Monsta X Reaction To Waking Up To Their Girlfriend Sleeping On Them

I just watched a drama and I’m very probably very cheesy right now, I can’t tell


Hyunwoo opens his eyes lazily and looks down. He becomes flustered seeing you cuddled up to his chest as you’re asleep. He lets out a silent giggle and carresses your hair delicately with his hand, planting soft kisses on your head. He’s in love with this little affectionate soul hugging him.

“You’re just so cute, you know?” He whispers, not waking you up.


Still half asleep, he stares at the ceiling for a while before realizing there was pressure on his body. He slowly put his hand on your back and looked down realizing it was you. He smiles and stares at you for a while, rubbing your back. He then slowly picks you up and lays right beside him to then put his arm around you, he kisses your neck and lays there still until you wake up.


With his eyes wide open he looks at you lovingly, smiling at how adorable you look sleeping. He watches you and carress your hair and cheeks, not having enough of touching you. Trying not to wake you up, he delicately pulls a nearby blanket over you.

“I love you”


Feeling the weight on his chest, he opens one eye. Noticing you he feels a bit shy, not being used to the situation. He puts one of his arms over you a bit awkwardly and looks at you with a cute smirk. He’s happy and unable to think about anything else. With you pressed up against him he feels relaxed. He brushes your hair with his hand. He would never admit he did that when you wake up.


Doesn’t react right away, just wanting to fall asleep again. But when he finally gives up on sleep, he looks at you and gets a bit startled. A smile grows on his face as he finally finds out you’re the reason behind his awakening. He rubs your hair and embraces you carefully.

“I see, I will try to fall asleep too, don’t wake up fast”


Gets all flustered and nervous. He’s worrying not to wake you up, so he’s a bit of a mess. He lays still, but he quickly gets over the nervousness and smiles at you brightly. He doesn’t dare touch you for a long time, but your peaceful face would make him want to caress and kiss it. In the end he decides all he’s able to do is play with your hair a bit, before he falls asleep again.


His eyes open with an ease as he is curious to see what had laid on him. He had hoped to see you, and was delighted with the sight. He hugged you and kissed you lightly on the forehead, his hand was on your back, keeping you close to him and not letting go. He looks at you lovingly.

“This feels nice, we need to cuddle like this a lot.” He whispers and closes his eyes.

I hope you liked it~
It’s a bit different than usually, I really needed to write something like this ^^
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