Once I figured out and came to terms with being a lesbian, I thought I could relax with the whole questioning thing, but I quickly became confused about my gender. I had been kind of a tomboy as a kid, and I absolutely hate wearing dresses, or anything typically associated with femininity. I wanted to be perceived as more masculine and androgynous, and this discomfort extended to my body as well as my clothing. (I absolutely hate by breasts) Because of this, I started to question whether I might be trans. The only issue here was that I wanted to be viewed in a more masculine way, but still connected with the idea of being a lesbian. At this point, the fact that I am gay is my strongest connection to womanhood. After doing a little research on the idea of being a butch lesbian, lightbulbs went off in my head. It turns out, there are tons of other lesbians with similar feelings and experiences!! While some may identify as non binary, I personally do not. However, the phase ‘butch lesbian’ more accurately describes my relationship with gender than the word ‘woman.’

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Your "Owl post" is WOnderful! I enjoyed it SOOOOOOO DAMN MUCH Thank you for finishing it! Like, really, this is beautiful and you are beautiful, I feel sO sweet inside after reading the 2part just now Wow❤️

OMG!!!! You have no idea what you just did to me!! 💙💙 Thank you so so much for stopping by and telling me this, you beautiful person!! 💙 Now I’m the one who feels sweet inside - and it’s all thanks to you! 💙


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something currently going on in the rhetoric of the cosmetics industry which feminist criticisms of makeup haven’t widely accounted for yet is the widespread shift from makeup being presented as simply something women are supposed to do to being presented as a hobby women are supposed to have and are supposed to take joy and pleasure from. A lot of this came part and parcel of the “empowerment” rhetoric which has been around awhile.  I think why it’s so intense at this particular moment is that it also has to do with how easily photos and videos about makeup and its application are spread and discussed, and how influential loci of discussion are the only reliably women-centric portions of otherwise very large and male-centric websites (YouTube and Reddit).

Under the new paradigm, saying “I wear makeup because I get better tips that way” is sacrilegious (but still not so much as non-participation) because it makes reference to social forces which lie outside the consumer’s own emotions. 

listen i love bmc and all the ships, but can we talk abt friendships for a sec???

michael and rich going to 711 at 2 am together after neither of them can sleep. christine introducing chloe to some nerdy tv show and then them binge watching it for an entire weekend together. brooke and jeremy playing lazer tag against jake and jenna and losing by so much, jesus christ. jake and christine?? amazing friends, they watch star trek together. michael braiding brooke’s hair and listening as she complains about her parents. jeremy teaching jake about video games and talking about how much better michael is at them. jenna and christine gossiping together until far too late o’clock. them all going to pride together bc no one is straight aka the Purest Concept.

time-travel au except instead of anakin/obi-wan/padmé going back in time, it’s one or a few of the Brothers

can you imagine what that would be like?

qui-gon and obi-wan are fighting darth maul on naboo, maul is clearly winning, and out of nowhere there’s this h u g e surge in the force

everyone is disoriented, maul recovers first and moves to deliver a killing blow, and all of a sudden he gets shot in the back like 27 times

in the background there’s the nearly incoherent babble of “kriffing hells that hurt what was it what happened holy shit that’s a sith that is definitely a sith should we shoot it sir we should definitely shoot it it’s about to kill a general we have to help did we kill it is it dead it’s gotta be dead now go check it i don’t want to check it let’s just shoot it again there it’s gotta be dead now are you alright generals”

maul is definitely dead, the energy shield things power down, obi-wan rushes to his master’s side and the incoherent babble gets louder as they’re suddenly surrounded by a team of men in white and blue armor all scrambling to provide aid

obi-wan, satisfied that his master isn’t going to get himself fucking m u r d e r e d any time soon, turns to examine to newcomers

a hush falls over the group when they see his face

then, out of the silence, comes “….holy kriff, sir, your boyfriend is a b a b y” followed by one of the men smacking the back of another’s helmet with a loud crack and growling “shut the fuck up, fives”

everyone is very confused for the foreseeable future

(bonus: the Brothers are d e l i g h t e d to meet baby!anakin, and he is equally delighted. no one else is delighted by a group of highly-trained soldiers calling a 9yo “general” and visibly restraining themselves from doing exactly what he tells them at all times.)

“What’s so bad about reposting?”

