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Texts from your baes when you've been having low days

One Piece edition

I apologize for the scarce One Piece posts lately ;w; Modern AU just because I can’t imagine OP having cellphones like that would change everything XD

You have new messages from Luffy!

From: Luffy, 5 minutes ago

From: Luffy, 4 minutes ago

From: Luffy, 4 minutes ago

From: Luffy, 4 minutes ago

From: Luffy, 4 minutes ago

From: Luffy, 3 minutes ago

From: Luffy, 3 minutes ago

From: Luffy, 3 minutes ago

From: Luffy, 3 minutes ago

You have new messages from Zoro!

From: Zoro, 23 minutes ago
Alright, spill

From: Zoro, 22 minutes ago
What’s with the long face

From: Zoro, 22 minutes ago
Also don’t think I didn’t notice about your the sudden change in your weight

From: Zoro, 21 minutes ago
I’ve been benching you too many times I would’ve noticed even if it’s just a few grams difference

From: Zoro, 18 minutes ago
Spill the beans or I’m going to make you

From: Zoro, 13 minutes ago
Alright. A tickle war it is

From: Zoro, 9 minutes ago
You asked for this. Don’t get mad when I slice open your house gate’s lock

From: Zoro, 8 minutes ago
And the front door’s

From: Zoro, 8 minutes ago
And your bedroom’s

You have new messages from Sabo!

From: Sabo, 12 minutes ago

From: Sabo, 12 minutes ago

From: Sabo, 12 minutes ago

From: Sabo, 11 minutes ago
I head that symbolizes “hugs & kisses” in text messages, was I right?

From: Sabo, 8 minutes ago

From: Sabo, 8 minutes ago
Please don’t be sad anymore

From: Sabo, 5 minutes ago

From: Sabo, 5 minutes ago
I’ll give you all the kisses and hugs you need

From: Sabo, 4 minutes ago

From: Sabo, 4 minutes ago

From: Sabo, 4 minutes ago

From: Sabo, 3 minutes ago
Okay, text messages kisses are cute but I think I prefer kissing you directly

From: Sabo, 3 minutes ago
I’ll kiss your troubles away, okay? ;)

You have new messages from Ace!

From: Ace, 27 minutes ago
hey thisa thing s pretty xool and habndy hh

From: Ace, 25 minutes ago
o crep hiw do youy deletwe stuff

From: Ace, 21 minutes ago
ok i got it

From: Ace, 20 minutes ago

From: Ace, 20 minutes ago
whos the guy i have to accidentally set on fire

From: Ace, 19 minutes ago
i mean it’s always random thigns tht get burned so

From: Ace, 19 minutes ago
im sure i can burn people if im around them long enough

From: Ace, 18 minutes ago
and if it means getting you to smile i dont mind doin the extreme prank

From: Ace, 15 minutes ago

From: Ace, 12 minutes ago
or do you prefer cuddles

From: Ace, 12 minutes ago
i can be your prsonal heater

From: Ace, 11 minutes ago
ooooo thats it imma melt your troubles

From: Ace, 11 minutes ago
bc im your personal heater??? get it????

From: Ace, 8 minutes ago
im imagining you laughing and now i wanna see you laugh

From: Ace, 5 minutes ago
im at my limit so you better unlock the front door cause im coming over

You have new messages from Law!

From: Law, 20 minutes ago

From: Law, 18 minutes ago
I think you’ve been getting too much stress lately.

From: Law, 15 minutes ago
So I’ll be coming over in 6 with polar bear documentation videos and a few snacks.

From: Law, 12 minutes ago
I’ll even be gracious today and buy some of those unhealthy snacks you like so much.

From: Law, 10 minutes ago
Also dinner’s on me so don’t bother preparing. No, it’s not what you would usually refer as “rabbits’ food”, I swear on my tattoos. It’s your favorite.

From: Law, 7 minutes ago
And I’m staying over tonight to make sure there’s a spare futon or guest room to use.

You have new messages from Kid!

From: Kid, 6 hours ago
What’s with you lately

From: Kid, 6 hours ago
You look like shit

From: Kid, 6 hours ago
And not the shit looking face like when I forgot out 100 days anniversary

From: Kid, 6 hours ago
How to describe it…. It’s even more… Shitty

From: Kid, 6 hours ago
I don’t like it

From: Kid, 5 hours ago
Talk to me gdi

From: Kid, 5 hours ago
[F/name] stop being childish and reply

From: Kid, 5 hours ago
You know what, I was worried but if you’re being like this, fine whatever suit yourself

From: Kid, 3 minutes ago
I’m sorry, okay. Now can you open the door because it’s freaking cold outside and all these food and movie cds are heavy as fuck

From: Kid, 3 minutes ago
Also I look so fucking stupid carrying a hugeass bouquet of flowers

You have new messages from Killer!

