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Salam paywastoon, I just want to wish u a happy belated birthday! Hope everything gets easier and your stresses melt away as ramadan draws nearer. I'll keep you in my dua's insha Allah. Also, im sorry for being somewhat of an opportunist by asking this and i so dont want to ruin anyones mood but can u plz do me a favor and just pray that my 3 year old nephew beats his cancer? He has a neuroblastoma and it has been really hard on all of us. ur site reaches many ppl and if that means that more ppl

Will pray for imad to get better, well, thatd be just great. Anyway, sorry if i brought anyone down. I just really would appreciate this since u are very inspirational and may inspire others to just make that dua as well. I hope you had a nice birthday with filled with health and happiness n Insha Allah many more :)

Wasalaam, thank you! 


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"I’ve seen a lot of people on Tumblr right now getting triggered/stressed/scared by the whole Blurryface thing right now so feel free to use this for any help or message me " What Blurryface thing? Sorry I'm stupid lol

Bluryface is honestly one of the hardest things to explain im sorry if this might be a bit confusing I’ll try my best to explain all of it…

Basically for those who for know Blurryface is suppose to be representing the depression/anxiety/bad side of you. And it’s also the name of Twenty One Pilots  new album.
But basically there’s a blurryface twitter and it was made January of this year way before 21p announced their album release date and any information about it.

the first tweet wasn’t until a month later

since then, it’s been posting strange things, band pictures, a spider, videos of old concerts reversed

Since the first new song was released i think they were suppose to release a new song every 21 days
the blurryface twitter tweeted

And they also changed their icon to a face with the album cover on it apparently there’s a scar on it’s forehead and red on it’s mouth

Then the account was favoriting and unfaving some tweets with the main idea being Stressed Out which got some people thinking that that was going to be their new song that was going to be released.

Then they posted a picture that said How am I ever going to identify where it’s coming from?
And it doesn’t match josh or Tyler’s hand writing

There was a periscope that only lasted for a bit and it was a care saying
My name is blurryface and I care what you think “
With someone’s shadow just going back and forth

The account has also messaged some people telling them not to follow them and then blocking then and unblocking them
Also when you Google Tyler’s and past blurryface’s header it gives you a link to the posts about an antidepressants called Tricyclic. They’re used to deal with depression, anxiety and many other problems, but they have a side affect: blurry vision.
Some people have been calming that blurryface has hacked into their twitter and some tweeted “I’ll tell you what to say- blurryface” minutes later to be deleted

The twitter header says that they are only found on twitter but some people have been faking to be blurryface on omegle, twitter, and vine
The vines were close ups of concerts with them playing super slowly and loudly which triggered a lot of people. They have now been deleted.
They had codes at the bottom which read
Do not be scared of me
I am only the messenger
We’ve figured out that they’re fake but I’ve been seeing how they are from the crowds point of view almost as if blurryface is there always watchig josh or tyler not leaving them alone in a creepy stalkerish way.

Blurryface is suppose to represent the anxiety/depression/evil in you so some are thinking that blurryface is Tyler’s thought trying to tell him that the song is no good and it should be held up to release later which will be tomorrow
When blurryface tweeted out something most of the time the G was gone
One on the album is Goner
Tyler also said Goner represent his victory at the end which could mean victory over blurryface.

That is just copied and pasted from an earlier ask I replied to here on the 27

Blurryface tweeted  капельныйкапельный which translate to “drip drip” also referring to leaking something a song or album maybe? 

later they tweeted  NOWYOUCANF NDIT. GOFIND IT after that they deleted all their tweets including their icon and header

they also made a live stream which in where they showed a cd that has Twenty one pilots 21 pilots blurryface” written on it. What im thinking is that they might have burned the song into the cd and put the physical copy out somewhere. I searched for Blurryface on google maps and it leads to New York idk if its because theyre playing there in NY or what or the cd might also be in Columbus 

All of this is triggering a lot of people and sorry this is super long just in case someone else is wondering about the whole Blurryface situation so I dont have to explain all of it again :-)

Miert kell allandoan megbantani a masikat?
Foleg ugy hogy eszre se vesszuk..
Egy lany nagyon erzekeny tud lenni,es a teljes szivebol kedvel,szeret,imad,szerelembol vagy baratsagbol..
Akkor is,nezzetek azt hogy mi lanyok megtennenk ertetek mindent,de ti megbantatok minket es fel se tunik nektek.
Az is szarul esik nekunk ha mas lanyokkal is jol elvagytok,talan jobban mint velunk..
Es elgondolkozunk hogy nem vagyunk eleg? Vagy mi lehet velunk a baj..
De egyszer bele fogunk faradni,es aztan kaparhattok utananunk,mikor mi mar nem leszunk nektek.:)
Szoval probaljatok normalisan hozzank allni,es nem megbantani.
Koszonjuk: udv a lanyok✌😘

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The fact that you can be a black, queer woman and be against everything that you are is astounding. Bravo

>against everything you are

please point where imade a homophobic post

please point where i made a racist post 

Ill wait