*i still remember going

I loved you so much that it was impossible to think that there’d be a time when we would no longer be a part of each other’s lives.
I loved you so much that I didn’t believe it’d ever happen because you loved me too.
And it happened and when it did, I wasn’t sure that I’d make it in the world but that was before I put things into perspective.
I see it now. We were both far too young and so full of hope that it was enough for us to believe in forever, but life happens and things don’t always work out how we expect them to and no mater how much it hurts, you live through it. You find a way to put one foot in front of the other and you stop looking back.
I still love you but I’ve stopped looking back because in the end it was easier to let it go. Still somehow, I remember the firsts we shared and how we can back for seconds and thirds and most of all, all the things we learned together- how much we took from the world together and how somewhere, the universe still remembers how much we loved each other and maybe that’s why we can’t be friends, and I understand that some things are too hard to go by and this must be one of them.
Anyhow, I want you to know that I love you and that I never wish for you to be anything but happy.
@ppl who still watch teen wolf

where tf did sterek go who are all these girls being shipped w/ stiles

is derek happy whats going on i havent heard anything abt him

Ladies, question.

Does anyone else get so emotional when they’re about to start their period they’ll cry for literally anything?
My friend messed up my salad, forgot pickles, put too much onion and tomato, not enough cheese… I started crying.
I turned on the TV and remembered Teen Titans Go was still a thing and cried harder, looked at the mess in the room and cried even harder knowing I’ll have to clean… I just feel like everything is so wrong I can’t do this

The earliest memory that I have of my dad is when I was in kindergarten and I have to be awake by 8 in the morning because classes starts at 10. I remember that my mom was trying to wake me up but I just chose to bury myself in my Astro Boy blanket. I remember hearing loud footsteps from a distance and just felt a large on my leg; it was his belt–his belt. I remember jumping and crying and running to my mom and she just hugged me and told me to take a bath because I still have school to go. I remember crying until I was at the car. I remember crying when we reached school. I remember crying on our 2nd period, when Ms. Koh was teaching us how to count.  I don’t remember talking to him after that. Then he left.

I remember receiving postcards from him every time–birthday, Easter, Christmas and just when he likes to send one. I remember being excited because every card has its own cartoon-ish and clever puns and also because it’s cute. I remember feeling so loved even just from the simple  and a-bit-hurried looking handwritten of I love you’s and I miss you’s. I remember having a dad through those letters. Then he stop sending one.

The latest memory that I have of him is when I was 19. Tired and fed up of the city, I decided to take advantage of the office phone and called him. Up to date, it would be the longest and most personal conversation that we’ve ever had. “Mom and I misses you. When are you coming home?“ “Soon.” “Okay, dad. I love you.” “Okay.”

Maybe this is one of the reason why I’m terrified of commitments: I’m terrified of abandonment. I fear people giving up on me. I fear them not caring suddenly and forgetting me and maybe that’s why–no, certainly–why memory is a big deal for me because it’s just the last thing you can hold on to when everything at present is in chaos.

Maybe this is why I push people away; maybe I’m scared that they’ll do it first. Maybe this is why I’ll end up alone.

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Can I hear five random facts about [ophelia]? Once you get this, paste it into 5-10 people’s inboxes whose characters you’d like to know better! :)

Oh my, you still remember a time when I simmed. ;_; Here u go, friend:

  1. Ophelia is based off the bard’s Ophelia. They are both totally unhinged and have had traumatic aquatic incidents. Simphelia may or may not have gotten stuck in a pool ACCIDENTALLY. DEFINITELY.
  2. Unlike the original, who lives with her nosy dad and bro, Ophelia lives with her nosy grandma. Her name is Edie and she is a nurse and she checks all of the drawers in the house every day! Yay!
  3. She’s not the most social sim and doesn’t have many friends. This loser is barely passable as a person and therefore does not count.
  4. Hamlet is actually Ophelia’s genderbent self. This is clever and all until you realize they have the same traits and are therefore 100% compatible, which lead to them sneaking off and making out. Laertes warned us this would happen.
  5. Besides water, she also has a serious problem with chairs of the rocking variety. Stools and such are okay in her book.
Caitlyn’s BookClub

I thought I would make a list of all of my favorite books to share with you! (This list may be really long…) I’m going to organize it by age/reading level so you can skip to where you are at. :) This list is forever incomplete because I have read hundreds of books that I love, but I have forgotten about. 

Early Middle School- 4th- 5th

The Tail of Emily Winsap (Liz Kessler and Sarah Gib) Series- This series was probably one of the first series that I really got into in middle school, it opened my eyes to books!

Allie Finkle’s Rules For Girls (Meg Cabot) Series- I still remember going up to my librarian and begging her to get the newest books in when they would come out. And she always put me first on the waiting list because I loved this series that much!

The Winnie Years (Lauren Miracle) Series- This series helped me understand growing up. It has everything you need to know about ~that time~ for girls, as well as new friendships, loosing friendships, and relationships. 

