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I need something based on your pretty baby tag for harry like the reader calling him it and him blushing and idk I just need something please come through

“You’re real pretty, you know that?”

It comes out of no where. It’s 1am and he’s jet lagged and she’s tired but she’s been missing him so she refused to go to sleep alone. All he was doing was washing dishes and all she’s been doing is leaning against the breakfast bar and watching him, admiring him. He’s been humming a tune she doesn’t recognise and she’s noticing all his little mannerisms that she doesn’t think he even realises he does, like how he bops his head along to the song his humming or how he smiles a little at something he was thinking about and she always hoped it was her. At her disrupt of the comfortable quiet by her off handed complement, he’s drying his soapy hands on a tea-towel and turning around to lean against the counter with a soft smile playing on his lips.

“Yeah? M’pretty?”

She’s looking up at him through tired eyes. Chin rested on her hands, hands rested on the counter top. She can tell he’s teasing her but frankly she can’t seem to care because he’s stood there in nothing but sweatpants, arms crossed lazily, hair messy, cheeks just slightly flushed and he’s looking at her with these eyes that are so full of love it stuns her for a second. He’s just so damn pretty. 

“Mhm, like a 90′s heartthrob. Leo in the Titanic kinda pretty.”

“I’m as pretty as Leo in Titanic? I don’t believe that for a second.”

He’s all but grinning now as the feigned disbelief in his voice makes her giggle. Walking over to sit on the stool next for her, he matches her stance. Chin on hands, hands on counter. She turns to rest her cheek on her hands to look at him and he does the same to look at her, brushing her hair out of her face.

“ Uh huh, prettier even. Makes me mad sometimes, that you’re so pretty, because y’know ever else sees it too, how pretty you are. I mean how could they miss it?”

“But I’m only yours, yeah baby? I’m yours and you’re mine.”

Nodding, she reaches one hand over to cup his jaw and run her thumb over him cheek. His eyes close at the affection and his shoulders visibly relax.

“My pretty baby”

It’s whispered, almost like he wasn’t supposed to hear it, and her voice is so full of love he almost can’t handle it. Doesn’t know what he’s done to deserve to be loved this good. Doesn’t know what he’s done to deserve her. The quiet affection has his eyes fluttering open and it paints his cheeks a subtle pink, it makes his chest tight with love.

“Yeah sweet girl, I’m your pretty baby.”

They don’t know how long they sat like that, quiet and tired and so happy, but they know there’s not a place in the world they’d rather be. Could spend forever alone together. A pretty boy and a pretty girl and so much love.

Remember Me

So this is finally here! It took me a while but I finally finished it. I was thinking about a part two (maybe smut?) but let me know that you all think. This is also my first Marvel imagine so feedback is appreciated! Enjoy!

A/N: Memories and flashbacks are in italics

He stood there waiting on you. He checked his watch and then double checked it. He was starting to get concerned because you were never late. Ever. It was five minutes after your agreed time when he heard it. When he heard you. He heard your scream, he didn’t have to think twice before he acted.


He was running.


He had to get to you. He needed to get to you.


He heard a scream and he moved faster. He ran as hard as he could. The hallway seemed to get a little longer the closer he got to you.


“Bucky!” He stopped hearing your voice coming from somewhere else.


“Bucky, help me!!” Bucky started sprinted down another hallway that seemed to come out of nowhere. Which was odd considering he knew this place like the back of his hand. He was in the middle of escaping when he heard you start screaming. He wasn’t leaving without you and HYDRA knew it. He kept running until he came to a door at the end of the hall. He paused for a second before he heard you again. He quickly turned the knob and the door swung open-


Bucky woke with a jolt. He tried to steady his breathing and slow his heart, but failed. He got out of bed and looked at the clock. He groaned seeing it was three in the morning. He sighed rubbing his face, standing, and made his way into the kitchen. He grabbed a water out of the refrigerator and sat at the counter. He still had nightmares about that night, even after all this time. He was deep in thought when another set of footsteps snapped him out of his daze.


“Couldn’t sleep?” Steve asked as he entered the kitchen.


“No.” Steve nodded and sat across from his best friend. Steve knew Bucky had been having nightmares; he never pried but he always made sure Bucky knew he was there.


