*hurr durr white is not a color*

[[Awww, thank you, anon! :) Though I don’t get why it’s that amazing cuz most of my artworks here are just doodles haha :D But I guess I can do a quick step-by-step :^) I have a lot of coloring styles though but I frequently use this one. (I use paint tool sai btw)

1. So you do a sketch. I do really messy ones I can’t really understand it hurr durr (I used White cuz her hair is fluffy yeahh)

2. Then let’s not follow the sketch yaaaayyy. I changed a lot of things but whatever. My brush size was 2. The min size was 100. 

4. So now that’s done I put thicker lines on the outline, cuz I don’t like it looking flat :(

5. Base colors and whatnot

6. Then I put the shading and highlights :) I mess around with hue and saturation a lot.

7. Then I edit the file in photoshop…adjust brightness and contrast and all that jazz…Then here is the final product woohoooo

I usually put texture (set on overlay) over the picture but I didn’t want to anymore for this one -_- Anyway, no background cuz I suck at it :P I hope this helped hahaha]]