saintdane05  asked:

Injustice? I know all those characters previously existed in comics, but many of them got exclusive designs, especially for Injustice 2

least favorite: Killer Frost, for never having a good, solid design everyone could agree on and for her inclusion in IJ1 managing to COMPLETELY fail at being interesting or exciting.

I actually would’ve loved a Frost more in line with JLU, or even see NRS mangle an attempt at Brave and the Bold Frost.


Black Canary, because I don’t care if she’s basically the same as she is in every incarnation, appearance-wise, the moveset and gameplay design they saddled her with are AMAZING.

Hilariously, Captain Cold, because they did an alright job of badassing up his goofy comic book gear and made a lot of really fun gameplay gimmicks and dialogue. Biased because he’s my “main”.

Props to their revamp of Black Manta, for so delicately walking the razor-thin line between “oh fuck he’s badass now” and “tried too hard, now he’s just silly”

(also it doesn’t just have to be fighting games or even games at all, that was just my way of reminding people that the more punching and kicking a series has, the more likely I am to know something about it! )