J'ai tué ma mère aka I Killed My Mother (2009) - (dir. Xavier Dolan)

“I had written I Killed My Mother when I dropped out of college. All my older friends were shooting - they’re all actors or directors - and my younger friends were studying. I was really alone and wanted to get back to hard feelings I was harboring against my mom. So I wrote that and I thought, I’m the only guy who can act in this film because it’s my life. And if another director or producer takes care of this, they’re going to cast some hottie. [Laughs] I decided that I would direct it, and then I discovered that I loved directing.”  Xavier Dolan about making his first film

Help Me Leave

Hello my name is Dan/Beanie/Bean and I am a trans mentally ill high school student living in an emotionally abusive household. Due to state laws, I can’t move into a house (without parental consent) until I am 17, but I want to start saving now so I can try to move out asap.

Due to impulse control disorders, I recognize that this money will be difficult to save. However, every cent that doesn’t directly go to moving out I will try to use for the mental benefits of myself or others.

My paypal is snappingwire@gmail.com. You may donate or commission me, my commissions post is the link above.

Please signal boost this, just having support may help my mental state.