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hey, wanna give me a mini primer on jo/nate? because i see you post a lot about it and i wanna know more!

Ohhhh man anon okay buckle in. A primer on the history of Jonathan Drouin and Nathan Mackinnon, ex-teammates, best friends, and soulmates.

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Thoughts on the Grammys

First, the Grammys are a bourgeois spectacle, much like all similar award shows, but the cultural impact of the same cannot be denied either and to reject the primacy of the Grammys is not enough to show the manner in which the often-incoherent categorical striations award positionality most of all, and so one can pick a “deserving” Grammy winner without making the ontic commitment signified by full investment in the award(s)

Where the fuck is Frank? This better be some kind of trick to Taylor Swift him into the 2018 Grammys so he doesn’t have to compete with Lemonade because there are so many profoundly undeserving entries on these lists that the notion he was completely ignored is unconscionable. I could be getting my dates wrong, but does it really matter? Time doesn’t exist, Time Magazie fucking sucks, and Frank’s album stands on its own all the same. 

By far, Lemonade is the most important album of 2016, both aesthetically and in its reception, to deny that is to deny that Beyoncé performed in Black Panther inspired outfits at the 50th Super Bowl, to deny that it was one of the most important megacultural phenomena in a year full of them, to deny that it transcends category even within the incoherence of the Grammys. That albums are so often touted as spanning multiple genres, while in fact staying within a rather mundane fusion of half-genres, is so defiantly avoided by Beyoncé, whose entries into a given genre within the Grammy framework are in fact fully realized within the confines of that genre. “Daddy Lessons” was well at home in the CMA’s award show lineup, and “Don’t Hurt Yourself” had Jack White sounding genuinely invigorating in 2016 which is not an easy task. The Beyhive transcended itself this year specifically because for all their spectacular performative posturing, the album they stood with was defiantly outstripping just about every release throughout the entire year. Beyonce revolutionized the VMAs with what can only be considered a live music video, was part of large and ongoing series of debates about feminist, female, and woman’s performativity, and while her own politics amounted to rather little, one would be remiss to ignore that it was the same year that Judith Butler released an interview where one of her most important books for radical political action was alongside an endorsement of voting for Clinton strategically. Just as visiting Butler’s 2000 work in Contingency Hegemony Universality shows her support of Clinton as contextualized within a deep lack of faith in the political structure that allows Clinton to be a candidate or even a meaningful figure, seeing where Lemonade fits along Beyonce’s development as an artist shows a radicality in her music and aesthetics that may not be matched by her own politics but that all the same cannot be denied for its larger importance. 

I want Chance to win a Grammy just to see his reaction. 

To return to the incoherence of the category, that Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool and Bon Iver’s 22, A Million are forced to compete with David Bowie’s corpse is an example of how the categorical divide between “alternative” and “rock” is squarely situated in a specific turn of the 1990s and moreover is a divide that cannot be fixed within the context of the Grammys, as it would require either a schizoanalytic resizing of the awards or a complete erasure of one of the two categories that would result in oppositions too difficult to determine, even for an awards show as well-versed in shortchanging artists as the Grammys. Frankly, dying was the best work Bowie did all year and it would be hard to put his album above either 22, A Million or A Moon Shaped Pool let alone both in one award. Consider this a preemptive statement of dissatisfaction toward whichever one is shortchanged and more generally toward the way that perfectly good filler spots were not given to Bowie’s corpse to silence dadrock whiners. 

Best Rap Album is a category out of touch with what most fans of rap are actually listening to, although not as horribly as in previous years. My own loyalty to Drake makes me happy to see Views getting a nomination but if it wins it will be a rather upsetting turn. The Life Of Pablo is by far the album that most represents 2016 from the category, with or without Kanye’s public grandstanding and turn toward post-postmodernity in character and musical accomplishment. For all the ills he has done, The Life Of Pablo is all but undeniable as a phenomenally constructed album, the completion of what was begun on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and continued through six years of living. 

Twenty One Pilots being nominated for a Grammy is So 2016, being nominated for two is Way Too Much

That it did not get a nomination for album or record of the year is a grave mistake, and again the presence of Views is rather unnerving given that it was more for Drake fans than anyone else, and seems like a strange choice even more than a bad one. Purpose getting due credit is a wonderful moment given that it was a genuinely solid album, both within pop and on its own.

Beyoncé should sweep, any award she is nominated for that she does not win is a genuinely incorrect choice insofar as any can be considered correct. 

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Is it a trait to mumble constantly and to sometimes trip over you words so that comes out is incoherent almost like stuttering nut not really??



more dumb yelling, gonna be more incoherent than last time though

I kinda just like to type thoughts up, but I put them under the keep reading cause I don’t want people to read it and get mad. These are thoughts I have not a researched essay lol.

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I forget how incredibly recommendable the first Rustlemania is.

I’ve been going through it scouring for mediocre content to give you all while I study, and every once and a while, at least once an episode, Matt, Pat, and Woolie will all scream at the top of their lungs about

A) the stupidest shit
B) the hypest shit

tl:dr watch Rustlemania. I can’t quote incoherent screams of hype.

-Mod Brando

Like, do liberals ever process failure?

When their collective politics spectacularly fall short of meeting their stated goals, do they see that as them having failed?

Because I’m not convinced they do.

