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You knew that there would be a time here Shawn would have to film a music video with another girl, that wasn’t you. It didn’t bother you, you’re all professionals and you have kissed other boys for acting jobs before, but one thing was stuck in your mind.

What if she doesn’t like you? This question has been circling in your mind ever since you were informed Shawn would be filming the ‘There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back’ music video. You were sure that Andrew and the team would pick a good actress who would be glorious for the role. But for some reason, you felt the need to be liked by her.

The first day of shooting came in Amsterdam and it was the first day you got to meet the actress Ellie. Shawn showed you some pictures of her and she was gorgeous, she seemed like she would be a sweet and kind girl, but that didn’t stop your worries from circling in your brain.

You stood with Geoff as Shawn went up to greet Ellie, she had ginger, almost blonde hair and she was very petite and cute.

“She seems nice” Geoff commented, giving you a small nudge.

“I’m sure she’s lovely” You smiled up at him, considering Geoff was a good four inches taller than you. As if on cue, Ellie came bounding over to you, introducing herself and telling you that she loved your music.

“Thank you,” You gushed, “I saw you in Nocturnal Animals, you were amazing!” You complimented her.

“Oh my gosh, no honestly I love Riverdale. I read the comics growing up and you portray Betty perfectly.” She smiled at you. Soon, the time came to start filming. You stayed a good three metres away from the crew with Geoff. All of the memories of you and Shawn come back to you as you watch Ellie and him, relive your moments together.

A few days later, it was time to film the scene at one of Shawn’s shows. Where he looks out into the crowd and spies Ellie cheering for him. Ellie and you didn’t even watch the show from in the audience until she was needed. The two of you spent the entire time together on a couch which is sat side stage, where you could see Shawn do his thing. The various topics the two of you discussed got very intense. Soon, Ellie was needed to film the little snippet of the video, and many fans noticed you in the background staring up at Shawn, it was unintentional, but Shawn loved that you were in the video just like he wanted originally.

On the twenty-first of June, the music video for Shawn’s new song was released. It was everything that Shawn had wanted it to be, every minuscule detail just perfect and he loved it. Shawn reassured you many times that he had his thumb in between Ellie and his mouths when they kissed, so it was, in fact, staged. He said he couldn’t go through with kissing her.

“What’s your question, sweetheart?” You were back on your own tour, sitting in the q&a when a girl who looked around fourteen raised her hand.

“How do you feel about Ellie Bamber being Shawn’s love interest in his new music video?” Her voice came out small, but you still managed to hear it. You knew that a question like this would come up, from the many tweets and comments from fans asking your opinion on Ellie.

“I am honestly completely fine with it, she is a wonderful girl who I became friends with over the few days I spend with her and I had an absolute blast getting to know her. But, what annoys me most is that people can’t get over the fact that it’s her job to act, and people have been sending her negative messages. After this I want you all to get on your phones and show some love to Ellie, because you should always spread and give love to everyone,” You gave your small rant, “But honestly, she was the perfect fit for the roll and I don’t think anyone could have done it better.”

After your show, you had received a Twitter notification telling you that Ellie Bamber had tweeted at you. You opened the notification and saw that she had tweeted you a video from the q&a earlier in the day, it was the video of you talking about Ellie.

@EllieBamber: You talkin’ me up? [@shaleighjaffer]

You smiled typing a quick tweet back to her.

@shaleighjaffer: Gotta rep’ my girl, right?” [@EllieBamber]

You knew that you wanted to stay friends with this girl.

Show Me Your Heart And I'll Show You Mine - Part 4

Parring: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word: 664

Warning: none

Summary: Soulmate!Au. What you write on your skin/tattos/wounds shows up on your soulmates skin. Reader and her soulmate wants to meet

A/N: I am going to London for five days this Monday, this means i won’t update until then, but i planned out what is going happen, and i think there will be 12 parts. enjoy, and tell me what you thought

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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The familiar smell of coffee greeted Bucky when he stepped into the café and looked around. Normally he would take his time and enjoy the cosy café, but today his eyes searched for a table in the corner. He had asked his friend, Sam, that worked there to reserve the table. And he had told you to just ask for his table. But the table was empty. Bucky looked at the clock, he was a few minutes late.

“Hey Sam” He said and greeted his friend. Sam looked up.

“Hey Bucky” He answered with a short smile.

“Do you remember I talked to you about my soulmate, Y/N? How I was going to meet her? “Sam nodded, waiting for Bucky to continue. “We were supposed to meet here at two, you haven’t seen any… “

“No” Sam shock his head. “But if it’s only five minutes, then maybe she’s just late? “

“Maybe” Bucky sighed.


Bucky checked the clock again. 14:16.

Where were you? Why hadn’t you showed up? Even if you had missed the first bus you would still be here. The café was just at the other side of the street, it was impossible to get lost, and even if you did, you would have written to him, right?