The Mother Daughter Book Club (Heather Vogel Frederick) Series- I’m gonna be honest, I only read the first book in this series. I read this one in 6th grade and liked it, but I thought it was below my reading level (according to AR testing, I was at a 10th grade reading level in 6th grade) I’d recommend it to advanced 5th graders, or slow 6th graders. :)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Jeff Kinely) Series- Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that he is still writing more of these? I know that I read the first five or so (The last one I read was Cabin Fever). I enjoyed them, but quickly grew out of them. 

Dork Diaries (Rachel Russell) Series- I think this one is still ongoing as well. I’m going to describe this as the girl version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Its the same style journal entry type deal. My sister loves it and still reads them. (She doesn’t read much)

Middle School 5th- 7th Grade

My Life in Pink and Green (Lisa Greenwald) Series- OKAY, I did not know this was a series until I looked it up a few seconds ago! There is a second book! Any ways, I thought this book was really cute.

Percy Jackson (Rick Riordan) 2 Series- The whole series was great (I read it three times). I haven’t got around to reading the second series yet; however, some of my friends still read the books today and they love them. 

Maximum Ride (James Patterson) Series- THIS SERIES WAS LIFE. I found out that they wrote a surprise 9th book, I bought it and its in my room waiting to be read right now. I. Love. This. Series. If you like this series, message me and we can fangirl together. I’m not kidding. 

The Hunger Games (Suzzane Collins) Series- If you haven’t heard of this series, you are probably living under a rock BUT I thought I’d mention it anyway. Great series- it actually helped me find friends when I switched schools, the books were new and everyone was talking about them so I had something in common with everyone. 

Matched (Allie Condie) Series- This was the first dystopian type book I read after Hunger Games, and I adored it. One of my best friends at the time read it with me and it was such a cute story. 

Thirteen Reasons Why (Jay Asher)- Okay, before you go out and buy this book, ask your parents if you can read it (if you are younger than 13). It deals with some heavy subjects (I don’t want to spoil anything). I had to have special permission from my parents to let me read this book at school. However; I do think it is a great book and most of my classmates read it and loved it. 

The Future of Us (Jay Asher)- Jay is a great author. One of my friends does not like to read AT ALL, but she read this book 3 times. It is honestly such a cute story about consequence and I loved it. It was so great. 

Delirium (Lauren Oliver) Series- This series was one of my favorites from middle school. I thought it was so cute. I remember sitting on the side at summer camp so I could read this book. I was THAT kid. 

The Selection (Kiera Cass) Series- I have only read the first two books, because I kinda forgot about this series TBH, but it was really good. The last two are on my “to-read” list and I look forward to finishing the series! *Tugs ear* -you’ll appreciate that later. 

Early HighSchool (8th- 9th Grade)

Twilight (Stephanie Myers) Series- I actually read this in 6th grade because that was when it was new and just coming out and stuff, but I recommend waiting to read it because while I understood it, a lot of my friends tried to read it and didn’t quite understand it at the time. And the last book was a little intense for even my 6th grade brain >.<

The Host (Stephanie Myers)- This book was my favorite book in 8th grade. I loved the love story and how it was face paced. 

Divergent (Veronica Roth) Series- I read this book before the hype and once it blew up, I knew exactly why. Dystopian love story. It was all the rage in 2013. Honestly, I loved it, but it’s not exactly different from every other dystopian story. It was good. (I have mixed feelings if you can’t tell) 

John Green- Okay I know this isn’t actually a book. But I’m not gonna list each book haha. I have read all of his books, seen both of his movies (Well I’m seeing Paper Towns on July 31) and I loved every minute of it. I forced my friends to read them and see the movies- and now they love them. They are amazing. Also check out thisisnottom.com for an interesting book. Well kind of book. 

Harry Potter (J. K. Rowling) Series- If you don’t know who Harry Potter is, get off my tumblr. JK (rowling)- but seriously, read them. Love them. Live them. HP 5EVER

High School (9th - 12th) 

It’s Kind of A Funny Story (Ned Vizzini)- This book… I can’t even describe it. I loved it. I related to it. It was great. 

Eleanor and Park (Rainbow Rowell)- SO CUTE. ASDFLLGSAJ THIS BOOK WAS SO CUTE

Me Earl and the Dying Girl (Jesse Andrews)- I read this book a little over a year ago, and I freaked when I saw the trailer in the movies. It was pretty good, not my favorite, but it was funny quirky and sad all at the same time. 

Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell)- I’m currently reading this and I actually have to pace myself so I don’t read the whole book at once. (Like I set an alarm and every thing.) Its so good and I love it. 

Message me about any of these books any questions you may have! 

