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About Mutsuki and Torso (you are free to ignore the message if you hate the topic and I apologize if it's so) I think what Torso said about Mutsuki's eyes is pretty important. He uses to cut off the victims' heads because as said by Donato and Haise and by Torso himself in his diary he can't feel empathy or read their expressions while he is obsessed by Mutsuki's one. Mutsuki himself while dressed as a woman and during the auction has shown troubles with Others looking at him. (cont)

It’s as if Mutsuki and Torso are foils since both have a hidden fear of Others for different reasons, but while Torso fights his fears by torturing Others and by changing their bodies Mutsuki tries to change and transform himself trying to become stronger (Torso is surprised when he finds Mutsuki stronger). Well, all in all I hope Mutsuki is able to use his kagune and kill Torso but even if he does he is still in a shitty situation since he is stuck on an Island full of Aogiri ghouls :,(

Ahh don’t worry, I think everyone hates this topic because Torso is just so… horrifying? repulsive? (are those words strong enough?) but it’s ok, it’s not going to make me upset talking about it (ok a little upset but only with worry for my poor son Mucchan’s safety T^T). Thankyou for your concern though, I really appreciate it!

And I agree with you about Mutsuki and Torso having similarities- both seem to have a fear associated with being looked at whether that be judgement from a lover, receiving unwanted attention or feeling the gaze of another on them. We don’t yet know enough about Mutsuki’s backstory to know whether he feels this too, but Torso also fears not being accepted, that his ‘lovers’ will leave him (which is why he chops off the legs- so they can’t run away). For us readers, that is where the similarities end. But for Torso, he feels a connection to Mutsuki and believes them to be kindred spirits, perhaps because he can see that same fears reflected back.

That creepy eye motif that keeps popping up with Mutsuki is definitely important. Torso used to decapitate his previous victims because he couldn’t stand seeing the hate in their eyes directed towards him. But he doesn’t want to do this with Mutsuki as he seems to be fixated with certain aspects of Mutsuki’s face, especially the eyes. It’s a sick kind of irony, considering Mutsuki’s insecurities and how uncomfortable he feels with the gaze of others.

In Chapter 64 Torso says “I could never figure out why I am so drawn to you, it’s those eyes, they’re like mine”. Whatever connection he feels with Mutsuki is because he can see himself reflected in Mutsuki’s eyes. It’s been hinted that Mutsuki has a darker past than we’ve been shown so I really wonder what we’ll learn and whether this will shed any light on why Torso finds a kindred spirit in him. 

The situation looks pretty dire for Mucchan but I also hope he has enough strength left to use his kagune. Before anyone gets the chance to swoop in and save him though, I hope Mutsuki gets the chance to absolutely destroy Torso. It was a good sign that a couple of chapters ago Mutsuki wasn’t using his kagune to save his strength… right? right? *prays for Mucchan*

Miraculous Ladybug/American Dragon Fusion (Part Deux)

(Part one can be found here.)

I wanted to expand more on Adrien in this story so here goes:

  • Adrien Agreste grew up listening to tales of all things magical: pixies, shapeshifting animals, leprechauns and everything in between.
  • However, he was taught that they were creatures meant to be wiped from existence, that they were meant to be captured and slain.
  • He wants to be the best member of the Huntsclan, to please his father. Who happens to be Gabriel Agreste aka the Huntsman.
  • At 15, the Huntsman decides to send him to high school. He doesn’t know why, but he’s not complaining.
  • Adrien ends up sitting next to Nino in class. 
  • He ends up being friends with Marinette, Alya and Nino. Nino was the one who decided to take Adrien underneath his wing as it was clear that the boy had no idea how to fit in.
  • I like to imagine as Huntsboy, he and the American Dragon engage in banter, something almost like the Ladybug/Chat Noir dynamic.
  • “What’s wrong, huh, dragon? Your claws seem to not be on point today.”
  • “Okay, Huntsboy, that was weak. Less talking, more fighting.”
  • Eventually he’ll find out that Mari is the American Dragon and has a crisis for a while.
  • “I’VE BEEN TRYING TO KILL ONE OF MY FEW FRIENDS?!?!” was all he could think about.
  • He starts helping Mari and the gang as discreetly as possible. He and Plagg work together on whatever intel he has on the Huntsclan.
  • This is also the part where Marinette finds out he is a huge nerd.
  • “Your puns just get worse by the day, Adrien. I have no idea what I saw in you.”
  • “Well, I was purr-ty sure you had a crush on me for a while.”
  • “You do know you’re irritating a girl who can burn you to crisp, right?”

