twelfth house planets have a difficult time telling us about themselves. the language is incoherent. its an untamed force. they are spirits spinning chaotically in the universal psychic current, containing archetypal inheritance, soul memory, and emotion. the 12th house is fragment of dream, and this is why we all return to the sea of pisces. at the end of the seasonal zodiac carousel awaits the 12th house, the invisible winter, self ingression, the days are shorter and the nights are longer. flowers are wilting. 12th house destruction emerges from unconscious resevoirs, an immutable longing for escape and to provide a reality of existence 

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Shawn post snaps of you doing simple things like cleaning the house or doing dishes or simply putting away laundry and he just loves it


[first snap: you’re driving with the windows down, singing along to the new single he just released loud and off-key. he’s laughing lightly at you from behind the camera, and you get a smile on your face when you hear his breathy giggle.]

“You snapping me Mendes?” 

“Course I am, baby, your singing’s just too good to not share.” 

[second snap: you’re playing with his little cousin and she’s babbling incoherently at you, so you just make up bits of conversation to go along with it.]

*baby blabble*

“The Great Gatsby? Yes, I do think Daisy symbolizes the theme of money can’t buy you happiness. Great point.”

*more baby blabble*

“Eh, I was never really a Blues Clues fan as a kid. But if you are then I guess it’s good enough for me.”

*even more baby blabble*

“Oh, mhmm. Shawn is a weird boy. Get yourself one of those normal boys, one that won’t snap you when you’re just trying to live your life.”

Chapter 74 is not very good in the draft. It’s one of the most prominent places where my inability to keep up with the character development during NaNo is noticeable; the mood and the way things play out just don’t make any sense given what just happened in the past few chapters, and I knew that when I was writing it but I didn’t have time to get properly into it. I think I’ll have to rewrite basically all of it from scratch.

There has also been a significant change in the setup since the draft, and I very lazily skipped over a long stretch of time that I actually want to cover in a way that builds things up better and has a bit more rising tension.

There are two scenes of nostalgic character development in the draft, which I sort of like in principle, but I’m definitely going to combine them into one, and thanks to the aforementioned character/mood issues, it’ll need a general overhaul.

And then… oh man, the last scene. I kept kind of forgetting the last scene is even in chapter 74, until now when I’m actually working on this chapter holy crap. It contains the oldest late-fic scene that’s still in the story in a mostly recognizable form and then ends on a monstrous cliffhanger. It’s all really clumsy and kludgy in the draft but I will fix it. I can’t believe this damn scene is in the next chapter I’m posting, how can that possibly be a thing, it’s been in my head for like fourteen years?? WHAT. And it begins to tease reveals, how can that be happening yet, I am going to die ohhhh my god FfFFFF

(Maybe I should just post 74 a week before 75/76; it’d probably just be cruel to leave everyone hanging on that for months.)


The Flash music: Westallen in ‘Duet’

HEY Y’ALL! Have we all recovered yet? Who’s still shook? Who already knows all the words to ‘Runnin’ Home to You’? Ha, trick question, I know everybody already knows every single note of the song already, myself included.

So I’ve been asked to talk about the music from the musical (and let’s not lie, I love it lol), and what it means for Westallen. I’m choosing to write this now because A) I met all my fuckin’ deadlines today so I actually have time to write now B) I have finally stopped fangirling over the episode enough for this to not be incoherent shrieking over all the sheer perfection.

I’m going to do this in two parts, talking about two specific moments - when Cisco vibes Iris and Mon-El to the musical world, and the proposal at the end. I doubt there are more substantial WA moments that more important than those two in this episode.

TW for Mon-El shade, because he is bland and terrible. Also, I swear a little.


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Beyblade’s a beautiful show

There’s a reason that it was the favourite show of most people at some point in their childhood (and for me, even now). Beyblade is unique in many ways. It’s diverse, it’s about friendship and about the human spirit - with underlying dark themes shown subtly throughout the anime.  

Aaaah….I don’t know what made me post this. This is such an incoherent, silly post.

Related to what i posted before, i really do feel like Mina would adopt 10 penguins and bring them to Twice’s dorm while all the members are out


Mina: *wears penguin onesie to be one with the penguin*

Mina: *learns how to speak penguin*

Mina: *does incoherent penguin noises*

Mina: ok guys, imma show u some ballet

Mina: Private, put ur chest out more. Yes like that, good boy

Mina: Skipper, ur pirouette is kind of off, i suggest doing it at 3’

Mina: *makes an igloo for her new family*

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ur asking for smut prompts so: have u written a sex pollen one yet hearts thank friend u rock

oops I meant to get more of these done but I was v distracted and now it’s bed time so I’ll put this up on AO3 tomorrow and ideally do some more of these

standard sex pollen fic disclaimer: Bellamy is under the influence of a logistically and evolutionarily incoherent plant and needs to have sex with someone and everyone is having trouble communicating about what they want and why they want it. Spoilers they are in love but don’t have sex with people who are under the influence of mind-altering substances irl

“From an evolutionary standpoint, this makes no sense,” Clarke mutters.

