It’s been a while so have some pictures of a Gordon Freeman.

I was commissioned some time ago by Left_4_Pillz to create a Gordon Freeman model for Source Filmmaker with a Team Fortress 2 style. This was made for an animation series that he intends plans to make in the future.

The model is fully rigged complete with HWM and little extras, similar to those seen on my Miss Pauling model. If you guys want me to release this model go ahead and spam Left_4_Pillz as it’s not entirely my call :P

I may post more of Freeman here in the future as these were shots created purely to show Mr. Pillz my progress. 



Testing Same Face/Rapunzelsanna Recycling Syndrome on some characters I used Miss Pauling’s head for because I don’t have money to pay HWM modelers save one, and what’s capable of being made different with some tricks (e.g. normals, reskins & facial flexes) vs. what I just can’t change (it’s the nose it can only flex in so many ways).