p.s. @magical-awesome-kid, I saw your tags on the ot3 in this AU and I raise you this:

  • Imagine the Homecoming episode, where in this scenario, Huntsman finds out that Adrien has been real friendly with the American Dragon.
  • He threatens to take away high school, the possibility of ever seeing his mother, and everything normal in his son’s life.
  • Cue the thing where the Huntsman has all the Aztec skulls and he starts to wish for the destruction of all magical creatures. This is when Adrien interrupts him and changes it to the destruction of all Huntsclan instead.
  • Marinette is horrified and grabs his hand before he starts to float up.
  • “Let me go, Mari. You knew this was going to happen. We have to protect your family and all magical creatures.”
  • “If you weren’t being so selfless and floating upwards to your destruction I would be kicking your ass.”
  • Adrien chuckles and they exchange goodbyes.
  • Marinette gets a brainwave and uses the skulls to wish that Adrien never joined the Huntsclan.
  • The next day, she re-meets Adrien, who is living with his mum who had divorced his dad. She’s excited to get to know him again.
  • But…turns out, he was scouted by a modeling agency, and he’s moving to Paris the next day. He’ll be staying there for the next few years.
  • Mari’s a little sad but happy that Adrien could finally live a Huntsclan-free life.
  • Then, a week later, Nathanael messages her with a pic of Adrien and his dragon mark.
  • “MARI you gotta help me. I think there’s a Huntsperson in my class. He has the birthmark you showed me a while back.”
  • (They do keep in contact outside of Dragon Summits okay. Both of them gets how it feels to have dragon responsibilities.)
  • Marinette smiles at the phone and proceeds to tell Nath that the guy is harmless and about how he wished for the destruction of the Huntsclan.
  • (what happens next is up to you.)

to celebrate valentine’s day, i have written a fake dating/college au oneshot. warnings: fluff, ust, awkwardness, swearing, a broken nose (blood), and maka harboring a secret crush. this is also on ffn and ao3. shoutout to lunar and proma for looking this over!

Drowsy, heavy-lidded eyes peer at her when the door finally creaks open, unfocused and squinting under the strain of adjusting to the fluorescent hallway lighting. Mumbling incoherently while shifting to lean on the casing for support is the height of Soul Evans’s coordination right now. The hem of his long-sleeved shirt bunches up as he slides a hand to lazily scratch up and down his flat stomach. He is blessed with a snowy-white trail of hair that leads beneath the waistband of his dangerously low-riding pajama bottoms.

Maka can’t help but stare. No one ever warned her that her sexual awakening would occur at three in the morning as she stands on a candy wrapper littered welcome mat, desperate, her fists sore from pounding too hard on his door.

Yet here she is, three seconds away from jumping up to wrap her legs around him. Hopefully they would land on his bed, but the floor is fine, too. It’s honestly too late to be thinking rationally. She blames the “Annual Valentine’s Day Cute Couple Contest!” poster she ripped off the bulletin board earlier and her competitive streak for inspiring the idea to ask her longtime secret crush for a favor.

“Tell me when you’re done staring,” he yawns, slumping even further onto the doorframe. What she finds charming about tousled hair, a husky voice, and straight, pointy teeth that only add an intimidating effect when combined with his reticent demeanor is a mystery she doesn’t want solved. On the rare occasion when he does smile, though, it stirs a bubbly heat in her belly, one that could melt metal, and these moments are little pockets of bliss.

“…I’m not,” she lies inexpertly, knees wobbly, feverish. “I’m here to tell you something.”

Thick eyelashes bat slowly, a sure sign that he’s in the process of falling asleep standing up. “Hurry up then. I don’t have all night, Albarn-”

“Date me!”

