*if i was a rich girl plays in background*

pictures of lance with completely correct captions

(ft. hunk)

generic teenager named bobby in a middle aged man’s political cartoon about how kids these days are so absorbed in their phones

this one kind of reminds me of regina george from mean girls, or someone like her. he looks like a high school girl listening to someone gossip about how her boyfriend is cheating on her and is already plotting revenge. this picture of lance would not hesitate to kill you to climb up that social ladder. i could definitely imagine him saying, “oh my god, *what* did karen do?” in that typical rich teenage girl voice. you know the one.

this is most definitely from a scene in a teen movie where the main character has just had something Bad happen to them and now they’re lying on their bed, staring at the ceiling, and thinking, “what am i going to do?” as a sad pop punk, probably blink 182, song plays in the background

so you know those medicine commercials, usually for older people, where the old person has a miserable life and everything is dark and grey but then they take the medicine that’s being advertised, and all of a sudden there’s a montage of them getting out of bed and walking in a park to a picnic with happy, light, ukulele music playing in the background as sunshine filters through their hair? lance is the person at the picnic who sees the main character of the commercial not looking like death and smiles at how good they look

the sims: glowy orb expansion pack

What to Watch, Scenery Version

Looking for anime to watch where you can just sit back and enjoy the scenery? Here are five of my top picks for some of the most visually stunning shows that I’ve watched. Please keep in mind these are personal opinions, but if you think you’ve got a better selection, feel free to PM me and I’ll add it to the list. 

Let’s start off with Nagi No Asukara. While the beginning is a bit slow, the scenery is breathtaking and unlike any other anime due to the fact that a significant portion of it takes place underwater. Yes, you read that right, the show takes place in the future, or perhaps an alternate reality of current time. Humans live in the seas thanks to a special layer of skin called ena, which sparkles in the light. Not only does this make for an interesting story, but it also includes some visually stunning scenes. 

The next on the list is 5 Centimeters Per Second. This is arguably one of the most beautiful anime of all time. The animation is pristine and on a level entirely on its own. Told in three interconnecting segments, it is a romantic drama about making it through a cold world, only to find the warmth of love. It is definitely a coming of age story about accepting the fact that you are becoming an adult and moving on. The visuals appropriately take cues from the story, beginning with a cold winter and ending with a warm spring. I will only be mentioning one of Makoto Shinkai’s films, although all of his works are visually brilliant and include The Garden of Words, Cross Road, and Your Name.

Classical music fans rejoice! Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso, also known in English as “Your Lie in April,” is up next. While you may think that you’ve figured out the reason for the name in the first episode, hold on until the end, where the truth will be revealed. Another love story, this one about a boy who was once referred to as “The Human Metronome,” is longer no longer able to hear the sound of the piano. After years of only playing for his job at a karaoke bar, he comes across a girl in April who plays the violin. I hope you like tissues, because you’re gonna need them. There is so much color not only in visuals, but in the characters themselves. 

Owari No Seraph comes next. The reason I included this one is because not only are the characters intensely complex, but the backgrounds are too. They’re so rich in attention to detail that I felt it only fair to add it to the list. Against the dreary backgrounds, the character’s very pronounced hair colors stands out a lot, giving it a very vivid contrast to what Japan has become. I won’t say much about it, other than that it takes place in the future after a virus mysteriously wipes out most of the adult population at the same time vampires declare themselves the rulers of Japan. 

Last, but most certainly not least, is Zankyou No Terror. To be honest, I don’t think this show gets enough credit. Also known as Terror in Resonance, it’s about two boys who want to get back at Japan for their past. Joined by a girl who suffered at the hands of her mother, the three of them plan to go out with a bang (no pun intended). The visuals are so crystal clear it almost looks as though you’re looking at the real world. When I first turned this on, my parents didn’t believe I was watching an animated show. 