“You wanna talk about it?” Bucky sighed loudly before answering.


“I can never get her.” It was barely above a whisper but Steve heard it. He was shocked Bucky was sharing but he tried not to show it.


“Get to who, Buck?” He picked at the label on the bottle as he started to speak. Bucky said your name so quietly the if Steve didn’t have his super soldier hearing, he would’ve missed it. “Who is she?”


“My girl.”


“Your girl?” Buck just nodded again before he spoke again.


“We were both being held by HYDRA, I guess it was twenty or so years ago. She was… like me,” he still struggled with what he did, but he continued, “She was more dangerous but not. She was like the soldiers we went after in Siberia. The only difference was all her emotions stayed intact when they tried to wipe her. Everything, empathy, joy, sadness, anger, all of it was there. They tried to wipe them so many times, but it never worked.” Bucky felt a small smirk appear on his face, but it was gone as quickly as it had come.


“How does that make her your girl though? I don’t understand.” Steve was shocked to say the least, but he wasn’t going to push Bucky.


“Right, um, I was the one to trained her. We spent countless hours together. Most of the time training was supervised, especially with her. She could manipulate anyone to do anything. I guess that was the emotional side of her, the rest of us just shot to kill and didn’t think anything of it. Anyway, sometimes it would be just us. That’s when she would start asking questions.” Bucky let out a small chuckle remembering everything you wanted to know.


“She asked if I could remember anything from before, but of course I couldn’t. She would ask random things, like my favorite color, what size shoe did I wear, how old I was, it was never ending. This would happen whenever we were alone together, but I would never answer her. Then one day I did. I started answering her questions and we became closer and I felt something, which I shouldn’t have because I wasn’t supposed to, but I did. I wanted to know her too. So, we started going back and forth and eventually I started to admire her, then I liked her, then I loved her. I shouldn’t have and that where things took a turn.” Bucky took a deep breath before he continued.


“We decided we were going to leave. Since she had gotten me to feel again and I knew what I was doing, what we were doing, I had to get us out of there. We had to wait a few weeks before we could even try to leave. We were supposed to meet in the training room, but she never showed. I went looking for her and that’s when I heard her screams. I couldn’t find her, Steve. I knew that place like the back of my hand and I couldn’t find her.” Bucky had tears in his eyes by the time he had finished. He had never told anyone about you or what had happened between the two of you.


Steve leaned back in his chair letting Bucky’s words sink in. He had a girl. A girl he hasn’t seen in over twenty years. Steve didn’t know what to say. He just sat and stared at his lifelong friend. His heart broke for the man in front of him and he didn’t know how to help. They sat in silence until Bucky spoke again.


“You know what the worst part of all of it is?” Bucky didn’t wait for Steve to answer him, “I don’t even know if she’s alive.”


Seeing a tear slide down his friend’s face, Steve got up and rounded the counter until he could pull Bucky into a hug. Not one of those ‘bro hugs’ they give sometimes, but a genuine hug. Bucky wrapped his arms around his friend and Steve’s gripped tightened a bit. After a few minutes Steve pulled back and put a hand on Bucky’s shoulder.


“We can look for her. I don’t know where to start or what to look for, but we can try.” Steve knew he would do everything in his power to try and bring you home. He didn’t even know you but he was glad Bucky had you when he did. It didn’t take Bucky a full second to agree to what Steve suggested.


“Let’s find my girl.”




You were taking in the sights as you walked down the street of Brooklyn. It was your Sunday routine, a morning walk followed by a trip to the farmers markets and then back to your small apartment. You looked around and enjoyed the scene. People were going about their lives, acting like nothing was wrong in the world. Of course, there was something wrong in the world, there always was, but today everyone could act like it wasn’t happening.


You were also still getting use to how the world has changed. You escaped from HYDRA a couple of years back, but you hadn’t been out in the world in over twenty years. You could barely remember anything from before, but you always remembered a set of blue eyes.


You stopped by your favorite fruit stand and grabbed some strawberries and grapes. When you were paying for your things you felt someone watching you. You didn’t dare look up as you made your way back to your apartment. You could still feel their eyes on you as you finally came to your building. You turned to see if you could see anyone, but saw no one.


