jungkook hates jimin pt. 36839349597

it seems like its that time AGAIN that i have to make another compilation about how much jungkook hates jimin.

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every time i see them together i think of the song i hate you. i hate you eh eeeh~ NOT

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L O O K at jungkook for real. he gets so SHY around jimin it makes me wanna squeal at how cute he is and pinch his cheeks and tease him about his GIANT CRUSH on his jiminie-hyung

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i LOVE how jungkook just lets things slip sometimes. ‘jimin has pretty eyes’, ‘jimin’s sexy’, ‘jimin’s handsome’ excuse me while i go sob about that in a corner

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i would like to point out the fact that he’s touching jimin’s waist. thanks.

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be more obvious jungkookie why don’t you. he’s staring at jimin as he…does whatever he does. what do i even call that, idk im a bit incoherent.

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oh look! jungkook hovering over jimbles again what else is new

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ok im sorry but this was the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. how jungkook moved the darts to the centre for jimin. do you hear distant screaming? that would be me.

look at him, he doesn’t even find whatever jimins laughing at funny. 

(x) why is he like this? why does he laugh when he sees jimin laugh? 

I’VE NEVER SEEN SOMEONE SO OBVIOUSLY IN LOVE. URGH, *insert jackson’s that’s cute gif here*

(x) he’s staring at jimin…while i sit here in a puddle of my own tears bc i’ve been crying about the fact that he’s sooooo in love with jimin.

(x) if you thought i was gonna skip over this…think again. why does jungkook look so possessive? why is he touching jimin’s nipple? why is jimin sitting on his lap? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SMIRK JUNGKOOKIE, HUH?

ok ngl, sometimes i get second-hand embarrassment from jungkook’s awkwardness. what the hell is that ‘ah~’ as he stares at jimin? 

im sorry but jungkook’s thirsty af. he’s totally staring at the jibooty while licking his lips. THE DUDE IS PARCHED. 

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look at the boyfriends and their twitter vid. …how cute

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why are you looking down at jimin’s chest jungkook?

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I HATE THIS SO MUCH. I HATE IT. jungkook is so obvious im gonna go sob into my pillow over how in love he is.

(x) jungkook has absolutely zero control over his face whenever jimins concerned. his eyes are half lidded, his gaze sweeps up and down jimin. i dont even know what to say. 

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when i look at jikook moments, i feel like im intruding on a private moment. it feels like i shouldnt be seeing some of their moments. you know what i mean? 

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are they aware of the fact that they are being filmed? that they are surrounded by their idol peers? i dont think they really care.

(x) jungkook is like the definiton of heart eyes when he stares at jimin.

(x) this is old but im including it anyway. i would like to point out the fact that he’s staring at jimin. pls do describe this expression to me. bedroom eyes? i think yes. his eyes are all half-lidded and shit.

(x) pls observe how jungkook stares at jimin all heart eyes emoji like and then gets caught then gets shy/awkward and fiddles with his hair. he’s literally the definition of a guy with a gigantic crush.

(x) pls go watch this bomb again. jimin was being a huge tease and jungkook got visibly flustered. poor baby bun couldn’t even keep eye contact with jimin. notice how he GULPS when jimin touches his arm. 

conclusion: they are in love with each other and are boyfriends

i dont own anything. links to the original posts are under each one.

Dear Miss Grant,

I thought you’d appreciate a little formality in my correspondence, rather than my usual incoherent babbling that “sets your teeth on edge,” I believe you put it once.  No?  Okay then.  Full Sunny Danvers it is.  I will remind you (gently) that you asked for the whole story, adjectives and all.

How did it feel?  Seeing my name in print, seeing something I created, a story that I got to tell, be put out there for the world to see?

Oh, Miss Grant…  It felt like I might fly right out of my shoes (which is ridiculous because, of course, I can’t fly).  It felt like a hundred fireworks went off inside my chest.  It felt like every tiny piece of me that had ever seemed fractured or scattered or stretched all came home all at once.  My heart raced, my head tingled.  It felt like someone filled me full of happy bees.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to kiss someone or cry.

Does it always feel like this?

You joke about me being a shark expert, but I actually do have a couple of follow-ups planned about the effect on the surfing culture and how local beachside businesses struggle with the bad publicity.   You could say Newport Beach is my new “beat.”  And word on the street is your beloved Supergirl is afraid of sharks.