Bonus round! Puella Madoka Magica! Don’t kill me, I know, I’m a horrible person for including this, but it is so bright and colorful compared to the story line. It begins as a very fun show where a dark, mysterious transfer student appears in their lives, then a magical squirrel offers the girls a contract in exchange for becoming a magical girl. Don’t be fooled by the bright colors and beautiful backgrounds, this show will leave you thinking and perhaps questioning of everything in your life. 

Edit! Someone suggested that I add these two so here they are: the first one is Norn9: norn+nonet. Based on the otome game, a nameless girl with a mysterious past is chosen to join the crew of Norn, whose mission is to maintain peace throughout the world. While I have not personally watched it, from what I can tell of the animation it is visually very appealing, with stunning shots of both the sky and land. In typical otome fashion, the story seems to revolve around two girls with a cast of plenty of guys to ship them with. 

The second update I’ll be adding is Amnesia. Also based on the otome game, the story revolves around a girl who wakes up with no memories and has to try to figure out her past along with her new magical, floating friend. The entire show is very colorful, although I personally found it a bit slow for my taste. 

Nathan MacKinnon - Boldest But Best Decision

anon request: Could you maybe do a Nathan Mackinnon imagine? Something really cute and fluffy maybe. Please and thank you!

this was a fun one to write and i really enjoyed it!! i hope you guys like it:))

requests are open:))

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here i was sat on the couch with my long term boyfriend nathan. hockey was playing in the background as i read my books and rested my back on his chest. nathan’s fingertips play with my hair softly.

once i was done a chapter of my book i layed it on my lap and rested my head back on his chest. he hummed in response to this gesture as if asking what’s up. “do you remember” i started speaking but then i fully turned so nate and i were face to face.

“the first time we met?” i smiled when i saw a surprised and humorous look on his face. “how could i forget!” he laughed loudly probably thinking back to the day. back then i was still in university and working as much as i could as a waiter as the busiest restaurant in town.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think, how can we interpret Elektras Greek background in the Netflix Series? Is she real "a greek girl", or are just the people Elektra was sent to greek and she tells everyone she is too (like part of the I'm a rich woman). I'm half greek too, so I'm curious. :)

    We’re assuming that her Greek-ness in the show comes from her adopted parents. We have no idea where she was born or what her ethnicity is (we know Elodie’s ethnicity, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to the characters she plays), but she likely wasn’t originally Greek. However, every effort is taken to make it blatant that the couple Stick left her with were.

    (They’re either Greek, or just giant Classics nerds…)

    She also received her last name from them, and since Stick only ever called her “Ellie” before, it’s even possible that “Elektra” was a name change as well. While we don’t know if the Natchios family actually lived in Greece in this universe (her adopted father was an ambassador, just like in the comics, so they may have done a lot of traveling back and forth), Elektra’s nationality would be Greek at least by association. Considering her adopted family and her efforts to fit into their world, she would likely refer to herself as such.  

   There’s also the fact that Foggy’s “Greek girl” comment was written long before they actually cast Elektra, and likely before her backstory in this universe was written. Since she’s ethnically Greek in the comics, that was an obvious way to make a fun, fan-service-y reference to her. Given the reality of Netflix Elektra’s situation as it has now been established, we can only guess whether Foggy would have actually described her that way. This inconsistency also comes through in Foggy’s implication that Elektra was in Matt’s Spanish class– while the flashbacks in Season 2 suggest that her parents were financially connected to Columbia, but that she wasn’t attending the school herself.  


Lands are next - not as complicated as the Manns’ session, but even longer, and there’s Real Life Stuff going on slowing me down. The background photos have accumulated faster than usual this time, so now seems like a good time to plop them down.

Cashmere ties & Diamond Collars


Sipping coffee in the secluded parlor of the buy house Marcus waited as his extensive list of paper work he had just filled out was processed, cataloged, and reviewed. He knew this process was going to take a while, but really this was getting ridiculous.

