Presenting the Jemma Simmons lovewich in which you can not mention it without the agents of shield fandom bursting into isolable tears and incoherent rambling. Proscuito and buffalo mozzarella sandwich with a hint of pesto aioli. And GODDAMIT, after so many references to this damn thing, I had to make it to see how it instils such bravery in leo fitz.

Dan Howell and Phil Lester

Their friendship makes me smile and cry simultaneously. I may not ship Phan more than simply platonic or ironically, but I do recognize the unfathomable beauty of their friendship. I wish more people would stop blathering incoherently about “Phan being real” and just appreciate what genuine friends they are. Please don’t misunderstand, I don’t intend to disrespect the Phandom, and I do believe that, if it were legitimate, Phan would be the cutest couple that has ever existed. However, it just seems that nobody is satisfied until they “admit it and come out of the closet”. I find myself guilty of making “Phil Tops” and “Heart Eyes Howell” jokes ironically sometimes, but considering it “phan proof” is substantially misinterpreting the situation. Making physical or eye contact with your best friend does not count as being married. I just wish that the Phandom would take a moment and aww in wonder at the gorgeous friendship they already share instead of their nonexistent relationship. Do I believe they love each other? Of course! But if you’d like to tell me that you do not love your best friend, I’d have the misfortune of being obligated to inform that you don’t really have one. 

When INTPs are particularly excited, the conversation can border on incoherence as they try to explain the daisy-chain of logical conclusions that led to the formation of their latest idea. Oftentimes, INTPs will opt to simply move on from a topic before it’s ever understood what they were trying to say, rather than try to lay things out in plain terms.“


oh my god

I have a new blog

It’s not science related. It’s my new personal blog focusing on the following topics: film, dogs, anarchism, social/global issues, with the occasional incoherent tangent about my devastatingly drab life. I will still be posting on this one, but I wanted a place where I could discuss other topics that interest me without cluttering up my primary.

I don’t expect many you to follow it, but there is an incentive for those you considering it: you will be rewarded with my invaluable appreciation and gratitude

URL: cinematogeek


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All we need to know about Rob Zombie is *insert samples of B-Horror movies* *yells incoherently and gruffly into the microphone* and he stole half of the ex manson squad that's it.

the rob zob mob gotta stick together 

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Your tags give me life XD

I’m glad!! Mostly my tags are just me trying to be funny while making this face.

or else…incoherent screaming. I have a lot of feelings about the amazing fanart on this site.

incoherent ramblings re: romantic attraction & aro/greyromanticism (Part 1)

There’s been some discussion lately puzzling romantic attraction / aromanticism / greyromanticsm. It’s a discussion that interests me personally. And a lot of it revolves around the question, “WTF is romantic attraction?”

I’m in a really strange position in this conversation. Because I’m aroace AND I’ve unambiguously experienced romantic attraction ( and therefore know what romantic attraction feels like ). But that doesn’t actually clarify things.

I have a few things to say– none of which are especially well-baked, but I’m just going to put them out there as is. This part is about being both aromantic and greyromantic.

TLDR: I’m aromantic AND I’ve experienced romantic attraction. People can be both aromantic and greyromantic. Sometimes greyromantic is a version of aromantic. But sometimes they’re different things and being both is about having 2 distinct sets of tools to approach things in different ways depending on what’s important in the situation.

Coming up in “incoherent ramblings that might or might not interest anyone”:

  • Trying to describe romantic attraction ( without a definiton )
  • Romantic attraction vs. romantic relationship ( and romantic feelings)

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I really feel scared about posting this but here I go anyway. This is me right after an adrenal crash. Look pretty healthy, right? No one would ever guess I was convulsing and speaking incoherently just an hour ago. I have severe adrenal insufficiency, hypothyroidism, and pcos, all of which are genetically influenced and different from other cases. But it’s all invisible and to most I’m just normal. Yet here I am unable to work, cook, or do daily activities most take for granted. And because of my lack of movement and medication I’ve also gained weight and developed stretch marks. I’ve lost a lot of self esteem due to losing independence and being unable to look my best. Usually I don’t post pics without makeup or my hair done, I absolutely hate what this illness has made of me. But I’m doing it now because I want to find beauty in my illness. I want to love and accept myself at my worst. And I hope others can do the same. We spoonies are strong and so beautiful. Our bodies can stop us a lot but they’ll never take away our love, hope, and strength. #noshameday

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so I know you are not a big fan of Laurel's character but tell me do you see how incoherent is to almost force her presence in every "team arrow" scene and fight only to completely ignore her in the big story lines like roy's goodbye and oliver in nanda parbat (this last is justified bc surely she'll have a plot with nyssa and/or ray)

this is exactly what makes her character ridiculous. That and the decisions they make. 

People can ran about Felicity being Oliver’s love interest and being a Mary sue and what not [LIES] but the truth is Laurel is a reactive character that’s moulded to fit the show rather than have her fit IN it as she is. Also the creative decisions they make for her character…. just no.

And this is the least offensive way I can think of saying that.

PS: “not a big fan of Laurel’s” is an understatement. I am not a fan of Laurel. Period. [I used to be. Not anymore]


Chapter Four: Dead Body Hunting…..Again (Coming Soon) 

I shook myself out of my thoughts as I watched Stiles lean against a counter, mumbling something incoherent under his breath before walking up to someone. I leaned over in my seat to get a better look, it was Lydia. Her brown eyes spotted me and she smiled at me. I gave a small wave in her direction before noticing the small blue tooth in her ear. I stifled a laugh as Stiles awkwardly leaned against the wall.

“Hey, Lydia.” Stiles said. “You probably don’t remember me, um, I sit behind you in biology.”

I covered my mouth with my hand as I watched Lydia twirl her strawberry blonde hair on her finger, her facial expressions making it look like she was listening.

Stiles blinked a couple of times, “Uh, anyways I always thought we had this kind of connection. You know, unspoken, of course. Maybe, it’d be kind of cool to get to know each other a little better.”

“Hold on. Give me a second.” Lydia told the person on the other end of her call before taking the bluetooth out of her ear.

I watched as Stiles’ hopeful look faded into an embarrassed expression and a blush made its way onto his cheeks.

“Yeah, I didn’t get any of what you just said. Is it worth repeating?” Lydia asked.

Stiles chuckled nervously before taking a seat next to me, “Uh, No. Sorry. I’m gonna sit. You don’t care.”

“Smooth move.” I said, chuckling as Stiles picked up a pamphlet on the Menstrual Cycle. “So, when are you due to get your period?”

“Ha ha. Shut up.” Stiles replied sarcastically, opening up the pamphlet. 

“If you haven’t noticed Stiles, she’s dating Jackson. And from what she’s told me, she loves him a lot.” I explained, gesturing to the couple making out in front of us as we spoke. “Have you ever thought about expanding your horizons beyond Lydia?”

Stiles shrugged a little, a small smile forming on his face. “There is this one girl I really like, she’s absolutely beautiful. But she’d never go for someone like me.”

“Oh. Is she like your second choice or something?” I asked, feeling slightly upset that he’s never told me before.

He shook his head, “No, no. I’ve liked her for a while now. But, I know she doesn’t like me back, so I figured I’d take my chances with Lydia.”

“How do you know she doesn’t like you back? Did you tell her you have feelings for her?”

“I, uh, no. There’s really no point in telling her though, she doesn’t like me like that anyway.” Stiles replied, his eyes widening slightly.