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tattoo artist!luke taking one of little girl Hemmo’s drawings from the pile he keeps with his own sketchbook into the shop one morning and returning home that night with a purple and blue stick figure cat permanently etched into his forearm and it sure stands out against the typical and the sinister black ink on his skin but when people ask ‘new artist?’ he beams proudly and nods, ‘my very favourite.’

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what about flying?? like, the flight to copenhagen. where one of them is surely scared of flying and the other has to chill them tf out :D

“Becs, are you, like, okay?” 

Beca heard Chloe’s voice from somewhere outside the world she was currently paralyzed in, and when she blinked through the haze of panic, Chloe’s features slowly became clearer until Beca found herself latching onto the dark blue speckles in her eyes to stay grounded. 

She tried to speak, tried to respond in some way to the worry on Chloe’s face, but when she opened her mouth, all that came out was a croak. She swallowed, shaking her head and trying again. “Yeah, no, totally fine. Nothing to see here,” she said, fiddling with the seams of the seatbelt and letting out of quick breath of air to reward herself for getting the sentence out in a semi-convincing manner. 

She forgot, however, how her tendency to word vomit was nearly as strong as Aubrey’s tendency to actually vomit. So the breath she exhaled quickly became a nervous mumble. 

“Just, like, a girl sitting on a flying metal death-trap who’s not thinking at all about the fact that she’s about to fly over hundreds of miles of ocean, where, were the plane to crash, they could disappear completely without a trace.” When she paused, she realized what she’d said, coughing and sending a shaking hand to scratch at the edge of her temple. “But, like,” puffing out her cheeks to breathe out casually, Beca glanced up at the ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign, “Nothing to see here.” 

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I remember going to my first pride parade and still not fully knowing my own sexual orientation.
I went with my roommate and we were automatically assumed to be a couple. The first person to say anything caused me to blush and stutter no we weren’t together as my roommate quickly stated that no she wasn’t a lesbian she had a fiancé.
People seemed to shut down right after that and not want to talk to us about anything. As if our admittance that we weren’t a couple meant that we were heterosexual.
When in reality within the next year we both discovered that we are both bisexual though now I’m starting to identify more as pansexual.
I went again the next year with another friend and enjoyed it a lot more because I generally kept my distance from my friend and was treated with more acceptance. It’s difficult for me to accept that the lesbian and gay community is so unacceptably of people who don’t fit into those strict same sex couple pairings.
The community needs to become more accepting of the other members we are the LGBTQIA community not just the LG.

Things I love to think about: How NONE of my fav Bruce characters would survive loosing their significant others.

I mean, Lee would only survive Amanda’s death to take care of the kids (ahem ahem look at this fic just look at it) but if Joe took them away from him (like he did IN THE FIC SERIOUSLY JUST LOOK AT IT) he would not be around long.

A Jet-less Alan would be absolutely distraught by Lora dying I MEAN he almost completely looses himself when Kevin goes missing, and he has Lora to help him through it. Loosing both Lora and Kevin? Nope. Also I like to imagine Kevin actually going back to the real world after a long time (shush Legacy didn’t happen) only to find out two of the people he loved the most in the whole world are dead L O L. How’s that for angst.

And last but not least Sheridan loosing Delenn after S5 would literally destroy him completely. They were so sure they had 20 years, he had never even thought that they wouldn’t even make it so far and that he’d have to live his remaining years without her. (Bonus points if in his darkest moments he wishes Lorien had let him die in z’ha’dum)


“Dean?” You ask half awake. You had something on your mind and you need to make sure he was serious about it. 

“Yes? Is something wrong?” A hint of worry was laced in his voice. 

“Remember when we got married and you said that when we had a baby that you would stop hunting and buy us a house with a white fence?” You asked drawing circles on your swollen belly. 

“Yes I remember.” Dean knew where this was heading. 

“Are you still going to?” You ask hopefully. 

“I’m planning on it.” Dean bit his lip nervously. 

“You promise?”

“I promise.” He whispered kissing the back of your head. 

It was always a dream of his to have an apple pie life with his family. But with everything going on, the present evil that plagued this world, he couldn’t stop hunting. He had just made you, his very pregnant wife, a promise that he could never keep.