All he wanted to do was buy a pet. He didn’t think it would be that hard. Owning pets was fairly common, especially in his tax bracket, and he didn’t think his requests for aesthetics was that high.

One that was obedient, liked males. Not to sound judgmental but not a rolly-polly pet, though he was sure someone liked them fat. He wanted a pet that wasn’t especially thin but clearly athletic enough to keep up with him when he did want to play. One that hadn’t had several owners. He wanted a pet for enjoyment in his time off from his busy life and didn’t want to spend the first however months of ownership retraining or untraining bad habits out of one. Also, again not to be judgmental, but he didn’t want someone’s cast off pet; they were usually always trouble.

His seemingly endless fraught of waiting finally ended when his liaison girl did return (for a moment he had thought he’d been forgotten) with a smile and took her seat across from him again. “Thank you for waiting. Your application and everything has returned back positive, and our establishment has agreed to sell to you.”

‘Of course you have.’ He was rich. With a great job and strong family background. Of course they would sell to him. But, since they are playing this game, Marcus smiled and nodded, “well that’s good news.”

“As per your request sheet I have taken the liberty of making some selections.” The woman clapped her hands, and the door opened again, and a gaggle of different pets file in. “Feel free to have a closer look, to make sure your making the right selection. If none of these suit then we can try to get something more to your vision. We want you to have the perfect pet after all.”

“Well I can certainly play this game all day.” Marcus replied with a smirk as he stood up and walked over to the line of scantily clad boys, all slated to be his future pet.

Newsies: a Musical
  • Santa Fe Prologue: Life sucks here. Let's get out and go to a place that everyone wants to go to that lives in NYC. Good ol' Santa Fe.
  • Carrying the Banner: As we have previously mentioned, life sucks here, but it's a mighty fine life.
  • The Bottom Line: How to fuck with the newsies' life even more, using the lessons of your barber.
  • That's Rich: I'm drowning in diamonds over here and you don't want to get with me? What's your problem? What's my problem? I have everything except for the thing I want... you (but done in a very sassy, catchy, way).
  • Don't Come A' Knocking: Oh the irony, guy falls in love with girl and sings her a sappy love song while a fast song about leaving some other guy plays in the background and the first guy keeps telling the girl to shut up because there's a show going on even though he's singing through the whole thing.
  • The World Will Know: The catchiest strike song ever created.
  • Watch What Happens: me while trying to write an essay, except the stakes are higher, sassy Katherine
  • Seize The Day: The other catchiest strike song ever.
  • Santa Fe: Alright guys. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna leave. Don't come looking for me, I'll be at the greatest place ever.
  • King of New York: Hey, where did Jack go? Eh, fuck it. We're on the front page of the newspaper. Newspapers are forever. We're gonna be rich.
  • Watch What Happens Reprise: The poor guy's head is spinning and I've got a date.
  • The Bottom Line Reprise: Hehehehehehe got yah.
  • Brooklyn's Here: Yo! We're the other child laborers! We've got your back!
  • Something to Believe In: Lovey dovey
  • Once And For All: Ok guys, this is it! We're gonna do this!
  • Finale: Jack's staying and all is well for everyone
Student Becomes Madrid Expert After Spending Three Months Drinking With Americans