Because you asked so nicely, I snuck Winn into CatCo and had him hack Snapper’s email preferences and disable his bcc functionality.  I’d say it’s only a temporary fix, but Snapper has particular disdain for all technology and will likely never figure out how to restore it.  I’m keeping a list of potential blackmail on him.  I think it would make you proud.

Say ‘hi’ to Adam for me, or maybe that’s a bad idea.  Oh, and tell Carter I caught a Dratini on my last hike.  He’ll know what it means.

If I tell you James has completely redecorated your office and covered it in Metropolis Meteors memorabilia, would you come back sooner?  I know, I know, you’re still available to me… but it isn’t the same.

I promise to be extra irritating the next time I see you.

Travel safe,

P.S.  I didn’t blub… and I promised I’d pay to have that jacket dry-cleaned.

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Fic title: wait, what do you mean you got a kid?

*giggles* come to think of it, I haven’t actually done an adoption au yet. must fix. 
edit: whoa maybe we shouldn’t have done that. what. idk what happened here. 

“Wait, what do you mean you got a kid?” 

Rex glared at the phone a moment before he realised two things: one, that it didn’t actually help him see Cody’s face; two, he was missing the - probably perfectly reasonable - explanation. Half asleep as he was, it took him a moment to figure out what to even do with that information. 

“- nearly bit the dumb bastard’s ear off. Anyway he’s a spitfire, you’ll like him.” 


“Gotta go, Rex, I’ll see you at work.” 

Rex growled something incoherent even to himself and probably unfriendly, but the line had already disconnected. Well, that was just lovely. His oldest brother was going to adopt a kid. Who had - almost bitten someone’s ear off? He couldn’t have heard that correctly. 

Anyway, he didn’t have that much time to ponder it. A scalding coffee and two shirts later he was out the door and in his car, still swearing but properly awake at least. That wasn’t really the intended mode of use for caffeine, but it worked. Another fifteen minutes and he was just outside Captain Fett’s office. 

When Rex finally gets through 9am traffic to the precinct, his older brother Captain Fett is sitting at his desk like their morning conversation never even happened. Except that it’s eerily quiet. Almost like Cody’s making an effort to make no sudden movements. Rex is also a little surprised that Cody, always professional at work, seems to be deliberately informal. He’s even telling Rex inane stuff, like how he’s going to stop for groceries on the way home. 

It’s weird until Cody asks him if he can introduce someone. That must be the kid he was talking about, Rex figures, as Cody waves him around the desk. So he carefully edges around until he can just see - 

A red-headed kid, nose in a book, sitting plumb on the floor with his back against the drawers of Cody’s desk, leaving him effectively hidden. 

At first blush, it seems like they’re dealing with a kid who ran off from a foster home. But as they start digging a little deeper, they discover Obi-Wan’s foster parents went missing a few months ago. Obi-Wan doesn’t talk about it much, but what they can get from him is that he was with someone - maybe an older brother? - by the name of Xan. Only, Xan got sick and they had to slow down and stay in the city a little longer. They thought they were okay, but someone found them and they got separated - 

And that’s how Cody found Obi-Wan fighting to bite a guy’s ear off. 

Not having much to go on, they start looking for this Xan character, though neither Cody nor Rex really trust that he had the kid’s best interests in mind. But their job is finding people, and eventually they track Xan down at a hospital, where - oh heck yes is he sick, poor kid’s got pneumonia - and looks like he had a run-in with a few rather large-sized fists. 

Xan’s not a minor - he’s just over twenty-one. Actually, for the last year and a half he’s been struggling to pay off his father’s debt, which was incurred through a serious gambling habit he’d tried to satisfy at the wrong establishment. Xan, on the other hand, is better at gambling - he counts cards, for one thing. But since he’s trying to win his dad’s debt back at the same establishment, that doesn’t actually help. They let him think he’s getting away with it for a little while, then they start pulling him into their - obviously - shady business. (when did this become a poker movie au)

Among other things, these guys are into breaking and entering and burgling. Xan’s usually on lookout. He gets a bad feeling about the whole thing when it turns out they’re heading for his neighbourhood. He figures, if it’s his guardian’s house (he’s been living with Qui-Gon, Micah, and Tahl while his dad is supposed to be working on the gambling habit) - then at least most likely no one is home at this time of day. Then he realises it’s not his home they’re going to, and he’s relieved for all of five minutes. 

But it has to be one time a job goes badly sideways - the owners are home when they’re not supposed to be, and Xan sees this kid he’s babysat before walking up the street towards him. And realises he knows this house. And makes a split second decision of - okay well distraction needed let’s get out of here. And then about half an hour later he realises oh shoot I can’t actually go back there at all. 