“It’s easy to make gifs, who cares.“ 


And here’s why: 

  • Presumably, you’re reposting because you either: 

a) don’t have access to the video that’s gif’d because you don’t know where it’s from or you don’t know how to download it. Which already proves that making gifs is difficult because of the time spent video hunting and downloading. (You’d be surprised how hard it is to download videos from certain websites.)

b) don’t have access to photoshop, because you’re not sure how to download it, or you do have it but don’t know how to work it. Which again, proves making gifs is difficult because it’s more than just right clicking then saving as (which is what reposting is - so if you catch yourself doing this, stop!) You have to learn how to use photoshop to actually make a gif, and to actually use photoshop you have to know how and where to download it. Some people even pay for it, and it’s extremely unfair to those that do because something they essentially paid for is getting stolen from them.

  • Gifs are not even just about being able to do the basic load files into stacks or import layers from frames, whichever method of gif making you prefer. Nope. It’s about coloring as well, which makes your gif unique and different from someone else’s. People spend time making their gifs look nice in addition to spending their time looking for the right video and whatnot. 

So have some respect for people that do their best to provide you with pretty gifs on your dashboard to reblog >:( 

(No, it does not count if you repost someone’s gif and “give credit”, especially if the source is “it’s not mine but I found it on Google”. Tumblr made a beautiful function called a REBLOG. Use it. It’s your best friend.) 

Next time you say, “everyone reposts” or “they’re just gifs”, keep in mind making gifs isn’t actually as easy as some people belittle it to be! Try making gifs for yourself and see how hard it is. Really, try. 

(And if you’re thinking, “oh making gifs is so easy! I’ve tried it!” then it literally costs you $0.00 to make your own gifs and gain notes through your own hard work. Seriously. Stop taking credit for someone else’s hard work.)

Stopping reposts can happen if you take a step to stop yourself from reposting and letting others know why it’s bad too. If no one tells you what you’re doing is wrong, how would you know what you’re doing isn’t right? One by one, we can all eventually stop reposting because it’s very disrespectful to artists (yes, gif makers are considered artists too). If you want notes, earn them yourself just like how every original content makers do. And even if you can’t make anything yourself, don’t be mean. Support people’s works. 

(This applies to everyone that makes original content, fan art, fan fiction, graphics, etc. The steps in between to make them are different, but reposts affect all of us the same. Please stop reposting and respect the artists.)


since we reached 2k followers i wanted to show my appreciation by doing my first art raffle :O!!! thank u sM GUYS <33!!


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“it was socially acceptable back then”

“everyone had slaves tho"

“look at it from a 21st century viewpoint!“

“they didn’t know any better!”

“just because they owned slaves doesn’t make them a bad person”

So Diana touching Steve’s photo on the “Honor our heros” wall during the Armistice Day scene (the picture where Steve is all smiling) fucks me up on a daily basis because you can see that Diana has visible tears in her eyes and she is on the verge of crying (aka that face a baby makes before they start to cry) but trying to smile too because she wants to stay strong for him


Anyways if you ever feel bad about your body remember Poe. Poe’s a chubby lil guy whose favorite activity is eating and he’s absolutely beautiful. People love Poe. People love that he’s got some chub. (Haha, rhymes) So try and think of yourself like you’d think of Poe.

Besides, even if you don’t like your body, you know Poe will. If you’re skinny, he loves climbing on your shoulders. If you’re chubby, he thinks you’re the best pillow ever. If you’re somewhere in between, he wants to cuddle you. Poe loves everyone.

900 Nifflers
  • Harry: Draco, there are about 900 Nifflers in our garden.
  • Draco: That is... oddly specific.
  • Harry: Draco, why are there so many Nifflers in our garden?
  • Draco: I lost something.
  • Harry: Oh?
  • Draco: Something shiny.
  • Harry: Oh??
  • Draco: And round.
  • Harry: Oh???
  • Draco: Something I wanted to give to you.
  • Harry: OH!
  • Draco: I've been holding on to it for quite some time now.
  • Harry: OH!!
  • Draco: I was waiting for the right moment.
  • Harry: OH!!!
  • Draco: Yes, because I suspected you would throw a fit.
  • Harry: What? Why would I throw a fit over an engagement ring?
  • Draco: Engagement ring? I was talking about your sunglasses!
  • Harry:
  • Harry: What?
  • Draco: Um... also, I broke them.
Basically mystic messenger...
  • <p> <b>Everyone:</b> MC you have to eat three meals at day<p/><b>Everyone:</b> MC you have to sleep regularly<p/><b>Also everyone in the RFA:</b> *text at 3.00 Am and during lunch/dinner*<p/></p>