SOUTH CAMPUS – Reports confirm that after spending his fall semester with the Madrid Study Abroad Program, self-proclaimed Hispanophile and Boston University student Aiden Thomas (CAS ’15) is officially an expert on Spanish culture. 
    “It was such an immersive experience. I don’t think I’ll never be the same,” Thomas told sources while pinning a Spanish flag to the wall above his bed. “Madrid is my home now.” 
    “Mi casa,“ he added, wiping a tear from his eye.
    In addition to his rigorous 3-day school weeks, Thomas spent much of his free-time studying “adolescent cultural anthropology,” which involves regular visits to several local hot spots of culture, including Moondance ClubKiss Kiss Bang Bang Madrid, and La Oliteca, his local liquor store.
    “Really allowing yourself to meld together with a local community different from your own just brings people together, hombre,” Thomas told us, while flipping through photos from his scrapbook titled La Vida Loco
    “The salesman and I were on a first-name basis by the end. Oh José…” he added, flashing a nostalgic smile. “Or, Juan, actually. Yeah, it was definitely Juan.”
    Since his stay in Spain, Thomas has become a devout fan of Madrid’s sports teams. “Oh yeah, gotta love it,” he said, popping open a jar of Chi-Chi’s Salsa. “All the top pubs would play the fútbol games in the background. Oh, sorry, I mean ‘soccer’, as the Americans call it.”
    In addition to his extensive knowledge of Madrid’s rich culture, Thomas gained some lifelong friendships. 
    "I can’t imagine my time there without Sarah, Jessica, Bobby, and Andrew,” he began. “That hot girl with the bull tattoo also makes the list. Camila? Maybe.“
    "All in all, Madrid was the richest, most ojo-opening time of my life. You can’t put a price tag on a growing experience like this.”
    At press time, Thomas was seen taking shots of José Cuervo at the BU Pub.

And you smiled because you knew (BTS Jungkook x Reader)

Genre: Fluff, high school AU

Summary: Everything was like a dream, so beautiful i wish i would never need to wake up. 

He strolled past the hallway, backpack slung casually over his right shoulder as he talked to a classmate. Heads turned as they walked, and if stares produced fireworks, the entire school hallway would be filled with a plethora of them, and i would mistakenly take it that i was at the New Year countdown party.

And if jealousy were visible, that single hallway would be filled with so much green smoke it would be impossible for anything to be seen.

That was the school’s most popular guy, Jungkook. I mean, i wasn’t in the same class as he is, but i know that he basically can be crowned as the guy so close to perfection it brings Kylie Jenner’s lips to shame. He had a perfectly sculpted face; sharp jawline, beautiful eyes, and a perfect height that all other guys would die to have. He was tall- tall enough to tower over girls and do a roleplay of a drama right there and then, making all the girls swoon.

Just like any other girl, i like him. But not with those overpowering emotions, or like those who grow green with jealousy when he does stuff like these. I knew where i stood, and that was nowhere close to the proximity of being his. Ever.

We only crossed paths earlier this year, when he was in my English class. As awkward as it sounds, the first time we met, all we did was exchange smiles.

When he smiled, his nose crinkled the slightest bit as he proudly showed off his set of whites. The way his upper lip disappeared with his bunny grin made all the negativity hogging my mind melt away, as i got captivated in such a simple muscle movement of his. People say smiling is love winking at you, but i think mine was pathetically one sided.

For our weekend assignment later that day during English class, we were tasked to do a short write up and research of Shakespeare’s famous classic, Romeo and Juliet.

Despite reading the book countless times, i still visited the library after classes that day, only to see him slumped over the library table, with a pile of Shakespeare’s books laid out before him.

I pretended to not notice his existence to avoid any awkwardness as i made a beeline to the Literature section of our campus’ very huge library.

The library was packed as it was nearing the major exams for the graduating batch. However, despite the large population, there was pin drop silence. It was so silent, plugging in your earpiece with the volume bar at its lowest makes me feel like it would still be audible to others.

I bent down, in search of any relevant books on the bottom shelf. As i stood up, i felt someone’s gaze fixated on my back.

“Aren’t you from my English class?” a voice reverberated in the still air.

I immediately whipped my head back at the unfamiliar yet weirdly soothing voice. What greeted my sight was Jungkook, cocking his head slightly to the left.

“Ah, yes. Hello.” i stammered.

“Uhm, would you mind if i took that book?” he pointed to the book on the lowest shelf, which happened to be behind my ankle.

“Yeah sure. Sorry.” i moved away, heart racing at the serendipitous encounter of him.