So he does his best and keeps running. 

It’s nice when you actually get your head straight and ask for help though. Which is what Cody and Rex are there for, and they’re very good at their jobs. Within a handful of months they dismantle the illegal gambling ring. Cody and Rex get to know Obi-Wan, and if they were half-serious about adopting the little fireball to begin with, now Cody is absolutely set on it. On a hint from Obi-Wan, they call Qui-Gon and tell him where to find Xan. Qui-Gon - no small surprise - is a professor of game theory. Though no particular friend of Crion’s, he and Micah and Tahl were close enough with Xan’s mother to offer to give him a place to stay when Crion ran into trouble. 

Qui-Gon had been especially hard-hit by Xan’s disappearance, as the kid had been his protégé of sorts. Xan had always had better rapport with Professor Jinn than with anyone else in the house, though Tahl was often the one to help him out of his worse moods. He could be unkindly snappish without realising. 

But when Qui-Gon comes to find Xan and ask him to come home, Qui-Gon also has the pleasure of meeting Obi-Wan, and takes a liking to the kid immediately. Which is how Obi-Wan suddenly ended up with a much larger family than originally intended. 

for the fic title meme

Not only is his sentence incoherent. He clearly acknowledged he knew he was over my age limit. I think he was acting as if one year gave him a pass. I don’t care if it’s 10minutes older than 24 you can fuck off.

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Tyler visiting blur at the crack house one day and finds him overdosed on heroin and mumbling incoherently w wide eyes and twitching features

he keeps asking whos taking care of him, whos gonna help him? bt the bosses completely dismiss him so tyler practically abandons his mission t lift blurry up into his car an take him home an of course tys taken th time t train josh on this stuff so th second hes inside joshs plunging sme syringe into blurrys chest as ty pets his sweaty hair an soothes him bes he can until hes asleep restlessly gripping them both

an in th dim light of th apartment they cn clearly see needle punctures an bruises an cuts an the nastiest most uncared for wounds thatve been inflicted on this poor boy an tyler an josh kinda make a secret promise that theyre never letting this baby get hurt like that again

mad with the tempo of an incoherent life

one night I dreamt you reached for me

you told me to find another world to

abandon the one I was born in and we once shared

I have been looking for words in the cavern of a desert

                                                                       since that time

in the distance of disquiet

I will pursue the dark sentience of my heart

“      oh…hey.      ”      such an awkward greeting for siblings and ( ex )   lovers. but, the only things these days she’s good at talking about with him are their daughters. he’s easy to distract with the girls. two of which are babbling adorable and incoherent on the blanket, gnawing on toys. “      i can’t believe how big they’ve gotten.     ”    @wcyfaringstranger

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I have a few confessions and questions to ask you (please don't hate me) When I see that you post I feel like you're a celeb and you just hugged me. When you answer me as anon I feel so happy that I just die. I love your outro/intro music when I log onto this site. (WALK INTO THE CLUB LIKE WHAT UP I'M IN RAVEN'S ROOM) Totally making a poem about that for you. And (if you don't mind me asking), are you straight?? I'm bi and I think I like you.. Sorr if that sounds weird. You're awesome, Raven. :)

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*sputters incoherent nonsense* I-I’m so flattered! I’m so happy rn! HUGS! (Also I think I’m bi, all i know is I like girls, not sure bout guys yet) It’s not weird! Let’s message some time, dude! (I promise i’m super chill, dude. Ask anyone) I’m just some random Texan teen who happens to write tickle fanfiction. No need to see me as a celebrity! See ya in the messaging thingy!!!

Holy crap!!! You guys!! Did you know that Blue had a baby brother named Sprinkles??? Freaking SPRINKLES!?

I’m… I’m about to pass out.. he’s so cute… I.. I have to draw him immediately right now .. according to his wiki hes very shy… We need to protect him..

Meanwhile in the Band Room at Any Given Moment: Band Senior, Sobbing About Something
  • band senior, sobbing:my last time empTYING MY SPIT ONTO THIS FLOOR
  • band senior, sobbing:my last time getTING STUCK WITH THE SHITTY STAND
  • band senior, sobbing:my last time conSIDERING KILLING ALL THE TRUMPETS WITH A MALLET
  • band senior, sobbing:my last time beiNG WHACKED IN THE HEAD WITH A TROMBONE SLIDE