From: Killer, 7 minutes ago
[F/name], are you okay?

From: Killer, 6 minutes ago
You looked a bit off today…

From: Killer, 6 minutes ago
And you left early

From: Killer, 5 minutes ago
Are you saddened by something?

From: Killer, 4 minutes ago
You can talk to me, it might make you feel less burdened…

From: Killer, 3 minutes ago
If you’re okay with it, can we meet in private tomorrow, maybe?

From: Killer, 2 minutes ago
I could even come over to your house if you don’t feel like going out?

From: Killer, 2 minutes ago
Please take care and stay safe, alright?

From: Killer, 1 minute ago
I love you

You have new messages from Marco!

From: Marco, 25 minutes ago
you up for pasta

From: Marco, 23 minutes ago
ok how about tacos

From: Marco, 20 minutes ago
korean bbq

From: Marco, 17 minutes ago

From: Marco, 15 minutes ago
y are you being so picky

From: Marco, 14 minutes ago
ok fine then ramen????

From: Marco, 10 minutes ago

From: Marco, 6 minutes ago

From: Marco, 3 minutes ago
sigh thats it im picking you up in 7 no buts

From: Marco, 3 minutes ago
we gonna dine in your fave diner

From: Marco, 2 minutes ago
so you better tell me whats happenin

You have new messages from Rocinante!

From: Rocinante, 3 hours ago
I haven’t seen you all day today

From: Rocinante, 3 hours ago
Have you eaten proper meals?

From: Rocinante, 3 hours ago
And lunch?

From: Rocinante, 3 hours ago
Where are you?

From: Rocinante, 3 hours ago
Are you well???

From: Rocinante, 2 hours ago
Love, I am worried

From: Rocinante, 2 hours ago
I checked your house, but no one answered.

From: Rocinante, 2 hours ago
I just noticed that the lights are all off, are you not inside?

You have one voicemail from Rocinante! 

“Where are you? I went to the places I could think of. Please at least tell me that you’re safe so I can– Oh!! I see you! Wait there and I’ll run over!”

You have new messages from Shanks!

From: Shanks, 5 minutes ago
Babe I miss u

From: Shanks, 3 minutes ago
You haven’t contacted me lately

From: Shanks, 2 minutes ago
I heard from your friends you’ve been feeling down these days

From: Shanks, 2 minutes ago
Well I know just the thing

From: Shanks, 1 minute ago
I got you a surprise

From: Shanks, 0 minute ago
Now turn around ;))


Aron: “I really do need to talk to her.”

Asher: “And I really don’t give a fuck.”

Aron: “Look, man, I’m sure you’ve been having a good time these past few years pretending to be a family with my daughter and playing house with Elena and everything. But the simple fact is, that Elena and I have a history and a child together and no matter what you do, you can’t change that. And I need to talk to her about something important and I won’t leave until I do.”

Asher: “Riiiight. A daughter you have never met. And I haven’t been playing, this IS my house and the three of us are a family. Something you clearly know nothing about. And like I said, she’s not home, yet.”

Aron: “Can I wait, then?”

Asher: “Sure, she should be back in about 30 minutes, have a good time out here.”

Aron: “Are you serious? Come on. I really did come here just to talk. At least let me wait inside.”

Asher: *sighs* “Fine, you can wait inside. I guess.”

Hi guys! How have you been? 

Well… I’m here to tell you some news/changes about my blog


I’ve queued My Inked Life until April 3rd. However there is a turn over part were I need to go to the game and take pics of an especific part of the story. I’m a little lazy right now to do it but maybe until the up date I might have already done it. Idk. After that the end of Ricardo and Antônio’s background will be finished at last. Yay! ( I don’t know if I will play with the aliens contrabandists afterwards or something else.)


I’m  editing Angel Goth’s posts right now… and they take a lot of time as always, even tho it’s fun. I’m a little stuck with some ideas. Need to read more about and think deeply, but as soon as my semester’s over I’ll deepen her story.


I’m working on @omgdoubleume spring picture tag and I couldn’t control my excitement so I took many photos and decided to make some kind of spring album that I called Spring Love. Maybe one week of the sweethearts I made. There’ll be two version: one with smooth filters and another with paiting filter (for those who didn’t realize, I’m really fond of art). 


