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Bering & Wells: Split Screen #62


“I don’t think we have seen enough female characters kicking ass the way she does on screen and I think we do need more movies like that. We need more women that are empowering and empowered in films. And they are there. They exist. There’s just that it unfortunately hasn’t been done enough but I think things are changing and I think this movie is certainly going to lead the way.” 
 - Sofia Boutella on women in film and Atomic Blonde 

hey hey !! there’s an IMPORTANT update under the cut !! PLS READ !! It’s regarding something v important to the mun and something I feel I can finally address and share !!

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My Apologies~

I meant to come back last Wednesday as I stated in a post I made last week but things have been hectic and I haven’t had the time to properly sit down and open up Tumblr until now :s

I’ll officially be back on Friday and be much more active but til’ then, enjoy my posts with Daisy & Meeko that I’ve queued up!!! Since I’m on the topic of Daisy & Meeko, I know for a fact that my gp with Daisy, there will be makeovers for all sims coming up so don’t be alarmed, same people but different looks~ Also, Meeko’s life is gonna change with a set of two *hint hint nudge nudge*

I love you guys very very very much and thank you for leaving your kind support :’3 See you soon!

P.S. I hope @forgttenhollow, @meowmeowsamurai, @drippy-candles, and @simfluence liked their sim requests :’3

                                        HIATUS NOTICE 11-16 —–11-20

YEAH I KNOW. I’M THINKING IT TOO. Shana never goes anywhere! It’s true I don’t but that is all fixing to change! The hubs, the preteen, the tiny human, and I are going on our FIRST cruise and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! With as much stress as we have been under it is much needed and much awaited! It’s also a Disney cruise so that will be fun too! So I’m gonna try to get as much queued as I can until then and figure out a schedule that will be good for that time. So don’t miss me too much but I’ll miss you all like crazy!! <333


Important Update! There’s a fire going on here where I live and if it crosses to the other side of the road we are so screwed :( I’m fine and the firefighters have been working hard but I currently have no WiFi/TV and the electricity is going off every 5 minutes. I have posts queued but a lot of them I didn’t finish, so they don’t have tags/description ;-; Sadly I can’t change it I only have 0,56gb of internet left on my phone and I’m gonna save it. As soon as things return to normal I’ll come back :) Hopefully it all ends soon. Stay safe guys 💓

Edit: I called the internet people (whatever they are called) and they said they’ll only fix the WiFi issue when the fire is over, so I might be away for a while :/ the fire is huge and with the strong wind it’s only getting worse… It’s gonna be a long night.

“So, that’s, uh… twenty– No, um.. fifteen… Shoot..” Nova muttered, mostly to herself, letting out a soft groan of frustration as she dropped the change she’d been trying to count. After disappearing behind the counter for a second, she reappeared with a dark blush on her cheeks, handing the customer their change. “This should be it…” She was aware of how doubtful she sounded, her brown eyes glancing towards the person in the back whom had intensively been staring at her chest for the past five minutes or so, leaving her flustered and clumsy. Seeing the person staring at her, still, the redhead quickly shifted her attention back to the person in front of her. “U-Um… Sorry about that. Your order will be ready shortly…”

note from the management

i feel a bit presumptuous in assuming that this blog has enough of a following that would even make this kind of thing necessary, but i wanted to apologize for my prolonged absence! i’ve been undergoing some major life changes these past couple of months (for the better—i am currently enrolled in an mfa program, which means i now have more poems i want to share with you than i physically can), and as a result my side-blogs have sort of fell by the wayside. posting should become more regular-ish again now tho, and as soon as i figure out how to work the queue, i’ll be queuing up all the poems & passages i’ve been stockpiling, meaning to reblog here for the past couple of months. and “original”—scare quotes bc, you know, i can’t bring myself to say “original posts” without a fair share of irony in reference to anything posted on a blog dedicated to sharing other people’s work—posting should resume too, if a little more erratically than normal. this blog currently has more than 1,000 followers, which is a lot for me, so thank you all for bearing with me! i hope you’ve all been feeding yourself your own steady diet of poetry and prose in my absence xxx

and what was i? | zach mitchell

Plot: You and Zach met at Jurassic World amid the queue of people waiting to ride the gyrospheres. Two years later the park has reopened and Zach’s wandering eyes lead you to question your trust A/N: slightly unrealistic considering two years would be a short time to reopen after what happened but :-) go with it because i’m finally back!


p>You met Zach whilst queuing for the gyrospheres at Jurassic World two years ago to this date. You’d been tentative at first, considering he’d been eyeing up most girls around the park, but once the dramatic events of the day were over and he’d saved you - more than once - from death by dinosaur, you had grown to trust him. And, more importantly, you grown feelings for him.

Two weeks later, after non-stop texting and facetime calls due to the 30 minute drive distance between eachother, Zach had been driven to your home by his mother in order to surprise you and he took you on your first date.

Much to your surprise, it was quite the romantic evening, and it ended with Zach asking you to be his girlfriend. Of course, you accepted, and you only continued to grow closer from there.

And now two years later here you were.

It was the grand reopening of Jurassic World, and you knew how much work Zach’s Aunt Claire had put into making sure things were perfect - and far safer this time. So when Zach offered you a ticket to accompany him as a VIP, you accepted without a second thought.

Your hand was clasped in his as you entered the gates, Gray and his mother - and father - a little further behind and looking around in awe.

