Proton-M returns to service with EchoStar XXI.

Russia’s venerable Proton-M rocket made its return to flight launch June 8 after more than a year of being grounded. EchoStar XXI kicked off Proton’s 2017 launch campaign following the longest downtime between Proton flights in the vehicle’s 52 year history.

The booster launched the 15,150 pound EchoStar XXI communications satellite into Geostationary Transfer Orbit from the Baikonue Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 11:45pm EDT, June 7.

Nine hours and 13 minutes after liftoff, EchoStar XXI separated from the Briz-M upper stage after completing five transfer burns.

Proton was grounded following a a June 9, 2016 incident which saw the booster’s second stage prematurely shut down. Although that mission’s payload - the Intelsat 31 satellite - still successfully made it into GTO, Roscosmos grounded the booster until the cause of the shutdown was known.

Investigation revealed massive quality control issues at the rocket’s manufacturing facility near Moscow. Just as Proton was ready to renter service in December, the failure of a Soyuz-U rocket’s upper stage prompted inspectors to further postpone Proton’s flight. Both vehicle’s upper stage engines are made by the same manufacture.

Proton experienced multiple failures between 2014 and 2015 that resulted in a loss of mission scenario, but Roscosmos hopes to have cleared all potential issues with the vehicle for the time being.

P/c: Roscosmos.

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December 27, 2014

A Proton-M rocket stands tall at site 200/39 at Baikonur Cosmodrome ahead of today’s liftoff. The rocket will carry the Astra 2G satellite for SES, Luxembourg.

The Astra satellite series provides a variety of communications services to European counties. It is the third of four spacecraft in the series.

Originally scheduled for launch in November, the Proton vehicle has to return to its assembly building to replace a faulty gyroscope on the Briz-M upper stage. The rocket returned to the launch pad Christmas Eve, the same day and time a Soyuz 2-1b rocket rolled to the pad ahead of its Friday launch.

The flight profile for the satellite is shown above, provided by the launch service responsible for commercial Proton and Soyuz flights, International Launch Services.

Five engine burns of the Briz-M upper stage are required to place Astra 2G in the correct Geostationary Transfer Orbit. 9 hours and 12 minutes after launch from Baikonur, the satellite will reach its final destination 35,700 kilometers above the Equator at 28.5 degrees east longitude, just north of Madagascar.

Launch is scheduled for 4:37 pm EST, or 21:37 UTC.

365 Days of Film
002. | ils (2006)
”Lucas and Clementine live peacefully in their isolated country house, but one night they wake up to a strange noise. They’re not alone, as a group of hooded assailants begin to terrorize them throughout the night.”
★★★ (3 out of 5)

ils’, or ’Them’, is one fine horror film brought to us from France. By just reading the synopsis, it’s apparent the premise is familiar territory. Yet while the story is nothing groundbreaking, the movie itself shows it’s all in the execution. At 74 minutes, it’s not a very long film; but it still finds the time to slowly build suspense in a terrific manner. There are a few cheap jump scares included, but the bleak atmosphere really sets the mood. Not to mention; the conclusion is disorienting and unbelievably tense. If you’re a fan of The Strangers, you’ll absolutely love this one. Even if you’re not, I’d still say check it out!