‘Found In Florida Ditch After The Hurricane’ the ad says, but vanishes before i can click the bait. so many questions left unanswered. what was found? whose ditch? my ditch? which hurricane? should i be worried? what lives in the ditches? did the hurricane bring it? will the next hurricane bring more? is this punishment? my ditches, are they safe? Are Our Children Safe From The Ditch Abomination Brought By God’s Hurricane


Honestly it’s incredible what a simple haircut and some new shirts has done to my mood and self-esteem this week. 

laponarta replied to your post “So, once topside, Hazel becomes Minister of Monster and Human affairs…”

Before frisk decides to reset? Hmmmm… Hazel keeps some memories after a reset, how would she react when she discover that she and papyrus got marry but for frisks reset they are not anymore?

during Pacifist timelines (i.e. when Hazel and Frisk are friends), Frisk usually tells Hazel when they intend to reset. of course it breaks her heart to give up her happiness, and even moreso everyone else’s happiness, especially knowing there’s no guarantee the next time around will be peaceful. it’s a terrifying thing to have to face. but Hazel is driven by Compassion, and she can’t in good conscience go happily on with her own life knowing that there are at least three more still trapped in the Underground.

she tells herself that it’s worth it, not only because she loves those kids and desperately wants them to finally be able to share in everyone’s peace and happiness, but because deep down there’s a tiny spark of hope that if there’s a way to bring those kids back from the dead, then maybe, just maybe, she can bring her sister back too.  

(also nods to @hyperbali for being the one from whom i heard the explanation of the three more trapped Souls being why Frisk keeps resetting that makes so much sense)