Liberal incrementalism has basically made the idea of failure incoherent because they assume EVERYTHING will work in their favor, if just given enough time. So, when their policies fail, when their tactics fail, when their adherence to their idealistic worldview leads to the harm and death of others, they can simply shrug their shoulders, pat themselves on the back and say, “Oh well, we did our best, and we’ll do our best tomorrow, until things change” without ever contemplating whether what they consider their best is actually capable of enacting that change.

ps spoiler warning whoops





















*violent sobbing*

((ps. fun thing i randomly thought of lmao (^:
((someone taking like a piece of mistletoe and tucking it behind their ear or smth
((for the neck smoochies (^;

anyways god bless you and your beautiful writing, you’re doing gods work you are my dude


ah! im the anon w the alex and john one!! i dont have a blog sry ,, but!! how abt the leatherjacket s/o gets in a fight w charles lee and gets beat up,, but!! alex and john find em and take care of em.. aah im sorry

boss’ memo : don’t be sorry, dear anon!! s’my fault i didn’t read your request properly the first time! and i took so long on this request, too…
also ! i try not to demonize any character too much, ah–

pairing : john/reader/alex
tw : injuries!
word count : 422
AU : some form of school au, possibly high school?

eyes averted, you mumble incoherently under your breath as john places a cool cloth–ice cubes wrapped in a paper towel, you think–to your busted lip. he’s gentle, but you feel his judgemental eyes on you. alexander, crouched beside you, is frowning and wrapping the knuckles of your right hand. your left hand clenches into the wood of the bench you’re sitting on.

alexander opens his mouth, but john narrows his eyes at him before a single word even leaves it, eyes darting towards you.

alex thinks he’s being sly when he mouths, ‘hold him to it,’ at john, who’s eyes darken.

how nice, they’re thinking of getting him back.

(it’s not really nice. the fight is over.)

while their protectiveness is nice and all, you’d rather john not get into a fight. though you’re fairly sure he’d have no problem in beating charles lee–the other resident hothead who’d you just finished scuffling with until a stern looking burr had separated you with the aid of john. the last thing you’d want to do is have washington get upset at you because you were found fighting. you already had a bit of a reputation…

eying john and alex’s interaction and scowling, you finally remark, “hey. don’t go out attacking anyone. it’s already been settled.”

“okay, but have you considered the fact that he hit you?” john asks, levelling you with a look. you huff at him in response.

“we’re both hot-headed. it’s over, john.” turning your gaze to alexander, you simply state, “alex.”

“should’ve intervened earlier–that idiot can’t ever keep his mouth shut…” alex grumbled, before taking a breath. “i mean, some part of me knows that you’re right in what you’re saying right now, but i don’t really want to drop it. m’upset.”

john takes over, takes a wet wipe to your arms–there’s scratches on there.

“i mean, i should tell washington about this, shouldn’t i? so lee’s kicked from the team?” alex asks, though it’s not really a question.

sighing, you shake your head and lean forward–john meets you halfway, conscious of you wounds as he kisses you. you have to admit–john’s got surprisingly soft lips. as you pull away, you’re nearly toppled over by alex, who can’t resist pecking john’s temple as he leans over him and kisses you himself, pulling back to say, “you shouldn’t have to fight.”

“i know.”

“as long as you come back to us safe, that would be enough,” john replies, a knowing smile on his face as you roll your eyes at him.

Michael After Midnight: Saving Christmas

I never in my life thought I’d see a Christmas movie as absolutely awful as Christmas with the Kranks. And guess what: I haven’t. I have not seen a Christmas movie as bad as that. I have seen a Christmas movie even worse. There’s no surprise what it is; you can see the title, and the image. This is Kirk fucking Cameron’s Saving Christmas, or as I like to call it, “Kirk Cameron’s Raping Christmas,” because that’s basically what he does through the whole fucking runtime of the movie: he violates this holiday, common sense, and the very concept of entertainment to deliver some poorly-researched incoherent blather about the most wonderful time of the year.

Now, this is supposed to be a faith-based mockumentary, but… I don’t know, some of this seems a little too earnest to me, though there is plenty of outright ludicrous bullshit to balance things out. This film is a hard one to really figure out tonally, but I suppose I’ll have to try, starting with the story: Kirk Cameron loves Christmas. Kirk’s brother-in-law does not. Kirk Cameron goes out to the car his brother-in-law has holed up in and ‘obliterates’ his ‘arguments’ on how Christmas is bad using his own brand of ‘logic.’ And yes, those quotations are absolutely necessary, for a variety of reasons.

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A step by step guide (probably won’t go falter unless I’m in the trifles of hell ((school)) )
0.5. Tag me like 7 times
1. Set up a pentagram and place a picture of Ritsu with glasses on it. Surround pentagram with jpeg images of pineapples (reference here)
2. Light a tea candle and whisper “fuckin Ritsu” while trembling vigorously
3. On a piece of paper write down these exact words: “Dynasty Scans has released a new Mitsu doujin. And it’s tagged under romance”
4. Witness me burst through your/the discords wall like the koolaid man screaming incoherently about mitsu and searching for glasses Ritsu

okeYA that’s pretty much it

like the question “are you closeted” is entirely incoherent to me. i have friends im out too who ignore that i came out, family im out to as gay family who think im cishet family who knows i like to wear skirts but take a liberal “destroy gender rules not identity” approach to it. im pretty integrated into my countrys leftist scene where im out except sometimes i get scared and pretend to be cis. maybe… the closet is a homophobic construction which denies the complexity of gay and trans experinces which we have no place redeploying.