You walked up the two flights of stairs to your apartment, only to open the door and see someone standing there. You froze. You didn’t know who this was or how this person found you. He was talk with blond hair and blue eyes, but not the blue eyes you remember. After staring at the man for a few more seconds you heard someone behind you. Turning around you see another man. This man was as big as the first maybe a little taller. Only he had brown hair that barely reached his shoulders. You caught sight of his left arm when he moved.


It was metal.




“You can do better! Harder!” He was screaming at you. You discreetly rolled your eyes, but looking up you knew he saw you. He glanced at the guard by the door to see if he was paying attention, which he wasn’t. seeing this he sent you a wink making your heart flutter. You sent him a gentle smirk and continued your routine with the punching dummy.


“Soldat!” The guard snapped looking to both of you and for a split second you thought you were caught, but you didn’t let it show. The two of you turned to face him. “I’m leaving. Make sure she finishes.” With that the guard left. As soon as the door shut he turned to you.


“You have more questions.” He stated smirking at you. You rolled your eyes and scoffed.


“Of course, I do. First off, what kind of name is Bucky?” This started your round of questions for the day.




Snapping back to the present you looked into his eyes. His blue eyes. The ones you always remembered. Then, it clicked.


“Bucky?” You heard his breath catch as the name left your mouth. He nodded slowly making his way to you. You don’t know why, but you trust him and if the hammering of your heart is anything to do by, he also meant something to you.


“Do you remember anything? Do you remember who I am to you?” By now he was standing in front of you. If he reached out, he could touch you, but he didn’t.


“I remember asking you questions and um, a, uh, a training room?” You sounded so unsure of yourself, but Bucky’s shallow nods suggest you were right. Bucky’s heart broke at how unsure you sounded.


“That’s right. When we trained you would always ask me questions. Do you remember anything else?” You tried to think, but you couldn’t remember much. You shook your head slightly to indicate you didn’t know. Bucky’s face fell but he also expected it. “It’s okay if you don’t, doll.” Your brows quirked at his pet name. Then something else fell into place.




The guard left again while you were training with the Winter Soldier. Why they were trying to make you into the next one, you had no idea, but you hated it. The only good thing about it was the Winter Soldier himself. What HYDRA didn’t know was you were slowly helping him regain his memory and with that the two of you started to fall for each other, hard. Would it work though? Would they take him away from you if they figured out what the two of you were doing? How the two of you were with each other? You were so caught up in your thoughts you didn’t hear him talking to you.


“Hey, you with me?” You blinked and looked back up to him. To the blue eyes you fell in love with. His face was pulled together in confusion at your quiet state. You were never this quiet and it worried him.


“Yeah, I am, sorry.” You gave him a small smile, but it didn’t meet your eyes and he noticed. He walked closer to you and cupped your face with his metal hand. It always surprised him when you leaned into his touch, especially when he used his metal hand. He tilted your face so he could look you in the eye.


“You can tell me anything, you know that.” You sighed knowing you couldn’t hide this from him.


“What are they gonna do when they find out, Buck? You know they will, what do we do then? I can’t lose you, I can’t.” You didn’t show your vulnerable side often, but you couldn’t help it.


“Hey, we’re gonna get out of here remember? We leave tonight. We’ll be okay, doll.”




“We were together.” You looked Bucky in the eye. His eyes grew wide and he waited. “We were together and we were supposed to leave, but they found out.” Everything was coming back now. You stared at the floor as memories started to flood your mind. How you were supposed to be the next Winter soldier, how they would wipe your memory but your emotions stayed intact, how you met Bucky, how you fell for Bucky.


How you were in love with Bucky.


You remembered.


“I remember.” You said looking up to him again. Tears were in your eyes and his as well. “I remember everything. Buck, I remember.” You half laughed and sobbed as you spoke. Bucky couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed you and held you close. You wrapped your arms around him and held on for dear life.


“Oh, baby, I knew you would come back to me.” He whispered into your hair and kissed the top of your head.


“I always will.” He squeezed you impossibly tighter at your words and you didn’t mind. You had your Bucky back and he had you.


Someone clearing their throat broke you apart. You sniffled and looked back at the man you first saw when you came into your apartment. Bucky let you go, but keeping an arm around your waist keeping you close.