Sorry//N.M Imagine

To:Nate Maloley  5:00pm 12/1/14

I am sorry I tried calling you that one time
when I was drunk off loneliness and whiskey and Four Loko. It’s just that your hands were so good at keeping me together. My body still sometimes collapses into the shape of your mouth *read

To: Nate Maloley 12.30 pm 12/15/14

Sorry I’m always texting you at 5 in the morning. It’s just I remember how when we were still together & couldn’t go to sleep, so we would just talk about our future together or how we would just tell each other why we love each other & not stop talking about it til 5. Sorry I just still thing of you sometimes… all the time. *read

To: Nate Maloley 1:00pm 12/20/14

And with this, I am so sorry
for all the nights I tried to split your heart open just so I had a place to rest. I did not understand how you were no longer me anymore, how the you I had in me was a postcard and not the city. Forgive the fury, the angry prayers tossed towards the dark of my 3AM ceiling that were meant for your neck. *read 

To: Nate Maloley 2:30 pm 12/30/14 

You were asleep that night where we started to break, and my skin
felt taut and sunburned, so red and wanting to scream, but Cassidy told me that it makes sense that this was so frustrating. The rusting of four years should make me mad. It meant I cared… I still do *read 

To:Nate Maloley 4:00 1/1/15

And I still get the urge to hollow my arms so you can fit better, you
this new person who has grown and loved and spilled over into a newer night. I forget so often that I can’t carry you like I once did, and that you don’t know how to hold me anymore. Even now, I’m still apologizing. *read 

From:Nate Maloley 5:00pm 1/10/15 

I still love you.. never stopped *unread 

It’s 5am and there’s a fucking alarm going off somewhere and I have no idea where it’s coming from because it’s so loud it feels like its surrounding you yknow
So I have no chance of finding it to turn it off
So I’m just not gonna go back to sleep I guess
It’s been going off since 4.30 so I don’t think it’s gonna stop of its own accord
For fuck’s sake
I went to bed early last night SO I WOULD GET MORE SLEEP

ohh my goodness i remember reading sister claire yEARS AGO AND I JUST FOUND THE ARTISTS’ YOUTUBE PAGE BY SHEER COINCIDENCE (via a recommended video, of all things????)

i should reread that comic
i think it’s still going actually???
from what i remember it was really neat
i loved the art style ;w;)/

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What I meant to say is how is your webcomics captive doing

Oh I’m surprised people still remember it. It’s going well haven’t done anything with it yet cause I’ve been practicing how to do panels for comics and stuff :0

i still can’t believe the hunger games is coming to an end? like i still remember staying up really late so i could finish the first book because i absolutely had to know what happened, i still remember going to see the first movie and being more excited for it then anything i remember being excited for. 

like ya neither the books or movies are perfect but god, this was such a big part of my life and i can’t believe it’s all ending really soon 

GIMP Tutorials! (not mine)

So a while while back I was speaking to someone about collecting some GIMP tutorials because they didn’t have PS and I feel god-awful because I can’t remember who (I think it was winsynced though??)

Anyhow, still just going to post this quick list for anyone who wants to use it! GIMP is a freeware image editing program so anyone can download and use it!

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Oh my god people are still leaving glowing reviews on my 3 year old transformers prime fanfic on ffn. god. I never finished it and i feel so bad but its too late. the writing is terrible compared to my work now i cant go back oh my god

And these reviewers are so nice I wANT to finish it for them I STILL REMEMBER WHERE THE PLOT WAS GOING but I-

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You know, I'm way more hopeful about the dccu than the mcu at this point. And I feel like DC is in a lose/lose situation on tumblr at least. When they try dark things, they "should try and be more like Marvel", but if they do try things that are lighter, it's "a joke and not dark enough." ???? The Flash is amazing, and it looks like Supergirl is going to be amazing as well, so I'm not counting DC off yet. I also have wayyyyy more hope of dc introducing poc, esp woc, than marvel.

Same! I’m finally super optimistic about DC. I still remember mornings back in like 2013 when I’d go to work all huffing and puffing and snappy bc of some shit they just pulled, and my coworkers would be like “…..did DC do something stupid again” and I’d just karate chop my bagel in half in response.

DC’s finally lifting itself out of its shitty hole and winning back its fans. They’re finally listening to us and our calls for more diversity and respect for women and POC. And I think that’s definitely worth celebrating. 

I think DC’s entering into some kind of Renaissance or Golden Age, which is shining a bit brighter than Marvel, but we have to remember that both companies have their faults, and both companies have their good points too. And also to remember that I’m definitely biased towards DC :P

I think there will always be fans who will be unhappy with the direction/mood their favorite DC characters are being thrown into. We all have our favorite Earths/arcs/ages, and we all love certain characters so much that we’ve melded them into a very solid space in our minds. And when what’s shown in media doesn’t fit that mold, it’s natural for us to flip a bit. Critics will always be there. And in the wise words of everybody and their mothers: haters gonna hate.

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Loved the new reactions! That Stydia bomb... Confession: I used to be Stydia af in the first 2 seasons, but then Cora came in and I shipped Stora SO hard. I still love Stalia, but my Stydia love, which I thought was gone for good, has been rekindled.

You get me, Harley. You always get me. Briana has always been a hard Stydia shipper, through and through, but my heart left with Adelaide Kane. I still get chest pains when I remember that they were going to be canon, but Adelaide left to play Mary on Reign. I still love the Stydia chemistry, and it was a great scene, but I am Stora trash through and through.

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ktrosesworld replied to your post “ktrosesworld replied to your post “dirty-brian replied to your post…”

that’s the spirit … also if you find the UK address for Bad Wolf send it my way so I can work for them too :)

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Will do!

And I already got a response from the recruiter- I guess the interview may still be happening?! They’re just having availability issues.