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Throwback to that time that I got to sing/dance to Shake it Off and talk about how amazing taylorswift is on National TV!!

I didn’t know that I was going to be on the show so I still remember getting off from a REALLY bad night at work and having 40 text messages and 20 tweets about people seeing me on TV

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I'm so excited that the ask box is open! I was wondering if you would please do one with Arima, Urie, and Juuzou's s/o reveal themselves to be ghouls because they had run in front of them to take a hit that would have been fatal? And now their s/o is lying on the ground with a wound that if it isn't treated would kill them? I adore this blog!

(( i just finished naruto the last and i need someone to hold me i have been waiting years for naruhina to become canon and im going to cry…i still remember the day they became canon

november 5th 2014 :’)))) i squealed and shed tears

also we all know this scenarios only gonna end in death im sorry but it seemed most in character ))

The first thought that crossed Arima’s mind was that he needed to help his partner. The second was that they were a ghoul. They’re looking up at him with tired eyes, heaving for breath as they spat up a mouthful of blood. He fixed his hands firmly about the handle of his quinque–they turn their head to the side as he pointed it at them. “You’re going to end my life, huh?” They cough weakly, staring off into the distance as they smiled bitterly. “You’ve always been a coward, Arima.”

“I know.” He replied with a small nod. “I know.” They closed their eyes and listened to the sound of his quinque whistling through the air.

Urie stared at his partner in shock as he stood over them–they looked up at him with half-lidded kakugan eyes, blinking slowly at his appearance. Smiling weakly, they mouthed an “I’m sorry,” as he can only watch, uncertain of what to do. He’s always been firmly set in his beliefs, but they were…they were a ghoul and he…Releasing his kagune, he held it over them. They don’t flinch–but the smile is still ever present on their face.

Closing his eyes, he turned his head away.

“Wow! I didn’t know you were a ghoul!” Suzuya cried, sounding almost too pleased with it. His partner stared at him with wide eyes, confused and shocked over the energy he had. Giggling, Suzuya stretched a little and leaned down to pat their head. “Thank you for saving me. I suppose I should return the favor~” He crooned, lifting a hand up to twirl his quinque in hand before bringing it down with a powerful swing as he waved a hand at them.

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Once you get this, you have to share 6 random facts about yourself. Then pass it on to 10 of your favorite followers! :)

  1. “Why do giraffes have horns?” is a question that has been bothering me for literally years.
  2. I’m this close to travelling to Africa to live in a tree for six years just to survey the everyday life of giraffes to find out what they use their horns for, or if they use them at all.
  3. I often wonder if giraffes had huge horns thousands of years ago. Are the tiny little horns they now have a remnant of those times? Do they use them in some sneaky way in fights during mating season?
  4. If I could be born again as an animal (and to decide which animal) I’d born again as a giraffe so IF I WAS ONE MAYBE I COULD FINALLY FIND OUT WHY THE FUCK DO THEY HAVE THOSE TINY HORNS!!
  5. I don’t trust giraffes. They play super cool all the time but they are hiding something. I’m on to them. Maybe giraffes are aliens and they communicate to their home planet with those horns? Has it ever been scientifically proven that giraffes aren’t aliens? Has it? I don’t think so!
  6. I didn’t intend this whole post to be about giraffes, it just happened.



Day 1: How did you find out about History-

Debut Teasers.

I was on one of those Youtube video spirals and came across one of the teasers and was just SO amused. I watched them all a few times and was actually kind of confused at first. Then I was really unsure if this was a group or if it was even real(I was still new to kpop). I even remember messaging a friend and going, “Okay, so this is the type of group I need to know!” I really don’t think any debut will beat my reaction and/or love of these teasers ever.

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Your opinion on the 39 Clues books?

I really enjoyed the first series! I read them a long long time ago, but I still remember how cool the setup was. 

But then the series started going on…and on…with all these spin-offs and continuations, and it didn’t work well.  They should’ve stopped after the first series.

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Didn't everyone have a invader Zim phase though? I see you in the back, don't deny it!


i still remember going out to hot topic and physically purchasing a gir lanyard and wearing it to schooooool uGh