From now on yall see this lilytita talks every time I want to say something, replys, etc. 

That’s it!

Have a nice day/night!

Weird Biology Things I Said Last Week

Since it’s Independence Day here in the United States I’ve been taking it easy and queuing up some content. It occurred to me that my circle of friends and I have very strange conversations about speculative biology and I think some of you may find them amusing when presented completely out of context:

- “I think I’ll do something with annelids. Worms are good for creative work.”

- “Reptiles never change no matter what you throw at them. Nature just made them too god damn perfect.”

- “I read about this bird in New Guinea that absorbs neurotoxin from its food sources and stores them in its feathers to dissuade predators from eating them. So I was thinking it would be cool to do the same thing with chickens and capsaicin. Imagine it: a world where hot wings require no sauce. It’s a revolutionary idea.”

- “So then I said ‘baby are you DNA helicase because I’d love to unzip your genes.’ She didn’t get it.”

- “So basically these organisms would be different from the parasitic reproducers in that they exchange genetic information directly between members of the same species through vertical gene transfer and… And I’ve accidentally recreated sex. Damn it.”

anonymous asked:

aaa sorry if this makes your backlog of asks worse but!! what kind of advice would you give to people who want to make their own fangan? especially if they have little experience as an artist!

ur fine!! im sry i havent been getting around to the asks but im queuing some up today

i hesitate to give too much advice when i haven’t even gotten through the first chapter yet but

  • try writing samples of all your characters before you start the actual fic! i had rough concepts of everyone before i started, but a couple of the characters changed personalities entirely as i started actually writing their intros and one even got a complete backstory rewrite at the last minute :’D
  • you don’t have to do art to write a fangan! you can absolutely write a great story either way, so dont feel pressured into it just because other stories do it too. that said, it’s a LOT of work but great art practice (character design, expressions, BACKGROUNDS) and i bet you’ll start seeing improvement in your work just from having to draw so much ;0
  • i use clip studio paint for almost all the art bc there’s so much inking and VECTOR INKING WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE im not even joking. if you want something free though krita is actually my main workhorse for digital painting. inkscape is what i use for maps, the interface is a lil strange but it’s the best free vector art program i know of
  • perspective guides are ur friend. i need to use them more often lmfao
  • don’t be afraid to go a little nuts with the character designs! this is dangan ronpa after all. youve got over a dozen characters of near equal importance and focusing on/exaggerating just one or two distinctive traits per character helps people remember who’s who. picking one color to consistently associate with each character helps with this too
  • write something YOU want to read! it’s really easy to get bogged down about notes and follower count and update scheduling but in the end what matters is that you are creating something new and you’re having fun doing it!

good luck and be sure to link me when you start posting!!

vinttage-crybaby  asked:

Hey, I really love your blog and it's awesome. So, I have a request. I was wondering if you could do (maybe) a series involving The Originals x reader as well as Kol Mikaelson x reader: In the past the reader and Kol had been inseparable and had been in love forever (even when they were turned). Today, that hasn't changed and the reader is now part of the Mikaelson. But there is one change. The reader has a child. They will have to fight and make way through chaos, even with love...Please?

queued friday 31st 8am


…And here’s some doodles of Gavin saying something I’ve been trying to convince myself forever.

There’s no point in tearing yourself up over something you can’t change. Just do better next time.

I’ve experienced basically nothing but support after coming out. It’s actually really kind of blown my mind. I thought that there would be a lot more viciousness, but maybe that’s because you’re afraid and for some reason you have this perspective, probably because of your own anxiety. To me, that’s been the most beautiful thing because it’s so indicative of the change and growth that’s happening.

quick update on my (the main mod’s) life and how it might affect this blog:

I’m sorry for being so inactive when it comes to answering questions (and, if we’re being honest, queuing things - I’m definitely behind), I’ve been pretty busy irl recently!  I graduate high school on the 15th of May and between now and then I have 4 AP tests to take + finals + I’ve just gotten a job which is taking up a lot of my time as well.  After the 15th, though, I should have a lot more free time to hopefully catch up on everything!!  Nothing should change between now and then - the queue should still be full enough to keep the quotes coming smoothly, so don’t worry about the blog just suddenly stopping!  I’ll keep an eye on it to make sure nothing like that happens.

Also, just to mention this in advance, I’m going to be out of the country from June 1-15, so there might be a lull in silly interactions with this blog then, too.  I’ll make a more official post about that when the time comes for it, this is just an early heads up!!  Thank you all for being patient with me!!