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Alert: HxH spoiler

Most of people think Komugi and Meruem’s death is the saddest death in Hunter x Hunter but, for me, it’s Gon’s. Just… I’ve re-watched the whole anime and just CAN’T stop crying at how much this poor child did suffer. How much he felt that he deserved nothing, not even TO LIFE. Just… Why so. much. pain!? And even if he’s still alive at the end (it’s a fact, I’m not saying the opposite), he did die. I’m sure… There’s just no f*cking way Gon survived after his “contract” with himself to get the power to beat Pitou. And it tears my heart and crush it merciesless the thought about what probably happen when he died: Killua trying desesperately to make his heart beat again. IT’S TOO MUCH. They… Omg, they deserve to be happy. To be together and do silly things maybe?
And I know that there’s a bunch of people saying that Gon is a “little piece of selfish shit” but HELL NO. Since the beginning of the entire series Togashi did show what a huge determination the child has and he was DETERMINED to save Kite, so… Just think about how much it tored his temper that for the FIRST time he COULDN’T do anything to get his goal. Not only “not achieving” something but feeling that he failed, that he didn’t deserve Kite, Killua or anyone’s trust. Realizing that he had NOTHING to do, that he couldn’t do anything for Kite’s sake. That his determination instead made the situation worse. He isn’t selfish for trying to commit suicide - and YES, you can call him selfish for different reasons but not for trying to die. He was feeling like he was doing something right taking his life, maybe he thought that it was less dangerous to Killua to live without him and even before dying he tried to calm him, to let him know that it was all ok, that “IT DOESN’T HURT”. So yes, HE DOES CARE.

This is my opinon, of course, not “the truth” but I wanted to clearly explain why Gon’s death is a lot more painful to me than Komugi and Meruem’s and why it enerves me reading posts that assumes that what Gon does is impulsive all the time and doesn’t care about Killua at all. I hope I did not offend anyone.