Hey guys! So today I finally got the last legio pet at 4783 kc which means I can now stop fighting these annoying bosses. I ended up camping for the quartus pet and got 14 regular signets before I got that corrupted one. 

I want to give a huge shoutout to my boy Colton for letting me leech a lot of his kc before I started going for my pets. I lost close to 300m going for these suckers and it would have probably been a lot more than that if it wasn’t for him.

Best of luck with your irl/rs goals everybody and as always, happy scaping!


INSANE FINAL BOSS UNLOCKED@@@@@@@ after missing 5 Vitalises total (3 since the counter came out) it’s finally my turn to get one (even if it is p5, inb4 darfeater), as it was my last unlock for Insane. My final KC was about normal for most of the other IFBs, so I’m rather happy. I’d like to thank Herp and Aisu for camping rago these past few weeks, and many others for camping other bosses with me ^.^.


So there’s like barely any active Swiftie follow trains at the moment and I really want to follow some new people and I know a lot of you on here do aswell so I decided to create a follow train for Taylor swift blogs/ mostly Taylor blogs so Yah

1. Follow Me (ifb)
2. Reblog
3. Follow everyone who reblogs
4. Follow everyone back who follows you
5. Unfollow those who don’t follow you back

Simples ☺️


#Repost @johnnymerc with @repostapp.

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just a random progress post ^^ 

i know i’m slow on the aquarium thingy but finally got my Jas plug (ty limascape for helping me get my last few eggs)

also raids fb/ifb progress, coming slow but hopefully will be done by the end of summer :}