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For starters, Hyrule Warrior's story is really badly written, and there are many points that break lore or leave holes in it. Basically though, for the Wind Waker story, it's saying that Cia came back (never explained how), but Phantom Ganon has been feeding off her power, hence why all the Wind Waker landmarks appear. I don't recall exactly what the aim was for Phantom Ganon, but everyone forgives Cia without a second thought, and I really dislike the overall story in the gmae anyway :P

It all really started to go downhill after they decided to add these new storylines. Linkle helps Midna (from whatI’ve heard) but it’s never mentioned in the main story mode, so yeah. That’s really, really bad.

Cia appearing out of nowhere makes no sense, though I’m happy she’s not dead, she’s my fav. But yeah, she came back and no one said anything. I kinda expected that from Lana, but I thought Link, Zelda and co. would put up some resistance? From the short video I saw, to me it was like Cia was standing there on the side, kinda forgotten, but still waiting for the blow that never came?

It also doesn’t make sense how Phantom Ganon, from another dimension, could use Cia’s power. I wanna know how she came back tho, and I’m still bitter that Cia’s sidestory didn’t have cutscenes wtf

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Please don't feel pressure to answer this if it's too much of a hassle but I just wanted to let you know I LOVE your new ficlet about Botany Pearl!!!!! (I haven't read the larger 'Verse she's from but I can't wait to.) The line about how she was "stealing" time from Aventurine just broke me ;_; P.S. I really enjoy your blog. <3

[link to fic

Thank you so much for all the compliments! I hope you enjoy whichever other fic of mine you decide to read - this stuff is always a joy to hear.

That part of your comment made me think a bit - I’m not sure if I actually have a big verse I write in, per se? I do have some headcanons that I tend to stand by and that probably inform my writing pretty strongly, as well as certain things that I’ll always stick to (I don’t do unrequited Pearlrose, for example), but as we learn more about the show’s canon stuff does indeed change and my reads of things change, too. The fic Botany Pearl is originally mentioned in is a good example: it was written long before the Diamond Authority was actually confirmed and it pretty straightforwardly uses the Rose = Pink Diamond theory, while recently I’ve been having much more fun writing Rose as a high-ranking quartz general who goes rogue (and Pink Diamond ends up assassinated in 99% of the cases, oops).

I’m glad to see you point out that line - I also have a lot of feelings about pearls and “stealing” (which also ties somewhat into them coming to own things in general, not just abstract concepts, in the whole big sprawling deal of pearls running away or rebelling or just somehow getting a chance to be away from Homeworld and its systems).