Akari icons from Boku ga Namae wo Yobu Hi

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(idk about lloyd though, but keep in mind, from the quality of this poster it’s probably just a preliminary poster for the toy fair - not the final poster - but most likely, these are pretty close to the designs the minifigures will have in the movie)

also, most news sources place the release date for the trailer sometime next week! also it will be 2 minutes and 23 seconds long! 

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Why I Love Pet Play

(A response to @cckitten78 and @h-sleepingirl’s most recent episode of Two Hyp Chicks)

We come home from long days and crash on the couch, leaning on each other. I stroke my hand down her hair, and she mews, nuzzling her head down into my lap. She lets go of her worries. I smile as her eyes close, gladly taking her on. But with great responsibility, comes great power. She feels the consequent bulge in my pants against her head. She looks up at me with those eyes, those mirrors. I undress her, and we fuck.

In my opinion, pet play is a framework for two things: care taking and power exchange. The former stems from literal animal ownership. When one has an actual pet in their space, they must take care of that being’s every need, because that animal has little to no ability to take care of themselves. We play as owners and pets so that one partner can take care of the other while both partners understand what is expected of them and how to communicate within the dynamic, because most of us know what pets are like. This gives dominants a sense of purpose and subs a feeling of liberation.
The latter is a bit more artificial, but no less real. When a dominant takes on responsibility to the extent of a pet owner, a power exchange occurs, and power exchanges are sexy. There’s also a certain way of looking at it that allows submissive players to feel ‘less than’ their dominants, which lends itself to humiliation play, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I love pet play because I love taking care of the people that I love, and because power exchange lies at the root of everything kinky that turns me on. Personally, the first aspect is fun and emotionally rewarding, and the second is what turns up the heat. But Djinn, you say, why do you like pet play over kinds of care taking and power exchange? The answer to that question is two-fold as well. On the surface, it’s about communicating through animal noises and actions. In the case of care taking, pet play allows subs to give away the responsibility of using human speech, and in the case of power exchange, it reinforces the dynamic (not to mention that the whole thing is cute as hell). More importantly though, I prefer pet play because of the built in love, especially for me. Because I grew up in a very pet-oriented home, pets taught me how to take care of other lives. I can set my formative years up as a timeline of pet-relates events. Consequently, treating a partner like a pet is, in part, a way of telling them that I love them.

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