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Happy birthday to me but I’m still on hiatus! :p

 Thank you for all the beautiful comments supporting my decision to go on hiatus! This decision has been the best thing I have done, sadly, in a way. I will continue to be on hiatus until my mental health is repaired to the point I can actually get out of bed and face reality head on. I have recently made some important decisions and life changes since I “left” and honestly, it’s affecting me greatly; good and bad. The worst part is all this bad had to happen around my birthday (It usually does, but I’m never prepared.), but usually, when something bad happens it allows me to learn and grow! So I’m trying to be thankful for the hurt.
 On to the important business, my simself queue…. I don’t know whether to quit it or put it on hiatus. If I quit it, I WILL upload the remaining screenshots in my folder and of course, put up some “major” events for a closure instead of just ending it. If I put it on hiatus, I will most likely rarely update it and it might get boring unless I get bored of whatever I’m doing next. Opinions on this will be extremely appreciated!
 Second important thing is: I will most likely be starting a new gameplay/story when I come back once I get everything set up. Something more realistic (not alpha lmao), poetic, deeper, and more artistic. Kind of like a project? It will be more of a connection to me personally and it will be like…. an experiment. I want to try something new! I haven’t gotten this figured out yet so it will be awhile until I do that, but depending on how long I’m on hiatus, it might just be all ready when I come back. :~D

I love you all and I hope your days have gone beautifully and this month has treated you okay! Hope you haven’t/don’t miss me too much while I’m gone!

there was a day when I wouldn’t be caught dead posing for a camera in a swimsuit. there was a day when I would have never thought about putting a bikini on my body. there was a day i would have been clinging to the edge of this cliff, letting my fear of heights get the best of me. today was not that day.

For a long time, my treatment of this blog was less about being carefully crafted and more about putting a steady stream of female character-centric posts out, but lately I’ve found that I’ve been struggling to fill up my queue (20 posts queued during the early afternoon, then about 20 posts scheduled for the evening) and more and more often I was reblogging things just to have something to reblog.

So, instead, what I’ve started doing is instead shifted the queue to the evening, kept it at 20 posts, but I’m going to narrow the focus back down just a bit.  You probably won’t even notice much of a change, it’s still going to be all the things I love, it’s still going to be centered on female characters, just dialing it back a little to make it easier on myself.  I’ll still be around, but I think this will help me a lot and it’ll shake off a bit of the excess that’s been gathering around here.

And, who knows, maybe I might have the energy/focus to actually do something again, instead of constantly scouring for additions to the queue.  XD

Alright it’s decided: I’ll be changing to a new blog! 
Sideblogs have been deleted and etc.
I will just finish my dinner and then I’ll work on my new blog, yaaay!
Dont worry, I will make a queued post and archive this one!

chainsawdog  asked:

heey hows life treating u?? its been a bit since we chatted what have u been up to

Hi!! it’s been a long time since we chatted, life is hectic like that:( i guess, the most interesting thing that happened to me recently was big changes of my career:) i went from graphic designer to background artist on the cartoon show! it’s very interesting and exciting as well as very stressful for me, so that’s mostly why i’m mostly away from tumblr and most of my posts are queued and also why i’ve started to draw less fanart:( so basically i work and then work some more in the evening on freelance and commissions, this endless quest for money, so there is that!

How are you? I hope you are doing great:)

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Tuafw you're wearing a swim suit and it's just Wrong like the straps and everything is wrong and you can't change out of it for two hours bc it's for your job and you're on the edge of melting down because of it but you Can't because you've got to go to work (I sent in an ask about being 🐉 dragon a while ago and it hasn't been posted yet but I'm signing this anyways)

I think it must have been queued, but dragon asks is taken. You can have the emoji but you can’t be dragon or snake - Mod Liz

woah 200 queued posts 🎉🎉 im thinking of upping my posts per day to 5 (its at 4 right now) since i feel like everything is being posted so SLOW…….,,. if i change it itll be in a couple days because i have some nicely ordered things today and tomorrow

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hi, i noticed lately that a lot of posts on my dash have been marked as sensitive content (i rly need to change my settings but anyway) and I was just checking over some of my queued posts and 2 were marked as nsfw even though they aren't nsfw at all, so i figured maybe people didn't know their content was being flagged? anyways your last post was marked as sensitive, just letting you know in case you didnt realise. I think it's been happening to a lot of simblrs.

Thank you for letting me know! Tumblr is really mucking things up. I don’t think I’ve written anything “sensitive” but okay Tumblr. I swear sometimes it feels like Tumblr is the most incompetent site ever but we stay because there’s nowhere else to go.

PSA. blog summary for the week.

I’m going to get into the habit of making a PSA summary during times when a lot of changes have happened to the blog. So with that said, here’s the summary of this past week on this blog!!

i. His daughter has now been changed to an NPC. Check out Makena’s Bio here!
ii. I made mini bios for all of the important NPC’s in Caspian’s life. Check them out here!
iii. I am currently operating at 75+ threads. Threads with 6+ replies will be queued!

