his position over me. And instead of defending me, my own parents justified him. Because “this game is too popular”. And they don’t even know what it is, how it works.

This is what happens when people feel free to criticize without even knowing what they are talking about. This is where ignorance and arrogance leads. He was justified because I was playing Pokémon Go.

Now I’m the one scared of walking around my city and meeting him again. But I want this story to go viral. So that, when everybody will know about it, HE will be the one being scared to walk around, because everyone will know about how he behaved. He will feel just as vulnerable as I did this evening.

Being quiet about it wouldn’t do me any good. Silence only supports abuse - and I am certainly not going to.

Thanks to whoever read this.

I’d rather live a life knowing that I tried to spread a compassionate message that people were inconvenienced by than not stand up to injustice because it’s ‘annoying’ for others 

this tweet is coming from his bands official twitter.

here’s a link to the tweet: https://twitter.com/sonsoaif/status/758106266761826304

also, before y'all cancel ezra pls read the article, watch the entirety of the film and watch the bts at the bottom of the article first. ezra has been a black lives matter ally, his bands instagram/twitter consistently posts about blm, and together they collectively march in protests. add to that, sol guy, the co director is a black man as well as a blm activist. I really doubt that he would allow or partake in anything that sympathizes with darren wilson or promotes blue lives matter. at the end of the video, after hearing his shit story, you see that wilson is sitting in front of a mirror rehearsing and practicing his lies before the actual interview. so, their goal was not to focus on darren but instead, shine light on a system that allows violence/injustice to continue and how the U.S. as a whole responds to it.

here’s a link to the article: https://tribecafilm.com/stories/the-truth-according-to-darren-wilson-a-narrative-ferguson-mike-brown

here’s a link to some blm posts the band made: https://twitter.com/hsalfrellim/status/758082983324708865

however, all things considered, I do I understand if you are upset bc that is completely within your rights and bounds.

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to join in the complaints about lack of accommodation in bra shopping lol. im a 32ddd and im v young and im constantly getting unwanted stares, plus it's nearly impossible to find a good supportive bra (and totally impossible to find a bathing suit) bc u either have a small waist and small boobs or a large waist and large boobs (at least according to fashion) and so I can't even shop for plus sized bras/swim and it hurts so much. (but I still understand my non-plus-size privilege)

Basically in general one of the most awkward things in the world is finding properly fitting bras, I feel like all us boob owners are just pissed at this point about the injustice for pretty much of bra sizes when it comes to finding properly fitting, nice bras and then having to pay god awful amounts for the few bras you can get to fit!


Please make this go viral. This is what’s happening in my state right now. The bill was passed almost unanimously. You may view it here : http://www.ncleg.net/gascripts/BillLookUp/BillLookUp.pl?Session=2015&BillID=h972


Motivated by the controversial police officer-involved shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota, and the terror in Texas that unfolded after a Black Lives Matter march, Gov. Pat McCrory signed the Body Cam bill into law.

Related story: North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper says body camera law needs fixing

McCrory signed House Bill 972 on Monday afternoon.

The new law details who can view and obtain footage from body and dashboard camera. The footage is no longer public record.

If you are in the video, either your image or your audio, you can request the file. The request could be denied, however, and then you’ll have to take the fight to Superior Court.

McCrory says technology can mislead and misinform.

“My goal is to protect those who protect us,” he said.

The Governor believes the legislation is fair for everyone.

“It’s better to have rules and guidelines with all this technology than no rules and guidelines whatsoever,” said McCrory.

The ACLU of North Carolina calls the legislation “shameful.”

“Body cameras should be a tool to make law enforcement more transparent and accountable to the communities they serve, but this shameful law will make it nearly impossible to achieve those goals,” said Susanna Birdsong, Policy Counsel for the ACLU of North Carolina. “People who are filmed by police body cameras should not have to spend time and money to go to court in order to see that footage. These barriers are significant and we expect them to drastically reduce any potential this technology had to make law enforcement more accountable to community members.”

The Governor’s Office would not comment on the criticism.

The law goes into effect Oct. 1.

Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison is backing McCrory’s move. He says what law enforcement encounters in the field is not for everyone’s eyes.

“A lot of groups think we should show everything from start to finish and we just can’t do it,” said Harrison. “They think we’re trying to hide something and that’s not what it is. But if we go into a house for a domestic (assault) and if the wife has been assaulted has been unclothed, we don’t want that on YouTube. We don’t want that out there.”

McCrory took another step Monday to protect officers. He established the Blue Alert System, which is to help catch anyone who intends on attacking or harming a public safety officials.




Within 24 hours two black men were murdered by police officers. #AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile join a long list of black people in America whose seemingly mundane actions have led, inevitably, to their deaths from hands of the police, vigilantes empowered by police, or white supremacists tacitly enabled by the criminal justice system.