“Steve, this is my girl. Doll, this is Steve, he’s my best friend.” Bucky introduced the two of you. You nodded recalling the name. Bucky had talked about him after he started remembering.


“It’s nice to meet you.” You stuck out your hand for him to shake. Instead he caught you off guard and brought you into a hug pulling you away from Bucky slightly.


“Thank you for taking care of him.” He whispered in your ear. You smiled as you pulled back from him. Bucky brought you back to his side. You wrapped your arm around his waist as he did so.


“What do you say we get out of here, doll?” Bucky asked looking down at you. You nodded and Bucky gave you a quick squeeze before letting you go. The three of you made your way out of the apartment building. You couldn’t help but look at your soldier and think of the future that was now laid out in front of you.


A future with your Bucky.

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May I present you priestRick x incubusMorty AU? So Morty seduces our corrupt priest Rick and when he isn't looking, he suprise attacks him, ties him down and reveals his true form (just imagine Rick tied there with the most unimpressed expression) Morty teases him and when Rick gets enough of it, he just breaks the ropes and fucks Morty senseless. After the 5th time Morty is like "how r u not dead?" Rick just points at his crucifix "Bc of ur faith in God?" "No idiot, science" (disguised machine)

Arrrrrghhhhh yes, I love this!!!

Gimme an incubus Morty disguised an a normal human boy, who goes to Rick’s church one day and is instantly captivated by priest Rick. Morty’s a demon, he sees people’s sins so easily, and he can’t help but lick his lips when he realizes how corrupted and sinful Rick really was… how much lust Rick had in his heart.

 Morty was drawn to the priest because he hid his depravity so well under the cover of his benign and friendly attitude. And it was then when he decided to make Rick his latest target.

Such easy prey, Morty mused. This is almost disappointing. 

But Rick wasn’t as easy as Morty thought he would be.

Morty failed each and every attempt to seduce Rick in his human form. Every time he tried to catch Rick alone, Morty would just get a pat on the head and told to run home to his parents.Every time he talked to Rick, he’d just get brushed off and treated as a mere child. Every time he thought he had the upper hand, Rick just does something unexpected and Morty’s left with nothing but confusion and a particularly nasty case of blue-balls. This went on for weeks.

The priest just wasn’t interested. And it infuriated Morty, knowing he was being outsmarted by a mere human. A human who should by all respects be like putty in his hands. Someone that stained by the sin of lust should’ve been an easy victim. 

But not Rick.

Morty gets so desperate that he eventually kidnaps and ties up Rick, showing his true form and expecting the priest to be quaking in fear. Instead, Rick just takes one look at incubus Morty, laughs, and tells him he knew he was a demon. Rick then goes on to tell the demon that he was treated like a child because he was fun to mess around him. That he enjoyed watching Morty squirm.

That split second of stunned silence that followed was enough time for Rick to break through the bonds.

“N-n-now I’ll show you what a “hell of a time” really means, demon,” Rick would croon into the aroused incubus’ ear. And he’d proceed to have his way with Morty.

Cue the rest of your HC :’D 

I also imagine that it’d be Morty who’d return again and again to fuck Rick, and never the other way around. The Rick would never let Morty have the satisfaction of knowing he liked their little trysts. And maybe little by little, the incubus would come to be so dependent on his priest that he’d be completely uninterested in sex with other humans.What a devious Rick, training Morty so thoroughly~  Morty would be the only incubus on record to ever be seduced by his own target instead XD

Lmao thanks for your HCs! Keep them coming you guys, I enjoy them so much!!!

lena headey is the most incredible actress

she doesn’t need hair, makeup, or costume to completely change who she is, the person she is

and yes she’s an actress and it’s her job but HOLY HELL she’s god tier (and just…. DOESN’T have an emmy?? like who’s in charge here?)

just look at her in character as cersei:

and then, still in costume but out of character:

a comPLETELY different entity (i honestly think she’s unrecognisable as cersei)


it’s the way she moves her mouth?? and her gait?? and just everything holy guacamole

she has just,, been a diFFerent person?? in all of these gifs?? hOW? these are from only like 4 OF HER PIECES OF WORK

tldr; lena headey is an actual chameleon as well as being the most beautiful angel and all around lovely human and deserves all the awards

We’ve talked a lot about the repeated deaths, but that’s not all that can happen in this kind of situation. What kind of injuries do you think the IPRE dealt with until the year was up and they were reset?