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Pokémon 20th Anniversary 27-Day Challenge: Day 14

Happy Valentine’s Day! Who is your favorite Pokémon Ship? It could be from the games, manga, or anime! If you don’t ship… here’s another - if your partner had to propose to you using the tools of Pokémon, how would you want to be proposed to?

Unfortunately, I don’t really ship, except for a couple of odd things, none of which are Pokémon, and I’m already married, so it’s a bit late for the proposal thing.

On the other hand, have you heard the good news about friendshipping? It’s just like shipping, except instead of a romance, the relationship you’re being unhealthily invested in is a relationship between friends, and you don’t interpret it as romantic or want it to turn romantic at all, you just want them to be best friends forever and ever on a fluffy pink cloud. Thus, my friend @umbrahighpriestofgiratina and I have decided to collectively declare that our platonic OTP for life totally counts, shut up.


(I will be covering things mostly from Lucario’s side in this post. For a more in-depth discussion of Aaron’s side of things, head over to Umbramatic’s blog!)

(Also, spoilers and picspam below the cut. If you have not watched Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, which you should because it is the best Pokémon movie, I recommend you watch it first, because I’m about to explain half of the plot. Then you should come read these posts and have feels with us.)

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Things being an INTP on tumblr doesn’t automatically make you

  1. correct
  2. actually logical

trying to defend your incoherent line of reasoning with ‘I’m an intp, so I am logical’ is incorrect. It also likely means you should learn a little bit about fallacies and your own type/how Ti works.

-Sincerely, an INTP

I love science and I think the things people do with computers is fascinating (if often incomprehensible to me), but the actual scientists and programmers can sometimes really piss me off.

And it’s all about modeling.

It’s all about things like, “We want to understand _______, so let’s find a simpler model.”

Like “I want to program a robot that behaves in an intelligent manner, and average humans are too complicated.” Or “I want to model how cognition works without ______ present, and average humans have ______.”

So then they start being horribly arrogant and horrible and arrogant and making me incoherent with rage sometimes because I don’t have the means to articulate – most of the time – what pisses me off so much about them.

(Lately I feel like I don’t have the means to articulate just about anything. It’s very frustrating. Virtually anything I want to communicate, I can’t. Or can’t well enough. And I know I have a lot to communicate, and I know that like everyone else on the planet my time isn’t guaranteed to run forever, so I worry that there’s all kinds of important things I’ll never be able to say, and I just have to hope that either I’ll be able to say them one day, or that someone else will come along with the same abilities, perceptions, and cognitive style I have. Because a lot of the things I want to say, I’ve never seen said. If I had seen them said, I might be able to say them. As I said, really frustrating.)



What they do.

Is they start deciding what they’re going to model things on instead of an average human being. Either it’s a model they’re using in a theory they’re building about, say, human or animal cognition. Or it’s something they’re using for artificial intelligence. But whatever it is. They always pull this bullshit that seems like such obvious bullshit I don’t know why there aren’t people screaming from the rooftops “BULLSHIT!” at them. Except everyone seems to either believe them or not be interested. I don’t know.


So depending on the situation (and there’s a huge variety of situations they use for things like this) they decide they’re going to model things on:

1. Autistic people.
2. “Lower” mammals.
3. Insects.
4. Plants.


When they model things on autistic people, they often simply assume they know a lot about autistic people that isn’t actually fact. They assume we have no empathy. They assume that our mirror neurons don’t work, ever. They assume that we don’t experience certain common human experiences – cognitive experiences, emotional experiences, perceptual experiences, and/or social experiences. And so they model all this stuff on us that they think is like “Regular human minus certain experiences.”

And they make similar mistakes when it comes to other species. They just assume they know all about how that species works – it’s just a simpler form of how humans work. It’s like what humans have only more basic It’s what humans have only something is missing.

Except that if you look at any of the life forms involved – whether it’s autistic human beings, other species of animals, or plants – you’ll find that the real situation is much different than what they assume it to be:

Plants have a more sophisticated perceptual system than animals in many respects, and they respond to their environment. They’re highly evolved to solve the problems of being species that are almost entirely rooted in one spot, and therefore have to understand and adapt to their surroundings in ways that animals can only imagine.