Moving to another shelf to continue my hunt of reference books, his voice called out from the back.

“Your shoelace is off by the way. Just in case you didn’t notice.”

He flashed the smile that would make all the girls in the entire universe, i dare say, swoon.

“Oh.” was all i could manage before i saw him right before me, kneeling as his nimble fingers twisted to form a tight ribbon over my left shoe.

“Nice Keds”, he commented before walking back to his seat, right hand holding on to the reference book.

And only when he walked away, i let out a shaky breath i didn’t know i was holding in all these while.

I grabbed a couple of useful reference books and roamed around the library in search of a empty table. I saw a table with a backpack that looked strangely familiar, but i figured it was probably just another bag that was trending these days. I set down my books on the left as i gingerly placed my laptop on the table. It’s a beautiful spot i must say. The last few rays of sun peeked shyly through the blinds and spilled aesthetically over the keyboard of my laptop. Opening up a new word document, i typed in the title of our work assignment before grabbing a book from my left.

Which to my horror, wasn’t what i felt.

I expected to feel the smooth and cold exterior of the hard cover reference book, but instead i felt something soft and warm. I would have screamed out loud if not for the fact that i was in the library.

“For the love of life” i cursed under my breath as i turned to look.

It was Jungkook, who had eyes as wide as mine was, and as if on cue, we immediately withdrew our hands.

“Sorry!” we both rushed to say.

“I’m so sorry, i thought you wouldn’t mind for me to take a look at the reference book you had.” Jungkook explained.

“Of course I don’t mind! I just got a shock because i didn’t expect you to be here”. I frantically explained myself, for i wanted our first conversation to at least be a good memory.

“Your reaction was peculiar though.” he chuckled.

Only then did i realise how his chuckle floated like the notes of my favourite song. It felt like something i wouldn’t want to stop listening to, if i had a choice.

“I got pretty stuck with the stupid assignment i went to the rooftop to take in some fresh air. And now, i’m pretty hyped for this, i guess.” he said while pulling out his laptop.

I didn’t think he owed me an explanation as to where he went, but i wasn’t complaining.

We worked in silence, and all that could be heard was the sound of fingers on keyboard, and flipping of reference books. But all of it went down when my stomach rumbled.

Oh no, i thought. This is bad.

Jungkook looked up from his computer screen, fingers still resting comfortably on the keyboard.

“You’re hungry,” he stated, matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, i haven’t eaten since 11am and it’s now…” i looked down at my watch.

“8pm” he finished.

“Yeah.” i shrugged.

I wanted to shut my computer screen and leave for dinner but that would also mean that i was literally never going to work with Jungkook again.

“Should we go get some food? I know of a good restaurant downtown.” After eyeing my expression, he continued “that is, if you don’t mind”.

“Yeah, of course not! Only fools turn down opportunities to good food.” i said.

Jungkook smiled and kept his laptop into his backpack before motioning me to follow him.

We walked to the school’s carpark, and i trailed behind like a little kid. He stopped before a motorcycle and just when i thought about those typical drama scenarios where the girl in the backseat would hug, or rather cling on to the guy for her dear life as they braved the cold night winds together.

Nope. He pulled out car keys from his pocket and directed it towards to the black shiny Mercedes beside it.

It beeped in response, and he held the door open for me.

I knew he came from a good family background, but i didn’t know he was this rich.

Mouth still agape with the dramatic scene still awkwardly playing in my head, i was unable to comprehend the fact as to how rich Jungkook actually is and how i am seated comfortably in his luxurious car.

If this was a dream, i wish i would never wake up.

Jungkook lowered the windows and the breeze that enveloped me seemed to blow my worries and stress away. They caressed my face and I closed my eyes, savoring every second of this bliss.

I opened my eyes when the car jerked to a stop. I looked around, and realised that we have arrived. Something like a nice homey scent floated around me. It smelled clean, and carried a scent that i would link with angels, heaven and generally a safe place.

