Brompton by Sawdon, Yorkshire by Dave Webster
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HV Milner

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Stop showing off your life on here. Interviewing artists, getting internships and being a music journalist. It's really big headed.

ok lemme show off the negative side of my life jus for u!!!

  • i have to move out of london bc i cant afford it anymore and will hv to commute in a sweaty train w ppl
  • i got my lowest ever mark for an essay just a few days ago
  • i cant afford to buy myself decent meals and im literally eating baked beans for dinner. JUST BEANS. no toast. beans. 
  • i cant even afford to buy milk so i’ve not had a cup of tea for about a week. im british, this is my petrol (gas) it keeps me going
  • my work is slowly cutting back on the hours they give me. im paid on the 26th of every month and cut off point for hours is the 21st and every month i do more hours in the last two weeks of the month than the first two meaning that the HARD work i put in one month is paid LATER to me. 
  • im slowly going mad with feeling lonely bc none of my flatmates talk to me and my uni mates have all gone home and moved out of london 
  • i havent seen my boyfriend in over a month and i feel like he’s not interested in me anymore
  • when im at work i have to deal with screaming children and when im not at work i have to deal with my neighbours screaming babies she looks after. 

does that make u feel better? that my life is sucky :))