Is Hinata pregnant in the Sasuke Shinden anime arc?

I want to clarify something about the whole novel timeline confusion. The Sasuke shinden happens AFTER Naruto and Hinata are married. Here’s a link to the timeline of the novels and the entire series of Naruto:https://www.reddit.com/r/Naruto/comments/33zfy3/a_guide_to_the_naruto_light_novels_naruto_gaiden/ (In the page, the only error I found was that it says the Sasuke shinden happens after “The day Naruto became hokage”, which I don’t find that possible.)

Also, Hinata’s exhaustion here…

wasn’t exactly shown in the novel.

It’s more or less implied that Hinata was feeling exhausted. Whether you want to believe she was tired to the point where Naruto had to hold her is up to you but my main point is that it’s quite possible that Hinata is pregnant here, based on the timeline. Not to mention, Hinata is 32 years old and Boruto is 12 years old in the Boruto movie. Subtract 12 from 32 and that equals Hinata being pregnant with Boruto at approximately age 20, which is how old Hinata is in the Sasuke shinden novel based on the fact that Naruto and Hinata have had already about 1 year of marriage by this novel’s timeline. So all I have to say is “congrats” to Naruto and Hinata.

Hinata NO esta EMBARAZADA en capitulo 484

Fragmento de la Novela de Sasuke Shinden

“Hinata con su Byakugan vio los puntos de chakra, y apunto a uno de ellos, al punto de chakra de parada súbita, Hinata extendió su dedo indice, absolutamente no podía fallar, Hinata imito los movimientos del mayor genio desde que se creo la familia Hyuga, Neji Hyuga
El dedo de Hinata se hundió en su cuerpo, y en un instante el hombre perdió toda su fuerza, definitivamente había presionado el punto de parada subita”

-¡¿Lo lograste?!
Un clon de Naruto abrazo y contuvo al hombre y miro a Hinata.
-Presione su punto de chakra de Parada Súbita así que no debería moverse por un día entero…

Tal como Hinata decía el hombre estaba completamente inmóvil en sus brazos, si ellos usaban este procedimiento podrían detener sus movimientos sin ningún peligro, pero este jutsu que requería de una alta concentración,y debía ejercer una gran carga en el cuerpo de Hinata.
-¿Hinata estas bien?

A las palabras de preocupación de Naruto, Hinata respondió
-Estoy Bien “Vamos a luchar juntos”

Naruto se sorprendió de las palabras de hinata y luego asintió con la cabeza

anonymous asked:

wait so if SP made this before The Last Movie, then why would Hinata faint after one blow? I mean it was cute n all, but it didn't really make sense.

My assumption was that the chakra that was circulating took a lot more energy and focus to pin-point and block than it would usually. Plus she probably had to take some other precautions since, you know, they’re zombies and all and she couldn’t inflict wounds without killing them in the process. And after two years of peace, it seems like everyone is a bit rusty, which is totally understandable.

But I guess a simpler answer is because now that Naruhina has been confirmed for a while and we already know that Naruto and Hinata are married with two, beautiful, children, SP can go all out and add fan service moments without hesitation. As a result, you’ll get small little scenes like what we got there. Is it a little forced? Yeah, but I guess they got to make up for the lack of the narration in the anime compared to the narration in the novel that mentioned that Hinata was Naruto’s wife. It doesn’t mess with the flow or the quality, therefore it doesn’t bother me. Plus it makes good GIF material ;)

But yeah, I think it’s more actual fatigue from overexertion than it is a hint of pregnancy. Because, again, that’d mean that the other girls are either about to become pregnant or already pregnant, and I don’t think most of the relationships have escalated that quickly quite yet.