Okay. Here’s the story behind us cosplaying Homestuck.

Before Katsucon, we had made plans to finally meet our friend StarsofCassiopeia in person! And we were really excited! And over the course of the weekend, we wanted to figure out a way to surprise her.

She’s a huge fan of Homestuck… and we all had wigs that looked like the four main characters’ hair… and Brenda and I had our glasses… and Megan had aviators… and Courtney had her black lipstick for Harley and GLaDOS…

Voila. Homestuck.

We showed up to meet her dressed up like this, and then proceeded to have the most ridiculous late-night photoshoot ever. Honestly it was probably the most fun we had at the convention - so we sort of understand why so many people cosplay as Homestuck characters now! It’s really fun!

None of us are Homestuck fans per say; we’ve tried reading it but couldn’t really get into it (because it just didn’t make sense). However, Cassie did a surprisingly awesome job of explaining it to us at Katsucon, and now we’re all… intrigued! Maybe we’ll give it another chance!

Will there be more Homestuck in the future? Who knows. But you know the saying. Once you go Homestuck… you can never get unstuck…

Photos by a Very Drunk: CKDecember