Insects have tiny little brains, so they have to use them more efficiently than, say, mammals do, so the entire structure is different. They are not simply biological robots, they’re endlessly complicated in ways that science is only beginning to glimpse, and their neurons probably work in ways that are fundamentally different in how they’re organized and function than the way ours do. They’re not just dumbed down versions of us, they’re something entirely different, that’s been around longer, that’s had longer to adapt to being what they are than we have, they’re just different.

Mammals are more similar to us, but they’re not necessarily “lower” than us just because their brains are evolved to a different set of standards than our own, and their brains are not necessarily a simplified version of our own. People keep discovering that things that supposedly set us apart from other animals, don’t – or not as much as we thought they did. Like prairie dogs having words for all kinds of things including the ability to describe abstract shapes to each other – if our previous theories about how the brain worked were correct, that wouldn’t be happening.

But it’s not just these specific people making these assumptions that make me mad.

It’s the way these assumptions are then carried throughout cultures affected by these assumptions.

Such that little children growing up begin to believe that if “science” hasn’t explained something, it doesn’t exist yet. And that’s what most so-called skepticism is based on, and I have a pretty low opinion of most so-called skeptics for that reason despite the fact that I agree in principle with what they THINK they’re doing.

Like, children have to be TAUGHT that animals and plants are stupid, unthinking creatures compared to humans. Anyone who has to actively interact with animals and plants in a way that engages them the way they are normally engaged with the world, can tell they’re not stupid and aren’t simple and aren’t just dumbed-down versions of the average human. Same with anyone who engages with autistic people in anything approaching an honest manner. It’s only when certain assumptions about the world become embedded in people’s heads, that they begin thinking of humans at the top and everything below them. And believe me these are specific cultural assumptions that have become embedded throughout so-called scientific thinking until Western science spreads these ideas like a virus. Which is a crying shame because science could be such an amazing tool if it didn’t come so frequently coupled with these bizarre assumptions about the world around us.

And yes, I know the point of science is that it’s supposed to get around those cultural assumptions. But it is not strong enough to do so quickly and easily. So for generations uncounted creatures are harmed by these ideas until science finally catches up enough to realize it was wrong. And these ideas get propagated as part of science. And it’s horrible – I mean I can’t explain to you how horrible it is, and if you can’t see it, you don’t know how horrible it is, but please believe me that it’s horrible beyond anything you can imagine until you see it. You don’t know what damage is being done by these assumptions. You don’t know how many human beings and animals and plants and other things are being harmed by these assumptions.

I’m not the only person who notices this. The problem is that the people most likely to notice these things are the people the least likely to be listened to: People from cultures other than the ones that are the driving force behind these ideas, people who are neurodivergent in a variety of ways, and of course I’m sure plenty of other animals notice they’re being looked down upon (if you think they don’t, you should see the death glares my cat is capable of if she detects even the slightest in human condescension from me or anyone else).

And the worst thing is that the ideas are… they have defenses built into them. And those defenses shoot down anyone who says they’re wrong. Those defenses – it gets really circular so it’s very hard for me to describe. They say that BECAUSE I am an inferior type of human being then of course I don’t have anything worthwhile to say about my own inferiority. That the people affected by this are either too stupid to know what we’re talking about, or from cultures full of “superstitions” that need to be “overcome” by “science”, or that they are being “unbiased” (and everyone else is “biased” if we disagree) by promoting their own biases. Yes, their own biases are unbiased and the rest of us are biased and how does that work!?! And of course with certain categories you get a twofold defense: “You are either too autistic to understand anything worth saying, or not enough autistic for your viewpoint about being autistic to matter.” So, from their perspective? They can either dismiss everything I have to say because I’m too stupid and limited to understand my own stupidity and limitations, or else they can dismiss everything I have to say because clearly if I can communicate about it then I’m not really autistic and therefore can’t have anything real to say about my own experiences with regards to being autistic.