I wiggled in my seat, when i realised there was a white jacket that was resting comfortably on me. Not having any memory of bringing along my jacket, i glanced at Jungkook.

“You seemed to be freezing a little just now when you dozed off, so i lent you my jacket.”

Very instinctively, flush rose to my cheeks and dyed them a red tint. I was ready to return it to him when he seemed to have read my mind as he hastily said, “you can return it to me another time. It’s not like we wouldn’t see each other again. Right?”

That last question sparked a single flame in me, did that mean we would hang again?

That statement hung questionably in the air as Jungkook stepped out of the driver’s seat and came over to my side to open the door for me.

I wore the jacket, which seemed a little too big for my frame. Grabbing my valuables, i left my backpack at the backseat and trudged behind him, eyes still dreamy from my nap but heart and mind completely awake after the little confession from earlier.

I was probably reading into things too much, I convinced myself before shoving away that hopeful thought that gnawed mercilessly on my heart that was racing.

Immersed in my thoughts, i didn’t notice a car heading in my direction. Jungkook grabbed my limp wrist and pulled me along, avoiding the car that was approaching.

The way his fingers encircled my wrist was something i was sure i wouldn’t forget. His touch was electrifying yet gentle. The grip wasn’t domineering, but instead unsure. It was weird, sensing his unsure self, after knowing that the compliments and admiration he received in a day could account up to what i would receive in a lifetime.

I always thought he was showered with so much care and concern, if confidence was like a balloon, he would have a couple hot air balloons attached behind him.

When we reached the restaurant, i stared at the menu that had prices so extravagant i almost couldn’t believe it.

“Jungkook, i get it that you’re rich, but your friend over here isn’t”. I lowered my voice and whispered.

“And which part of me said that i was going to let you pay for it?” He questioned.

“I can’t let you pay for this, are you flipping kidding me Jeon Jungkook?” I hushed.

“Woah woah, hi yes, i’m Jeon Jungkook” he chuckled.

“Jungkook” i repeated, hiding myself behind the long jacket sleeves, so that my face that was no different from the colour of a tomato wouldn’t be seen.

“I’m getting whatever i think you would like. And it’s settled”, he finished before motioning for a waiter to take his order.

When the waiter left our table, i said “How am i supposed to return you the money? All i have is a pathetic life, would that suffice for this extravagant meal Mr Jeon?” i asked sarcastically.

“No, that wouldn’t.” he continued.

“Gosh, then what will?” i exhaled.

“You being my girlfriend.” He replied cockily, raising his eyebrows and sipped on his drink.

I rolled my eyes.

But truth be told, ecstasy was coating the insides of my mouth. This is real. Im sitting before Jungkook, the overly popular guy. My heart beat was anything but calm, and anywhere but steady. It was excitedly jumping in all directions.

The food served was simply flawless, and the price was understandable for its quality. But still, i wouldn’t go this far to pamper myself.

I took little furtive glances at the little lake that the restaurant overlooked and watched the little waves that occasionally washed up to the shores.

“We could take a stroll there later.” Jungkook started.

“I never said i wanted to go to the lake.” i said defensively.

“Never said you did. I want to though, and do i have the honor to bring you with me?” he asked.

Smiling to myself, i said “what a cheesy guy.”

“Selectively cheesy” he corrected.

Our dinner was delightful, as topics of interests floated here and there.

With light hearts but heavy stomachs, we strolled to the lake and sat by a log that seemed to be a bench.

Silence settled. However, it felt anything but awkward and burdensome. It felt comfortable, and strangely soothing.

“The sky is beautiful tonight”, Jungkook said, momentarily breaking the silence that surrounded us.

“Yeah it is.” i breathed, taking in the beauty of the night sky, trying my best to memorize every single detail about how perfect this was.

“Have you ever been in love?” he asked.