Bellamy is on his back on his bed with one arm over his face, breathing in and out, trying to focus on anything but his dick. He assumes Clarke is also trying not to focus on his dick, which is why she’s talking about the logic behind it. The less everyone is thinking about his dick, the better.

“Why does a plant care if you’re getting laid?” she goes on.

“I don’t think it cares about me personally.”

“You know what I mean. What’s the plant getting out of this?”

“The satisfaction of a job well done.” He huffs. He’s so fucking hard. “Did you have a plan or are you just here to commiserate? I was just going to quarantine myself until it wore off.”

There’s a pause, and he thinks about opening his eyes, but then he’d see Clarke. And just the thought of Clarke is overwhelming right now, let alone the sight of her.

As stupid decisions in his life go, this one shouldn’t have been a big deal. He was out gathering herbs, and he’s not great with herbs, but Clarke draws him what he’s looking for, and he generally finds it in the end. And he found it this time too, he just stumbled through another plant first, and got covered in some weird–plant shit. Pollen of some kind. And he started feeling hot and gross and assumed he was allergic to it, so he went back to camp, took a shower, and when he still wasn’t feeling better, went to consult Clarke, because she’d be pissed if he didn’t mention it.

It was sheer luck that Luna was around, and that when he described the plant, she recognized it.

It was the opposite of luck that she said it would cause intense, painful arousal, and if he didn’t get laid in a few hours, he’d maybe die. He’s not totally clear on the logistics of that, but apparently uncontrollable lust is supposed to get involved at some point, and Luna seemed to think he needed to fuck someone, not just jerk off, which–Clarke might have had a point about evolutionary necessity here. Why the fuck does a radioactive plant care if he ejaculates in someone? That doesn’t seem like any of his business.

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Do you guys remember .when everyone tried to be very elusive with all of their posts and just string a series of incoherent unrelated thoughts together in one post or make a long photo set of random google images. …now we all just post “im sad” a few times a day

oh my gosh

i’ve written about how i wasn’t in love with pristin’s title track “wee woo,” but i am seriously enjoying their live music show performances. they look so confident and happy and i want them to step on me i’m so proud that they’re very clearly singing live! like even if they sound a bit breathy they’re all still very stable, and i don’t think most groups (esp. when debuting!!!) sing 100% live on their first performances of a song 

and freaking BLACK WIDOW sungyeon’s cartwheel 💕 that should be illegal

and these stage outfits man pledis is investing 

ok i’m ending my incoherent fangirling sorry 

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Yudkowsky's Sequences Potter

Eliezer Yudkowsky Potter, I don’t know how the author of HPMOR even exists in this fictional J. K. Rowling inspired timeline in which we live, but it hints at a fundamental incoherence in the meta universe that I find very disturbing.

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lazy morning kisses before they’ve even opened their eyes, still mumbling half-incoherently, not wanting to wake up. Carmadda/Corso

He shifted and pulled her closer to him, trying to keep the heat contained under the blankets.

It felt like the heater had broken again.

Carmadda smiled sleepily, eyes still shut as she kissed his jaw, working her way to his lips.

“Mornin’, Captain.” He gave her a long kiss.

She pulled away to yawn. “We don’t gotta get up yet.”

Did they? What day was it? “Don’t know.”

“I’m the Captain.” Carmadda tucked herself under his chin and pulled the blankets closer. “I’m ordering more sleep.”

“Heater’s broken.”

“I got you.”

Destiel moments in SPN 12X12

Time for my weekly, gif-filled, Destiel recap. I’m going to try and put away all my squeeing and try to be as professional as I possibly can. 

Extremely Gif heavy post ahead. 

(gif credits to @peculiar-angel, @ahoyspn, @weallneedcastiel,  @codestielckles, @mishacolins, @mishastiel, @novaks, @angvlicmish, @flydestiel and @hazeldomain

Okay I already wrote volumes about Dean’s weird posturing in the diner here, but I also wanted to add this bit here. 

Dean knows Cas is not interested in the waitress. Cas does sniff her (?) just to check up on Dean’s stupid theory of waitresses smell like food, but he’s not interested. So what does Dean do? Mary has just told them all off, but he still postures for Wally’s benefit, pretending to be wingman to Cas, when he KNOWS Cas is disinterested. He can’t help but give himself away though-

Seriously, Dean? My devastatingly handsome friend? That’s not being a wingman, that screams I have a secret crush on my ‘friend’.

