Quando ho aperto tumblr non avevo mai pensato che nel mondo ci fossero tante persone che condividessero le mie stesse idee, che avessero le stesse paranoie, che facessero le stesse esperienze… e invece eccovi qui, dopo quasi un anno e mezzo siete diventati così tanti e io posso essere solo onorata. Tumblr è una benedizione, un rifugio, un luogo dove essere se stessi, non smetteró mai di ringraziarvi e di ricordarvi che per qualsiasi cosa di cui abbiate bisogno io sono qui💞

Which Emma Watson Are You ?

Today is Emma Watson’s Birthday !!!!! :D

Aries : Ila ( Noah )

Taurus : Lucy ( My Week With Marilyn )

Gemini : Hermiona Granger ( Harry Potter ) 

Cancer : Lena ( Colonia Dignidad )

Leo : Emma Watson ( This Is The End )

Virgo: Bella ( Beauty and the Beast)

Libra: Pauline Fossil ( Ballet Shoes )

Scorpio : Nicki Moore ( The Bling Ring )

Sagittarius : Sam (The Perks Of Being a Wallflower)

Capricorn : Princess Pea ( Tale Of Desperaux )

Aquarius : Angela Gray ( Regression )

Pisces : Mae Holland ( The Circle )


It had been foolish, really, to disobey the blatant instruction from the man who had raised her like his own child. Saved her life, nursed her to health, and looked out for her as if he were her father. As if his sons were her brothers, and as if his father were her grandfather. It was that sole reason that justified the wandering in Ila’s mind, Methuselah was so set upon scavenging the right herbs and she was convinced she had seen the ones the likes of which he brewed into tea just around the bend of the creek….

And of course it had been the territory of those evil men, the men of Tubal Cain from which Noah and his family - good people - had kept themselves scrupulously separate. 

“I mean no one harm,” Ila began, her voice small despite the height to which she drew her slight form. “I’m scavenging plants which are free for any to take. I’ll be gone in a matter of minutes -” And then the blows had come. Blackness hovered around the corners of her vision, and when she awakened again, the sky was black, the dark pit into which she’d been thrown illuminated by only the lurid light of a nearby bonfire.