Hope you guys had a good day and good week!! (even though its wednesday shhhhhh) 

Portrait commissions [CLOSED]

Hey ho! I will rush this week to finish the old commissions i got still queued as soon as the people interested in them come back to me, and will open five slots for portrait commissions

🌟 I won’t draw original characters. 

(The fandoms I am involved in/have been (will be easier to draw for those): Free!, Oofuri, Noragami, Gekkan Shojo, Psycho Mob 100, Osomatsu, Steven Universe, Haikyuu, Attack on titan, BNHA, Miraculous Ladybug, Tokyo Ghoul, Kuroshitsuji, FMA, KNB, Yowapeda, Pyscho Pass)


  • Payment will be once the commissioner has seen the sketch of their request.
  • If interested, please contact librecinic@gmail.com
  • Canvas will be around 2,5 k- 3k (/ might change depending on the commissioner’s needs) 
  • The price will be of 45$, only one slot for person, initially, and the final result will be accompanied by a full colored chibi, it’s on me ✨✨


  • FILLED →🌟
  • FILLED →🌟
  • FILLED →🌟
  • FILLED →🌟

to-someplace-else  asked:

**offers a hug** I hope you're okay! If you're too bushed to write, then don't feel bad about missing posts. You don't owe us anything, and writing should be for fun more than a duty. I hope you feel better soon <3

**hugs back** Thanks, to-someplace-else. And @pricefudge and @donapoetrypassion and anyone else who may have the well wishes if not the words.

The posts I’ve queued for the next few days are byproducts of my insomnia and boredom, so it’s more of me using stuff I already have anyway. This blog has always been a personal challenge to myself to write once a day–that’s changed over time to just posting once a day, extending to things like brainstorms and character statistics and rant and meta analysis.

Sometimes I am too tired to write, but it’s never something I dread or resent and certainly not because of my followers. I’m glad that there are people who read what I write–people who like my writing enough to like me, as a person, and worry about my emotional well being.


…And here’s some doodles of Gavin saying something I’ve been trying to convince myself forever.

There’s no point in tearing yourself up over something you can’t change. Just do better next time.

amewica said: MR FISH!!!! tattooartist!Alfred and virgin!Arthur

The chequered shirt was rolled up his arms - skin like an adult colouring book, black-white pinup girls posed on chrysanthemums, the beast Fenrir wrapped in chains, the head of a raven peeked from above the shoulder. He grabbed, the man, pink roses and white daisies, rippled carnations, and a few alstromeria, - “A sign of devotion.” He wrapped them in brown paper (“Would you prefer cellophane? No?”) and tied it together with a ribbon. When presented, he asked, “Anything else?”

Alfred could’ve said, Yes Please, but smiled, “That’ll be all, thanks.”

The flower shop was tucked away between a Chinese fast-food joint, Suns of Asia, and a recruitment company. Outside, potted lilies and orchids framed the entrance, and inside Alfred inhaled the smell of flora unchallenged by his own ‘Flower2Power!’ synthetic spray. It was a break from his sterile tattoo parlour. However, with the arrival of the owner’s son, it seemed the tattoo parlour had now been brought to The Greenhouse.

As his purchase was rung up, Alfred leered at the guy’s arms, adored the row of letters that adorned his collar bone, was impressed by the cats on his hands. He didn’t look like a florist. Yet, he could not confront this contradiction as he himself did not look like someone who could handle ink.

Alfred Jones, sought-after artist in the city, had never had a tattoo.

“Arthur,” he said.

The guy looked up from the cash register and frowned, “What?”

Alfred blinked. “Sorry, I read- I mean, your tattoo. One of them says Arthur. There.” He pointed to his neck. Then mumbled, “Not that you didn’t know that your neck says Arthur.”

The man, Arthur, dragged his fingertips down said tattoo, and his frown melted into a slight smile. “Ah, yeah, right. For a sec, I thought we knew each other.”

“Right,” Alfred said, “that would’ve been weird.”


“I mean, knowing each other and not knowing that we knew each other. That would’ve been weird. Not that knowing you would be weird. Is weird.” He hesitated. “I’m Alfred.”

Arthur laughed, “Nice to meet you, Alfred,” and he shook his hand.

“You’re Angela’s son?” Alfred guessed.

Arthur nodded and handed Alfred his flowers. “I just landed yesterday. That’s why I look tired.” He poked at a non-existing bag under his left eye, “Right? Anyway, she’s going to pick up gramps. I haven’t seen him in years, not since I went abroad to study. We’re having a little get together tomorrow. But I can’t get used to driving on the wrong side of the road, know what I mean?”

Alfred just nodded.

Arthur laughed, “You lie so prettily. Anyway, long story short - that’s too late now, isn’t it? - since she has to drive, someone has to watch the shop. Ta-dah - Arthur to the rescue!” He threw his hands around like a magician.

“Well, I’ll be seeing a lot more of you then,” Alfred said.

“Will you now?”

“I mean, I come here often. To buy flowers.”

“Do you now?”

Alfred bit his inner cheek and glanced at Arthur. He looked smug, the guy, like he knew how to play him. Everything he said came out as a flustered mess. Alfred hadn’t felt so unsure since high school. “I’ll see you around,” he spoke.

“Have a nice day!” Arthur shouted as the door shut.

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