And Cas is clueless, even after Mandy is clearly interested -

And Dean? Dean’s just thrilled. So thrilled he looks like he wants to die inside. 

On a more serious note, after the boys reach the barn, look at how fast Dean abandons the conversation and rushes to Cas’s side. And he knows it’s bad, so bad. Dean’s method of dealing with people he loves dying? 

Step 1: Try to gauge the situation by using humor-

 Cas is luckily alert enough to snark right back.

Dean asks to see how bad the wounds are, and two seconds after Cas starts showing him, covers it up. He can’t bear to see it.

Dean Winchester, seasoned hunter who’s seen more than his fair share of gore since he was fucking four years old, makes him cover it up because he just cannot bear to actually see Cas in agony. And he’s so gentle about it.

Step 2: Pure denial.

Cas looks BAD. And he’s never been one to exaggerate.

Did you see those micro-expressions? That little lip wobble? The tiny gasp of shock and disbelief? The swallow? Jensen is the the fucking master of these. This is the brief instant where the enormity hits Dean, but he shuts it down. 


Seriously Dean? Time for WHAT? He is DYING and you know it. And this is when he calls for Sam, calls for Sam to abandon everything and come right away because Cas is dying. And this brings us to the next step for Dean -

Step 3: Anger

Dean’s furious. At Crowley, at himself, at every damn thing in the world that stands in his way to saving Cas. And he’s being beyond unreasonable here, it’s not Crowley’s fault and Crowley has no obligation whatsoever to help them out. But Cas, Cas is dying. And Dean’s *this* close to cracking. 

Now, for Cas’s speech. Cas knows this is it. But he has his family surrounding him, he has Dean with him. And he needs to make sure they live. This is the last chance he has for telling them (and Dean) what he feels for them and boy does he!

Mary looks at Dean when Cas makes this statement, cementing who it is that Cas is addressing. 

And Dean, Dean’s unhappy. He knows that the things they shared together did change Cas, did put him into this mess where he has to die slowly and painfully. 

Look at that. Sam’s upset, but Dean can’t even meet Cas’s eyes anymore. He’s feeling responsible for Cas’s impending death.

And finally, FINALLY, after years of Dean telling him over and over again, Cas says they are his family. More specifically, Dean. Cas is thinking of that day, so long ago, when he said-

“You’re not my family, Dean – I have no family.”

But he’s not just family now.

The camera immediately panned to Dean there. Cas was addressing Dean, and Dean only till now. It’s only when he says “I love all of you” that Sam’s reaction is showed at all.

(as a side not, look at how touched Sam is. How many people have told him this?)

And true to form, the Winchesters refuse to leave. And they fight. Mary STILL doesn’t give the game away, I admit I was a bit :O at that, but that’s for another post entirely… Sam kills the Price of Hell, but there’s still no saving Cas. Sam is one who rushes to Cas first, because he’s still able to function. Sam is the one who reassures Cas, tells him that they’re there, that he won’t die alone… :(

But Dean, Dean’s pain is beyond words.

Tell me that is not the face of someone who is watching the love of his life dying in front of him. Tell me Dean doesn’t care. Just try. He’s praying. I just know he is.

But yay, Crowley saves the day! And Dean’s reaction is the only one showed.

Look at the utter disbelief in his eyes. Look at this entire montage afterwards -

The look they shared in the first one, Dean’s expression in the last gif, the pure amazement and relief in his eyes.. It was almost painful to watch. By the way, Sam’s already let go. It’s Dean who’s still unable to believe his eyes, unable to take his hands off…

And this, this was the most perfect ending anyone could hope for -


Cas said he loved Dean. It’s fucking canon.  

Can we talk about how badass and totally out of the norm it was for SJM to write a second book in her series RIPPING APART her original male protagonist in the first book??? Like??? She took the entire group of main characters save Feyre basically and shoved them aside and was like NOPE. THESE ONES NOW. THEY ARE YOUR CHILDREN NOW FORGET THOSE OTHER GUYS. Like that takes BALLS. She took an entire ship and just SUNK IT HERSELF. She beautifully crafted a seemingly VILE character that we actually could have drawn a logical conclusion to be abusive and terrible in the first book and made him??? Perfect??? Amazing??? She literally destroyed every preconceived notion we had of him??? And now we see him as a precious being for whom I would lay down my life??? GAH. AMAZING. I’LL NEVER GET OVER IT. I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO RELIVE MY FIRST READING OF ACOMAF BECAUSE I FELT LIKE I HAD WHIPLASH AND MY JAW WAS DROPPED THE WHOLE TIME LIKE WHERE TF DID THAT COME FROM??? AMAZING. 12/10. ACOWAR IS PROBABLY GOING TO DO THE SAME AND IM NOT READY THERES NO WAY WE CAN PREDICT THESE THINGS.