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sometimes bucky loves eating out his partner in the morning just to see her moan and biting her lips as she wakes up to bucky's head inbetween her thighs. afterwards, during breakfast in the team's kitchen, tony smirks at the sight of the two and the smug bastard couldn't hold himself from teasing them because 'who needs breakfast when you already had one in bed, right frosty'.

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Do you think Sebastian Stan likes thunderstorms because I'm curled up on my bed and one is raging outside and ..I mean... He can join me if he wants to haha

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I think he likes them, but he’s very respectful of the fact that his partner doesn’t. It doesn’t stop him from sitting up in bed, watching the window when it illuminates. 

He points at the sky and exclaims every single time a different crack of lightning comes down- he’s fascinated by the science behind it all. He’ll babble for hours about the way it looks and how it’s created; he’ll count the seconds inbetween the thunder rumbles and splashes of light, so he can tell just how far away the actual storm is. 

But, if the person he’s with doesn’t like them, he’s totally calm and composed. He helps you make a pillow fort to protect you from the storm, and will take your mind off of things by talking about nothing at all. Plus, he’d venture out into the kitchen to get snacks, pretending like it’s a death mission.

Overall, he’d be adorable. 


“Had an excellent meal at Thaliak’s Embrace! @laurenlovecraft-ffxiv was a great server! I had Landtrap Salad, Miq’abob Trio, and Rolanberry Cheesecake. Had some delicious spiced cider and mint lassi as well. I had some time to finalize my notes from the day in my journal inbetween eating. It was such a pretty place and I will definitely return in the future!”

Ruri’s diary day 4



London, 1978.

When the Shikuihito come, he plans his escape.

He thinks — I know things, valuable things. I know of the horcruxes, the cave, the lengths the Dark Lord is willing to go. I know of loss and blood, enough to last a lifetime.

But Regulus is no fool. He is still young, yet war has stripped away the small shred of innocence afforded to him as a child. He knows now of the inbetweens and grayness of battle, he knows that in war, there are no sides. There are no abstract prinicples of right or wrong, no notions of victory or defeat. In war, there is only one conclusion, one result. There is only death. He learns this early on in his time with the Deatheaters.

No. He is not naïve enough to turn to his brother and his ragtag group of children with toy swords. The dark smudge on his left forearm has rendered every face an enemy, every option a dead end.

So Regulus does what he has avoided and feared to do for years.

He runs.

(He leaves everything behind, including an unidentifiable body, half burnt to ashes, with the Black family pocket watch tucked into its front pocket.)

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Star sign: Cancer 

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Asexual af. I love cuddles and hugs but any sexual advancements on me that’s a no no (subtle youngjae ref hahaha I’m trash)  

favourite colour: Pastel blues and pinks/purples along with monochromes 

current time: 9:34 pm. 

average hours of sleep: It’s either like 1-4 hours or like 8-10 no inbetween most of the time.


favourite fictional character: Wendy Marvell,Armin Arlert,Nagisa Hizuki,Mulan,Aph Canada,Aph Romano,Hermione Granger,Kanato and lots of others 

current amount of followers: 233! 

dream job: I would love to be an animator or anything in the creative field with story but I will never be able to that because my parents don’t want me to. 

height: 5′1

lucky number: 13 or 17 or 16 

when did your blog reach its peak: When I got into kpop really. I also started to talk to people more. (I’m an awkward bean that is socially inept)

number of blankets I sleep with: ALL OF THEM

what do you post: Kpop with a sprinkle of anime and memes

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff! with a small mix of ravenclaw 

do you have any other blogs: Yes! @dreaming-with-kpop (a kpop scenario blog) and @dreams-hopes-foreword (a dead aesthetic blog) 

favourite bands: Seventeen,BTS,GOT7,Astro,Twice,4Minute,Map6,Monsta X,FOB,P!ATD,MCR,BVB,21 Pilots A LOT MORE IM PROBABLY FORGETTING

song stuck in my head: Drift Away by Seventeen! Such a good song (MINGHAO GETS LINE TOO)

what am I wearing right now: a gray BTS Young Forever sweater and black and white pattern shorts with glasses because contacts are burning. (I had my ugly day and didn’t leave the house  *everydayisanuglyday*)

dream trip: Travelling Europe and Asia! I really want to travel the world and learn everything about different countries because America can be awesome but like I want an experience different things. 

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thanks to @queenedbee i can share this headcanon

even in pokemon go, adrien names his best/favorite/kept pokemon after
his friends && those important to him.

though he’s totally the leader of the ‘bring in more generations’ squad (there’s no ledyba! how’s he supposed to name his beloved now??)

for some examples

  • he has a Persian named Chloé
  • a Vulpix named Alya
  • an Eevee named Marinette (he isn’t sure what to evolve her into, though he knows the hack. leaning towards Flareon)
  • and a Nidoran named Nino (mostly because he misread the name at first)

while he remains  Team Instinct either way, his player name isn’t based off of Chat Noir, it’s either an inside joke or as simple as adrienagreste, no inbetween. he has a separate account with the Chat Noir name claimed already, though he hasn’t made progress on it yet solely for the reason that Ledyba && Purrloin aren’t in the current available roster

The Grand Duchesses Anastasia and Tatiana Nikolaevna Romanova of Russia.The officer inbetween them is Anastasia’s favourite.He had a sister who worked alongside Empress Alexandra Feodorovna,and the Grand Duchesses Olga and Tatiana Nikolaevna at the Tsarskoe Selo Infirmary.

Rick Grimes: An Interview

Summary: Yeah, I dunno.  All of this anti-Richonne and anti-Michonne shit…like, I wanted to know what Rick would think about it.  Yeah, this is an indicator of my crazy, but, whatevs.

Barbara: Rick, did you think you would make it this far?
Rick: At first?  No.  Then something changed…I’ve survived so many things, things you couldn’t even imagine.  For me and my family?  Our motto became “We don’t die.”  For the most part, it’s been true.

Barbara: You’ve experienced a lot of loss.  But you’ve had some significant gains.
Rick: I have.

Barbara: Why do you think so many didn’t see you and Michonne ending up together?
Rick: I’ve thought about that.  It’s laughable, but I’ll humor you.  Um, in spite of growing up in the South, color was never an issue for me.  People are people, you know?  But I know that’s not the case for everyone.  And I think, I think that’s definitely the reason why they couldn’t see–didn’t want to see it.  I mean Jesus, I couldn’t stop staring.  I knew it.  Michonne knew it.  Daryl knew it.  The signs were all there, so that’s their own fault.   There was only one woman for me, and that’s her.  I don’t want anyone else.

Barbara: What about Jessie?
Rick:  Jessie…she was a nice woman.  I liked her.  I did.  She reminded me of…hell, thangs past.  And I met her at a time when I thought…I wasn’t over Lori–my wife–yet.  And I wasn’t…I didn’t think I had a real shot with Michonne.  I didn’t think she wanted me the way I wanted her.  Good thang I was wrong.

Barbara: Would you say Michonne is your soulmate?
Rick: I never thought a lot about stuff like that, but, if I had to put a label on what we have…yeah.  Michonne understands me in a way that no one ever has.  And I want to be there for her in ways I never have been for anyone else.  I was married, before.  But this?  This is different.

Barbara: What do you see for your future?
Rick: I dunno.  I just know she’s in it, by my side.  Carl.  Judith.  Daryl.

Barbara: They’re your constants.
Rick: (quietly) Yeah.

Barbara: Well, this has been enlightening.  Thank you for your time, Rick.
Rick: Sure.  Thank you.