with a heavy heart, sadly, i have to announce that i’m stepping down as one of the co-admins and members of busan. my life outside of tumblr has been far too hectic for me with lots of school work and extracurriculars kicking my ass everyday ( even on weekends ). that being said, i know i won’t be able to co-run a roleplay, let alone keep steady activity up for my character. i love jisu and busan is my baby, i love it with all my heart but my personal life will always come first. and i want you guys to have a fully capable co-admin who can be around everyday, if not most days since really, you guys deserve the best of the best. i love and cherish everyone that has stayed with us very dearly and i’ll miss every single one of you very much. i’m so thankful that you guys have taken the time to grace our dash with your lovely muses. i wish you guys more fun times here in busan and hopefully one day, when my schedule clears up a little, i can join you guys again ! i’d love nothing more than to come back to the little family we have around here !


(   p.s. - if anyone wants to keep in contact w/ me / ask for my skype / personal tumblr url ooc you can im me back on jisu !  )

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5sos's first acoustic radio show thingy wasn't too good either... give hv a break

5sos’ acoustic radio thing back in 2012… when luke & calum had had no singing lessons… no professional help… when they were 15… they’d been in a band for a few months….

rena’s had singing lessons… had professional help… she’s 18… she’s been in a band for 8 years…

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i hv to say that yr writing on the hogwarts houses is rlly great! i rlly get why each characters u mentioned rlly belongs to their house! one question: what abt peter pettigrew? i wonder what makes him a gryffindor? thanks in advance, hv a nice day!!

I’m glad you like my writing! 

I was thinking about peter for quite a while now, too, and have two theories:

  1. He might actually just be a Gryffindor because of plot reasons. The way he betrayed his friends, faked his death and did anything to only keep his own butt save, seems pretty much like a Slytherin that only cares about himself or a Ravenclaw that thinks that caring only about yourself makes the most sense in a time of war.
  2. (And this is much more likely, I think) He is indeed a Gryffindor that started to believe it is right that everyone is responsible for oneself. In that case, he’s a Gryffindor that doesn’t seem Gryffindor-like at all, but who is still holding on closely to this beliefs. He’s the perfect example of a Gryffindor who is not brave, which just proves my point that it’s not about your abilities but core values.

This blog also teached me a lot about the houses and I highly recommend it! I’m not sure if they also tried to explain the Pettigrew-’problem’, but it’s a great resource nevertheless.

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Hi, sorry if I've asked you this before. I want to start doing exercise after 5mo. of no exercise at all. Idk where to start. My main goals are fit & lookin good. I want to slim down my thighs, firm up my butt, shape my abs & tone up my arms.(no weight issues). I hv small chest and I dont want lose more of them (lol :( ). I tried to do squats (w/ warm ups) but I ended up with bigger thighs & smaller butt :( . I will take gym membership next sem. For now, what should I do? Thanks for reading <3�

Of course! To start off again, make sure to work hard but not overwork yourself. You might not be where you were 5 or 6 months ago, so don’t expect to be. Set yourself some goals, stay conscious of when you go workout (maybe keep a workout log?) and make sure to watch what you’re putting into your body. Food is fuel! Get the good stuff. Exercises like hip lifts, donkey kicks, bear plank leg lifts, etc. are great for your butt. Pushups are great, and pull ups are awesome for your upper body I’ve mentioned a lot before about abs (like here and here) Check out this website for more details. Good luck!


protesters heading through NYC 120+ blocks the night of Darren Wilson getting away with murder, approx 9:30pm - 1:30am
new york city
by cecilia majzoub / instagram

they’re hoping you forget. they hope everyone will go back to their normal routine and enjoy the holidays like nothing happened. michael brown’s parents lost their son. this isn’t something that will pass with time. never forget mike brown, don’t let this decision give every other police officer out there an excuse. (x)


Sometimes it is necessary to give into receive orders without dwelling on the loss of individual. The mission trumps all. Steve…never let me forget that these were real lives and real deaths that we’re dealing with…He also treated me like a person, which I very much appreciated.