Magnus loses an arm. It’s an early cycle and he shouldn’t have had to make that kind of sacrifice, but he did it to help someone else and no one is really surprised. No one knows what to do - should they offer to help him with things? Would that be insulting? When Magnus comes far too close to losing his other arm in the same year, he learns to ask for help when he needs it.

Merle is too close to an explosion and loses his hearing. Lucretia offers him one of her notebooks, and it’s both a wonderful idea and a mistake because he uses it both to communicate and to leave notes all over the ship. They’re very dad-like notes, commanding various crew members to pick up this mess or go do some chore. When they try to argue Merle just shakes his head and motions helplessly at his ears, even though they are writing him a note in return. It’s not long afterwards that they reach a world that has sign language and everyone learns the basics. 

Lup has been burned, badly, but it takes a while before she lets anyone help her manage the pain because she doesn’t want to feel better when she can’t do that for Taako because he died in a fucking fire. It’s Barry who finally catches her with her guard down late one night, and he and Merle find a combination of cooling spells and herbs that make the pain (the physical pain) more bearable.

Davenport is blinded, and for a while he won’t accept any help. He’s the captain, he’ll figure it out on his own. He tries to pilot the ship with muscle memory and crashes it somewhere remote, and he just screams in frustration at losing the one thing he’s the best at, even if it’s only for a year. He’s quiet for a while, not interacting and going through the motions as well as he can, until Magnus wanders into the cockpit and asks what the big, red button is for. Davenport explains, more of the crew wander in, and he ends telling all of them about the ins and outs of their vessel. It’s a good day, and after that (both that year and after) he spends less time in the cockpit and more time with his family.

Lucretia can’t walk anymore, not easily and then not at all, so Magnus offers to give her piggyback rides everywhere she wants to go whenever she wants. Lup and Barry make her a chair (permanently levitating so that stairs aren’t an issue), but she finds she likes the company while exploring the new towns. She takes up Magnus’s offer more often than anyone expects her to.

A landslide that takes Lup catches Taako, too; he takes a serious blow to the head. When he wakes up he doesn’t speak, and doesn’t really look at anyone. But he listens to them, he can hear them, and eventually Lucretia picks up some journals and sits with him. At first she reads, but eventually she just shares interesting things that happened that day and gossip; even though his expression doesn’t change she can tell he’s enjoying the conversation from the way his ears flick around with as much movement as always. When the year is done they still gossip, but it’s never one-sided. (Except when it is, years and years later. Taako has a bad day and Lucretia offers to read to him, and he lets her. It’s a little sign that things are… better. Improving.)

One year there are days Barry hurts too much to walk on his own, and Lucretia’s chair makes a second appearance. Lup isn’t there, or Magnus or Merle, so the ship is quiet more often than not… until Taako and Barry go barreling down the hallway together clinging to the chair and targeting Davenport of Lucretia. It shouldn’t be funny but it is - one light and fun moment during a particularly bad cycle.


Please love me, I beg you.

Tom: *backflip*












Tom: Why *backflip* aren’t *backflip* you *backflip* fucking *backflip* clapping?!!!

Eunwoo is worth more than his looks

Eunwoo is worth more than his looks

Eunwoo is worth more than his looks

Eunwoo is worth more than his looks

Eunwoo is worth more than his looks

Eunwoo is worth more than his looks

  • Eunwoo is worth more than his looks
  1. Eunwoo is worth more than his looks

i should be doing my work for class but instead here’s part 1 of drawings for a hp au thanks to ideas brought up by @klanced i do actually need to go do work and head to class so the rest of the gang will come later

anyway shiro is trying to talk to keith who is helplessly pinning lol

Please do not tag with she/th or any like ship

dog dad dan 🐕

(someone get this boy a pomeranian pls)

click for better quality!

⇒ more art

when will jeff goldblum and jemaine clement be father and son in a film vying for the love and attention of the same man with said man played by taika waititi