“Fancy popular Jungkook saying that.” i laughed. “What, are you in love?” i shot.

“Out, out of love. I love someone but she doesn’t love me back” he sighed.

“Wow, nice reference of our current project. I read that line before in Romeo and Juliet.” i laughed airily.

But i wasn’t at all on the inside. I knew he was popular, and I was completely aware of my feelings towards him. This whole meeting with him was so spontaneous i probably read too much into things, and i know it would be impossible for us to be together. But i still hope for the impossible to happen, and it scares me to have such an absurd thinking. Thoughts raced in my head, as they fought to escape my mind that was in a whirl.

He was, like the horizon, something that eludes my grasp.

“But i meant it.” he looked at me.

“Just confess then, i’m sure that lucky girl would be honored to be yours” i smiled, hiding a million tears behind.

“Y/N, i…i like you. Im confessing to you right now. I’m sorry i didn’t dare confess earlier. Today’s serendipitous encounter made my heart go bonkers and i was so afraid you could hear it thumping when we were in the library. I like you. I don’t see the other girls in class, or in the hallways, because i only have eyes for you.” Jungkook said in a hurry, as if afraid i would interrupt him.

I stared at him, brain unable to process the long trail of words i just heard.

“This feels like a dream, and dreamers often lie,” i started, slowly, safely.

“Another reference from Shakespeare?” Jungkook asked. “Well, then i should prove that this is real life right?”

I looked up, curious of that was going to happen next.

He lowered to meet my lips, and under the moonlight, i swore that it was real.

The kiss was fleeting, but very memorable. The taste of Iced Americano from earlier still lingered longingly in his mouth, as if unwilling to disappear.

After he pulled away, he said “you taste like…”

“Heaven?” i smiled.

“Way better than that.” Jungkook assured.

And just like that, in the gentlest breeze and under the prettiest night sky, i lay my head on his chest, as i heard the steady beat of his heart. It was calm, unlike mine. But as time passed, my pulse seemed to strangely match his, and it was just as if our hearts were one.

Jungkook looked at the calm enveloping waves and spoke;

“When i first saw you, i fell in love”

Somehow, thanks to Romeo and Juliet, i knew the next line;

“And you smiled because you knew”.

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a/n: its been rlly long since i last wrote, so heres a new fic after forever. i got major inspired by the amazing author @myfeelsinink ‘s very amazing bread pudding fic. i also decided to use some Shakespeare reference because why not haha it was fun writing this so i hope yall enjoyed it too <3 happy sunday!!

This is Movie Girl. She isn’t like other girls- you can tell, because unlike her nemesis, Popular Girl, she’s a brunette. (Movie Girl and Popular Girl do not have names- they are interchangeable, flat girls. Next year, Movie Girl’s actress will play the Popular Girl).

Movie Girl’s actress is ten years older than Movie Girl- this is what teenagers look like, right? 

Movie Girl complains about her wacky parents, who look like every other middle-class white family you have ever seen. At the end of the film, she will learn an important lesson about being true to herself, and embrace her true identity of the middle-class white girl, but with parents who listen to Joni Mitchell, or something.

Movie Girl speaks English to her parents. Movie Girl has no hobbies, but she’s not like those shallow girls who only chase after boys- she chases after boys as an indie soundtrack plays. Movie Girl is not as rich as Popular Girl, yet has a house nobody I know could afford- however, this seems to be normal in Movie America.

Movie Girl is a middle-class white teenager who just doesn’t fit in with the other middle-class white teenagers, because she- well. We haven’t worked that out yet.

We’re not racist! There are three shots with a black person in the background! And Movie Girl is a feminist. Not the gross kind with hairy legs, but she’s a feminist. She’ll mention it several times, so you know this isn’t a typical rom-com.

Movie Girl represents the normal teenage girl. My school had twelve hundred adolescent girls in it, but I’m glad to say I never met anyone even remotely like Movie Girl.