Bucky wondered shortly if you had decided you wouldn’t meet him, and just got home. He looked at his arm.

I think I may be running a bit late

That’s fine

I’m on the flight

Great, I can’t wait to see you

Had he been too forward? Maybe you had never wanted to meet him? Maybe you had just felt bad for him, and that was the reason you said yes?



Bucky reached down in his pocket, and found the black sharpie he always carried. He was just about to write something, when he stopped.

For the first time, he didn’t know what he should write. You had always been his escape from reality, but this was real, and he had no idea what to do.


He finally wrote.


Where are you?

Are you okay?

Please answer me?

I’m worried

It’s okay if you don’t want to meet me

Just tell me

Are you there?

Won’t you answer me?







Bucky’s arms were covered in black words. He had three empty cups in front of him, and one almost empty. The sharpie was in his pocket. He had given up around 15:20. Why he still was here, he didn’t really know. He couldn’t bear the pitiful looks Steve and Peggy would give him when he got home. Sam had gotten off around 15:15, so there was no one in the small café who knew why his eyes were as glued to the table.



He had gotten a few messages from Steve asking how it was going. Natasha had told him to “Got get her!”, and Peggy had told there was dinner at six, and asked if they came home to eat. Bucky hadn’t answered any of their messages.



The customers had started to look weird at him. The barista, a girl wearing a name-tag reading Wanda, had asked him if he was okay. He had answered that of course he was, and ordered a muffin. He didn’t really eat it when she came with it, he just sat and looked at it like it was the muffins fault you wouldn’t answer him.



He had gotten more messages Steve, Peggy, and Natasha. They all demanded to be answered, but he had no idea what he would say to them. He was considering finding a bar instead of the café when he saw it.

His arms were covered in black words. Your name, questions, everything was written in black, except two words. Right under his question, Where are you? were two words written in green. He didn’t recognize the handwriting, but as soon as he saw the words The hospital he hurried out of the café.


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Promptio - Gladio comforting Prom after a fight with his parents? Or just feeling abandoned by them?

Gladio gives the best hugs. Canon. Fact. And you know it.

Prompto hovered outside Gladio’s door, his whole body trembling.

“Who is it?” Gladio grumbled from somewhere inside.

“I-It’s me…”

The door opened almost immediately. “Prom, I thought you were having dinner with your parents –?” he broke off when he saw Prompto’s huge blue eyes, red-tinged and glassy. He rushed forward and engulfed him in a massive embrace, one hand on the back of Prompto’s head.

“They… They went out…” Prompto gulped. “Never showed up.”

“Oh Prom,” he breathed.

He was warm, and gentle, and so tender.

“Come in,” Gladio said, closing the door behind them. He led Prompto to the sofa, pulling him close and letting him climb into his lap.

As Gladio stroked Prompto’s thick blond hair, the shaking gradually subsided and he offered him a watery smile. “Thanks, Gladdy. Really.”

“Shh.” Gladio leaned down, stroked his hair back, and kissed him with slow tenderness. “I love you.”

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I saw it and then I had to do it I HAD TO DO IT

It’s official now Benny can play piano I’m going to worm that into all of the oneshots I’ve written somEHOW

Bonus starstruck Ethan:


- Amsterdam Adventures -

The small size of my bunk always used to be genuinely warm, comfortable and really welcoming, but tonight it was the complete opposite. The place of my rest seemed to be hard as rock and the blanket hovering over my body felt cold as snow. The only thing that still managed to successfully keep me warm was my girlfriend’s hand. Our palms were hanging from the bunks in one embrace. The hold of hers died long time ago as she fell into the arms of Morpheus.

You might ask why don’t we sleep in one bunk together, the answer is really easy – it’s all because of my giant posture. If we slept together in such a tiny surface she would wake up totally crushed.

Holding her hand wasn’t enough for me. I needed more of her, I wanted more of her. I craved her.

I craved her the way I craved water after an excellent workout.

I craved her the way I craved playing my guitar.

I craved her the way I never excepted to crave anyone.

Since our relationship started, each and every day I feel more and more attached to her. I feel the power of my adoration towards her grows stronger and stronger.

The power of love bestows responsibilities, but not rights. I have no right to her heart, but I am blessed to love her with my own. I have no right to her time, but I am honored to share the moments with her. It is for me to do what is best for her and not seek fulfillment of my own desires at an expense to her wellbeing.

The hands of the clock shows the late hour of 3:22am, what can I do now? What can I do when everyone is asleep, even the person I wish the most to be awake together with me.

Would she be mad at me if I woked her up?

Would she like the idea of us going for a night adventure in an absolutely unknown city, somewhere in Europe?

I slightly slide out of my tour bed, carefully trying to not wake up anyone else up, still holding her hand. I knelt down on the carpeted floor, stroking her back. I whispered, “hey, wake up!”

