toxicmew  asked:

*squints* rarepair, rarepair....NejiOmoi--nono Hyuga in Kumo is Bad. Hmm...NejiUtakata? NejiChojuro?

Oh god now I want time travel and angry Neji meeting lonely Utakata and them banding together to do away with oppression in the shinobi world what have you done

When your charge signs you up for a shogi tournament and you don’t know how to play. Or how to read the pieces.

Gotta keep those feelings in for the sake of stoicism. 

Stay strong, Takumi. XD

(When the marker dies while you’re coloring ;;; eeeeehhhh….

Also forgive my knees in the picture.)


Hi, I just cosplayed for the first time ever and decided to share it with you!

I wanted to make as much as I could myself, I styled the wig, made the black pockets and shoes oh and I sew for the first time ever! That’s why the jacket isn’t perfect at all, but still, I’m proud!
It was also the first time I put in contact lenses and that also worked out pretty well.

It is my first but definitely not my last cosplay!

kohaku-chann  asked:

♙ ♀ ♂

Sexual Sunday!

♙ for something my muse gets off to

“Hot water. Like sharing the shower or bath tub with my lover, the hot water covering our bodies while we touch each other is wonderful and always one of the easiest ways, to make me needy~”

♀ for a female my muse would bang


“Amaterasu Hyuga. She’s simply wonderful, what can I say?”

♂ for a male my muse would bang

“Orochimaru. But don’t tell him, that I said that. I don’t want to see, what he’s doing to me if he knew about it~”