(Also I notice when they do their models of things on autistic people, and their incredibly stupid – genuinely stupid – research in which they think that by studying autistic people they’re studying people untouched by cultural biases, or who don’t have certain social awareness, or whatever… they never bother to differentiate among autistic people. Like, even if you believed that the classic Sally-Anne test was testing entirely theory of mind skills rather than all kinds of linguistic and cognitive skills – and there’s plenty of actual science showing that it’s not theory of mind skills being tested in autistic people. Even if you believed that, even the classic Sally-Anne test is one that many autistic people pass, even many young autistic children. But they don’t take that into account when they base research on the idea that no autistic people ever have theory of mind, and cite the Sally-Anne test as an example of proof of that. And don’t get me started on the more complicated stuff.)

Anyway, nothing is capable of filling me with quiet rage faster than watching scientists, AI people, etc. pontificating about the way they can use neurodivergent people or nonhuman life forms of all kinds as “simplified” versions of human intelligence. I swear they think that the average human being is complex and everything other than the average human being is a “simpler” version, like a robot almost. Dave Hingsburger once saw someone accuse him of “anthropomorphizing the retarded” (those were the words used, I will not alter them for anyone’s sensibilities) – his response, or the response of whoever he was talking to about it, I forget which, was “Get out of the field, NOW.”

But that’s really the attitude people have. And even most accusations of anthropomorphizing (“attributing human qualities to”) animals aren’t about real anthropomorphizing – they’re about failing to roboticize animals. As in, actual anthropomorphism may be like the classic stereotype of the lady who dresses her dog in a baby doll dress and pushes him in a buggy and treats him like a baby human being (up to and including expecting him to understand human language and concepts to a degree that dogs don’t), and that’s disgusting and disturbing in its own right. But what these people are doing, is they are treating anything other than the average human being as if it is a biological robot of sorts (which is one reason that people with this bias who want to build actual robots with artificial intelligence, think that basing them on nonstandard human beings or on nonhuman animals and the like is going to work in a way that basing them on regular human beings wouldn’t). And then when you treat the person, or animal, or etc., as it ACTUALLY IS in real life, they accuse you of anthorpomorphizing it because you don’t treat it like a biological robot.

I’m sorry for how disorganized this is, but I realized I’d never be able to write it at all if I waited for it to be organized. And I’m not happy with how I wrote it but at least I wrote something. I’m really fed up with this every time I see it anywhere in any form because it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a horrifically dangerously oversimplified view of the way real living creatures think and function in the world. And a lot of it comes down to thinking humans are the center of everything advanced in the world and everything else is a less advanced version. And while a lot of people, including many scientists would call this scientific, it’s not even THAT. It’s tied up in the biases that come with the cultures that Western science came from, but it’s not actually even scientific. Not that scientific is always “good”, it’s just… it’s not even THAT.

Happy Valentine’s Day, @milowonders ~

A bit short but the original story I wrote became much too angsty and dark which wasn’t what you requested =X

“Urgh I hate this…” She grumbles as she pulls out another fresh writing paper. Though she’s not new at this, writing essay after essay after essay is a pain in the ass, especially if you have to write your name on every sheet.

Kaneki looks up from his book when he hears her mumbling incoherent words under her breath after a while. Curious with what’s annoying his girlfriend; yes, he finally had the courage to confess and yes, thank god she accepted him though he still wonders why she cringed while doing so.

He shifts from the comfortable sofa to settling beside her, ready to coach her in areas she’s bad at like always. “What’s wrong?” he peers over her paper, seeing nothing but a few papers with only her name written on it.

“Nothing is wrong… I just find it troublesome to write my name (霧嶋 董香) on every freaking piece of paper. It is freaking 55 strokes every single time! Multiply it by this stack’s number,” she jabs in the direction where a rather high pile is currently sitting and her scowl deepens even more, “I probably could have written 2 more essays.”

Ahhh, so that’s it. Well, it is rather troublesome to write them. Though the kanji is beautiful, the effort to pen it can be quite frustrating, especially if one has to write them so many times in a row. Kaneki definitely isn’t one to scorn beautiful words but the same cannot be said for the one beside him.

“Do you want me to help you?” He offers his assistance; it’s not like he is going to write her essay for her, just her name. Her beautiful name.