After being with someone in a relationship for longer period of time, you start to notice a bunch of oddly loving things, things that people who don’t have stronger bond with her wouldn’t know

What I learnt over the years is that she’s a deep sleeper. She loves to runway from everything in her dreams. In her sleep she’s a child again. She dreams of things past, things that will never be again. In her dreams she has comfort, freedom and love. When she wakes up she always takes her notebook and scrambles to write everything from her dream down, just in case there is wisdom in the randomness.

Personally I don’t believe in such a thing as a dream. The main reason behind my disbelief is probably my bad memory. I never really remember my dreams, but Y/N happens to remember everything in her sleep. Starting off with the characters, and ending off with the sound of melody that her imagined birds created. She is truly passionate about dreams.

I know that my whispering is completely pointless, but how can I wake her up differently without harming other’s peace?

Letting my hand slowly slide under the fluffy blanket, and then moving her shirt up I gently tapped her belly, in a big hope of triumphantly waking her up.

She smiled so lightly, I don’t really know if she’s smiling because of my hands or because of something that occurred in her dream.

“I’m guessing that’s it pretty late already, so why for the love of Lord are you tapping my stomach?” She asked. Her voice deep and harsh – like always when she wakes up. Her eyes were still closed. I felt that my hands are getting gentle slaps, she was trying to put her shirt down.

An unexpected chuckle left my lifted upward mouth, “I just couldn’t sleep. My bunk got so freaking uncomfortable. It was no fun and also, I got so bored, so I figured out that a small walk around Amsterdam would be nice.”

“Okay cool. Your plan seems awesome. Just go and make everything happen, and now leave me in my warm bunk in the holy calmness. Good night.” Her comment made me laugh even harder. “Seriously, fuck you, Shawn.” She put her blanket all the way to her head back.

My mom always taught me to fight for what I really wanted and needed.

“Okay. Okay Y/N. If you will ever want some more cuddles, I’m gonna tell you the exact same thing.”

It will work.

“Okay, fine. Let’s go.”

I told you.

Everything was happening so fast. Once we were running around the Dutch streets, then we were playing hide and seek, and how we’re just standing so close to each other that our chests are melting into one. Her warm hand reaches for mine and they interlock as we kiss tentatively, passionately and then, tenderly. The magical feeling causes me to shiver in complete pleasure and ecstasy.

We eventually had to pulled apart – breath was needed. It was difficult. The pink skin of our mouth felt so magnetic. I was the magnet, and she was the fridge.

“God, you’re so beautiful.” She whispers so I feel her warm breath on my neck. I wrinkle my nose in protest. “Aren’t I supposed to tell you all these things?”

“It doesn’t matter.” She said, looking straight into my eyes.

Those cinnamon colored eyes rimmed with thick, long, dark lashes that brushed her cheeks every time she closed her eyes. They looked so magical, so unreal. Every time I looked into them I nearly lost myself. Love, adoration, curiously; her eyes held all those deep seated emotions and many more. Over the years, I have learnt to read her through the emotions.

“I love you Y/n.”

And then she gives me a smile that just seems so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness that unexpected warmth rushes through me.

Everything felt just so right. Everything felt like I dream, I believed in this dream, and I never want it to be done.

Her heart is where I belong, and my heart is where she belongs.

On screen romance between women with little to no build up or emotion that result in gratuitous sex scenes that are there for the (male) viewers’ enjoyment  

On screen romance between women that is actually romantic, fleshed out, not overly sexualised and portray the characters as three dimensional people who share a powerful bond and care deeply about each other

Do I Wanna Know? (Playing From Another Room)
Arctic Monkeys
Do I Wanna Know? (Playing From Another Room)

Do I Wanna Know? || (Playing From Another Room)

Now you too can feel like Alex Band Guy. 

Listen to this audio and imagine yourself at a pub with your mates. This song, your song, written by you, plays on a loop from the time you walk through the door. Why? Because meta. You excuse yourself to the washroom and stare at your reflection until you work up the courage to get absolutely plastered. “You can do this.” You tell yourself and walk out before you have a chance to think rationally and run back home. You put on a brave face, and run back to your mates and proceed to knock back shot after shot of tequila. Now the real fun can begin.

It’s easy to forget he’s 18 years old - just ‘cause he’s 6 foot 5 and looks like Michael Phelps - he’s still 18! […] I’m proud of him
—  Niall Horan being a supportive dad to Shawn

Tfw you procrastinate so hard that you end up making a bunch of bisexual Wonder Woman icons for no reason other than that.
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Story-time with Sora and Noctis takes a weird turn. Noct may have competition for the title of Crown Prince of Napping!

Bonus time-jump panel in which Noctis takes his rightful place as the Naptime King:


There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back // Shawn Mendes
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