“You know what I think,” you pursed your lips, giggling as Zach stared down at you, “I think we should head straight to the gyrospheres. Considering it’s where we met and all…”

Zach nodded, swiping his tongue across his lips and leaning down to kiss you, “Lead the way, princess.”

Needless to say you dragged him straight over, groaning at the long queue awaiting you. You stood at the back with a sigh, “Babe we can always come back later - when it’s less busy.”


p>Zach shook his head, but you could see evidently that his attention was elsewhere. “Let’s just wait it out.” he bit his lip.

You followed his gaze; right to three girls stood giggling and batting their eyelashes clearly vying for attention from your boyfriend - attention he was flat out giving them even in your presence.


p>“Hey Zach? You know that girlfriend you have? She’d like a little attention too. You know, as well as the girls you’ve been ogling for the past five minutes?“

Zach didn’t even acknowledge what you had said, smiling a little down at you as though you’d literally said nothing of any relevance.

“Nice. You know what, I think I’m gonna go look at the mosasaurs, then find your family. I’m sure Gray will hold a conversation with me, as opposed to eyeing up other girls when his sweaty palms are still clasped in his girlfriend’s.”

You wrenched your hand away from his and stormed off.

"Wait, Y/N come back! Shit. I’m sorry!”

You flipped him off, pacing faster away from him as he darted out of the line and after you. Sadly for you, he caught up far quicker than you’d have expected. His hands gripped your waist and you inwardly groaned and choked back a sob.

“No Y/N, hear me out.”

“I don’t think I need to, Zach. Go talk to the girls you seemed preoccupied with. I’m sure they’re more worthy of your time.”

You were crying, embarrassingly so, but you couldn’t help it. You only saw him on weekends so what was there to say he may not do this constantly and mistreat your trust?

“More worthy of my time? Y/N baby, nobody is more worthy of my time than you. I love you - and you know I wouldn’t say that if it wasn’t true. They’re just girls queuing for a shitty dinosaur ride.”

“And what was I, Zach?”

Zach fell silent. He knew as well as you did that you were right. Just two years ago you had been just a girl queuing for a “shitty dinosaur ride” who had happened to catch his eye, and later capture his heart.

He drew his hand up your arm and then rested it on your face, caressing your cheek and wiping away the stray tears falling, “Babe please, don’t say that.”

“It’s true! I assumed that considering we’ve been together literally two years as of next week you’d have a little respect and maybe try not looking at other girls when we’re together. I thought you’d changed from the asshole fuckboy everyone warned me you were.”

Zach leaned forward, dipping his head to kiss you softly and tenderly, “Y/N. I love you, okay? Only you. I was being stupid today, and I promise I never do that when you’re not around - I don’t even know what came over me. I love you so, so much and I’m glad you’re mine and I don’t want to lose you for being a dumbass.”

“Dumbass might as well be your middle name,” you bit your lip as you mocked him a little, “I’m still mad at you.”

“Duly noted - And I swear to god I will do everything in my power to change that princess, I promise.”

You kissed his nose, ruffling his hair a little, “I love you.”

“I love you more, believe me. Now how about them gyrospheres? We can cuddle now, there’s no Gray with us. Maybe make out a little, you know…”

You scoffed jokily, slapping his chest but then tiptoeing to press a kiss to his lips, “Come on then. You really are still that same fuckboy, aren’t you.”

“Your fuckboy, though.” he beamed, a proud, goofy smile on his face.

“Mhm,” you beamed up at him, “Mine.”

what was this mess yikes idk it’s been a while but i felt inspired i loVE NICK ROBINSON SO MUCH REQUEST MORE NICK/ZACH/RYDER/BEN

Portrait commissions [CLOSED]

Hey ho! I will rush this week to finish the old commissions i got still queued as soon as the people interested in them come back to me, and will open five slots for portrait commissions

🌟 I won’t draw original characters. 

(The fandoms I am involved in/have been (will be easier to draw for those): Free!, Oofuri, Noragami, Gekkan Shojo, Psycho Mob 100, Osomatsu, Steven Universe, Haikyuu, Attack on titan, BNHA, Miraculous Ladybug, Tokyo Ghoul, Kuroshitsuji, FMA, KNB, Yowapeda, Pyscho Pass)


  • Payment will be once the commissioner has seen the sketch of their request.
  • If interested, please contact librecinic@gmail.com
  • Canvas will be around 2,5 k- 3k (/ might change depending on the commissioner’s needs) 
  • The price will be of 45$, only one slot for person, initially, and the final result will be accompanied by a full colored chibi, it’s on me ✨✨


  • FILLED →🌟
  • FILLED →🌟
  • FILLED →🌟
  • FILLED →🌟

i’m alive! 💗💘💖✨

hey everyone! i’m alive! i’ve been in jamaica on vacation for the past week and a half which is why i️ haven’t been posting. i’m sorry for not even having anything queued! that was poor planning on my part.

i’ve gotten so many messages and asks while i’ve been away, so i’ll work on getting those answered tomorrow. i’ve got some new writing that’ll hopefully be up sometime this week, and i’m probably gonna change up the look of my blog for the winter as well. also, i’ve almost reached 1,000 followers! i’ll try to come up with something special to do when i️ hit 1k.

for now, though, i’m going to sleep. it’s 10:30 at night right now where i️ live, and i’ve been traveling since 11:00 this morning. feel free to send me messages/requests! like i️ said, i’ll take a look at everything tomorrow. good night everybody, and much love.


…And here’s some doodles of Gavin saying something I’ve been trying to convince myself forever.

There’s no point in tearing yourself up over something you can’t change. Just do better next time.