Selected clips from Calle’s day in Klovn til kaffen, that include stuff about Ylvis/IKMY.

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Here’s our first weekly hiatus video :D There’s discussion questions for everyone at the bottom.

submitted by @rethatview:

Sometimes almost all goes wrong. Vegard calls out Bård’s double fail in this video. I sadly can count some more. The whole Superboys segment just wasn’t my thing. But that’s okay. Not everything can be liked equally. As I remember Bård said once that people didn’t really reacted to the Payback episodes, for whatever reason(?!). So taste is definitely different for everyone.

Why exactly I count more than one fail? For starters the costumes. It could all be on purpose but they really look hideous in them. The colors are all wrong in combination and the facepaint is definitely too dark on Vegard and Bård since it almost costs them all facial expression. But at least the scooters match them. Of course it somehow works within the limits of failing superheroes. The one thing I love about Ylvis’ work though is that they take it seriously which often ends in them failing to be a fail because they’re too good. The production value, the ideas, their talent…it’s too good to show massive failure and yet this segment seemed so wrong to me.

They were also a bit too hands-on cringeworthy for my taste, especially the one where they “helped” people cross the street. I get what they were trying to do with this skit but it’s just not their best idea and execution of that in my opinion.

So what do you think of the Superboys concept and their take on it? And despite your love for Ylvis is there a segment, show or even interview with them that you just can’t warm up to? I think it’s important to remember that it’s okay to not praise and like everything when even they didn’t in their long career.