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//So, I'm curious about something. If Warden had the chance of telling his childhood self something about their future, what would he say ?? Would he give spoilers or stay silent ?? :')))))

in the episode ‘Time Police’, warden actually has the chance to revisit one of his memories as a child. one of them being his father’s death. but he only got to relive it, not actually change anything about the incident. 

but if warden were to say anything to his younger self about what awaits him, i believe he wouldn’t be able to resist bragging to his younger self – if even a little. here’s a tiny excerpt on how i think it would go: 

             you’re going to be just like ME !  

he’s seated on the lego littered floor of his father’s office, a bunch of the tiny, yellow pieces grasped in his hand as he assists his younger SELF in building what would soon come to one day be SUPERJAIL ! the best jail ! where everyone was  HAPPY the piece gave a satisfying CLICK as it snapped into place. this was a concentration familiar to him – a welcome REPRIEVE from the chaos he almost always surrounded himself with. not that he minded however. in fact – he almost always  SOUGHT  after it.      

casting his gaze over at the young boy, warden pulled his hand back as the boy reached over. another tear in the continuum of space and time wasn’t really something he wanted to have happen again. his younger self noticed however – and glanced up into his own eyes. older, yes – but  his  nonetheless. tucking his legs up to his chest; warden grinned,   ❛  you’re going to be GREAT ! the best ! –  WARDEN  that is !   raising a gloved finger in order to  HALT  and prohibit any interruption or  PROTEST  the young boy may have, he continued without inhale of breath.   ❛  a warden like father – but,  well  – you’re going to be more  FUN  ! just wait ! we’re going to own the biggest, best jail in the  universe  !  

but in the brief repose warden took to breathe, his younger self had spoken up,  infected  by his older version’s enthusiasm.   ❛  will it have the little flying man ?  ❜   to this, the warden merely responds by lowering his chin into his hands, still grinning.   ❛  of course ! anything and everything we could possibly  WANT !  

Down For Whatever Imad Royal Releases

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Do you know Imad Royal yet? You should, get to know his tunes and then get ready for his latest. It’s a earworm that will be an instant favorite in your collection. “Down For Whatever” features New Orleans based emcee/singer/producer Pell and combines electronic, pop and hip-hop to create an incredibly catchy new single.

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ok lbr your reputation is that you are one of the sweetest people on here like?? what?? you're amazing and understanding and sweet and funny and kind and overall wonderful and?? I love you so much?? like honestly you're one of my closest friends and I adore the fuck out of you like?? I swear to god celeste I'm babbling but I just, you're prefect and I love you so so so so much and I consider myself one of the luckiest people ever to have you as a friend bc you're superb. mkaythnx.


I AM CRYING. it’s lowkey bc of my allergies, and also highkey bc of u. GDI SAMA. you’re so nice. you’re one of my best friends, you’re the babe. you’re the grandbaby to my grandma lily. ur so funny and sweet i love u a lot. A LOT I SAID. you’re so presh and i want to keep u in my pocekt. in my pinky, ur the pinky/brain to my and the. pls don’t ever leave.


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