*hurr durr white is not a color*

So I’m gonna reply to this now because I rarely check this tumblr, so yeah.

@jack-delmar I didn’t just get so mad that I “dedicated a whole tumblr” to drag your ass. This is bigger than you. I don’t even know you. One of the many features on tumblr, whether you like it or not, is the ability to grab the username of a deactivated blog. You previous handle was deactivated. So I took it. Simple as that.

1, Yes. I’m not a follower. I never was and I never will be. Wow, it’s so great that you love Legend of Korra and Brokeback Mountain and Tokyo Ghoul (Attack on Titan is nothing but weirdass propaganda written by a Nazi fangirl but that’s a topic for another time). Wow, your profile is of an interracial black and white couple. How fucking progressive. I never bothered to go on your blog considering your blog was deactivated when I first came upon the infamous post lmao. It would’ve been near impossible for me to learn any of the above about you considering that blog was no longer around. I made my assesment of you based on what was available. And what was available wasn’t exactly flattering lol.

2, I called you straight because how in hell was I supposed to know you weren’t? Again, your blog was gone. The post you left was actively derailing a post about gay positivity. Quite frankly, the only people who ever derail positivity posts for gay people are, SURPRISE, not gay. I’m not going to apologize for my assumption. Congrats on not being straight, I guess.

3, Bitch, I call everyone a Bitch. I call myself a Bitch. I call my close friends Bitches. It isn’t personal lmao.

4, Okay, so this claim bothers me So Fucking Much. This wasn’t spurred by your post and Only your post. This wasn’t something I felt so strongly about because of what you stupidly said. This was based off of Years and Years of people saying the exact same bullshit you did about why they couldn’t add diversity to their writings. I’m not saying that I can’t relate to white characters, I’m not saying that at all. There are so many white characters that I held near and dear during my formative years. There are white characters that I’ll defend until my throat becomes sore. There are white characters that I absolutely adore. That Being Said, I have always wanted characters like Myself and My friends and My family. I’ve always wanted characters like me that weren’t tokens and weren’t killed off and didn’t lack depth and development. It doesn’t matter how much I love the countless white characters that I do, I will always want more characters like me. And having people like you say shit like “I came to the realization that the story didn’t need to have lgbt characters or poc characters to be a good story” because, Apparently!, the sexuality and race of characters are either so difficult to write or takes too much of the story away, it makes me absolutely disgusted. I didn’t spend time doing this because I dislike you personally. Don’t act so full of yourself. I did this because I see excuses like yours All The Damn Time and it makes me furious. And, I don’t know why you think I spend all my time on here. I have, like, my own blog and I do other things. I have time management so I only ever come to this blog when I have time to do so. I have, like, a life and shit. This is the Internet and I can do whatever the fuck I want to on it lmaooo

Now, onto your bs “clarifications”

1, How in the hell is making characters gay, trans, or poc “a calculated move only done to make people happy”? Why is this bad? If not gay, trans, or poc, then what would you rather have the characters be like? You said yourself that “a story isn’t about [the character’s] sexual preference or color, it’s about who they are inside”. You inadvertently segwayed your way into saying that a character’s sexuality and race doesn’t matter. If it doesn’t matter, why is it a bad thing to make them different sexualities and races if it’s about “who they are inside”? If all that shit doesn’t matter, then why does it fucking matter to you in particular?

2, Hurr durr, I’m not racist, I’ve “had characters that I originally envisioned as white later being envisioned as Asian or black”. …ok? Why do you feel like there’s some sexuality and poc quota to reach when writing your stories? What strict calculation? You already said that a character isn’t necessarily just about their sexuality or race, so why the whole “don’t-force-your-characters-to-be-something-their-not” shtick? Why even envision a character as white to begin with? Don’t you think that it’d be infinitely more simple to just envision a character without thinking of their race or sexuality because you’re just writing a person? A person isn’t necessarily their race or sexuality, stereotypes be damned. Like, I don’t understand your issue.

3, Again, you were deactivated. Wow, you ship all those people. That’s awesome. I called you a homophobe because you derailed a post about gay positivity for absolutely no reason. Hell, OP wasn’t even talking about stories or diversity or any of that shit. All they said was “Everything’s so much better when it’s gay”. And in a world where identifying anywhere on the LGBT spectrum is seen as grounds for violence by a large amount of people, it’s an extremely disgusting thing for you to do to just take that harmless and positive and uplifting post and just say “No it’s not.” That was insensitive, rude, and totally uncalled for. You want to gripe about how much diversity is stupid, make your own fucking post. So yeah, I called you a homophobe. Based on the evidence I was given, you can’t expect me to just discover your entire life story and roll with it lmaooo

4, Blah blah, I’m not racist, “I’m all for representation”. Ok, fine. Say what you will, but your words actually spoke louder than your actions this time around. You can’t possibly read what you previously wrote and expect people to just be like, “Oh you’ve written so many diverse characters, I get what you mean in every sense of the! Kumbaya!!” More than 61,000 people saw you cover your oh-so-eloquent opinion in only 15 sentences. And they weren’t even a well-written 15 sentences lol

Get your head out of your ass. I don’t hate you. I don’t care enough about you to hate you. I hate the mindset people like you have. I hate that people will shit out excuse after excuse about why they don’t need to entertain the very idea of diversity into their writings. Ok, so you write diverse characters. Brilliant. It isn’t my job to understand everything about you and what you ship. I saw what I saw and I made my judgements based on that. Stop victimizing yourself. I didn’t try to hurt you. Like I’ve said countless times before, I don’t even know you. I didn’t take your blog in order to sway others to hate you. Like I said, I don’t care enough. I took your blog so when people clicked on it, they would see what I had to say. It’s that simple. Yeah, some people attempt to call me out. However, I’ve received countless messages from other people on tumblr thanking me for saying what I said. And that means more to me than what you said and what those people who tried to call me out said. If you’re bothered by me personally referencing you by saying “the past owner of this blog” (and other various iterations of that phrase), do yourself a solid and shine your eyes. Don’t try to play the victim here. It’s senseless and immature. I don’t know you. I don’t care about you. I don’t appreciate what you had to say and I dislike how you said it. I didn’t take this blog to target you personally. You’re not important to me. Taking this blog wasn’t about you. It’s about more than you. Grow up.

I don’t give a single shit if you forgive me. I could care less.

Anyway, that’s all I had to say soooo bloop!!!

[[Awww, thank you, anon! :) Though I don’t get why it’s that amazing cuz most of my artworks here are just doodles haha :D But I guess I can do a quick step-by-step :^) I have a lot of coloring styles though but I frequently use this one. (I use paint tool sai btw)

1. So you do a sketch. I do really messy ones I can’t really understand it hurr durr (I used White cuz her hair is fluffy yeahh)

2. Then let’s not follow the sketch yaaaayyy. I changed a lot of things but whatever. My brush size was 2. The min size was 100. 

4. So now that’s done I put thicker lines on the outline, cuz I don’t like it looking flat :(

5. Base colors and whatnot

6. Then I put the shading and highlights :) I mess around with hue and saturation a lot.

7. Then I edit the file in photoshop…adjust brightness and contrast and all that jazz…Then here is the final product woohoooo

I usually put texture (set on overlay) over the picture but I didn’t want to anymore for this one -_- Anyway, no background cuz I suck at it :P I hope this helped hahaha]]