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why do ppl think Liam would be so stupid to decide to have a child (bc it wasn't an accident, we hv proof of it) with a woman 10 years older than him, who he was "together" for 5 months (clearly a stunt relationship), when he's ready to launch a solo career and mostly important someone who is connected with Simon Cowell after what he saw first hand what Simon did to Louis and babygate, do ppl think he is so stupid to go 'yes what a great idea let's have a child Cheryl there's nothing weird here'

a lot of people use this “stupid” argument about liam over and over again when he proved to be incredibly smart, organized, thoughtful and overall a great businessman. I don’t think he’s being “stupid” - I think he made a choice I don’t understand. you also don’t from what I’m reading, or you don’t believe it’s his child? I think it’s his, I’ve had some doubts and still have so many questions about it but there has been nothing about how they handled it after the birth to make me think it’s fake. the fact that we need to question babies is so fucked up I can’t even… like, how did we come to this point? I think if you believe it’s not his and you have your reasons, that’s totally valid. there’s so much shadiness around them, you never know. I don’t agree with you but I think attacking someone for having a different opinion isn’t what you should be doing, or anyone for that matter. nobody has proof to back up their standpoint so our opinions will stay that, and there is no point in arguing over why you think this and I think that. as long as you are comfortable and happy and okay with how you feel in this fandom, that’s what matters.

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Let's all keep calm about nalum drama, like ok calum is kinda MIA but so what ?? he left early at HV concert (i was there) and if they had met after there would have been tons of pictures! Instead of creating drama when there's no reason let's do something productive lol (you can ship calum with me💁🏼) like im the first who's always SO pessimistic and dramatic when pictures or stuff came out, but now we have nothing lol

Stay calm babies 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼


When Park Jimin gets flustered over Jeon Jungkook’s excessive boldness…

(or when Jeon becomes too agressive it scares the hell out of Park Jimin)