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i hate hey violet but sometimes you guys reach. why are they problematic for being sexual? y'all praise Halsey for not being afraid to be sexual in music as a woman, but fuck. you guys get mad when hv do it. I'm not comparing the two cause Halsey is actually a good person but they're adults in the music industry. they're allowed to be sexual. that's kinda sexist that you're saying their songs are "overly sexual."


Obviously not, you can delete that part, and the songs are still problematic and gross. By the way, you are comparing the two.

And since people keep comparing the two, here are the differences:

  1. Halsey has talked about her life before becoming the artist “Halsey” in which she talks about a relationship she had as a underage girl with a drug addict and how she doesn’t want people to go through that.
  2. She has never been targeted to a young fan-base (that’s her team/label’s doing.) She literally came out saying “Hi, I’m Halsey and I write songs about sex and being sad.”
  3. She doesn’t glorify toxic relationships, she is simply using music as a therapeutic release for what she says she has gone through.
  4. She was 20 when she released her first album which included “Parental Advisory.” And her slogan for her album was “THOSE ARE THE BADLANDS, WE DON’T GO THERE.” Again, reinforcing the idea that people should stay away from their “bad temptations.”


You are the type of person Maggie was talking about.

I don’t care if they’re expressing their sexual side, but I understand that this is a business and it goes beyond that. Modest is using feminism as a ploy in order to promote their agenda that women can only be successful if they sell sex, regardless of the genre. It’s no surprise that the music business is sexist and misogynistic, so Hey Violet becoming overly sexual is no accident, its on purpose. They literally waited until Rena turned 18 so they could release these songs in order for you guys to come out and say “she’s an adult, she can say/do whatever under the law of feminism.” Don’t forget that HV are managed by old MEN. They are the one’s who tell them what to do and what to sing. Modest controls every aspect of their artists social life.

Do you see 5sos being overly sexual with their songs or image? No, because they’re men and their music/image worked for them and it was successful. (AND THE ONLY REASON I’M BRINGING THEM UP IS BECAUSE THEY’RE MANAGED BY MODEST TOO!) But when HV not even a year ago were being promoted as the female version of 5sos (punk rockers) and their sound and image matched that formula, it did not work for them. Now all of a sudden they’re electropop, overly sexual, and promote toxic relationships. Their new lyrics literally shit on and contradict their old lyrics and by old I don’t mean “5 years ago,” I mean their first EP which was like a year and some time ago. They were talking about leaving their S/O because they weren’t being treated right and now they want to be treated wrong or aspire to be in a illicit relationship with an adult.

This is Modest’s doing and Hey Violet allowing themselves to be their perfect puppet because all they want is to sell and be popular. They literally said it in an interview recently. They went pop because they believe pop will catapult them into the mainstream. In no time in point did they say they wanted to inspire or help their fans (like they use to) and maybe making pop music would help them reach more people, no they just said pop would make them popular, #goals. 

Don’t let Modest continue to manipulate their artists fan base… they’re really good at it apparently.

When hv and their fans talk about what they want in the future and it’s gaining more followers, doing bigger tours and having more popularity. Tell me where they don’t care about just fame? 🤔 shouldn’t being in a band and making music be about the enjoyment and memories not the fame and fortune.

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Viewsie answers questions: From all the panels I was at, the one with Tim, Wanda and Una was the only one where there where no questions from the audience alloweed. The host mentioned that about 1/3rd into the talk. Also you understood me right, I only understood Wanda saying she misses her son (meaning Ben) when hes away for work. She did say something else after that but I could not understand it (poor accoustics). But from the reaction of some audience I thought she might hv mentioned C3.

Oh!  Thank you for clearing that up Viewsie!!!

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Again, fascinting that Ben’s parents and Una were the only ones who didn’t answer questions from the audience  :o)

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so i was rewatching fancams of slfl and couldn't help but notice that when they brought rena out to sing wtn, they barely let her sing half of the verses solo while they let Taka sing the entire first chorus of amnesia all by himself, like they let him sing the first key line 'I wish that i could wake up with amnesia' solo. i think it's obvious why it was like this...

If you pay attention to the guys they all look pretty uncomfortable. At first Rena was whispering which is why you can’t really hear her in the fan videos but because they featured her on the Tour Diary, they captured her every sound and you can really hear her imperfections. And after everyone started to say “omg Rena really can’t sing” they began to dub her in the HV Live videos. (prior to that they would only mix in her studio vocals with her live vocals but since her vocals continue to thin out, they completely dubbed her.)

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is it just me or does "guys my age" (mainly the chorus) have a melanie martinez vibe to it? i just can't pin point which song it reminds me of

Yes, I do hear Melanie Martinez in their songs. I did say their songs follow the blueprint of artists like Halsey, Melanie Martinez, The Neighbourhood, etc. Someone asked me what I meant by blueprint and I said they’re basically a knock-off of said artist.

Here’s a further explanation: Every artist has a distinct sound, aesthetic, and style that whenever you hear a song by them even if it’s a cover, you know it’s that certain artist. That is what HV lack. They take away bits and pieces from other artists and they get lost in other artists’ sound, aesthetic, and style. They have no real unique voice; literally and figuratively.


protesters heading through NYC 120+ blocks the night of Darren Wilson getting away with murder, approx 9:30pm - 1:30am
new york city
by cecilia majzoub / instagram

they’re hoping you forget. they hope everyone will go back to their normal routine and enjoy the holidays like nothing happened. michael brown’s parents lost their son. this isn’t something that will pass with time. never forget mike brown, don’t let this decision give every other police officer out there an excuse. (x)


Sometimes it is necessary to give into receive orders without dwelling on the loss of individual. The mission trumps all. Steve…never let me forget that these were real lives and real deaths that we’re dealing with…He also treated me like a person, which I very much appreciated.