Mihama Kouji’s dakimura is fully shown and also up for preorder along with Hayami Hiro’s. HobbyJapan’s website will give 2 can badges if you preorder them from their store.

Hayami Hiro and Schwartz Rose brooches by Amnibus.

Tree Village is doing a King of Prism café starting the 1st of August and has posted its menu.

THE CHARA SHOP is having another collab with King of Prism during August too.

The cover of Kadokawa’s King of Prism Anthology. The cover is drawn by Sarachi Yomi and some of the confirmed artists so far are: Sakazaki Haru, Ogino Atsuki, Irua,  Imai Yuumi, Yamamoto AtaruTiv, Numa Chiyoko and Jiyuuchou.


Imai-san is informing us about the album recording and he’s bringing us a vital supply of Acchan’s photos. As you can see, Sakurai-sama devoted himself to Christ and the life of purity. Sorry fangirls, deal with it.

“Today’s recording of the vocal parts was fucking cool!”
“We are proceeding successfully.”
“Finally, the recording of my guitar parts is finished (probably)”
“That thing he’s looking at is just a wall.” (a note under the first Acchan’s photo)
“He’s laughing.” (under the second photo)
“I’ve paid 100 000 yen for two photos. (It would be great to get a cheque from Higuchi.)”
“We’re planning to finish recordings for a very interesting album.”
/ originally translated by Pikopiko, thanks!

ビクター復帰第一弾 NEW SINGLE「New World」
2015年12月29日「THE DAY IN QUESTION」から選りすぐりの楽曲を収録した映像特典付き。

01. New World [作詞:櫻井敦司 / 作曲:今井寿]
02. Devil’s Wings -type2- [作詞:櫻井敦司 / 作曲:今井寿]

[品番 / 価格]
VIZL-1028 / ¥2,480(tax out)
VIZL-1029 / ¥1,980(tax out)
VICL-37210 / ¥1,000(tax out)

・Blu-ray/DVD:2015年12月29日「THE DAY IN QUESTION」日本武道館公演から選りすぐりの楽曲を収録。
 ANGELIC CONVERSATION / 惡の華 / Brain,Whisper,Head,Hate is noise / 密室 / ICONOCLASM / 太陽ニ殺サレタ


  • Happy! (M@STER VERSION)
  • 天海春香 (CV.中村繪里子), 如月千早 (CV.今井麻美), 萩原雪歩 (CV.浅倉杏美), 水瀬伊織 (CV.釘宮理恵), 三浦あずさ (CV.たかはし智秋), 我那覇響 (CV.沼倉愛美), 秋月律子 (CV.若林直美)

(vía https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBO8Zai9pXg)

BUCK-TICK - スピード  TV出演(1991年)


Vía Bubbles

New World

After two years, Buck-Tick will be releasing a new single titled New World on September 21st, 2016!

A special edition containing footage from 2015’s The Day in Question will run ¥2480 for the blu-ray and ¥1980 for the DVD, and the regular will be ¥1000 (all prices not including tax).

The track listing for the single is as follows:

01. New World [Lyrics by Sakurai Atsushi / Composition by Imai Hisashi]

02. Devil’s Wings -type2- [Lyrics by Sakurai Atsushi / Composition by Imai Hisashi]

The special edition footage contains:

Aku no Hana
Brain, Whisper, Head, Hate is noise
Taiyō ni Korosareta

Check out where where you can pre-order your copy today:

CDJapan (all prices do NOT include tax, or are tax free for those shipping outside Japan):

Amazon Japan (all prices include tax):

HMV (special pricing):

YesAsia (all prices slightly adjusted):

Tower Records (all prices include tax):