Touka considers his offer but it somehow feels wrong so she declines, unnoticing of the slight dim in his eyes and continues with her battle. While she corrects a stroke written too far from where it should be, Kaneki comes up with a brilliant idea.

At least to him it is.

“How about a change of name? Kaneki Touka (金木 董香) is good too.”

If Touka had anything in her mouth she would have spitted it out in good realisation. “Do you have any idea what your words just… implied?!” She chokes on air instead, unbelieving what she heard. Were her ears playing tricks on her, or was he really that… much of a novice at this romance thingy? Or maybe it was just a joke.

Realising the implication of his embarrassing question, he burns bright red, all the way to his ears and excuses himself to the toilet in a feeble attempt to escape the awkward tension. That is if Touka didn’t managed to grab his wrist in time.

Ken does not dare to look back at her, not when he is about to explode from the speedy beating of his heart. Why?! Why did he have to ask something so suggestful?!

This is it. She’s going to break my wrist and more then dump me because I totally fu-

“We’re still students so…” her words quietens down to a mumble, “maybe you should ask that question after we done with school.”

Were his ears playing tricks on him, or was she really implying what he thinks she is implying? Ken whirls around and is ridiculously pleased to see an equally red Touka, face a little frowning and eyes not meeting his but the grip on his wrists tightens and tugs him back.

“You’re not going anywhere until I’m done with homework.” She writes her name on the last piece of paper and Ken happily dreams of what kind of face Touka will put when she writes Kaneki Touka for the first time.

this time last year: cockles is still a fairly rare animal, only appears in the wild once in a while. 90% of people nervously laugh that they ship it but they don’t ship ship it

this year: every damn week is a cockles lovefest. dates and popsugar articles and livestreams and valentines day cards. everyone just posts gifsets and incoherent screaming. no one even denies it anymore.

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Honestly like the size of things in the ocean is so absurd. We think we know what big is but like when we see them on TV we think we understand how big they are but its bc they’re never next to anything we’re used to for comparison and if documentaries actually went through and clarified just how big (and small!!!) everything is itd just blow our minds!!!! The ocean is so unreal like the largest animal in history lives in the ocean its so big you literally cannot comprehend how big it is unless you see it and it eats some of the smallest shit in the world like what is going on in the ocean. Why is it so weird. I love it.

The Death of Justice Scalia.

If you saw someone in the United States or from the United States repeating, “holy shit!” over and over again or sputtering incoherently, that was probably an American lawyer. Lots of Americans are interested (rightly) in how Justice Scalia’s passing will impact the already…(how shall I put this delicately)…three-ring circus of an election landscape. I myself can’t think of any way this 2016 campaign could get any wilder (I know, knock on wood.)

We lawyers are particularly affected. We are not a profession that sees dramatic change often, and this shall indeed signal a dramatic change. Bear with us for a few days. We’re collectively losing our marbles.

My sympathies to his family, friends, and colleagues. I’m just boggling at when I last saw such a (figurative) bombshell drop on the electoral and general legal landscape. This is huge, a colleague texted to me, after we exchanged several “holy shit"s and "omg ”. It really is.

Things that were said yesterday

“*incoherent shrieking”
“So how bout them Brendon Urie photOOOOOOS”
“Harlee, that’s kinky”
“Alyssa, I am kinky”
“I don’t know much about pies but you’re making my banana cream”
“*shakes head in disapproval*”
“I swear imma sacrifice this shit to Satan.”

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yellowbessie asked:

Oh, I didn't even know there *was* a Cyberman spin-off :/ Looking back, Sword of Orion wasn't terrible, but I was so unimpressed, I almost stopped listening to Eight audios for a bit. (fortunately, skipped straight to CoM, which convinced me to stay on.)

Sword of Orion is a perfectly competent exercise of telling a story with absolutely no new ideas, in my view. It’s not particularly incoherent, but it’s mind-bogglingly uninteresting.

But yeah, there’s a Cybermen spinoff. I kinda get the sense that Briggs was really in love with the background world he created for Sword of Orion and wanted to show people how exciting he found it, but to be honest, I’m finding this range equally uninteresting.