♔♔  230+ high quality mostly small/medium gifs of the amazing, Nam Joo Hyk known
          for his roles in Surplus Princess and Who Are You: School 2015 and as a model. 
          Most shouldn’t have grey boxes, but I’m sorry if I missed a few. None of these
          are mine and I found them from various sources. If any of these gifs are yours and you
          would like me to take them down, please let me know and I will. If you use this gif hunt,
          please like/reblog. Also please don’t copy my gif hunt into another gif hunt. I apologize
          for any repeats. I will be updating periodically.

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i made this edit in like 5 minutes on my phone because my photoshop trial ended and i could not find any download links that worked. so im sorry its sooo ugly it looks just like the one i made a few months ago skmvsjvf anyway!!!!!!! oh my god 2015 is FINALLY coming to its end, lets cross our fingers that 2016 treats us all well. i didn’t reach my goal of 6.5k followers but hopefully i will by new years (cmon its just 120 more….) here’s my holiday/end of 2015 follow forever :)

bolded = blogs i love (everyone is most likely bolded)

💖 = friends (there aren’t many lmao)

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